The truth about Rick Warren and his "Purpose."

Rick Warren - Liberal Deceit? A message from Christian Evangelicals to Rick Warren. Alan Franklin writes: I have pulled this article from 2006 back onto our website as it is revealing and important.

Rick Warren popular author of Purpose Driven Life, Purpose Driven Church has made recent headlines again. This time for inviting liberal heathen U.S. Senator Obama from Illinois to speak at his church. Christians across the nation are outraged that Rick Warren would invite a liberal anti-conservative to speak at his church.

See the list of conservative Christians organizations at the bottom of this email who are protesting Rick Warren's action. Rick Warren is best known for changing the basic philosophy of how churches operate in America. Many churches have adopted his methods and increased church attendance. Bring in the Christian Rock Music and church attendance may increase. Be very positive, do not preach anything negative and do not preach against sin.

If any Christian or any philosophy claims to be Christian, that is okay, anything goes. The below is complied information on Rick Warren. Scan the below and decide for yourself. The teachings of Rick Warren are probably influencing the operation of your church. Is that good or bad? Rick Warren's methods have been even noted by the Wall Street Journal in a negative sense. ***************************************************

Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church? In Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church?, author James Sundquist examines Rick Warren's latest best selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, and finds that Warren has not only made colossal biblical blunders such as the 40 day examples in Scripture he cites, but has built most of his "purpose-driven" precepts on the "wisdom of the world" and not on God's word. ****************************************************

REDEFINING CHRISTIANITY - UNDERSTANDING THE PURPOSE DRIVEN MOVEMENT I have received many emails over the last two years from people who are concerned about what has happened to their church since it became Purpose Driven. This book will explain what has happened, why, and how a Purpose Driven church is different from a Bible-centered, Gospel church. Excerpt from Redefining Christianity: "Jesus said, "If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you" (John 15:19). Not even the greatest marketing genius can change this without redefining the church. Seeking the approval of the world is precisely what the Purpose Driven movement is all about." ****************************************************

Deceived on Purpose. When former New Ager Warren Smith began reading Purpose-Driven Life, he was shocked to discover language, ideas, terms and philosophies that he learned as a New Ager. If you have ever wondered what really lies beneath the surface of the Purpose-Driven agenda, then "Deceived on Purpose" is a must-read.

Christian leaders to Warren: Keep Obama from pulpit Argue Democrat senator's support for abortion incompatible with Bible Rick Warren called 'enabler and defender' of evil The purpose-driven lie M

My Visit To Saddleback Church by David Cloud, Fundamentalist Baptist Information Service, 11/03 Rick Warren claims that he has not compromised the Word of God with his principles and methods, that he has only modernized them; but when I look into the book of Acts and the Epistles, I see a different kind of Christianity, a different kind of church there, than the one that Rick Warren has devised. Thus, I must reject Warren's Purpose-Driven methods and I must warn those who have an ear to hear, regardless of how small that crowd may be, that they not heed the siren call of the contemporary church growth gurus. A chart that compares the teachings of the Church Growth Movement with those of the Bible. You will be shocked to see just how unbiblical the Church Growth Movement is. *********************************************** A

A message from Christian Evangelicals to Rick Warren In the strongest possible terms, we oppose Rick Warren's decision to ignore Senator Obama's clear pro-death stance and invite him to Saddleback Church anyway. If Senator Obama cannot defend the most helpless citizens in our country, he has nothing to say to the AIDS crisis. You cannot fight one evil while justifying another. The evangelical church can provide no genuine help for those who suffer from AIDS if those involved do not first have their ethic of life firmly rooted in the Word of God.

Accordingly, we call on Pastor Rick Warren to rescind his invitation to Senator Obama immediately. The millions of silent victims who have died because of the policies of leaders like Senator Obama demand a response from those who believe that life is a gift from God. The name of the seminar at which Senator Obama will be appearing is entitled, " We Must Work Together." No, Mr. Warren, Mr. Obama, we will never work with those who can support the murder of babies in the womb. Phyllis Schlafly, President and Founder, Eagle Forum Judie Brown, President, American Life League Tim Wildmon, President American Family Association and American Family Radio Joe Scheidler, President, Pro-Life Action League Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue Matt Trewhella, Missionaries to the Preborn Brannon Howse, President, Worldview Weekend, Christian Worldview Network Janet Folger, President, Faith2Action Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth Greg Cunningham, President, Center for Bioethical Reform, Lake Forest, California Peggy Hamill, Director, Pro-Life Wisconsin Cal Zastrow, Christian Action for the Preborn Dr. Vic Eliason, President, VCY America Radio Network Ingrid Schlueter, Host, Crosstalk Radio Talk Show Kevin McCullough, Host, Musclehead Revolution, WMCA Radio Chris Rosebrough, Capo Valley Church, San Juan Capistrano, California Rev. Ken Silva, Apprising Ministries Linda Harvey, President, Mission America **********************************************

Rick Warren's philosophy is influencing churches across America. The culture of our churches is making major changes to the thinking of Rick Warren and away from the Bible. Please forward. God Bless, Chairman

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