Dr. Albert Schweitzer , on earth "a blockhead" but in Heaven one of the saints.

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Albert Schweitzer was born JANUARY 14, 1875, in a village in Alsace,

A Lutheran pastor's son and acclaimed for playing the organ, he
earned doctorates in philosophy and theology, was pastor of St.
Nicholai's Church, principal of St. Thomas College, and professor at
University of Strasbourg.

Then, at age 30, he read a Paris Missionary Society article on the
desperate need for physicians in Africa.

To everyone's dismay, he enrolled in medical school and became a
medical missionary, founding a hospital in the jungle village of
Lambarene, Gabon, west central Africa.

A friend of Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer won the Nobel Peace
Prize and used the prize money to build a leper colony.

He visited the United States in 1949 and his daughter married an
American doctor volunteering at the hospital.

Overcoming innumerable difficulties, Dr. Albert Schweitzer wrote:

"One day, in my despair, I threw myself into a chair in the
consulting room and groaned out:

'What a blockhead I was to come out here to doctor savages like

Whereupon his native assistant quietly remarked:

'Yes, Doctor, here on earth you are a great blockhead, but not in

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