Obama - prepping the world for Antichrist.

Hello Jenny - what an interesting e-mail.
Many years ago I used to be a fan of the doctor. I think Obama is a prototype for the Antichrist figure, showing how it is possible to create a "world personality" from nowhere. This has only been achieved with a compliant, brain-dead mass media, which is for the most part a disgrace to its profession.
First, you destroy the education system, which has been done in Britain and America.You teach all children that there is no such thing as right or wrong - your "right" is as valid as anyone else's - there are no absolutes. You take away the power to reason. This, after all, only leads to the asking of awkward questions. Then you pump in the "save the planet" propaganda, none of which is ever questioned, save for a few maverick websites like ours!
You replace children's television, which at one time was often interesting and educational, with a series of sound bites, skits and people throwing gunk over each other, all accompanied by screaming and loud music. None of it is pleasant or innocent anymore and, as you point out, the demonic cartoons are the worst.Our children know nothing. I wonder why......
We are being set up for the great world leader, now waiting in the wings. His propaganda experts, like Obama's, will have a blank canvas to work on and expect the media to kiss his boots from the moment he strides onto the world stage. Yes, he follows on from where Obama and Blair have taken us.
I agree with your conclusion. Time is short - we'd better get the church woken up! The good news is I am starting to get lots of inquiries for speaking dates, in Britain and America. For US readers, I'm on the American Priorities show for an hour on March 8, from midday, check your time zone. It's the Bill Federer show.
Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2010 3:13 PM
Subject: Obama The Manchurian Candidate

Hi Alan and Pat,
I am a regular reader of your site. ..just thought you'd be interested in another Dr Who connection re- end times, in this case the above  article; a previous Dr Who ,had the Master as someone who appeared from virtually no -where, i.e.he could only be traced back about 5 years...sound familiar?...I thought at the time this was all to do with getting folk ready for the anti-christ, so the circles are closing in. It is sinister and all to do with mind control(obviously you both know all this) but when things go from Hollywood films, which are optional, to INNOCENT? children's programmes, we (who are watching for the Lord's return) can see that the pace is rapidly moving up several gears...which is a good thing, but indicates time is running out indeed, and we (who believe what it says in the Bible) had better get our skates on!!!, in getting out the message of the Gospel, whether people are listening or not, because they need to know and that is our duty to Christ to tell them.
Keep on in the Lord's extremely Important and Good work,
In Jesus name, Jenny M........


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