Alan's latest speaking dates: subjects are Jerusalem, Future Capital of The World, and The Timing of The Rapture.

This Friday, May 11, I am speaking in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, on the subject: “Jerusalem, Future Capital of The World.” The venue will be South Road Church, Drayton, PO6 1QD from 7.30 pm. The event is being presented by Portsmouth Christian Fellowship [] For those in Surrey I will be back speaking at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship, on Sunday, May 20. The service starts at 10.30 and my theme is likely to be: “The Timing of The Rapture,” although this may change. Both presentations will be illustrated with Powerpoint slides.


TheJerusalem story is centred on the world’s most important city, one increasingly in the news, just as the Bible’s prophets predicted. I go through around 3,000 years of history, from before the time of King David to the future reign of the Lord Jesus from the MillenniumTemple. I show how we are living in the climax of world history - the return to earth of The Lord Jesus Christ - and how His millennial reign will see Jerusalem-and the world- transformed. Every Christian should have this information, which is on one of our DVDs, available from our web shop.


My rapture presentation will be filmed and again, this is something the whole church should understand, for in these end times misinformation is everywhere. The last thing Satan wants is for Christians to understand the Biblical sequence of events. I show, beyond reasonable doubt, that the rapture could happen at any time and that is it pre-millennial.


I show, on Powerpoint, that although we don’t know the date of the rapture we know the sequence of end times events from the seven Jewish feasts.


The Jewish Feast Of Trumpets, first of the three autumn feasts, is the next prophetic feast to be literally fulfilled. It symbolises the return of the Lord for His church- the rapture. With a pre-trib rapture, the position our church holds, we can expect it any year. If it was mid-trib, we would know exactly when it would take place, also end-trib: 3.5 and seven years respectively after Antichrist signs the peace treaty with Israel.


Remember, there are many big differences between the rapture and the Second Coming.

  • At the rapture Jesus is the bridegroom coming for His bride- the church.
  • At the Second Coming our Lord returns to pour out wrath on His enemies.
  • At the rapture Jesus is coming to take His bride away for the wedding week.
  • At the Second Coming our Lord returns to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


There are many other points of difference between the two events, which I will show in great detail. The rapture happens suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, at a time when the world is normal and people are buying and selling. (Matt 24:37; 38) The Second Coming happens when the world is in chaos, with most people dead and survivors hiding in rocks, praying for rocks to fall on them and hide them from the wrath of the Lamb (Rev 6:16).


To find out the whole story, come along to Tongham, on the Surrey and Hants border, on the outskirts ofAldershot. Our church is in Poyle Road, Hint: It’s not the ancient place with stained glass windows….it IS the place where the Word of God is preached!


American readers please note: from October 19 thru 21 I will be speaking in Gettysburg, at the East Coast Prophecy Conference run by the South West Radio Church. I am available for a few church speaking dates in that area around that time. Contact me at


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