Dear Pope, You've got it wrong again!!!

The current Pope. We recommend that he start reading the Bible.

Dear 'Today': The Pope is confused. He should read the Catholic Jerusalem Bible! Their own Catholic Bible states it clearly: 'I (Jesus) tell you most solemnly, everybody who believes has eternal life.' - gospel of John, Chapter 6, verse 47 Then in John, Chapter 3, verse 18: 'No one who believes in him (Jesus) will be condemned.' There are many other similar scriptures. They make it clear that we gain eternal life - Heaven - simply through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord - NOT through membership of any denomination. The Pope needs to go to Bible College! Or just read his own church's version of the Bible. With best wishes for the Pope's salvation (and that he might have the courage to admit the truth and leave the Catholic Church), Pat Franklin PS.I am an ex-Catholic born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, my Saviour. Membership of the Catholic Church does not save anyone. It is high time Catholics got serious and checked out the claims of their church by reading the Bible for themselves. For centuries the Catholic Church banned the Bible because the Vatican knew that reading it would expose their many errors and they would lose their control over the lives of millions of people. Wake up, Catholics! Get a Bible and read it!!! I am a St Louisan following the debate from our current home in Hampshire, England.) On our Home Page you will also find our Table of Truth No. 1, the Catholic Church vs the Bible. Feel free to copy it and share the good news with your Catholic friends that they can be ASSURED of their salvation, if they put their faith in the Lord Jesus and His once for all sacrifice at Calvary. But then they MUST come out of the Catholic Church with its millions of 'sacrifices' of the mass. They cannot serve two masters. They cannot follow the Lord Jesus and also keep one foot in Rome.

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Therefore, the woman outght to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels. (The angels witnessed Eve being deceived and leading Adam into sin. Now they watch with interest to see how women are behaving. Very few women in the western world take this scripture to heart.)
1 Cor 11:10

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