The Popery behind the European Union

Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth had somewhat of a problem with the Popes in Rome and with Roman Catholic Spain who were using spiritual power to gain worldly power.We had to fight them off - but we did - 420 years ago. It seems we must fight that battle all over again. It was "NO POPERY" then and again today.

As Our Lord said 'Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's". Getting mixed up in a flawed political construct is definitely not a 'thing that is God's' Christina Speight's  EUREFERENDUM Blog 8.4.08 A Roman Catholic Union “Archbishop Cranmer” [a Blog -cs] is shadowing the unearthly bishops’ conference of the European community (COMECE), citing COMECE president, Monsignor Adrianus van Luyn, who says: Behind the day-to-day business of politics, the vast majority of people can no longer recognise or fathom why things are going in one direction or another.

"Behind politics resides metapolitics, which forms the values upon which all political action is based, above and beyond party lines. That, more than anything, is the true legacy of the European Union, which has destroyed any idea of linkage between electing a government and expecting it to deliver policies that are in the interests of the people who elected it.

The bishops' agenda, writes Cranmer, was clearly exposed when a COMECE spokesman said of their Spring plenary assembly that it had given bishops, "the chance to reflect on the fundamental question of how citizens' support for the EU can be mobilised and how this might be translated into concrete goals". Cranmer also informs us that the COMECE Bishops acknowledged the achievements of Mgr Noël Treanor, Secretary General of COMECE since 1993, and his efforts "to assist the Catholic Church as a proactive partner in dialogue with the EU institutions".

That the Roman Catholic church is so evidently in bed with the European Union is disturbing, but it is just another cog in the vast network of influence that is subverting the political system, and what is laughingly called "civil society" in this country. So deeply embedded is this political cancer that one fears that attempt to root it out will all but kill the patient. - Posted by Richard North.

Alan Franklin adds: I wrote about all this and much more in my first book, EU: Final World Empire, which is long sold out and not in print, although there are secondhand copies on Amazon. However, I do have detailed descriptions of the EU, its foundation and history and the spiritual force behind it, on DVDs available from the web shop on this site.

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