There are no lost tribes of Israel and the church never took over God’s promises to the Jews. By Alan Franklin.

There are many false teachers abroad in these end times of great deception, none more so than the Biblical ignoramuses who claim that “the Jews are made up of two tribes and the gentile Church comprises the 10 lost tribes ofIsrael.” Let's expose this foul lie of Satan.

It’s a pity that replacement “theologians”, who seemingly know nothing of Jewish history, scripture or Bible prophecy, put forth their ridiculous comments when the remnant church of the end times seeks to teach a lost and dying world that the Lord Jesus is coming soon for His church - the faithful church or spotless bride. Satan is desperate for he knows his time is almost up. Remember, his only weapon is deception, for he is the father of lies.

For the record, there are no “lost” Jewish tribes. Yes, ten northern tribes were taken into exile in Assyria around 740 BC -2nd Kings 17; 17;23 but if you turn to 2 Chronicles 30; 6,18 etc, it clearly shows that many of them had escaped and kept the Passover in Jerusalem in the time of King Hezekiah. Verse 18 states that a multitude of the people, even many from Ephraim and Manasseh, Issachar and Zebulon were among those who escaped. Then, during the time of King Josiah, over 90 years later, in 2 Chronicles chapters 34 and 35, seven of the alleged “lost tribes” of  mythology are mentioned, with an implication that representatives of all tribes were there.

 Two centuries after the Assyrian captivity Ezekiel the prophet was granted a vision of the future restoration of Israel which would be divided between the 12 tribes (Ezekiel 47; 13.) Twelve, not two! If there were ten mysteriously missing tribes the words of the Lord Jesus in Matthew 19:28 and Luke 22:30 would be meaningless, for the promise there to the disciples is that they will sit on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

 James 1:1 starts with a greeting to the 12 tribes who are dispersed abroad.  So why do many who think of themselves as Christians propagate this myth of lost tribes? It is part of the end times anti-Semitism which also leads to replacement theology.

 If the church really had “replaced” Israel it would make nonsense of both the Bible and the English language which refers, in the Old Testament alone, eleven times to the “everlasting covenant” between God and His Chosen People, Israel. Everlasting means just that – God doesn’t renege on permanent agreements!

 I recently returned fromJerusalem, where I walked on the Temple Mount and saw this most unholy of holy cities up close. If the church, as represented by the warring Christian denominations at some of these “holy sites,” really had replaced Israel we would be in serious long term trouble, for this is where the Lord will return to rule and reign over the world for 1,000 years - and it won’t be with the help of the apostate, Laodicean church as represented by black robed priests, but with the help of His returning saints - the true church – and the saved remnant of Israel.

 I tour America and Britain giving talks on prophecy andIsrael, the rise of the EU – The Revived Roman Empire - and much else. This fall I am speaking at the East Coast Prophecy Conference, October 18-20, 2012: The Southwest Radio Ministries’ annual conference will be held in historicGettysburg,Pennsylvania, with Rev. Noah Hutchings, Dr. Bob Glaze, Dr.Larry Spargimino, the staff of Southwest Radio Ministries, and other special speakers for three days of great biblical teachings and Christian fellowship!  I am also available for church speaking dates in the States this fall.

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