The UK Government is being challenged over forced” jabs” for most of its NHS workers, meaning a probable 163,000 or even far more will be sacked in April as they will not accept the dangerous and sometimes toxic so-called vaccines, which are clearly not working as an endless series of extra vaccinations- they call them boosters- is needed.

I am speaking for an hour every evening at the 2021 Bournemouth Convention of The Prophetic Witness Movement International at Bournemouth. The location is Heathlands Hotel at 12,Grove Road, East Cliff, BHI 3AY, 200 yards from the beach. Telephone 0871 222 0049 The conference starts on Saturday, September 18th and runs to Friday, September 24th

An urgent request went around the church prayer chain yesterday to pray for a family we know of in South Africa who are desperate, with no food, no petrol, no police protection, and rioters expected to return last night. Their relative in England is desperately concerned for them and all the others in such a dire plight. Pray for a corridor of escape for the white South Africans, some country that will fling its door open and welcome them all.

Well goody gumdrops. On Monday, March 8, in England we get to meet one person outside for a coffee. Are we supposed to cheer? Or clap on the doorsteps, as happened every Thursday at 8pm for weeks on end when the whole country clapped for the health service? (actually we didn’t) This coffee event will not be outside a coffee shop, because they are all closed in lockdown. You have to go to a park and take a thermos. Jolly dee, as they say here , usually sarcastically.

The twelve sons of Jacob were all gathered around his bedside to hear their father’s last words to them before his death. And there were some surprises for them, not all pleasant. At the church we attend in England, we have been hearing teaching on this from Pastor David Moore, pastor of Milton Baptist Church in Stoke-on-Trent. It is found in Genesis chapter 49. Talk about a dysfunctional family! You can read all about it in the Bible. God does not hide the truth and the great thing about all this is the hope it gives us poor sinners alive now – that however rotten we are, however deep we fall into sin, God can change our hearts and restore us to Himself.

The more I think about it, the more sense the Rapture makes. Leaving everything else aside for a minute, just think of the greatest thing in the universe – the mercy of God. The immense, almost incomprehensible, unsurpassable, undeniable, almost indescribable mercy of Almighty God. And think of what the Lord Jesus warned in the gospel of Luke (chap. 21 verse 36) after prophesying the horrors of the Great Tribulation: ‘Watch…and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.’

Sunday, June 7, 2020, Telephone lockdown service, Tongham Christian Fellowship, England. Graham Walker said there were 18 people on the line. He led the service, reading from Psalms 117 and 118, about praising the Lord for His loving kindness, and several people chimed in with thanksgiving prayers. It was hard to hear everything this week, because some voices kept cutting out, and there was interference as well.

Today is Thursday and at 8pm tonight millions of people all over England will be out on their doorsteps clapping for five minutes to show their appreciation for the NHS – the National Health Service, and especially those who risk their health in the intensive care wards. This will be the tenth Thursday, and possibly the last clap-in, as even the organiser is apparently dropping out now.

I gave a talk recently called “Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic” and started with a picture of Cpl Jones from the TV show Dad’s Army running around waving his arms about and shouting “don’t panic” while panicking wildly. He reminds me of the world’s rulers.

ALAN FRANKLIN WRITES: “Billionaire Socialist” George Soros is one of the money men who pull the strings of the world economy. Like many others he wants a New World Order and a global currency. Unlike most of the others, Soros sometimes pulls back the curtain on these shadowy schemes, as in a You Tube clip we link to in our story. In the video Soros talks about "the creation of a New World Order", discusses the need for a "managed decline" of the U.S. dollar and talks at length of the global need for a true world currency.

What kind of 20/20 vision can Bible prophecy give us about the nations in the end times? What about the United States, Europe and Israel? And what is to be the fate of the Muslim world and the rest of the Gentile nations? Find out the answers to these questions and more at this 2020 Bible Conference! Here's the link:

Israel is the only area in The Middle East where there is religious freedom and places of worship for all, including Mormons, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Messianic (Christian) Jews, Druze and many others. However, freedom stops at the borders of Islamic controlled areas and that includes our Lord’s likely birthplace, in Bethlehem

I get many questions about EU, Brexit – and the Antichrist, who prophecy reveals will be of Italian origin. The fast approaching New World Order, which Antichrist will one day lead, will be ushered in following the coming worldwide financial collapse. Now you have all the answers available on these professionally filmed DVDs, the results of thousands of hours of research over 34 years. Cash will crash in a flash and is already being fast phased out. Soon we will only buy and sell through electronic means leading, in the next few years, to what the Bible predicts: a worldwide trading system based on a chip in our right hands or foreheads. Above, right: Alan questions whether the UK will truly escape the clutches of the sinister EU superstate in these DVD teachings.

We live in interesting times. Close to the End Times climax, the end of the Church Age and the return to earth of the Lord Jesus Christ. In these talks I will be looking at many aspects of the fast fulfilment of Bible prophecy that is happening before our eyes- if our eyes are opened. I speak at any church or organisation that invites me! Time is short.

Says Terry: This book gets to the heart of the false teaching and false prophecy being perpetrated on the naive and gullible. The Franklins expose the cults and isms of these strange, troubling times with a no-nonsense, non-politically correct dissection and analysis of the dark forces that seek to lead mankind from the way that leads through the narrow gate of salvation, striving, rather, to herd humanity down the broad road that leads to destruction.

Late last night, May 8, I saw the chilling news that Israel was opening its bomb shelters in the north, just in case. This came from Amir Tsarfati's update. Here we are, May 9, and all is well, so far so good in Israel. But an Iranian site in Syria has taken a hit. I called our family in the north of Israel and the usual mini riot was in progress - one playing a violin, one bouncing a ball, three trying to outdo each other in the volume of noise each could produce. No one huddling in a bomb shelter. So that's a relief!

A man named Tom was concerned about his neighbour. Tom was a Christian and knew Jesus Christ as his Savior. He knew he would go to Heaven when he died. His neighbour, on the other hand, did not know Jesus.

As if companies did not have enough problems, the British government has imposed yet another onerous regulation on them. Companies with 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their 'gender pay gap'.

‘There is a time we know not when, a line we know not where; that marks the destiny of men ‘twixt sorrow and despair. There is a line though by men unseen, once it has been crossed, even God Himself in all of His love has sworn that all is lost.’ Dear friends, it is time to get serious.

