Tables of Truth
Roman Catholic Church versus the Bible. Written by Pat Franklin, a ‘cradle Catholic’ educated at Catholic schools in America. I read the New Testament for myself (a Catholic version of the Bible) in England in 1981 and saw that Catholicism was not right, but that salvation was by faith in Christ alone. I knelt down in my bedroom and confessed my sins to the Lord Jesus and asked Him to let me be one of His people. From that day I have belonged to Him. This is copyright, and cannot be offered for sale, but I (Pat) urge our readers to print out a hard copy or copies and give them out free to friends and relatives so that the truth of this gets out far and wide. God bless you in your efforts to inform people.

Here we have set out some of the main differences between Christianity and Islam. The two are diametrically opposed, with no common ground of any sort and no possibility of any dialogue ever. Compiled by Pat Franklin.

Here is the shortest, simplest Table of Truth I have so far devised to prove that the Catholic Church is a false church, not true Christianity - not the church Jesus set up at all !

An ‘aura’ is a distinctive atmosphere as in an ‘aura of mystery’ ; special quality or air around something or someone. But in paranormal, New Age circles an aura is: - A supposed coloured emanation surrounding someone - Coloured field around someone’s head 16/10/22 - The Joys and Sorrows of Israel. - 4/6/23 - This is the Season of The Lord's Return - 7/5/23 - The Real King Will Soon Come For Us. - 2/4/23 - The Dramatic Easter Events were the Most Important Since The Creation. - 2/4/23 - The Dramatic Easter Events were the Most Important Since The Creation. - 4/12/22 - The Watchman on the Wall. - 15/5/22 - Jerusalem Future Capitol of the World, pt.1. - 7/8/22 - Jerusalem Future Capitol of the World, Part 2. - 4/9/22 - It's Fast Forward to The Last of The Last Days. - 26/6/22 - If you prove it I'll believe it. Validating the Scriptures. - 6/11/22 - The United Kingdom is Now Led by Two Pagans and is Increasingly Lawless. - 13/3/22 - Gog and Magog. -

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And when Jesus had come into Peter's house, He saw his wife's mother lying sick with a fever. (Peter was married and had a mother-in-law. He was not the 'first pope' and he was not celibate.)
Matthew 8:14

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