Alan's double DVD is available! Four and a half hours of End Times teaching.

Alan starts this mammoth session with 68 minutes on The Middle East in Prophecy, followed by 72 minutes on a European prophecy update. Next comes 63 minutes on Building The New World Order. The concluding 58 minutes looks at false religion and belief systems. Filmed by the Watchman on The Walls video ministries on behalf of Prayer For Israel, this teaching day is a revelation to those who have yet to fully understand Bible prophecy and its central role in today's politicical and relgious developments. Packed with illustrations, this teaching day will amaze you! It is ideally used in half hour sessions at Bible study groups, followed by your own investigations and discussion. The price, including postage, is £17.50 in Britain -$40 in America.

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'And call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven.' (In defiance or perhaps ignorance of this, Catholic and Anglican priests are addressed as 'Father' and the pope is called 'Holy Father.')
Matthew 23:9

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