I'm speaking in Oxford tonight on the coming crash of cash and much else!

Today, Friday, I am speaking at  Hephzibah, Oxford, on Money, Mayhem and the New World Order: The World On Red Alert".

The meeting is from 8pm at Cumnor Village Hall, High Street, Cumnor, Oxford, OX2 9QF.

I will be looking at fast unfolding world events leading up to the crash of cash, the ushering in of all-electronic currency and, ultimately, the Mark of The Beast – the time when the world is ruled by Antichrist.

My presentation will be fact-packed and illustrated with scores of Powerpoint pictures, so come along and find out where the fast deteriorating world situation is heading. Time is short!

If you are near Oxford today, try and come along. It will not be boring. The Bible really came to life for me when I realized a major portion of the scriptures - over a quarter - was prophetic and that the final set of prophecies – those relating to the End Times - are coming true before the world’s mostly unseeing eyes.

Pat and I will be there with resources including books and DVDs. I am available to churches in the USA and UK for talks on prophecy-related subjects.

The teaching at Hephzibah is intended to provide a Biblical perspective concerning future and present-day world events to "make ready a people prepared for the Lord" (Luke 1:17)

This Saturday and Sunday you have a chance to hear a top prophecy teacher at our church, Tongham Christian Fellowship near Aldershot.

Colin Le Noury, General Director of of The Prophetic Witness Movement International, will be speaking and Colin is always worth listening to as he shows how the Bible clearly shows that the church age will soon end with the rapture of the true church, prior to the world plunging into mayhem and chaos.

The meetings start on both days at our church in Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey, at 10.30. You can say hello to Pat and myself serving there in the tea bar!







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Revelation 21:2

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