The sinister story of the curved cucumbers.....

The vile EU superstate would be a joke if it were not so sinister. If those trapped within its tight embrace in the 27 formerly free countries of Europe knew the full extent of what it costs them - in money and red tape - they would storm Brussels and pitch the bureaucrats into the nearest lake! Here is the story of the curved cucumbers....coming soon to a market stall near you! Here is a story from the latest Euro Realist newsletter, run by my friend Derek Bennett. (AF)


BENDING BACK THE RULESThe issue of the EU banning bent bananas and curved cucumbers has been one which has rumbled on for a long time. Although the EU did ban such things, which saw hundreds of tons of edible food thrown away for nothing other than its shape, the EU’s misguided acolytes often tried to deny such a ban.  But they were shown to have egg on their faces when the EU did actually lift this ruling.The problem with the EU is that when it does have one of its rare outbursts of common sense, it usually does not last long and even though the curved cucumber ban was lifted less than a year ago, a number of MEPs are calling for its return. Spanish MEPs have won the support of the EuropeanParliament’s agriculture committee to restore the ban, and the issue is due to go to the full Parliament for a vote to bend back the rules.


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