We're Christians against Christmas! By Alan Franklin.

Nothing good comes out of the sad event we call “Christmas.” I recall our days as reporters covering crime and courts, including divorce courts. The list of rows, fights, disputes and general mayhem sparked by this event was long – I remember it well, every year.

Christmas is bringing the world into the church when we have to do the exact opposite. Anyone for a Christmas tree festival? At least come for the mince pies………

A reader called Colin has e-mailed us about Christmas and this is my response. We boycott it! Here are my reasons:

Greetings, Colin. But not “Happy Christmas”! Your e-mail has prompted me to put some Christmas articles back onto the top of our website and really they say all we need to explain. Their are links to them at the end of my  comments.

To say that the Lord didn’t tell us “not” to celebrate his birth is a poor argument. The Bible doesn’t contain an exact list of everything we are not to do, but there is clear guidance on these things. For example, abortion is wrong. It is not mentioned. But the sin of Moloch is.

The fact that nobody knows the exact date of the Lord’s birth tells us all we need to know. It was deliberately concealed, as the Bible is precise in many dates surrounding the life of Jesus, as a study of prophecy clearly shows.

We have all the facts about Saturnalia in our articles and there is no need to repeat them. It is clear that people loved the pagan practice of a midwinter festival and the fact that this was “Christianised” cuts no ice with us. A weird religious veneer was put over the usual antics of drunkenness and debauchery which continue to this day.

Yes, it is wrong to “celebrate” Christmas as the world and the true church are chasms apart. There is no way we can seriously talk about the Lord at a Christmas party, for example.

We have tried, to be met with a barrage of dissent. “Don’t bring religion into it.” Quite so. We won’t. It doesn’t fit. Our church, which sticks to God’s word, celebrated the Lord’s birth in September. Yes, we are “a peculiar people”! We are not to be conformed to the world.

Contrary to statements heard repeatedly, no nation has ever been “A Christian nation.”  Our laws, attitudes and morals were at one time heavily influenced by evangelical Christians but there was never more than a minority of true believers in theUK.

This was mainly due to the continuing influence of the Church of England, with infant baptism convincing most people who went through it that they were right with God and would get to heaven.

The nation that came closest to being a Christian nation was the USA, which has a constitution heavily influenced by committed Christians.  Its law and learning systems were based on the Bible for around 200 years, slipping away from the early 60s with a series of Supreme Court judgments that eroded the Bible-base of their society.

The Jewish Bible experts we quote are truly experts and no quote marks need surround that description. No, nobody can pinpoint a day, as I said: this is deliberate.

The word of God was given to the world solely through one nation:Israel. Its prophets, teachers and above all the Jewish Messiah gave the Word to the world.

Further, as prophecy teaches repeatedly, the focus of the world in the End Times is all on Israel and Jerusalem is where the Lord will return, to rule from the Temple Mount.

This also explains the Satanically-inspired anti Semitism that is sweeping the world (and church) and will soon culminate in the ultimate bid to wipe out the Jews.

No Jews, no Jewish Messiah, no second coming. But there WILL soon be a second coming as the Bible states repeatedly, in those passages unread in what passes for nearly all the “Christian church” today.

The only places in Israel where “Christmas” is celebrated are in the nominally Christian Arab quarters. We once spent six weeks in one such  area, including all of December, and the Santa effigies (Santa is a none-too-subtle anagram of Satan, of course!) were everywhere.

Believing Jews are too well-versed to fall for the folly of pagan traditions. We should  follow their example. They take the word seriously. If this is being “Judaised” I am all for it!

As believing Gentiles we are grafted into the true vine – but Israel is still a conduit for God’s dealings with the world and this fact is something most of the church dismisses or refuses to discuss.

Pat and I would be on the same page as you, Colin, in most areas and we too once went some way towards a year-end celebration.

However, as we have learned more, studied more and reflected more we realize there is only one place for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and all the other Helloweens…. the pit of Hell.

And from Pat: Hi Colin, I agree withJacob Prasch, Jewish American Bible teacher:  ‘I love the nativity; I hate Christmas.’  Amen

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Now hereis Colin's e-mail to me:

Dear Alan, I am certainly very much in broad agreement with your latest article re Christmas, however, we must ever remember that the Saviour never told us not to celebrate His birth.

Approximately 12 years ago I decided to chuck the tree out and all the noxious decorations that went with it, as the OT is replete with Scriptures that associate green trees with idolatry. We blindly follow tradition, until God opens our eyes?

Yes we can use a silver tree, but God is not mocked? And of course there is so much else wrong with Christmas the way the world does it, but is there a Christian way of doing it?

Your Jewish Bible teachers are correct in saying that Jesus was " most likely born at the time of the autumn Jewish feasts in Sept/Oct." But again, these 'experts' couldn't pinpoint a day, and please remember we are a Gentile nation, and have been most blessed by God.

The grand question is though, is it wrong to celebrate the Saviour's birth on 25th December, even though we know that that date is not His birthday? Corporately (we once were a Christian nation?), for the sake of national holidays etc, a date had to be fixed? Just like Easter/Passover?

Even here there is great confusion over the dates. I know there is a pagan association with 25th December, but we are not a superstitious bunch are we -Is not "The earth is the LORD'S and the fullness thereof" Psalm 24.1? I take it we still breathe on that day!

Is there not then Scriptural warrant for justifying the celebration of Jesus's birth; remember Purim and Hanukkah are man-made feasts, are they not? They were not ordained by God. One could say then that the entrance into the world of God incarnate in the flesh is exponentially of  infinitely greater importance??? Let us celebrate this great occasion?

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given..." Isaiah 9.6. How very, very marvellous? (A massive understatement, if ever there was one?) But of course Jewish Bible teachers (including sadly most Messianic ones) tend to pour cold water over any form of celebrating Messiah's birth?

Most of these men continued on with their traditions/Jewishness received before their conversion.  As Gentiles, we know that Israel and unbelieving Jews do not believe in the birth of Christ 2000 years ago? Must we be over Judaised  about this?

Certainly the examples you cite regarding Herod and Pharaoh are not happy analogies, and indeed we could add Job 1.4 to that number, and also Job and Jeremiah cursed their very own birthdays, Job 3.3 and Jeremiah 20.14! 

Certainly I don't 'do' Christmas (I do it every day!) the way that the perishing dying commercial world does it, but if someone were to say to me "Happy Christmas", I would most graciously return the greeting"!

I believe that ignorance abounds over this needlessly most contentious of subjects, even within Christendom (but could it be otherwise?). Yes the Satanic RCC and the HighAnglicanChurchesmay roll out the "Child in the manger", but for Christians to say Jesus "was never in Christmas".....

Blessings in Jesus. COLIN .......(last name omitted by us.)

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Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father, who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never know you: depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.'
Matthew 7:21-23

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