Dear America - please shut up! Our enemies do not need to hear all the details! by Pat Franklin

Why do will feel it necessary in America to tell the world all our business?  Please, American media - shut up!

There was absolutely no need to tell any of the details of the raid which finally got bin Laden.  The more details that are released, the more our enemies have to get mad about.   It's none of their business and none of our business either.  Please - turn off the glare of publicity on this.  All the blabbing does is cause more trouble and give our enemies something to bash us with.

Also, it is tedious and boring to keep hearing the same subject raked over on every news program.  However, it makes for very cheap TV and fills a lot of news time with minimum work for journalists.

Meanwhile, our enemies get valuable tips on how to mount such raids and how to train their own teams.  Didn't there used to be something called Official Secrets?   

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