Many of you may have seen the Apocalypse program on the History Channel depicting nuclear war. As I watched I just kept thinking: yes, it is all right there in the Bible. Even the secular world sees it coming now. We are on the brink! And that means that we Christians are in the departure lounge and will be leaving soon.

Today is the Day of Atonement in Israel and many Jews fast and seek God’s mercy. But some are calling it the Feast of Bikes, because there is no traffic in many Jewish areas and the roads are full of children riding bikes, trikes, scooters, skateboards etc. The children love the Day of Atonement! One small child told me: ‘The big people don’t eat, but the little children can eat and ride bikes all day. It is fun!’

My next speaking engagement is at Hephzibah, Ipswich, this Friday, September 1 at Belstead Village Hall, Suffolk, IP8 3lU from 7.45. I will be looking at the latest world developments in areas from finance to church apostasy and dovetailing these with Bible prophecy. As the world grinds on unawares, for the most part, the series of End Times events is not only there in the Bible’s prophecies - it can be seen in each day’s headlines!

Here is a word we believe is from the Lord today for North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, as he brandishes his nuclear weapons around threateningly. ‘The wicked have drawn the sword and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, to slay those who are of upright conduct. Their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.’

This is part of a superb article by a Christian activist and writer, Kelleigh Nelson, and the full story appears in News With Views: Remember, this is the truth not mentioned by Lamestream media - run by the biased, useless so-called "journalists" who staff most major news outlets today.

A new Christian fellowship in northern Israel is facing the threat of arson if they do not vacate the building they rent. As some readers know, our son-in-law Michael Nissim is the co-pastor of a church in Nahariya, six miles from the border with Lebanon. The church rented a small industrial unit next to a supermarket last spring. Now a demand has come that the church must move out or the unit will be torched.

As much of the world prepares once again to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am awestruck by the wonderful record He has left us in the gospel of Matthew, called by some the most important document in the universe. And yet that very gospel begins with a genealogy which would disqualify Jesus!

A former FBI insider said last night on TV that the Democratic candidate (Hillary) is a member of a 'criminal cabal'. This is the most amazing statement yet in this terrible election campaign. I looked up the word 'cabal'. This is very scary.

I’m in Bath today, Saturday, October 15, giving two afternoon talks on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled in the news headlines.

When I became a Christian in 1981, some people at the evangelical church I attended in Alton, England, were talking about ‘persecution coming’. They had been to hear Corrie Ten Boom, the famous Dutch lady who had survived a death camp in Nazi Germany. Corrie warned that persecution was coming to Britain, and Christians had better start memorizing scriptures, because the day was coming when they might not be allowed to have Bibles. That evil day has not yet arrived, but our hard won freedom to share the gospel is under great threat now.

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. Our friends are rejoicing. As we staffed the refreshments booth at our church this week-end many people came up to say how happy they were.

A beautiful new book for children is out telling the Bible stories in the books of Ruth and Esther. I used it last week in Sunday School to tell the exciting story related in the Book of Esther, and the kids were riveted! For my next turn I will do the other half of the book - the romantic and moving story of Ruth.

We have just updated our wills, which made me realize that God has actually written a will as well, leaving matchless wonders for those who inherit. God's will is in the Bible, of course, and we have no excuse if we do not get in on His great inheritance.

If someone really harms us in some way, the last thing we want to do is forgive that person. But that is exactly what Jesus tells us to do. If you do manage to forgive someone, wow, hang on to your hat, because it may well be the start of an adventure! Here are some adventures in forgiveness...

As we approach Resurrection Sunday we should remind ourselves (Christians should need no reminder) of the significance of this season. Along with the virgin birth, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ form the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Indeed, the resurrection of Jesus separates Christianity from all the world's religions.

America’s next president looks like being a choice between Jezebel and the casino king. He has his mother's old Bible you know. I'm impressed. (That is British irony.) Here’s a wonderful quote a well known American Christian broadcaster just e-mailed me: “It is difficult to face the prospect of having to choose between a super-liberal arrogant woman who believes she is above the law and a man who is an ego-maniacal, sewer-mouth, demagogue!"

A witty new booklet refuting evolution has just been published in Israel by our son-in-law, Michael Nissim. The 26-page booklet is entitled “No Bears and No Forest!”, which is a Hebrew expression used when someone is speaking a load of nonsense.

It's that time of year again! Here is a Christmas Quiz for all our readers. See how many of these questions you can get right!

Peter Brandon has gone home! He is now with the Lord Jesus Christ and we do not doubt that his entrance into the heavenly realm was glorious.

Dear friends, Thank you for praying for William, a father of four in England who needed a miracle. The hospital called his family in to say goodbye...but the Lord Jesus has answered all the prayers and has done the miracle!

The way to dispel darkness is with light. The way to defeat lies is with truth. The way to defeat hatred is with love. Dropping bombs will never defeat a philosophy based on darkness and hatred. Dropping bombs might do some good in the short term, but the people we drop them on are enslaved by an evil philosophy, Islam. We need to switch on the light and help them understand why it is wrong and why Jesus is the only answer.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: As we move deeper into the times of the birth pangs leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus, as detailed by the Lord himself in Matthew 24, the world is watching as “unusual events” occur with increasing frequency. Prophecy students generally agree that America is nowhere in Bible prophecy. So how will the USA vanish from the scene, or lose so much power that it ceases to be a world player?

‘The defence of this town comes first; we need every able-bodied man.’ The words of young Islamics facing ISIS? No, those were the words of Captain Mainwaring in one episode of the BBC comedy series ‘Dad’s Army’. Like all great comedy, it has elements of truth in it.

This Sunday, November 15, I am speaking in Alfreton, Derbyshire, at the morning and evening services of The Watchorn Church (Methodist Church) in Derby Road, DE55 7AQ. My talks will range from Creation to prophecy! The following week-end I start in Marlow, Bucks, on Friday then have two speaking dates in Bournemouth, Dorset, on the Saturday and Sunday.

I thought I'd better have a look at your book and DVD offer: "CULTS AND ISMS". A bargain at £10.00.....I couldn't refuse! The DVD was an excellent introduction to the false religions/beliefs that are on the increase today. What I find disturbing is that these religions (particularly Islam) are promoted with great veracity whilst the good old Church of England sits back and watches its numbers dwindle. I'm currently studying "Apologetics" as part of my Theology degree and it's amazing how few Christians have even a basic grasp of how to defend the Christian faith (1 Peter 3:15). My local vicar is contacting the C of E hierarchy to see if they run a course on this subject....I'm convinced that Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, 7th Day Adventist et al all have very good training courses for their disciples!

