Why crucifixes and pictures of Jesus are not Biblical. A warning about odd ideas, "Christian TV" , false teachers and end times deception on all sides.

Dear xxxx (reader who emailed us),
Thank you for responding to the website. We are based in England. If you think all the TV evangelists say antichrist will be Jewish you are watching the wrong programmes! There is a lot of rubbish on what passes for Christian TV. If you have Sky you can watch Dave Reagan on Daystar (Thurs 4 am, from memory) and we highly recommend him.
Other links and recommendations are in our books and on the links on our website. All of these ministries are personally known to us and are men who know the Bible. They will not lead you astray.
If things make no sense and go against reason they are usually wrong, as the Bible makes perfect sense and we are encouraged to "reason" , as Paul did.
Nowhere does the Bible say the Jews will accept antichrist as their messiah, as you say.
I have read all the material about Jesuits, Jewish bankers etc. In fact most bankers and world leaders are not Jewish. I would be wary of accepting all of this - much of it is used by anti-semitic people to smear Jews.
There are conspiracies in the world but not nearly as many as conspiracy websites would have you believe.The main power brokers are not, in fact, Jewish - like the Council on Foreign Relations, for example - founded by a Baptist.
The problem is that most people who spread this material around never do any research and believe the most unlikely and unproven things. If you read our books you will see our treatment of these themes, which is based only on what is known and documented. This comes from our journalistic background - we always check things out. Most people who circulate things round the web do not - Christians are disturbingly gullible.
Our two most recent books set out in great detail what is wrong with the Catholic church, where it contradicts the Bible and so on and they would help you get everything straight about Catholicism and other false faiths.
I will now hand over to Pat for a response to your questions- with best regards, in His name - Alan
Good morning xxx (to our reader who emailed),
Thanks for your email. As for Catholic communion, the 'host' or wafer is an idol, a man made object that is worshipped, so it can do no good.  Of course the Catholics take it in ignorance, as I did.  So....they must be told, warned, shown the errors and shown the truth in Scripture.  My three sisters in the USA are also in solid evangelical churches now (we were all raised as Catholics).  The Catholic Church is said to be the most fertile ground for evangelism.
As for the crucifix - we don't have one and I think you were right to get rid of yours.  It reminds me of the time when God had told Moses to make a brass serpent on a pole after Israel sinned, Numbers 21:9.  This object was kept and later some of the Jews were worshipping it and burning incense to it.  Then when Hezekiah began to reign, 2 Kings 18:4, he smashed the thing up and scathingly called it: 'a thing of brass' - Nehushtan!! - a thing of brass!!.  You can almost hear Hezekiah's word dripping with sarcasm. They were worshipping a piece of brass. 
In fact I don't like ANY  representation of the Lord Jesus, and especially not on the cross. I am sure it was far, far uglier and more repugnant in reality than we can even imagine. He was naked, for a start, and he barely looked human after the terrible tortures He endured.  Why would we want to hang the instrument of His torture around our necks or have it on our walls?  And yet, somehow it seems good that so many have put up big crosses alongside the roads in the USA.  It makes my heart glad when we see one towering over the road, reminding all the drivers of the Lord.
Even the traditional pictures supposedly of the Lord are offensive.  No one knows what He looked like, and He is almost always depicted with long, lank hair - while the BIble teaches that men should not have long hair.  He is often shown as very handsome, when the Bible clearly teaches that he had no form or comeliness - He deliberately chose NOT to be physically handsome. 
Anyway, hope this helps. Nice to know you!
Love from Pat.
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Subject: Hi there,

Dear Pat,
Hi there, I am a trained teacher. If you are willing,  I'd be happy with any type of short answers to my questions (found at the bottom), as I know you are probably busy.
It was a real blessing to stumble upon your website. I had been struggling for a whild, trying to figure out why all the leading tv evangelists say the anti-christ will be Jewish. This did not make any sense, but as they always said 'he would have to be- or else the Jews wouldn't accept him as their Messiah.' I accepted it.
But then I googled something like 'surely the antichrist can't be Jewish'  and one of the results was "The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist - Is he alive today?- by Dr David Reagan" from your site. The article you posted clearly shows from the Word of God, - yes the Jews will think the beast is ok, for a while, but nowhere does it say they will see him as their Messiah -  infact they will be crying out for their true Messiah- !
It just never could make sense that the beast would be Jewish, because of Satan's intense hatred of the Jews. The Jewish bankers - the Rothschilds (Bank of England), Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve) etc are (from my research) placed as front men by the Jesuits to always take the blame for what the Jesuits are doing, in.."committing fornication with the kings of the earth who have lived deliciously with her,  and placing (front men) merchants who deal in their "merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble," (from Revelation18). Eric Jon Phelps has the goods on this.  (sorry I am going on here)
Pat, I have 2 questions...
Do you think that the taking of the communion in the Catholic Church ( once or repeatedly) has damaging effects spiritually?
Also, why do you think I felt uneasy when I see a crucifix (with Jesus dead on)??-I bought one once for our flat in Folkestone, England and thought I was exalting Jesus by doing it. However in a short while, I sensed demons all around the picture, (as though they could attatch themselves to it). My husband and I felt very uneasy and took it back to the shop a few days later!!
Thank you for using the scriptures in what you write. It is so refreshing. I have been really helped by what you have written. So thank you!! 
Yours sincerely,
 (name omitted by us) xx

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But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons...men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. (Forbidding to marry, as the Roman Catholic Church does, is a doctrine of demons.)
1 Timothy 4:1-3

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