An Israeli reaction to the disaster that is Obama’s re-election: expect major repercussions*, and quickly! Alan Franklin comments.

An Israeli reader was quick to respond to the US election catastrophe. His words are full of wisdom and truth and deserve repeating. My response and predictions follow. With an extreme, anti-Israeli, pro baby murder, pervert pride president re-elected, expect God's severe judgment.

Here’s the message from The Holy Land:  “Dear Alan & Pat,
I too am disappointed with America's choice. I never thought I'd hope so much for a Mormon to get in and even pray for him to get in, and I'm disappointed that America has chosen someone who has not been good to Israel, did everything he can do to warm up to the Moslem world, is a radical liberalist, and endorses socialist values and paying people not to work.

They chose him over Romney, an experienced and successful businessman, who to me represents more of the old, "working" America: encourage business and businesses, don't bail out bankrupt firms and banks, keep a stricter budget, stand with Israel, don't promote abortion and gay rights, don't trust Moslem states, etc. It's like America has chosen lack of responsibility over responsibility; bankruptcy over development; Socialism over the free market - when this is one of the things that made America a great power.

I just don't know what to say. We are disappointed. But we prayed and accepted it as God's will for America and for Israel. We  even had the thought that - who knows - this might turn out better for Israel for reasons we don't know of.”

This was part of my response: “Hello XXXXX, How good to have someone I can agree with. We feel the same way, of course. I will be hopefully be writing a summary of the situation later today - it's just 6 am here and I always start the day with e-mails.

I think this is the end for America. There is no way back, for a variety of reasons I will be looking at later. Most importantly, The Supreme Court will be liberalized as older justices retire. Obama already appointed a lesbian as a Supreme Court judge. He is a vile, wicked man who hates Israel.

All the more surprising that it is the Jewish vote over here which helped get him in! For example, there are hundreds of thousands of Jewish voters in Florida, who this time round went about 70 per cent for Obama, despite all the evidence that he is pro Islamic, probably even an Islamic himself. (His name is Arabic; he once said that the Islamic call to prayer is "the prettiest sound on earth" and when he went to school in Indonesia his religion was recorded as Islamic.)

The American people are ill-served by a moronic, biased media and too few take the trouble to find out the real truth about anything. Lazy minded, willfully ignorant people get the leaders they deserve. The real problem is in the feel-good churches, where fluff-daisy preachers give a glossy, lightweight message that is a parody of the Gospel.

Millions of those who would call themselves Christian voted for Obama, despite a mountain of evidence that he is the most anti-Christian president in history.

I expect the repercussions to come quickly and be serious. Israel's enemies will be emboldened. The world should be on red alert. The people should come and hear one of my talks on the subject - then they'd find out a few things! The trouble is, like those in the west everywhere, they are sedated by sport and soap opera and give little attention to the wider world, or the prophetic agenda unfolding before their unseeing eyes,

I'll leave it at that for now. There are still many millions here who love Israel, so that may stave off the worst judgments on the USA for a while at least- until after the rapture, perhaps!”

* By 'repercussions' we mean the natural disasters God sends when America acts against the interests of Israel.  This may sound crazy to some, but it is beyond dispute when you examine history.  John McTernan has written books detailing many examples.  One of the most glaring was America's insistence that Israelis give up their homes and businesses in Gaza.  Ten thousand were forced out.  Then Katrina hit New Orleans and many more than 10,000 were forced to leave their American homes.  If only we as a nation would learn and repent and begin supporting Israel as God would have us do.  Voting Obama back in was a smack for Israel and soon a second northeast storm was depositing snow all over the devastation left by Superstorm Sandy.  The people are suffering, but so few connect the dots and relate their misery to the way we treat Israel.

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Acts of the Apostles 17:16

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