Winston Churchill takes a stand on the Bible

Winston Churchill, one of the wisest men who ever lived, believed the Bible – literally.  He stood like a rock against Hitler and tyranny and he stood like a rock against liberal critics of God’s Word, the Bible.

Here is what he said: ‘We reject with scorn all those learned and labored myths that Moses was but a legendary figure upon whom the priesthood and the people hung their essential social, moral. and religious ordinances. 

‘We believe that the most scientific view, the most up to date and rationalistic conception, will find its fullest satisfaction in taking the Bible’s story literally and in identifying one of the greatest human beings with the most decisively forward ever discernible in the human story. 

‘We remain unmoved by the tomes of Professor Gradgrind and Dr Dryasdust.  We may be sure that all these things happened just as they are set out according to holy writ.’

We stand with Winston Churchill.  Where do you stand, folks? 

Oh for a Churchill today! Our countries would not be in the mess they are in.

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He who forms mountains, and creates the wind, who declares to man what his thought is, and makes the morning darkness, who treads the high places of the earth - the Lord God of hosts is His name.
Amos 4:13

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