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ANOTHER ICE CUBE IN THE GLOBAL WARMING KOOL-AID -comment from Patriot Post We at The Patriot remain among the skeptics of man-made global warming, as we've none-too-subtly hinted in the past. Another recent report by a British researcher further challenges the dogma of the disciples of Al Gore. Christopher Monckton, a policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher, first points to two United Nations studies as proof of the hysteria surrounding the subject. In 1996, the UN (rightly) noted that during the medieval period, there was a warming trend with temperatures as much as five degrees Fahrenheit warmer than now. Obviously, Vikings farmed in Greenland, not to mention the Chinese sailing through the Arctic Ocean in 1421 and finding no ice. However, in 2001, the UN's report inexplicably erased the medieval warm period, making the 20th Century the warmest in a thousand years. (Imagine if the UN could just erase the stats on poverty and disease to "prove" they're good for something.) Monckton's conclusion is that of all things, the sun might have something to do with any warming taking place now. Ever hear that mentioned in a "news" report? AF adds: No, and you never wioll, because it is regarded as akin to heresy to argue against this environmental hysteria which is ruining our industries while those in China and India pump out pollution at will. Billions are spent in Britain and elsewhere fighting a problem that doesn't exist. Either that or it was pollution from ox carts that caused the temperature in Roman Britain to be high enough for vineyards to flourish in the far north.....Start to question things, dear readers!

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