Alan's speaking dates: Britain and America, Bournemouth to Dallas.

On Monday, May 13, I will be in Bournemouth,Dorset, speaking at a meeting of The Prophetic Witness Movement International on Financial Meltdown and The Antichrist. This is the first time I have spoken primarily  about Antichrist and the talk is part of the Bournemouth Prophetic Witness Bible Teaching Programme. The meeting starts at 7.30 pm at Sunnyhill Community Church, Sunnyhill Road,BH12 2DH

Next Saturday, I am in Halesowen speaking for the PWMI at Hurst Green Family Church in Beaumont Road/Masters Lane, B62 9HD, from 1 to 4 pm. My subjects will be: The World on Red Alert and From Babylon toRome.

The World on Red Alert presentation asks: “What in the world is going on?”  - from the rise in natural disasters to the coming Middle East Meltdown and the soon crash of cash, it is obvious we are living on the verge of the climax in world history. The end of the world is not nigh, just the end of man’s misrule of the world! The world - and church - should be on red alert. But the church today, which should be yearning for the Lord’s return, is mostly yawning.

This is a wake-up call; fact-packed, Biblically sound and full of great Powerpoint slides. The Bible tells exactly what will happen  and the sequence of events. It's better than Nostradamus! This material is featured in the our book warning what happens when countries abandon the Gospel Truth: Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain! – available from our web shop and also at our bookstall when we travel.

From Babylon to Rome, the second talk, looks at deception, a sign of the End Times and I look at how our Christian spiritual foundations are being undermined and false beliefs are sweeping the world. The search is on for a false messiah….

I once worked publishing newspapers and magazines full time for The New Age Movement, seeking to bring in the New Age messiah. I sat in with mediums and occultists, the so-called “Masters of Maitreya” and know exactly what is coming.

What’s the purpose of The Purpose Driven Church and is it leading to the coming earth-wide whore church? From Islam’s inroads to the faith of Prince Charles and Tony Blair, the new Stonehenge in America, the Big Green Lie Machine, Mother Earth and much else, the talk also delves deep into the Babylonian roots of all false faiths. Remember, Satan is very religious. He wants to be worshipped!

Other than my regular speaking dates at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship in Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey, my next date is then in Dallas at the 2013 Lamb & Lion Bible Conference. Theme: Living on Borrowed Time: Signs of Jesus’ Soon Return from June 28-29, 2013 (Friday evening through Saturday afternoon)  

Dave Reagan’s Annual Lamb & Lion Bible conference is at the Allen Performing Arts Center, Allen, TX (a suburb of Dallas.) Here are the details, from Dr. Reagan’s Lamb and Lion Ministries: 

After that, we head to to Columbus, Ohio, for the South West Radio Church prophecy conference at The Embassy Suites on Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13. Any additional US speaking dates will now have to be either this July or next year in the USA (contact me urgently at although I have a few end of year dates available in Great Britain. However, we hope to spend around five weeks in Israel in the Fall. States we are visiting in July include Oklahoma and Missouri. I will be speaking in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

My Dallas theme will be an update on the European Union in Bible prophecy, showing how the Book of Daniel prophecies are coming to fruition in the present day with the rise of the Revived Roman Empire, soon-to-be home base of Antichrist. The crash of cash and coming one-world government are at the heart of what is about to happen, as well as major wars. How do I know? God's prophets have set out the series of events for those with eyes to see.

I also have Powerpoint presentations on end times deceptions, cults and Isms, reprising the theme of our book Cults and Isms: True or False? Israel and the Middle East in Bible Prophecy, Jerusalem, future capital of the world; building the new world order and much more. All my talks are Bible-based and 100 per cent scriptural, as are our books, available from the web shop on this page.




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