When the crisis really bites, what can we do? Here are some suggestions. By Alan Franklin.

Wherever I talk these days people often ask: What can we do in this terrible crisis? How can we survive?

Number one, we trust in the Lord. We trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding. God's people are not immune from problems, to put it mildly. But the Lord knows our needs and supplies them. We are not to worry unduly about crashing pension funds, house values falling, anxiety over job security and so on. Nothing in this world is secure and it is all passing anyway. This world is not our home.

I was once Chief Reporter on a newspaper group which published details of wills in a section called: "Money They Left." People would ask: What did he leave behind? The true answer, of course, is "everything." That is speaking in terms of money and poessions. The only asset that stands is what we have done for the Lord Jesus. That is what He will judge us on when Christians are given their rewards in Heaven.

If you had a little capital saved up and wanted to preserve its value, I would suggest putting some into gold, and we have placed a link to an an excellent gold dealer at the top of our website. But above all we must get on with the Lord's work, for time is short and darkness is closing in. Messages such as I give are unlikely to be tolerated for much longer.

Today, Friday March 13, I am going into hospital for an operation. It should not be life threatening, but all operations carry risks and prayer would be appreciated. I still have work to do and people to care for, but our departure from this life is in God's timing, not ours. He knows best. So we should use each day as if it were our last on earth.

Looking through and deleting my old e-mails, I came across this message I sent to Michael, our son-in-law- and our daughter Annie, exactly one year ago. This is what I said: advice on practical things people can do when things get really tough.

There is a time coming when things are going to be quite desperate. I am certain of this, because of the financial crisis which is far worse than the 1930s.

I think having a productive plot is the very best thing you can do. The advice I give everybody is "learn to grow vegetables."People without debt, who are able to grow things and raise, say, goats and chicken, will be able to feed their families very cheaply  and sell or barter some of the produce for other essentials.

It is so rewarding to be able to eat things you have grown. When I was a boy my grandfather used to take me to his allotment.This was not huge- smaller than the ground floor of our house.However, from this he produced a constant stream of foods for the plate, some of which we preserved in brine for the winter.

All old peelings, coffee grounds, tealeaves and organic rubbish of all kinds can be mulched down and turned into free compost. Worms love this and soon your plot of ground is alive with them and very fertile. It is easy to do.

Much soft fruit can also be grown, although you do need fruit cages.

On a fairly modest plot you can produce most of the fresh vegetables you need, and the animals and chicken provide fertiliser! It all works well.

One of my old aunts kept a pig, but you had better not try that in Israel......

People can grow beans and tomatoes even on the balconies of apartments/flats and tiny plots can be productive providing you have some sunlight and remember to water and fertilise.

Christians could also think about joining bulk food buying clubs and putting in orders for the church, for food stores may soon be needed to help the hungry and homeless. It will be tough, but a great time for witnessing is opening up.

A world in fear will be looking for answers. We must direct them to the only true answer: the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Isaiah 5:20.

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