Open letter to our Conservative government in Britain: You stated before the May election that Sunday trading laws would not change. Here we are four months later and you are making noises about possibly changing them, asking in a survey for people's opinions ! How about God's opinion?

Refugees? Yes, but among them there are a great number of young, able-bodied muslim men. Surely they should be staying and fighting – not turning tail and running to the West ! The men in our town would stand and fight – not run and demand asylum. In World War Two the refugees were women, children and old people – not young, fit men. The men were fighting, not hoping for a better life somewhere else.

The media in Britain is going big on the deaths of two famous people, a male actor and a female singer/TV presenter. They are portrayed as such all round great people, but I wonder where they are now? The media doesn't mention that, but Jesus did. He said that unless a man is born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. (John 3:3)

This Thursday evening, August 6, I am speaking in Swindon, Wilts, on “The Middle East in Bible Prophecy.” Anyone who wonders whether there will ever be peace in the Middle East should understand that this will only happen when the Prince of Peace returns in glory to rule and reign from Jerusalem– the coming capital of the world. The venue is The Storehouse Christian Fellowship, Swindon Road, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, SN3 4PT.

Will Antichrist be Islamic? Not a chance! On Saturday, July 4, I am speaking in London on The EU In Bible Prophecy and The Rise of Israel and the Fall of the United Kingdom: full details of the venue and times are at the end of this item. So here is a quick summary of why scripture clearly indicates that we will shortly have a Roman Man Of Sin.

An important book is out this week in Israel . It is the Hebrew version of "Footsteps of The Messiah" by Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum, translated from the English by our son in law, Michael Nissim.

As the world gets ever darker and more desperate for change, what are the predictions? Well, change is coming! The only 100 per cent accurate prophecies are in the Bible and these point to tumultuous events in the fairly near future. In 2015? We don't know. But we do know, from many passages like Matthew 24, what to expect as the time draws close for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We set all this out in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. These are the times of the signs.

The Middle East stewpot is simmering, Islamic terrorists are striking throughout the world, Russia looks more threatening than since Cold War days and Greece's pending bankruptcy could set off a devastating worldwide chain-reaction.I am speaking about this in Newport, Wales, tomorrow, Saturday, and can tell you about this having at last managed to overcome serious computer glitches on this website. Our software developer is working to resolve the problems.

Gulf Leaders met with Obama at Camp David this week to express worries about Iran's troublemaking. Obama says he understands their concern about a nuclear-armed Iran sparking a nuclear arms race in the region. The situation is serious and getting worse daily, as Yemen is really a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile Iran, which has powerful armed forces, has sent a warship into Yemeni waters to escort a ship allegedly carrying "humanitarian supplies."

Are you in trouble today? Have you got a nagging problem or worry? Must be time to pray!

Obama, the evil "leader" illegally occupying The White House, has given some typically arrogant and wrong-headed advice to Britain: he wants us to stay in the EU. I suggest the community-organizer-in-chief minds his own business over Britain and Europe. He has problems enough of his own, none of which he is likely to solve, and they will get worse this year. Goodbye America! (The book Pat and I wrote on this subject, titled Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain is available from our web shop, top left on this page.)

Seismic changes are taking place in the Middle East. A vacuum is being created and ISIS is stepping in to fill it. Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu told US senators and congressmen that to defeat ISIS and let Iran have nuclear weapons would be to win the battle, but lose the war.

God’s judgement is sure to fall on both Britain and America, just as it fell on Judah when the Babylonians invaded the land – that was the clear message brought by Jacob Prasch at a conference this weekend in England.

What’s going on in the world? Prophecy and current events indicate that these are the "times of the signs" .You’re watching history being made and prophecy fulfilled. Throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa it’s as if a great beast is stirring. This year will get ever more "interesting" and many of the events will have prophetic significance.

Dec 25, 2014. Our "not Christmas" was a lovely day, a jolly day; I almost want to say a holy day, because we were with some of God's people and it was so enjoyable.

When we were In Jerusalem, an Arab taxi driver wanted to take us to Bethlehem. We refused. He was even more surprised that, not only would we never go there, but we don't celebrate the pagan festival called "Christmas" , which might as well be called "Christless." We were also surprised to find that the Lord wasn't really a Jew, as we had always supposed.....(!) - see second footnote.

Geert Wilders, the far-sighted and courageous Dutch politician who sees Islam for the threat to civilization that it truly is, said this: “Israel is the lighthouse and the only democracy in this backward and dictatorial part of the world (The Middle East.) Israel is very close to us, to our European identity. Israel fights our war.” In other words, if Islam is not stopped on Israel’s borders, the next stop on its planned world conquest would be western Europe - closely followed by the USA. But this will not happen, as I have written in previous articles. Islam is doomed, as are all nations and people who attack Israel - ALAN FRANKLIN.

This Saturday, November 29, I am in Chartridge, speaking at Chartridge Mission Church from 6:30 – 7.30 pm at the Chesham Branch of The Prophetic Witness Movement International. The meeting is in Chapel Lane, Chartridge, Chesham, HP5 2TH. Further details from Keith on 01494 776481. The next day, Sunday, November 30, I am doing one of my regular talks at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship. The following Saturday I am speaking in Reading, Berkshire. The title of my talk will be: The Middle East in Bible Prophecy. It will mix many prophecies with the situation on the ground and show how what we are seeing on TV is "The Bible in The News."

When I give talks one of my little jokes is that the “Ignorant Brethren” are the largest denomination, a play on words taken from Paul's comment: "I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren." Indeed, the Lord wouldn’t have His people ignorant! Below we publish the preface to our best-selling book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. It describes how the world is heading at fast forward towards the rule of Antichrist, the one world government and the New World Order. You can now buy this book and our companion title Cults and Isms: True or False? for a combined price, including postage, of just £10. The cults book explains why we do NOT “all pray to the same god.” And why with some cults, the word pray is spelled “prey.” Read the introduction and then turn to our web shop for more details.

A unilateral withdrawal from Gaza imposes no commitments on Hamas - commitments which they would not keep anyway. The goal of Hamas and its affiliate terrorist organizations is the destruction ofIsrael. Nothing short of that will satisfy them. Accommodation by Hamas, and promises, if made, would be for the sole purpose of deceiving Israel and attempting to lull it into relaxing its guard to give Hamas an opportunity to carry out additional attacks.

