Alan Trimmer - the man who went up in a whirlwind! By Pat Franklin.

The Bible talks about a ‘mighty rushing wind,’ but did you know that there was such a wind in the 1950s in England and one man was sucked about 800 feet up into the air?  His name was Alan Trimmer and here is the amazing story.


Alan was about 25 in the 1950s and was helping at a tent revival meeting at a place called Pond Park near Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.  The revival speaker was Peter Brandon*.  Peter, his wife and two sons were there living in a caravan parked outside the huge tent.  Here is the story in Peter’s words:  

‘It was a tent with a big ridge pole and it could seat about 400 people.  This was about 50 years ago, when I used to have missions in areas where there was no evangelical work.    We were warned that there was a big storm coming, so we had doubled the ropes, and there were iron spikes going three feet into the ground.   When the wind got up, some of the men were holding the poles to help keep them down, and Alan Trimmer had hold of two poles.    

‘I saw my wife at the back calling out that the tent was collapsing, and I gave the order to let go of the poles.  As everyone let go, the tent rose up and I saw some shoes flying up and thought someone had lost their shoes. Then I saw there were legs connected to the shoes!   The tent, the poles and the man all rose up, past the tops of the trees, into the clouds and out of sight.



‘We realized that Alan Trimmer was taken up in the whirlwind and everyone started praying through the storm:  “Lord, save him!  Lord, save him!” 


‘We found the tent in a field about a mile away, and there was Alan.  He had risen about 800 feet, but  managed to keep hold of the poles, which were attached to the iron spikes.  When the tent came down, so did Alan.  He had a few bruises and he had a terrible shock.  He was really shaken up, but he was otherwise unhurt.  When it was all over, we couldn’t help but laugh!  Allan went on to live a full life and died at the age of about 75.’



Peter Brandon told this story at our church in England while he was speaking of the ‘mighty rushing wind’ in Acts Chapter 2 of the Bible.  That wind was the sign of the Holy Spirit coming to indwell believers on the Jewish feast of Weeks, Pentecost.  Peter said:  ‘That wind has not changed, but we have.  The power is still there if only we would lay hold of it.’



Peter made the point that there was only the one Pentecost, and, as believers, we are all indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  But we can have many ‘infillings’ when the Holy Spirit works in power through us to reach lost souls.  We are hoping for such a move of God in our little fellowship in England now.


Peter Brandon, now aged 86, is a riveting speaker.  He has seen revivals in his life of serving the Lord Jesus – real revivals, not what he calls ‘chandelier-swinging’.  He has seen coal miners who came straight from the pits and fell on their knees.  He has witnessed an elder  of a church breaking down in tears and admitting that he was never saved and crying out for salvation. And he has experienced a personal revival.  ‘God broke me,’ he said.  ‘He broke me of pharisaical legality.  I never want to go back!’  

That is revival.  That is what we need now, in England, in America, throughout the world.  Peter says we are living in the last few seconds of the last days before the Rapture**.  And in those last few seconds, there could just be a final move of God’s Spirit in our countries, in our neighbourhoods, and we could be in on it!  Is anyone out there willing to pray for this? 


 * To hear some of Peter's sermons click on to

**The Rapture of the church is revealed in 1 Thes 4:16-18 and 1 Cor 15:51-53.  It is the great day when the dead in Christ rise first and those believers who are still alive rise to meet the Lord Jesus in the air.  While the church is in Heaven with the Lord, the seven year Great Tribulation breaks out on earth.  These great truths are no longer taught by most churches.

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