Olympics being used to push the homosexual agenda - by Pat Franklin

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is using the Olympics to push the homosexual agenda.  On the day of the opening ceremony,  I turned on Radio 4, the BBC’s talk radio, and heard the presenter interviewing the Russian games organizer.  The hostile line of questioning was this:  Are the athletes allowed to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws?  Can they protest at the games?  Can they protest at their hotels?  Are they allowed to verbally protest in interviews?  Later I switched on BBC television to catch a few minutes of the opening ceremony.  What did I hear in the 30 seconds before I switched off in disgust?  ‘President Obama and many other world leaders have stayed away in protest at Russia’s anti-gay laws.’  As my mother would have said:  ‘Ughhhhhharghh!’

What are these anti-gay laws anyway?  In 2013, Russia banned the distribution of "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" to children, making it illegal to suggest that gay relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships or to distribute material on gay rights.  Wow!  What a great law!  I never thought I would agree with Putin on anything, but what a great guy!  At least he has this right.

Russia also does not allow ‘Gay Pride’ marches.  So…the Russian people (especially their children!) are protected from seeing homosexuals parade themselves.  I hope Russia keeps its nerve and doesn’t cave in to the constant sniping of the media. 

They  gnaw on this subject like a dog on a bone, as if we are all wringing our hands over the poor Russian homosexuals who  are not allowed  to recruit children into their lifestyle.

As we always point out, we do not hate homosexuals.  We hate the things they do, which God calls an ‘abomination’,  acts which are never publically discussed because they are so ugly and offensive -acts which harm the health of those who do them, which is why homosexuals have a shorter lifespan and suffer medical problems and diseases unknown to most of us.  This is not 'hate' - it is not hate to tell people that what they are doing is killing them.  That is kindness, folks, not hate.

I recently came across a booklet entitled ‘I Was Gay’ written by a man who came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and renounced his homosexual lifestyle.  By the power of God, he overcame his sin and is now a husband and father. 

We know other men who have been freed from this.  It is possible, by the grace of our loving Father in heaven.  

In the meantime, we must protect our children from this mental onslaught pushing ‘gay rights’ in schools, colleges, in programs, books and films.  That is what Russia is trying to do, and the media is trying to browbeat them into submission. 







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Acts of the Apostles 17:16

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