It is the end of the 23rd day of Operation Protective Shield. As of writing, 56 Israeli soldiers have been killed and several times that number have been wounded. The government is being pressured from within and from without, by those who want an all-out victory and those who want an immediate cease-fire and withdrawal.

Children in Ghana were dying in furnaces at the behest of witch doctors – but now a gospel charity is saving many from a fiery death!

As long as there is ignorance of Israel's right to exist, wars like the present one will continue. When religious fanaticism, having no bearing upon historic reality, continues to exist among members of the Hamas upper echelon, the fighting will continue. When entire populations are taught from childhood on to believe the claims of Islamists, that world domination will come about by conquest and subjection to Islam, the bloodshed will continue. As long as the people in Gaza are encouraged to exalt death over life, many more will needlessly lose their lives.

Veggie Tales: "Throw them away." Israel? "It’s about time for David and Goliath Part II." Just a few insights from our Sunday morning service. Nobody was bored, that's for sure!

At 2 minutes before 3:00 p.m., Israel time, after 5 hours of a halt in the fighting at the request of the U.N. for "humanitarian reasons”, Hamas immediately thereafter sent a barrage of missiles into residential communities. The IDF responded and it’s been like that all day.

Shalom all. In order to restore quiet to the region and stop Hamas terrorism, the IDF has commenced Operation Solid Rock (in Hebrew: "Tzuk Aytan", officially designated in English as "Operation Protective Edge", which is a real misnomer). The presently-stated goal of this operation is to stop the incessant rocket attacks against Israel’s civilians by Hamas and restore quiet and calm to the south. The big question is "how will this goal be achieved"?

"Operation Solid Rock" gets under way; Netanyahu tells the IDF to "take off the gloves"; the Israeli Air Force strikes at military targets in Gaza; rockets continue to be launched into populated areas throughout the south; classes, examinations, summer camps and various activities within 25 miles from Gaza were cancelled; a rocket explodes in Jerusalem; sirens sounded in locations in and around and north of Tel-Aviv; two kibbutzim are behind closed doors because of possible terrorist infiltration; attempts at further kidnapping of teens did not succeed.

Residents in the south of Israel are being told not to be more than 15 seconds away from a bomb shelter.The Iron Dome anti-missile system downed 12 rockets aimed towards Ashdod and Netivot. Train movement in the south has been interrupted, as a result of the dozens of rockets that were fired in the south. At least one person in Ashdod was reported to be slightly wounded by shrapnel from one of the rockets. The Iron Dome has been deployed in different locations across Israel. Magen David Adom (the Israeli emergency medical service) has been put on alert, along with all communities within a range of 40 kilometre (24 miles).

You can easily tell when a once-fringe party is gaining ground. The main media starts to smear it. So it is with the UK Independence Party, which on Thursday will shake the country with the number of votes it polls in the elections to the European Parliament. I expect the Nigel Farage-led anti-EU group to top the poll.

Do you have a friend who has just had a baby, or has lost a loved one, or a friend who is coming out of the hospital? Start cooking! That is what they do in Israel, and what a blessing it is!

Here is our Table of Truth about the Catholic Church. Please feel free to copy it and give it out. More about the Catholic church versus Christianity is to be found in our two books, Cults and Isms: True or False? and Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from our web shop on this site. Use our search engine, top right, to find hundreds more articles telling the whole, Biblical truth about the church, the world and the world to come.

Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth had somewhat of a problem with the Popes in Rome and with Roman Catholic Spain who were using spiritual power to gain worldly power.We had to fight them off - but we did - over 420 years ago. It seems we must fight that battle all over again. It was "NO POPERY" then and again today. Christina Speight.(Alan Franklin adds: the EU was always an attempt at recreating the Holy Roman Empire, a political union heavily influenced by the Vatican.The last Pope set the EU founders on a fast track to "sainthood.")

I am putting this aryticle back on our website to mark the fact that a bug from the EU has been found in my computer, by an expert brought in to sweep it. Most people in Britain are not aware that the corrupt EU superstate is responsible for such diverse things as fortnightly bin collections, higher electricity bills, home information packs and rules on children of twelve having to sit in car booster seats. The fact is about 80 per cent of our laws come from the sinister superstate of Europe - the one we were told would never happen. Read and absorb this mass of information.

A woman wearing traditional muslim dress stood in front of a Marks and Spencer store in a town in northern England, handing out leaflets calling on shoppers to boycott the store because among its items were a few items from Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East).

The British Government has released a tape recording made in the 1970s to be played to survivors of a nuclear war. The tape was kept at the BBC’s wartime studio at Wood Norton to be played by an engineer, assuming one survived. The message that would have been broadcast to a terror stricken population is as follows.

We are thanking the Lord for the lives of two dear friends in Tennessee who survived a horrific accident in which their car went over the edge of a country road, flipped over, knocked down two telephone poles, slid 150 ft down a steep bank, and ended under the cold water of Watauga Lake. Dr Jim and Debby Pearson would have been a great loss to all the people who love and depend on them and we are so grateful to the Lord that they survived. We first learned of all this when an email arrived from Jim. The subject: 'Miracle'.

Please have a look at our new feature - the Table of Truth in our list of features at the top left of this webpage.

The European Union soon-to-be-dictatorship has ruled that all e-mails will be stored and all web sites you visit will be "monitored." Just so as you know! Big Brother is here and being subsidized by European taxpayers. My friend Derek Bennett, a U.K. Independence Party activist and blogger, sent round this brief memo, so you are all informed. Vote UKIP at the coming Euro elections! PS - Obama is moving fast to stamp out free speech on the internet, despite the wooly words he shrouds his plans in.

We realized years ago that homeopathy was a farce. Now we know that it is occult, a form of magic which claims to be medical, but is demonic. The tragic thing is that some Christians, particularly in the Brethren, believe in homeopathy and use products which not only cannot heal them, but could give demons an inroad into their lives. Please, read on and arm yourself with the facts!

This week-end, Saturday and Sunday April 5 and 6, we are hosting a great speaker at Tongham Christian Fellowship: The Rev. Colin Le Noury, General Director of The Prophetic Witness Movement International. Colin will be speaking all day on Saturday and delivering the Sunday message, also on the book of Revelation, which summarises the Bible’s End Times prophecies.

Winston Churchill, one of the wisest men who ever lived, believed the Bible – literally. He stood like a rock against Hitler and tyranny and he stood like a rock against liberal critics of God’s Word, the Bible.

