Britain in a shambles as the "not the Conservative Party" fails to capitalise on Labour's disastrous government.

ALAN FRANKLIN comments: It's the day after the British General Election and we have a parliament under no overal control - known as a hung parliament. Well, some of them might well deserve to be hung - that was the penalty we used to dish out to traitors. And those, like the odious Gordon Brown, who promised - and then failed to deliver - on a promise to allow British people a vote on whether to give up the nation's independence to the EU, are certainly traitors.

But while anyone with more than two brain cells working can see the damage done by 13 years of Socialist misrule, the real failure is that of the so-called Conservative Party, run by "call me Dave" Cameron - a wet noodle of a so-called leader if ever there was one.

The article below, from The Daily Telegraph, sums it all up well. As soon as I saw Cameron I realised he was a lightweight, a conviction-free zone, another Tony Blair clone. Achingly politically correct, very "gay friendly" and full of green hot air- despite cycling into work with his chauffeur-driven Jaguar purring along behind.

That's why I and millions like me declined to vote for this man of no-substance who offered little in the way of solutions to the dire state Britain is in - and it is desperate.

Read the article and see if you agree.

So much for Cameron's Cuties…

By James Delingpole Last updated: May 7th, 2010

There was just one problem. Well several actually. He was blond, well-dressed, well-spoken and male. He was also – as most real Tories are – Eurosceptical and a believer in the small state and low taxes. Conservatives would have turned out in their droves to vote for him.

But of course they never got the chance because he didn’t fit the profile of Cameron’s Nu Conservatives – and therefore didn’t make the selection list. Whereas Shaun Bailey, Joanne Cash and Philippa Stroud – all of whom failed to win their seats, despite their party leader’s strong personal endorsement – did. The seat my talented Oxford friend was hoping to be selected for, incidentally, was the Hammersmith one which Bailey lost.

Go figure.

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