So why do westerners become Moslems? An ex Islamic who accepted Jesus explains

A Christian social worker noticed that some of those she called on were western converts to Islam. She asked: Why? I said it was because so many so-called Christian leaders gave confused and uncertain messages, whereas Islamic leaders knew what they believed and accepted the Koran without question. Here an ex Muslim gives a more detailed reply- Alan Franklin.

(the writer's name has been omitted) The question you raised about white Britons converting to Islam is indeed something to talk about. This thought distressed me, too, for quite a time, particularly when I moved to Europe. I notice that Muslims are flourishing here. Observing European society and Muslim immigrants’ approach exposes the fact that there is a thriving environment available to Muslims here.

Coming from a Muslim background and a Muslim country, this enables me to see things from a Muslim perspective. It may sound peculiar, as I am now a born-again Christian, but it is an experience or instinct. I have perceived many weaknesses in European societies, weaknesses which help Muslims and their agendas.European societies are free-speech oriented, which in many ways is very healthy and creative indeed.

However, if free speech rules over faith and the sacred text of the Bible, denies the existence of God and claims that Christians are racist, forcing their Godly agenda on the world etc., then that free speech becomes instead vicious ammunition.   This is what has happening with Christianity here in Europe, and indeed, has been doing so for a long time.There are certain circumstances which help Muslims in the West to preach Islam and convert people. Before going further, please keep in mind that Muslims and the Islamic world see the West as Christian, or representative of the Bible. (It doesn’t matter how many times you and I say to them, “The West is neither Christian nor religious", because what Muslims have been taught, we cant change!)

In the West, a great number of material is produced to try and reduce the influence of Christian heritage and exchange it for a religious free society. I personally notice and see books and material, and encounter dialogues, all of which undermine Christianity and fundamental Christian beliefs such as God, Jesus, the Bible, salvation etc. Great damage is being done with Western criticism ranting all the time that the Bible is a man-made book and full of alterations. Even Christians are claiming that there are alterations in the Bible and arguing over Bible translations! This confuses many simple people; in other words, those who don’t want to go into greater depth and reasoning.

This becomes even worse when many preachers condemn one translation or another from the pulpit or in their preaching, saying that a particular translation is not correct. For those in the West, it is not a problem to choose one translation over another, and no problem either to like or dislike Bible translations. Living in the West, I visited a couple of churches as part of my ministry, and noticed people condemning translations without good cause. Muslims use this issue quite often. In debates, I encounter many times over the same objections from Muslims when they try to mislead simple Westerners. And they are doing this rapidly.This is because the Muslim world sees it in different ways. For them, their holy Book is sacred, not man-made, it can’t be translated properly and has no room for alteration.

For Muslims, preferring one translation to other means rejecting the existence of the original text. Christianity not only faces problems from outside (the liberal West), but also from within.  In Christendom, a great deal of criticism arises every day, Bible translation being not the only issue. Different heretical groups produce their Bibles and ideologies, and this creates confusion for simple people.

For us, it is easy to understand who real believers are, but there are many simple people who aren't able to do so. A few weeks back I was on a debate forum, and an American visitor said to me, “Look what your Church has done to Mary Magdalene, calling her a prostitute for 2000 years and hiding her identity from people that she was the wife of Jesus.”

When Christians accept unfounded criticism from the liberal West, and say nothing in response to its illogical and illicit claims which insult Christian beliefs, it is disastrous for Christian faith and practice. There are liberal Christians who go beyond the limits and appreciate human worldly desire over Biblical teaching, e.g. gay marriages, ordaining gay ministers in the church, etc. etc. It is even more dangerous when those gay ministers and liberal Christians say, “It wouldn’t be a problem for Jesus if He were around”,  or  “Jesus Himself rejected much Biblical teaching and misused it”, etc. etc.

You and I know that these are not true believers – but do common and simple people know that? Do Muslims know that?  The answer, of course is NO. Muslims project the Quran as the “Word of God” without alterations, standing untouched from 1500 years and which can't be translated into other languages. Being seen as Holy and direct from God, this could attract many simple people who are looking for purity and authenticity.

Islam teaches respect of Allah (believing he is the Creator) and the >prophets as being of very high import. The blasphemer could get a severe punishment. You can't even disrespect Christ in a Muslim country. And many simple people see that as good teaching. In 2003, I was living in a small city in northern Holland called Stadskanaal. In a church youth meeting, some young people said, “We are so impressed by our Muslim friends as they respect Jesus, Moses, and David. On the contrary, we Christians do not respect Muhammad.”

Circumstances like these could be a good opportunity for Muslims to try and convert people to Islam.   The West doesn't dare to criticise the Quran or Islam or even condemn its teaching, as they have done to Christianity for a long time. Muslims won't allow disrespect of their norms and codes. Added to this, there are many people who want to see religion as pure, authentic, without confusion, disciplining and controlling, and conservative in beliefs.

I have seen one video, available on the Internet, where a Baptist family from Texas who converted to Islam say, “We want to live a disciplined life - that’s why we converted to Islam.” I am telling you the truth, Islam has noticed this all long before me, and are quite capable of dealing with all Western weaknesses. Christian churches have to be conservative to deal with Islam, because liberal societies can’t stand before conservative Islam. A vast majority of conservative Muslims have already penetrated the West. And they know how, and where, to find simple people. I hope this has helped to answer your question, God bless you,

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