Alan writes: This Friday I am speaking in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, on “Cults and Isms”. I will be telling what we have discovered about many of the cults attracting spiritual seekers today and will also cover major non-Christian religions, the "isms" of the latest book Pat and I co-wrote, Cults and Isms: True or False?

There is a church described in the Bible which had no Christians in it at all ! They were just going through the motions. Jesus was getting ready to vomit them out of His mouth. Are we any different, folks? How do we measure up?

I have been invited to a ladies' charity evening to raise money for a good cause. There will be various fashion and beauty stalls at the evening, which is OK, but among the stalls is one for reiki and another for tarot card reading. Sorry folks, but these are the dark supernatural masquerading as something acceptable. But they are not acceptable to God, and will not do you any good at all.

An Egyptian-born woman whose father died as a martyr for jihad says the West continues to remain ignorant of the threat that Islamic "sharia" law poses to Americans' religious and political freedoms.

Obama is giving up American control of the Internet. Global bodies will control it in future. This means that sites like this one might well disappear. The Internet has been a unique tool, the first time in human history when ordinary people could publish to the whole world. Authoritarian regimes hate the Internet, and it was only the culture of freedom in America which gave it to the world!

Meet Andrey Osipov, the very clever Ukrainian guy who designed our website for us. If you need web work, graphics, flash animation, a new logo or a company newsletter done, we strongly recommend that you contact Andrey. Since his firm, Visual Craft, operates in Ukraine, where prices are still low, your graphics, website and newsletter can be designed and maintained for a much lower price than you would ordinarily pay.

This Saturday and Sunday I have two South Devon speaking dates, at Ivybridge and Kingsbridge. On Saturday March 8 I'm at Ivybridge Evangelical Baptist Church, on The Exeter Road (near the River Erme at IVYBRIDGE, Devon PL21 0SZ. The meeting is organised by The Prophetic Witness Movement International and my talk is on Cults and Isms: True or False?

Age of Unreason, the continuing saga. On Wednesday the British Parliament votes on changing the English language. ‘Husband’ might be booted out. ‘Wife’ too. Also ‘widow’.

This Sunday, Feb 16, I will be talking in our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship, sounding the alarm and asking: Is the church emerging - or submerging? As the world falls apart and people look for the leader to solve all problems, Antichrist is awaiting the call. Meanwhile the trumpet of the church sounds an uncertain note. We need watchmen and we need to heed their warnings.This is some of what I will be saying…

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is using the Olympics to push the homosexual agenda. On the day of the opening ceremony, I turned on Radio 4, the BBC’s talk radio, and heard the presenter interviewing the Russian games organizer. The hostile line of questioning was this: Are the athletes allowed to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws? Can they protest at the games? Can they protest at their hotels? Are they allowed to verbally protest in interviews? Later I switched on BBC television to catch a few minutes of the opening ceremony. What did I hear in the 30 seconds before I switched off in disgust? ‘President Obama and many other world leaders have stayed away in protest at Russia’s anti-gay laws.’ As my mother would have said: ‘Ughhhhhharghh!’

Joni Eareckson Tada, one of the most beloved women in America, has had her loving little heart trampled on by the Oscar crowd in Hollywood. If the so-called ‘celebs’ who have won Oscars in the past had any integrity at all, they would bring their trophies to a wreckers’ yard and have them crushed en masse like the trash they are.

“Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that preaches hate.” So said John Jamason, American patriot. For the first time, Muslim Brotherhood groups and Islamic supremacists have an administration working with them to impose Sharia, the authoritarian system of Islamic oppression, on the U.S. America is fast following Europe in being subjagated to Islamic mores. Alan Franklin introduces a brilliant article on the unreported takeover.

If you check this website by putting in words like "Obama" in our search engine, top right, you will see that ever since I heard of him, I knew that Obama was a fraud. Nobody - NOBODY - spends millions of dollars fighting lawsuits trying to get you to produce a simple document like a birth certificate if they have nothing to hide. Getting a driving licence requires you to produce such a document. Yet the fraud in the White House has got away with bending the constition at every turn, purely because the liberal media fawns on him.

In the small fellowship we belong to in England the men take turns leading the services and preaching, as we have no paid pastor (the money goes instead to mission work). This week it was the turn of one of our members who has had a career in banking and finance. Here is part of what he said: ‘We look around us in total despair at the spiritual state of our nation, millions of souls who are at present lost. We as a nation have turned from God, rejected His word and His law…

Dear friends, the Lord has given the Israeli Christians some wonderful praise and worship music. Most of these beautiful songs have never been heard in the West. In Israel in the small fellowship started by our son-in-law Michael and his friends in northern Galilee, we sang in English while they sang in Hebrew and believe it or not, it sounded great! I thought so anyway, and I think the Lord did too. The songbook has 230 songs with sheet music, chords and the English translation. If you would like a copy of the official Israeli Christian songbook, Michael has it on his web shop at and he also has the eight CD set so that you can hear the songs sung. The link for that is

If you want a break from the holly, ivy and hogwash of the approaching celebration of Saturnalia, come along to our church tomorrow. I’m speaking and it won’t be the usual “Christmas message.” Our meeting starts at 10.30 at Tongham Christian Fellowship in Poyle Road, just outside Aldershot, and we will be pleased to see all guests.

Last summer on a visit to the U.S. one of my sisters said: ‘You should watch Duck Dynasty – it’s hilarious!’ When we got home, I did, and it soon became my favorite program, a reality show following the amazing Robertson family of West Monroe, Louisiana. Now the homosexual lobby in America is after the star, Phil Robertson, one of my favorite people on the planet.

"Today one hypocritical liar after another will mourn the death of Nelson Mandela. No one, however, will be mourning the spiritual, moral, economic, and social death of South Africa he helped to cause when the ANC substituted one evil for another. And no one will consider a poor little black boy whose mother was shot dead yesterday. “ Jacob Prasch. Post apartheid, black South Africans die younger, have double the unemployment rate and their country is riddled with corruption and crime. In a minute I will introduce Jacob’s thoughts on the cant we are witnessing in the world’s media. First, a few comments from me - AF.

Early on Thursday morning - at 4 am British time - I am featured on Dave Reagan's Christ in Prophecy program on Daystar, talking about the EU in the End Times. That's now! If you have a Sky box, you can set it to record the program. We record all of Dave's broadcasts as they are all worth keeping. If you miss it, you can get it via the links on this website - we'll tell you more later. Meanwhile, here's Dave's summary of my broadcast, recorded this summer in Dallas.

