What comes first: financial meltdown and the Greater Depression, or a major war? Alan Franklin, reporting from Israel, gives some insights.

I am getting e-mails from lots of people, especially in America, asking what is happening in Europe and the Middle East, how long we have before the world financial system crashes – and much else in the same vein. What comes first: currency collapse or major wars? Or do we get the worst of all possible worlds? Read on! 



It is difficult to give a precise timeframe for the coming world financial collapse, which is inevitable: the popping of the last great bubble, the crash of cash and financial meltdown. Realizing what was coming, we put our house on the market in Britain in 2006, thinking the crisis was imminent. We sold in 2008, downsizing and paying off all debt. Now I don’t need to work for money, which is just as well, as paid work is likely to be in short supply. Instead Pat and I write books and I make DVDs and travel anywhere I am invited to give Powerpoint presentations on what is going on – and how the Bible predicts it all. It’s nice to know the end of the story! It’s not even a secret: the Lord Jesus is coming back to rule and reign from Jerusalem. 




In 2008 I was in a US hotel, on a speaking tour, when the big financial crash happened. I watched it unravel on CNN. I thought then: This is it. However, I reckoned without Ben Bernanke, Geithner and co puffing up the banking credit balloon and unleashing the printing presses. That bought some time. That time may soon run out, starting in Europe with the disaster rippling out to America and across the world. For this is a world crisis, engineered to usher in a One World Government, one-world money system, mark of the beast – and Antichrist. 



I have been predicting the coming Greater Depression since about 2005 and we wrote a book in 2006 called "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain." This is available from our web-shop and gives, among other things, the spiritual reasons for our nations’ decline and fall. One chapter is titled: "The Coming Foreclosure Tragedy." In parallel with the coming money crash, a harbinger of the New World Order being secretly set up behind the scenes, is the loud beating of war drums.




I am writing this from Israel, where we are staying in the Western Galilee until 2012. On certain days the trains are crammed with the conscripts of the Israeli Defense Force, a fine body of young people whose courage I expect to be put to the test sooner rather than later. Yes, war is coming, starting with the scenario set out in Psalm 83. Read it for yourselves: it details a conspiracy of Arab nations around Israel joining together to wipe out the Jewish nation. 



The uprisings, from Egypt to Syria, Tunisia to Morocco, will end up ushering in the longed for Caliphate, a vast Islamic union effectively under one authority: the false god Allah – a god of war. War will then be declared on Israel, the grit in the eye of the Islamic world. The Arab states taking part will be all but destroyed, their military taken out for good. Then Russia enters the fray, as detailed in Ezekiel 38/39. The Gog/Magog Russian-led invasion sees the end of Russia and its allies as a force in world affairs. God is long suffering but will act to defend His Chosen People. It is written. It is true. It will take place. 


This vast army, including the solders of Iran, Turkey, and other named nations, (but not those named in Psalm 83- they have been dealt with already) is wiped out by God alone on the mountains of Israel. Even the IDF plays no role in their defeat- God alone acts. These are times of great prophetic events coming to fruition in our lifetimes! The church should be teaching this and waking people up, to yearn for the Lord’s return. Instead most of the church is yawning and planning the newest marketing soft-sell: Christianity-lite, as practiced by fluff daisy preachers like Joel Osteen, a tickler of itching ears. The Osteens and Rick Warrens of this world reject prophecy as "too negative." I have been called "negative." Things are certainly turning really "negative" for all those who don't know Christ. All else is set to crash and burn, everything most folk set their hearts on, all the rubbish we value so highly. Soon, all will be gone. Only those with their feet on The Rock will celebrate.



Here I should mention that I want as many people as possible to understand the end times scenario. I am planning a two/three month speaking tour of US churches this coming spring, subject to bookings. For America, so naïve in foreign policy that it thinks it a good idea to replace people like Egypt’s Mubarak, who kept the peace with Israel, with The Muslim Brotherhood, who just celebrated their hoped- for election victory with a “Kill The Jews Day” in Cairo, needs to wise up fast if it is to survive. God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse it, like the Obamanation. Oh yes, reckoning is coming fast, like the approaching horsebeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


With the world situation looking more dire every minute, this may be my last chance to get the truth out, and you can book me via alan@thefreepressonline.co.uk My initial plan is to start and finish in Dallas, from March, perhaps thru May, then taking in Tennessee/Virginia in April and then Arizona in May. Nothing has been finalized as yet. I usually do conferences in the States for South West Radio Ministries out of Oklahoma- see links on our website. 


