Are we closer to 1938 than we realize? - By Laurie Roth

Are we closer to 1938 than we realize? - By Laurie Roth – What is America's biggest threat? Moral decline, Islamic fundamentalism, national debt and credit nightmares? To some it is simply the "all powerful and intrusive Jews." The Jews control all media, our economy, who gets elected president, our entertainment business and moral downfall, so the charge goes. Of course, we would never dream of turning on the Jews as those pesky Germans did with Hitler at the helm. We are about freedom, civil liberties and equality for everyone, aren't we? We are civilized, and certain types of oppression and evil would never enter our heads. How is it that Germany, one of the most civilized countries on earth in 1938, with the best literacy rate, top scientists, theologians and musical artists – basically culture, pi-squared – would end up leading and organizing, even to the point of body clean-up, one of the largest and most gruesome mass murders in the history of the world? What were the elements of this evil within Germany, and are there things we should watch for in our own culture and country right now? Germans in 1938 were depressed about their national identity and esteem. They were still reeling from losing World War I. In addition, their economy was struggling, unemployment was high, and they were looking for a way back to national health and pride. Before Hitler even showed up, Jews were considered peculiar and second-class. Once Hitler emerged, he worked the national needs and wounds of the German people. He created the scapegoat that had cultivated all their countries problems – national security, immigration issues, economic struggles, unemployment and problems with watering down the German blood line, which would potentially destroying the Germans and their future. Hitler didn't speak about burning and experimenting on Jewish babies, burning mothers in ovens and torturing families. His well-delivered propaganda was the creation of an enemy that was destroying the German people. Thus you saw millions look the other way – even some pastors turned on the Jews. After all, they were the people who killed Jesus, weren't they? Many justified doing nothing to help the Jews and turning in whole families to the Gestapo. Is it so much different now with the breaches in moral judgment that would lead parts of Europe and even Canada to accept Shariah law in some courts just to appease the Muslims? Even the archbishop of Canterbury, representative of the largest Christian denomination in Britain, recently made a case for Shariah law to be accepted in Britain, since there are so many Muslims living there. There are Muslims in this country who push for the same – special treatment in court, rulings under Shariah law. Never mind the small detail that Shariah law talks of beating wives simply for being high handed with a husband, executing husbands or wives for adultery, executing all gays, cutting off hands for robbery and eye-for-an-eye vengeance, just to name a few legal and religious principles. Is this madness a lot different then wiping out those Jewish infidels who have allegedly so persecuted the desperate Palestinians? Canada and Europe are civilized nations and allies, way past the horror and bloody memories of World War II and the Holocaust. Even so, they allow Shariah courts peppered here and there to appease the out of control Muslim population. Is the growing Islamic fundamentalism throughout Europe going to become the new Nazi party, which would target Jews and Christians by getting elected, suing in court battles, intimidating teachers and administrators to rewrite curriculum in schools and setting up Shariah law courts? The worst kind of nightmare is represented by those who quote Scripture as they smear the Jews, such as the Rev. Ted Pike, who penned an article called "Americas Greatest Threat," featured on David Duke's website, Feb. 13. Pike basically accused the Jews of controlling media, entertainment, the presidency, economics, and on and on – of course, throwing in Scriptures out of context and waxing ever so concerned about God's work. The thing that really worries me about so many of our politicians, preachers, teachers and media folks in sheep's clothing is that they hide behind many real issues of concern for most of us, such as illegal immigration, the North American union, our moral downfall and the national debt. Where they differ from most of us is how they connect the dots and track accountability. Inevitably, as you track the white supremacists and Nazis of our day, it's only after much seduction and compelling propaganda that Jews are mentioned as the culprits. By that time, the lazy follower is sucked in just as the gullible Germans were. Don't be a mindless, hateful fool. We may be closer to 1938 than we realize. Let us all wake up.

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