Israel, God's beloved nation and the only true democracy in the Middle East, is proving its moral superiority to Islam by treating many sick and wounded Syrians who make it across the dangerous border.

Did you know that fossils of ducks, parrots, flamingos, owls, penguins, sandpipers, and other modern birds have been found with dinosaur fossils? Of course you didn’t! It is one of those hidden facts which allow evolutionists to claim that dinos turned into birds. Once again we have those great guys at 'Creation' magazine to thank for this important insider knowledge, which blows the theory of evolution out of the water – yet again.

We are having a family visit in Israel and our 2-year-old grandaughter Mimi is proving a great delight. She was laughing and running through the kitchen when, appropos of nothing, she yelled out: "Daddies are daddies and mommies are mommies!"

This Freemason building in Springfield, Missouri, is decorated with Arabic writing which proclaims: 'No god but Allah'. The pictures are taken from our book, 'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain', available from our webshop.

If you are thinking of buying something from our web shop, please hold your orders until the last half of November. Pat and I are in Israel for a month, helping to look after our grandchildren and, in my case, assisting the Mohel......

Have you heard of the Continental Divide? It is a line that runs down from Alaska, through the Rocky Mountains, and on south to Mexico. Pour a cup of water on one side, it goes into the Pacific. Pour it on the other side, it finishes up in the Atlantic.

Have you discovered Dr J. Vernon McGee and his 'Bible Bus' yet? American Christians have known and loved his radio program, Through the Bible, for decades, but here in Britain few seem to have heard of him. Wow, what a treat they have in store! You can download five years of his radio programs going right through the entire Bible. I choose a few out of the Bible’s 66 books, download them on to an MP3 (Walkman) and listen at all sorts of odd times, day or night, sometimes while driving. What a thrill it is to learn so many exciting things. The link is

In our books we set out to correct error. One of the great errors of the age is that we – Christians and in fact all decent people – have to tolerate almost anything, from rampant perversion, sick TV shows, sex education for little children and unlimited immigration by those who hate us and are set on our destruction. None of these things is true.

PM Netanyahu's UN General Assembly speech was a masterpiece, with the focus on the nuclear threat posed by Iran, which he detailed. But Bible prophecy watchers - and that should be everyone - should see what else he said. Here's the full transcript, from Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Read and circulate! AF.

As a Bible believing Christian, I knew Genesis was literally true and that there really was a great Flood which covered the highest mountains. But what about the Ice Age? Was there really an Ice Age? It was a question I put on my mental shelf, knowing that one day the Lord would help me understand. Now I understand! If you are interested please read on…

We call on all Catholics, Freemasons, Mormons, JWs, Seventh Day Adventists, Word of Faith people, greenies, believers in evolution – join us! Join us! Join us! It is time for real Christians to stand up. It is time to get out of the false religions, the false systems, the phony religious hierarchies which Jesus never sanctioned, to get out of the churches run by prosperity preachers trying to shake you down for money, to get out of churches set up by false prophets like Joseph Smith (Mormons), Ellen G. White (Seventh Day Adventists), and Charles Taze Russell (JWs). This is it, folks – there is not much time left in which to get it right!

by Pat Franklin If only people would read the Bible! They will do just about anything else, but the Bible is out of the question. It has all the answers, folks! For example - reading one single page would open the eyes of Catholics and Mormons to the false nature of their religions. What page is that? I will tell you.

In a passionate speech in New York Simon Deng, who was abducted and enslaved in Sudan as a boy of nine, has condemned the United Nations for racism against the Jews and Israel. He says that Israel is considered as ‘heaven’ by muslims desperate to escape Arab/muslim tyranny.

A 22-year-old woman stood in the arena while the crowd jeered her. She was sentenced to death. Her crime: believing in Jesus Christ and refusing to worship false gods. Her name: Perpetua. The year: about 200 AD. The place: North Africa. To the delight of the crowd, a bull charged her, goring her, and flinging her body into the air.

If you want to see what is wrong with America’s churches, it is encapsulated in what passes for ministry in the Rock Church of St. Louis. We attended the first day that “Rock” took over what was formerly the First Baptist Church of Lemay, a suburb of St. Louis. We’d attended on previous visits and Pat grew up in the neighborhood. It is now Lemay Campus of the Rock Church – and is exactly what the title should forewarn you of: loud, inconsequential, with much focus on the preacher and a daisy light message. Similar takeovers have occurred across America with disastrous results – unless you enjoy near zero Bible teaching, emotionalism and appalling, loud, discordant “music.” Honoring to the Lord? Please, grow up!

Here in Dallas it seems a world away from the troubles of Europe. That’s an illusion, for we are fast becoming the long planned “one world”, interconnected and tightly controlled. On Saturday I spoke at the “Living on Borrowed Time” conference organized by Lamb Lion ministries, headed by Dr. David Reagan. We flew in on AA, part of the One World alliance. Today Dave sent me this news of the latest plan which threatens confiscation of cash in Europe’s banks, many of which are barely above water. Warning: cash will crash in a flash! Read on…

Pat and I are with Dave Reagan and other speakers in Dallas, preparing for today's (Saturday's) "Living on Borrowed Time" prophecy conference.The temperature yesterday was 105 F, but it's the hot topics in the conference center that should grab the world's attention, like Ron Rhodes on: “The Epidemic of Apostasy.” The conference is not for those with itching ears, but for those who want- and need- to know what is happening in these End Times. It is live streamed on the internet.

The so-called “Church of England” becomes ever more a parody of itself, promoting paganism, holding “Harry Potter services” and even ordaining homosexuals. If you want a Christmas tree service or to get your pet rabbit blessed it’s a good place to go. Meanwhile, Great Britain is falling apart spiritually and morally, while the berobed bishops wring their hands and whimper – but in an all-inclusive way.

Britain’s Channel 4 has made public the secret of Scientology – a secret revealed only to Level 3 Scientologists, according to the program. We’re putting their secret on right here, so read on.

British Members of Parliament have urged more action against the most barbaric crime of female genital mutilation. Most western women will never have heard of this horrific practice of cutting away the genitals of little girls. Now it has been revealed that this monstrous evil is even happening in England, but cowardly social workers have turned a blind eye!

Here is attorney Marvin Kramer's latest dispatch from Haifa, Israel. More fighting in Syria, the danger of Russian arms, the need for more gas masks in Israel, huge gay pride festival in Tel Aviv, and a Jewish mother puts them all to shame when her loving heart allows her dead son's kidney to go to a Palestinian boy.

