Men of the west; it's time to rediscover your backbones and stand against Government tyranny. By Alan Franklin.

In what we hope are the dying days of Britain's Socialist misgovernment, the lunacy flows thick and fast, from legal protection for vegans (a nuttier version of vegetarians) to mollycoddling Islamic immigrants. This is a problem wherever the universities have churned out enough lefties to take over all government administration, as they seem to have done in America and Britain, aided by often liberal, secular media organisations like the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. So what's to be done?

When I broadcast for an hour with Bill Federer on Monday, I knew American listeners would have been astonished at some of the tales I told of life in the People's Republic of Great Britain, where neo-Marxists rule. Don't think America is immune from this contagion - British Prime Minister Brown and his predecessor Blair are the idealogical twins of the Obamanation. This takeover of nations happens when good men turn aside, stop paying attention and turn to sport and soap operas for their relaxation.

Leftist lunatics are more determined; they have agendas and, in Britain, they have wrecked our nation beyond recovery by mad spending; hiring a million extra useless eaters to run countless unnecessary departments and new branches of government. They also opened the floodgates to immigrants from round the world, many of them with a deep hatred of my country. Sound familiar?

In order to take action you need to understand what is going on, which is why Pat and I wrote our two latest books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms: True or False? They are available from our webshop and, if you haven't bought them you need to get copies while they are still available. They are packed full of information about what's really unfolding in the world, the spiritual malaise behind it and the truth about some of the organisations which claim to be Christian.

Because good men and true have turned aside from current events, the pseuds, dullards and nincompoops have taken over. Thus we have a dire, wet noodle like Cameron leading the so-called Conservative Party in Britain. This man, gung-ho for "gay weddings" and the like, has no discernible moral compass and is an all round waste of space. This is the reason, in the face of overwhelming incompetence from the current government, voters are reluctant to turn to the Tories. I vote for UKIP- the United Kingdom Independence Party- as the last best hope for our nation.

So this is a call to get involved, step out of the shadows and join the debate. You don't win the argument by not taking part. You can contact your local media, contribute to blogs, call politicians and join political parties. The price of doing nothing is tyranny.

Come to my meetings- invite me to your town or church. Get our material and spread it around. Do not be a bystander- you can make a difference. Meanwhile, here is Mark Steyn's take on the American situation, which he puts well, as usual.

"Once the state swells to a certain size, the people available to fill the ever expanding number of government jobs will be statists -- sometimes hard-core Marxist statists, sometimes social-engineering multiculti statists, sometimes fluffily 'compassionate' statists, but always statists.

The short history of the postwar welfare state is that you don't need a president-for-life if you've got a bureaucracy-for-life: The people can elect 'conservatives,' as the Germans have done and the British are about to do, and the left is mostly relaxed about it because, in all but exceptional cases (Thatcher), they fulfill the same function in the system as the first-year boys at wintry English boarding schools who for tuppence-ha'penny or some such would agree to go and warm the seat in the unheated lavatories until the prefects strolled in and took their rightful place.

Republicans are good at keeping the seat warm. A big-time GOP consultant was on TV crowing that Republicans wanted the Dems to pass ObamaCare because it's so unpopular it will guarantee a GOP sweep in November. Okay, then what? You'll roll it back -- like you've rolled back all those other unsustainable entitlements premised on cobwebbed actuarial tables from 80 years ago? Like you've undone the Department of Education and of Energy and all the other nickel 'n' dime novelties of even a universally reviled one-term loser like Jimmy Carter? Andrew McCarthy concluded a shrewd analysis of the political realities thus: 'Health care is a loser for the Left only if the Right has the steel to undo it. The Left is banking on an absence of steel. Why is that a bad bet?' Indeed." --columnist Mark Steyn




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Therefore, the woman outght to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. (The angels witnessed Eve being deceived and leading Adam into sin. Now they watch with interest to see how women are behaving. Very few women in the western world take this scripture to heart.)
1 Cor 11:10

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