Christmas again! That time of year when millions of people who know little of the Lord Jesus and care even less celebrate a day that is most certainly not His birthday. by Pat Franklin

Christmas again!  That time of year when millions of people who know little of the Lord Jesus and care even less celebrate a day that is most certainly not His birthday.  

At B&Q, the big home store in England, a carol was playing:  ‘Hark now hear the angels sing (but angels don’t sing; they speak), a new child born today, and man shall live forevermore because of Christmas Day.’ 

 Uh, hang on, isn’t there something about the cross in the Bible?  I didn’t hear the word ‘cross’ in the carol.

 We don’t like the cross.  We don’t want it sung to us as we stand in line at B&Q.  We want Christmas! We want glitter and glamour and gifts and good food.  Not that miserable old cross – and please never mention the word ‘blood’.

 The carol was correct in that man will certainly live forevermore, but where will he be living?  In unimaginable glory with the Savior who was not born on Christmas Day and never told us to celebrate His birthday?  Or in unimaginable misery which will never end? 

 Where are you headed, dear friend?  The Lord Jesus never said:  ‘Remember my birthday every year.’  What He actually commanded was this:  ‘Remember My death until I come.’

 This is not optional!  It is a command from the lips of the Savior of the world.  

Personally, I love every detail of Jesus’ birth, and I’m so impressed that Luke did the research.  He must have talked a lot to Mary to find out so much.  As well as being a great doctor, what a great journalist he is!  And an A-plus for Matthew as well.

 But as Jacob Prasch once said:  ‘I love the Nativity, but I hate Christmas.’   I know what he meant. 

Just try to talk about the Lord Jesus at some Christmas party.  You will see how welcome He is.  He is not invited. 

 **Note:  Dec. 25th was the birthday of Ra the Egyptian sun god, as well as Nimrod the rebel against God, and Mithras, another false god, and Saturn, a false god of the Romans.   The pagans in various countries celebrated their birthday by bringing greenery into their homes and decorating it with silver and gold, giving gifts, feasting etc.  The Romans called it Saturnalia, and it was renamed ‘Christmas’  by the Roman Empire so everyone could keep the pagan feast they loved so much - and still call themselves Christians.  

My question:  ‘Lord Jesus, do you mind if we keep celebrating like the pagans did, on Saturn’s birthday, and just stick Your holy name on the day?  Is that OK with You?’ 






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