My next two speaking engagements, in Sussex and Suffolk.

This Wednesday, July 5, I am in Hastings, speaking at The Tabernacle Evangelical Church,Cambridge Road,TN34 IDJ, from 4.30 to about 7.30.

I will be looking at the wealth of current events pointing to the soon-to-be-rapture of the church, the Bible in the news! We are living on borrowed time and I will be examining all the strands of major world events tying in perfectly to the fast fulfilment of major end times prophecies.

My talk starts at 4.30 for about an hour, then there is a break and I restart at around 6.30, for another session of about an hour. I will have a host of Powerpoint slides to show clearly why I have come to my conclusions.

Come along and meet Pat and myself and get one of our books and DVDs which are available on our bookstall.

My next speaking engagement is then at Hephzibah, Ipswich, on Friday, September 1 at Belstead Village Hall,Suffolk, IP8 3lU from 7.45.

I will be looking at the latest world developments in areas from finance to church apostasy and dovetailing these with Bible prophecy. As the world grinds on unawares, for the most part, the series of End Times events is not only there in the Bible’s prophecies- it can be seen in each day’s headlines!

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