If you have a car crash in Europe, Big Brother will know about it!

Commission pressures UK and Ireland to adopt EU-wide car-tracking system

One hopes that  governments of Europe will continue to resist this latest Big Brother scheme.  If there is an accident it is no use telling people in Bratislava or Helsinki!  

Emergency services are presently just down the road, speaking the local language. This plan would cost and arm and a leg = YOU would pay! -  and might well turn out to be a permanent big-brother tracking device  -cs] 

PA reports that the European Commission is putting pressure on the UK and Ireland to implement "eCall", an in-car automatic emergency system which, in the event of a road crash will automatically dial the European emergency phone number, sending emergency services to the location of the crash. The increasing pressure comes after Europe's mobile phone operators signed up to a voluntary commitment to introduce the scheme. In order for it to take effect however all member states must sign the document, something the UK, Ireland, Denmark, France, Latvia and Malta have yet to do.
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