The Bible says that every bishop must the the husband of one wife. The Pope has no wife. No Catholic bishop has a wife. Therefore none of them are qualified to be bishops at all!

The West continues to misunderstand the Middle East mentality, particularly that of the mullahs in Iran. Their hearts and minds are set on war. If the world gets in the way of establishing their unholy caliphate, intended to usher in their Islamic “Messiah,” then the rest of the world needs to be done away with. This is the important point we get from this week’s column from Israel. Writer Marvin Kramer adds:

Lots of interesting things happened this past week, but the primary focus was on failed international negotiations, threats from our neighbors, Syrian missiles pointed towards Tel-Aviv and shooting on the Golan Heights.

The past week has had its ups and downs and despite threats from our neighbors, real and imagined, we're still here and remain a testimony to God's faithfulness to His promises. There were even some surprises, like rain. Then again, there were expected events like Nakba Day and even an escalation of activities on the Golan Heights.

On Monday, May 13, I will be in Bournemouth,Dorset, speaking at a meeting of The Prophetic Witness Movement International on Financial Meltdown and The Antichrist. This is the first time I have spoken primarily about Antichrist and the talk is part of the Bournemouth Prophetic Witness Bible Teaching Programme. The meeting starts at 7.30 pm at Sunnyhill Community Church, Sunnyhill Road,BH12 2DH

Is tai chi evil, demonic rubbish as we say – or can Christians practice it or even teach it? A tai chi teacher, who says he is a born-again believer, claims we are wrong. We print his e-mail below, but would first say this: You say there is no mention of tai chi in the Bible, as if that means God has approved it! He does NOT approve it! It is based on a pagan belief that ‘chi’ is a universal force. This is not true. There is no ‘chi’, but the real force that holds the universe together is the will of the Lord Jesus Christ, who made everything and holds all things together (Colossians 1:17). So right there at the very foundation of tai chi, you have a lie.

We are very pleased to present here the May newsletter from Marvin Kramer, an American/Israeli attorney who lives in Haifa, Israel. This month he not only deals with the Israeli air strikes on Syria, but also Israel's successful destruction of a drone, shot down over the coast of Haifa by an Israeli Air Force jet with a single missile. Marvin also delves into history (the Bar Kochba rebellion which could have brought down the Roman Empire), and finishes with a mention of the Israel marathon, in which the runners felt great solidarity with Bostonians.

'Israel' was our Sunday School subject yesterday and, like every topic with a prophetic element, the children were very interested. By the end of the lesson they knew a lot and could answer questions like: 'Where will Jesus come back? What city? What hill will split in two? What gate will blow open?' That very morning the Israeli Air Force had destroyed Syrian missiles bound for Lebanon, so our lesson could not have been more topical.*

As Islamics step up terror attacks against a gullible, uncomprehending public, it is time to wake up, wise up and know our enemy. If we don’t know who the enemy is we certainly won’t be able to combat him. Only because weak and evil men now run our nations has the threat of Islamic terror - I will keep calling it what it is - become serious.

The usual hogwash is being broadcast and published about the Boston bombers. The predictable asinine nonsense came from Obama, himself a strong Islamist sympathizer whose religion was declared to be “Islamic” when he attended school in Indonesia. His very name is Islamic. So it was predictable that he would say: “We take care not to rush to judgment - not about the motivations of these individuals; certainly not about entire groups of people.”

I am heading to Dallas in June to speak at Dave Reagan’s Annual Lamb & Lion Bible Conference "Living on Borrowed Time" from June 28-29, at the Allen Performing Arts Center, Allen, TX (a suburb of Dallas.) Here are the details, from Dr. Reagan’s Lamb and Lion Ministries: After that, we head to Tennessee before driving to Columbus, Ohio, for the South West Radio Church prophecy conference. Any additional speaking requests will have to be either in the Fall or next year in the USA although I have some end of year dates available in Great Britain.

“Mother Teresa,” was promoted uncritically by Catholicism’s many friends in the media, and the money rolled in. But here are some disturbing facts from The Berean Call, a discernment ministry.

Money rolled in by the millions to "Mother Teresa," but unfortunately as a Catholic, she did not know the true gospel, that we are saved through simple faith in Jesus Christ - not faith in the Catholic doctrines of continual masses and sacraments.

Why is once-Great Britain fast gurgling down the plughole? Why are our streets swarming with foreigners, our cities gaining ever more centres of false religion? There is judgement on the land, just as there is on America and other nations. Pat and I set this out in great detail in our books Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms: True or False? - on offer on this website. Here are some fact-packed revelations of what is really going on in Britain today - a story you won't hear on the BBC! ALAN FRANKLIN.

I watched the new so-called Pope's first appearance. Sorry, but isn't he supposed to be a Christian? Why then did he totally ignore the teachings of Jesus in at least four major ways in about as many minutes!

If only Catholics - Pope, priests, nuns and people generally - would read the Bible! They would KNOW that to call the Pope 'Holy Father' is an insult to the real Father, the Father of the Lord Jesus. There is only ONE Father, and He is not residing in the Vatican. It is sickening that so many people who are trying to please God are in fact spitting in His face by ignoring His clear commands in the Bible! Catholics, wake up! Time is short!

In the same day an asteroid passed near the earth, a meteor hit Russia, another hit Cuba, and one passed over San Francisco Bay. Is God trying to tell us something? He already told us there is a huge space object on the way, burning and big as a mountain (Book of Revelation chapter 8 verse 8). That asteroid will not miss.

A reader has asked if Christians should be in politics. We have encountered the (foolish) view that Christians should avoid politics. Some Christians even refuse to vote! No wonder our countries are in such a mess.

The British House of Commons voted by 400 to 175 last night (Feb 5,2013) to approve the Gay Marriage Bill. Once again, the nation spits in the face of God.

A bakery owner in Oregon is 'under investigation' after refusing to make a wedding cake for two lesbians.This news came on the day when the British Parliament voted in favor of the Gay Marriage Bill. If that becomes law, Christians will be persecuted* in ways that cannot even be predicted...and the baker in Oregon is already suffering that persecution.

Anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe.

One of America's patriotic sheriffs has put his foot down. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has sent an official letter to Vice President Biden saying that he will not obey any executive order which is unlawful and unconstitutional.

The message on Sunday was a fascinating one, from the Book of Revelation. The speaker told of two kinds of churches, one that Jesus was happy with, and a rich church which made Him vomit! Both these churches are still here...

