High school students scream and climb over chairs to get out of school play about homosexuality

When a Connecticut high school  put on a play which featured two men passionately kissing, screams rent the air and there was a rush for the doors.  We believe the students had a natural human reaction to a revolting scene pf perversion.  What a national disgrace that no longer are our children protected from perversion, but have it foisted upon them.

The  play was 'Zanna, Don't' and the student body was warned that it would be controversial and would include a display of homosexual affection.  The school principal thought the student body needed more exposure to homosexual material to address the issue of bullying.  Some students did not attend the play at all.

The principal is reported as saying that it was necessary to teach youngsters 'diversity'.  For the full report click on the link below. 


This is just one way in which our society is being destroyed from within, while the mainline churches remain silent and even have homosexuals in the pulpits.  If you are in such a denomination, please leave it and join somewhere like the little church we attend at Tongham, Surrey, England, or start your own church in your house.  Last week a couple from Brighton drove all the way to our church, a distance of 62 miles, because they could not find a decent Bible believing church anywhere near their home.  Another couple come from a village 30 miles away, for the same reason.  What a comment on the spiritual state of Britain.

As our countries gurgle down the plughole into a cesspool of immorality, we can at least make a stand  and separate ourselves from churches which refuse to speak out against sin.

And lest we be accused of 'homophobia'*, we know at least three men who have come out of homosexuality and are now committed Christians.  Jesus saves!

*The term 'homophobia' is particularly stupid.  A phobia is a fear.  We are not afraid of homosexuality.  We are  revolted by it. It is unnatural, and the Bible completely forbids it. You cannot be a Christian and a homosexual.

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Revelation 20:6

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