Baker refuses to make 'gay' wedding cake and is now under investigation. Let's hear some thunder from our (mainly) silent pulpits! By Pat Franklin.

A bakery owner in Oregon is 'under investigation' after refusing to make a wedding cake for two lesbians.

This news came on the day  the British Parliament voted for the Gay Marriage Bill by 400 votes to 175. The Bill, which has still to go to the House of Lords, 'redefines' marriage.  If it becomes law, Christians will be persecuted* in ways that cannot even be predicted...and the baker in Oregon is an example of one who is already suffering.

It will be open season on many Christian business owners. Lawsuits?  Fines, maybe jail?  It may be the end of freedom of speech and religion. 

What about the baker's rights?  Surely he has the right to practice his Christian religion, which clearly condemns homosexuality in the Bible.  What about his right to free speech, guaranteed in the Constitution? 

Are homosexuals the only people with rights?

Do their rights trump our rights?

Can we not say what we think any more?

Can we not stand up for the Bible any more?

Can we not obey our own consciences any more?

Will a tailor be expected under threat of prosecution to make a wedding dress for a man?

Will pastors be expected to marry two men, two women?

Will the church organist be expected to play the Wedding March...or else?

Here is the story about the baker, God bless him, on this link:

*  Christians are also already being persecuted in Britain, because Tony Blair signed the Human Rights Charter of the European Union.  More rights for homosexuals; no rights for Christians.  And people in American think Blair is a Christian!  Please get our books.  Please wake up.


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