These are exciting times to be a Christian, the times of the signs, which are everywhere. Wars are often started in tough times, by governments desperate to divert attention from their own follies. The follies are huge and insoluble: cash is about to crash in a flash, all round the world. The nations, like Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium et al, are like drunks running out of credit. Time is about up in the Last Chance Saloon. I have deliberately not given great lists of figures in this article: trillions of Dollars mean little to most people, but if you want America's latest debt tally, look at the Debt Clock which we link to on this website.



You should pay attention when the world’s central banks, from London to Washington, Japan to Geneva, step in together to pump up the money system, as they did this week. However much they huff and puff, Humpty cannot be put back together. The big banks of Europe and America are- unwittingly- not just the biggest residential landlords but also the biggest commercial landlords. Yes, many of those useless, empty office blocks and redundant malls have been repossessed. However, they are in effect worthless, but still in the banks’ books for the values pledged against the loans. It's fairyland banking, not based on reality, or "mark to market," - in other words, not on the true value today. 



It is fictions like this which keep the system from crashing today. For example, Greek debt. Banks, pension funds, insurance companies etc all put in Dollars that are now worth 50 cents apiece. That's if you can get it off the Greeks, who are broke. Italy could crash any day, and there is not enough money in the world to bail out Italy, Spain,Portugal, Ireland- even France. Britain's banks alone are said to have loaned £190 billion to these dodgy economies. Much is undoubtedly lost.



Japan is hugely over-borrowed, although owes its debt trillions mainly to its own people. They can probably kiss that goodbye. China is building up a similar credit bubble to the US, especially in property loans. You have to understand economics, world affairs and above all Bible prophecy to pull all the threads together. I am helped by the fact that in prophecy I have had some great teachers over 30 years, while Pat and I published, among many other things, a nationwide business newspaper for 16 years.  I can read balance sheets.



The world collectively has an imbalance sheet. Few politicians understand all this, with the possible exception of Ron Paul in America, the only man mentally equipped to be President. Yes, I am saying that the rest of the candidates are, variously, none too bright, followers of false religion (Mitt the Mormon) or philanderers. They don’t cut the mustard. However, waiting in the wings is the strong man who will take decisive global leadership decisions. The bad news for the world is that this will be Antichrist, Satan's man for the end times, the most terrifying period in world history.


I was reporting in the European Parliament when the vote was taken to bring in the Euro. This was part of the German scheme to control Europe via finance, it having failed twice to do so via war. Now the Euro seems to be falling apart and may well do so. However, I would be surprised. Too much has been invested in what the European Union calls “The Project” for it to be allowed to fail. The EU motto is “ever deeper union” and what is most likely is fiscal union coming in alongside monetary union for the 17 states which have the Euro as their currency, run by the German controlled European Central Bank. 



This is clearly a major step towards the one world electronic currency, which could arrive soon. It will be touted as the solution to the world financial crisis, which the nations’ politicians are clearly unable to cope with. One Italian newspaper neatly summed them up as:  “Poltroons dancing round the rim of a volcano.” The dance goes on until the music stops.



You can take some steps to protect your family from  what will follow, for example, by paying off loans and learning to grow vegetables if you have a garden. Once unemployment rises over, say, 40 per cent expect major riots and cities in flames. It is coming. You have seen a few harbingers of this already in cities in Europe where they think they have “entitlements” without responsibilities- the result of decades of Socialist dogma and vast government agencies stifling most initiative. The Bible says that if a man does not work let him not eat, remember. 




The number one thing is to get right with God, Who we will need to survive all that is coming. Study the Word, tell people how Bible prophecy predicts everything that is unfolding. Do not worry, as we know the end of the story: the Lord wins! However, although the church does not go through the tribulation we will certainly face some tough times in the near future. World depressions affect us all


A pastor friend is buying silver coins, to use as currency when paper money fails, as it will; if not now, then in the not too distant future. I also tell people to buy gold. The price is being desperately held down by the big banks and central bankers. They hate gold, as it shows up their own pathetic paper funny money: fiat money, not backed by anything but a false promise and hot air.  I did a lot of research and found what we believe is the world's best gold-trading company, bullionvault.com, and put their advert on our website so people know where to go for a fair deal at the lowest prices - you can even trade yourself with no problem. When all else fails gold will be the last man standing. 


The last chapter of the story has been written. The prophetic time clock was at five minutes to midnight in 1948 when Israel was reformed as a nation, exactly as prophesied over 2,500 years before- in one day, as Isaiah predicted. Today I’d say we are a couple of seconds from midnight, the soon end of the church age at the rapture,  followed by the end of the age of the gentiles at the end of the seven year fast-approaching Great Tribulation. First – any day now, perhaps - the true, remnant church will be raptured out of the world, to be with the Lord forever. That will see world events set on fast forward, with the focus on finance and  Israel. Remember, the rapture could happen before you finish reading this article. It's wake up time!


We have been warned. You have been warned. Now let’s warn the world. 

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