The Christian who founded Pennsylvania. American Minute with Bill Federer.

American Minute with Bill Federer

July 30

He was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London eight months
for being a Quaker, but later King Charles II gave him land in
America as repayment of a large debt owed to his father.

He invited persecuted Christians of Europe to join his colony of
religious toleration. Soon Quakers, Mennonites, Pietists, Amish,
Anabaptists, Lutherans, Reformed, Moravians, Scotch-Irish
Presbyterians, Dunkers (German Baptist), Brethren, Schwenckfelders,
and French Huguenots joined his "holy experiment."

His name was William Penn, and he died JULY 30, 1718.

William Penn named his capital city Philadelphia, meaning "Brotherly

In 1733, Philadelphia allowed the only English-speaking Catholic
Church in the world at that time. (Alan Franklin comments: This was a huge mistake as it let this false religion get a foothold in America to lead millions astray with its man-made doctrines. The Catholic Church and its anti-Christian beliefs are exposed in our latest book, Cults and Isms, True or false? which is out soon.)

Philadelphia's first synagogue was built in 1782.

Pennsylvania's Charter, granted March 4, 1681, stated:

"Whereas our trusty and well beloved subject, William Penn, Esquire,
son and heir of Sir William Penn, deceased, out of a commendable
desire to enlarge our English Empire...

and also to reduce the savage natives by gentle and just manners to
the Love of Civil Societe and Christian religion, hath humbly
besought leave of us to transport an ample colony of
America not yet cultivated and planted."

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Therefore, the woman outght to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. (The angels witnessed Eve being deceived and leading Adam into sin. Now they watch with interest to see how women are behaving. Very few women in the western world take this scripture to heart.)
1 Cor 11:10

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