Messianic Jews win important Israeli court victory

On Wednesday, Israel's Supreme Court issued a ruling that will likely have a significant impact on the Messianic Jewish community. Messianic Jews are Jews who believe that Jesus - Yeshua in Hebrew - is the Messiah of the Jewish people. The Court ruled that being a Messianic Jew cannot prevent Israeli citizenship if the Jewish descent is from the person's father's side. Calev Myers of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice argued the case before Israel's Supreme Court on behalf of twelve Messianic Jewish believers. Myers told CBN News, "The bottom line is that if your father is Jewish or if any of your grandparents are Jewish from your father's side - even if you're a Messianic Jew - you can immigrate to Israel under the law of return or under the law of citizenship if you marry an Israeli citizen." Myers also told, "This is yet another battle won in our war to establish equality in Israel for the Messianic Jewish community just like every other legitimate stream of faith within the Jewish world." Many of the applicants received letters saying they would not receive citizenship because they "commit missionary activity." One was told that because she "committed missionary activity," she was "acting against the interests of the State of Israel and against the Jewish people." "These allegations are not only untrue, but they also do not constitute legal grounds to deny one's right to immigrate to Israel," Myers explained in a press release. Israeli Messianic Jews have begun speaking out more after an attack on a Messianic teen, Ami Ortiz, last month during the Purim holiday.

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