Cameron breaks his only promise

'Break my word or your political career' is David Cameron’s message to Tory MEP’s today as he backtracks on the sole pledge of his leadership campaign, to withdraw from the federalist EPP grouping in the European Parliament. The Leader of UKIP’s MEPs, Nigel Farage, said that Mr Cameron’s decision to defer his party’s withdrawal from the EPP simply confirmed the ‘glibness and lack of substance’ to his leadership, and said that it ‘cut adrift’ half of his MEPs and revealed the ‘gaping chasm’ within his party over Europe. 'Pledging to withdraw from the EPP was clearly nothing more than a sharp PR move by someone whom the term ‘slick’ could have been invented to describe. It was this, his sole promise, which gained him the leadership of his party. 'Tory MEPs who wish to sit in a genuine eurosceptic group will be welcomed within the Independence & Democracy group alongside UKIP MEPs. Those who support a federal Europe can happily remain within the federalist EPP group. In 2009, voters will be able to judge their eurosceptic credentials by their actions in the wake of Camerons’ failure to honour his promise.' ALAN FRANKLIN COMMENTS: This is exactly what I predicted from the wet noodle Cameron, the ridiculous Tory toff who seems to be a policy free zone- and a principle free zone to boot.

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