Threat to planned immigration reform

UNDOING IMMIGRATION REFORM PROGRESS Some Democrat and Republican lawmakers are joining forces to rewrite immigration-reform legislation that was passed by the Senate last year. The idea this time around is to provide illegal aliens with an easier path to citizenship by repealing the requirement that compels illegals to leave the United States before becoming eligible. There are also calls to withhold financing of the border fence that was approved by a large number of Republicans and Democrats last session. These changes fly in the face of calls by conservatives last year to provide tighter border security and account for the 12-million illegals currently living and working in the U.S. However, after the shellacking that immigration-reform-minded Republicans took in the elections last year, there is a strong urge to backtrack on the progress already made in order to court Hispanic voters. Now legislators may be sacrificing too much to keep them happy. Not only is America's border security up for grabs, but Social Security appears to be on the table. An agreement between the Bush administration and the Mexican government, if signed into law, would allow illegals who become citizens to collect Social Security benefits for the time spent in the United States illegally. Congress has yet to see this agreement and vote on it, but the fact that such a move is even being considered is chilling. There isn't even enough money in the Social Security fund to see the Baby Boom generation comfortably through retirement. Any attempt to extend this entitlement to illegal aliens, regardless of country of origin, should not be allowed.

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