EU superstate secretly building its own diplomatic corps. Goodbye, sovereign, free nations!

DIPLOMATIC DEFICITIn what can only be described as a slap in the faceto democracy and one of its most crass acts yetagainst the feelings of the electorates of Europe,the European Union has begun training the membersof a new EU diplomatic service despite thefact the Lisbon Treaty, which needs to be ratifiedbefore this new service can come into being, hasnot yet been approved by all the EU nations.The EU wants its own diplomatic corpsas yet another part of its plans for the creation of asingle nation called Europe but, technically, itneeds the Lisbon Treaty to come into effect beforeit can set up its own diplomatic service. So far notall the nations within the EU have ratified this dislikedtreaty despite several governments, includingour own UK Government, ignoring the will of thepeople and ratifying it anyway.The Irish referendum, which gave apositive ‘No’ vote, has so far been the largeststumbling block to the EU’s plans to grab morepower. The disclosure that the EU Commissionhas continued regardless despite the Irish vote hasupset many Irish politicians although they themselvesare in contempt of their own electorate byforcing the Irish people to do it all over again in asecond referendum in October this year.An EU official has confirmed that staffare being discreetly trained, “without being tooobvious”, on fifty nine courses with the assistanceof foreign ministries from seventeen nations.There are still four EU nations thathave yet to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, which will establish the constitution of the superstate.These include:Ireland. Poland, the Czech Republic and, believe itor not, Germany, which is one of the nations tryingto drive the EU project forward.Now that the news is out about theEU’s callous pre-emptive move, officials within theEU are seriously concerned that anger by the Irishto the EU’s arrogance will encourage them to vote‘No’ once again in their next enforced referendum.The Irish should vote ‘No’ anyway, theymust already know that this is the only way to stopthe EU in its tracks.

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Therefore, the woman outght to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. (The angels witnessed Eve being deceived and leading Adam into sin. Now they watch with interest to see how women are behaving. Very few women in the western world take this scripture to heart.)
1 Cor 11:10

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