I am so sick of hearing people on TV talking about the Big Bang. After hopefully setting our TV to tape the British series 'Stargazers Live' I deleted the link in disgust after enduring one and a half programs of Big Bang propaganda.

Here’s how Oliver Cromwell, one of England’s great heroes, would have described them: To the rump BBC: It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you?

Why are our societies falling apart? Simple: we have abandoned God's way and now do it "our way," in the words of the idiotic Frank Sinatra song. Now even the business world has cottoned on! This comment is from Investors' Business Daily. "Countless studies have shown that children raised in a two-parent family are less likely to be raised in poverty, less likely to take drugs, less likely to be criminals later in life, and more likely to graduate from and do well in school."

If you want to change the world, fill the children's heads with propaganda. Thus we have a United Nations children's book promoting fears of catastrophic man-made global warming being promoted at a UN Climate Change Conference. No alternate view is allowed, of course - in the new PC world being constructed by the New World Order, greenism is the new religion, presided over by a wise "mother" figure. Just as in witchcraft, also at the roots of militant feminism.

Churches that do not make judgments, denounce evil and promote the Gospel Truth are failing in their duty. People sometimes whimper at me that I shouldn’t be judging. Rubbish! If you want to know the Biblical way to judge, here’s the link to an excellent article on our website:

Long term journalists like Pat and myself can sum people up fast. When you’ve interviewed thousands of people, met loads of politicians, covered courts and political meetings for decades, and worked for all the different big news media, you can discern truth from fiction. It has been obvious to us, from the time the Obamanation shot from nowhere to be anointed “president” by an adoring liberal media, that the man was the biggest fraud, phony and conman ever to illegally occupy the White House. Now here is the smoking gun…..ALAN FRANKLIN.

We have a new dinosaur series on TV and, boy oh boy, do they allow their imaginations to run wild. Presented as science, much of it is just speculative nonsense. How I wish they would allow scientists who believe in the Bible account of creation to have their say.

COMMENT By Alan Franklin. Saudi clergy have a new hate symbol - the letter X. These bears of little brain say it looks too much like a cross. They also say the earth is flat. We promise we are not making this up. Would anyone take these clowns seriously if it weren't for all that oil we dicsovered for them?

America is looking for answers. The Gospel is our only chance. We must teach it to our young. Why won’t somebody say it? Don’t we love our children? We first put this article on our website in 2008, but repeat it as it is still relevant in the light of the latest US school slaughter. Where was God? Well, actually, politicians like Obama kicked Him out of the schools, banned prayer, forced crosses to be removed from war memorials and taught that there are no absolute truths. Now the nation - like Britain and others - is reaping the inevitable whirlwind.

Rumors about Obama that have circulated like bad smells for years have finally been put into print.

Most people are aware that a great financial crisis rumbles on round the world. Sooner or later the system will crash – or be crashed. That’s when I expect Antichrist – the strong man the world is waiting for – to step forward from the wings to take control of what will become a one-world government. The signs are everywhere in news bulletins; enormous bank losses, countries in Europe facing bankruptcy, a plan for a “super powerful EU president,” and much else. We have a DVD available via this website on the whole, sinister EU plot.

People often say to me "oh we can't say that," when referring to something in religious circles, or a trend in society, with which they disagree. They are mostly wrong. We can still say a great deal, still be critical of belief systems PROVIDED we do not deliberately stir up trouble or violence against individuals on grounds of race or religion. As Christians we would do no such thing, so we will continue to say what we think. In Dallas this week I will certainly be telling the whole truth, however uncomfortable or unfashionable.

This article points up a major danger facing Britain: the fast rising Islamic population. The latest Government census reveals that the nation's Muslim population has almost doubled in ten years and is now apprpoaching five per cent. Because immigration, legal and illegal, is mostly unchecked and out of control, these statistics may be a gross under-estimate.

No doubt, across America and the western world, people are wondering what is going on across the Middle East. Fortunately, the Bible sets out the scenario and its outcome: the end of Islam. This false religion, based more on fantasy and bits cribbed and distorted from the Jews and early Christians than on any “prophecies,” is currently looking formidable. That’s because its opponents are perceived as weak and without convictions. President Carter was a good example and it took the anticipation of a stronger man, President Reagan, taking office, to end the Iranian Embassy hostage crisis. Islam succeeds only when its opponents back away and give ground.

Pat and I are preparing to fly to Dallas (via Boston!) this week as I am speaking at Future Congress 2 in Dallas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 4-6. The venue is the Hyatt Regency DFW Hotel at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas. You can fly in and get there by shuttle bus. I am doing four presentations, the final one will be the conference’s final event, on Sunday at 4.15 pm. The theme: “The World on Red Alert.”

I first published this article in spring, 2008, before the fall financial crash, in response to an article from a friend who runs a TV ministry in America.The article speculated about exchange controls in Europe to fight the overvalued currency. Asked where I saw things heading, this was my reply, covering everything from the coming cash of cash, The Greater Depression and the entry of antichrist. It is even more relevant today than it was nearly five years ago. Our website has hundreds of such articles: find them by putting key words into our search engine, top right.

It's 'End of the World Week' on TV and there are some fascinating programs, but none have the whole picture. Lots of experts have been airing their fears and the probabilities of disaster, but none that I've seen has a real handle on what is coming. Jesus has already told us!

Our daughter Annie has written an insightful article on Israel. She and her husband Michael live in the northern Galilee region.

One of Europe’s greatest politicians is Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Here he gives a perceptive interview - not to the appalling, pro EU Biased Broadcasting Corporation – the rotten-to-the-core BBC- but to Russian TV! Yes, you are more likely to get the truth there than on most western media, which likes to pretend UKIP doesn’t exist. Incidentally, my view that Europe will go seeking a new strong man is mine, not necessarily Nigel's!

Weep for Scotland.The Church of Scotland is all set to seize a church building in Glasgow. The congregation of St George's Tron split with the denomination last June over the ordination of openly homosexual ministers.

Now that Donald Trump has offered to pay $5 million to the charity of President Obama’s choice if Obama releases his college and passport records, we may at last get some serious attention on the fact that in the Kenyan Conman America has an imposter in The White House. We have been exposing The Obamanation since 2008. As a reporter, editor and publisher for over 40 years, I know a conman when I see one. Key in the word "Obama" on our search engine top right to read dozens of our articles telling the truth about the president who is as genuine as a $5 Rolex.

Have you seen the Doomsday Preppers programs? We found them hilarious at first.

In this column a great preacher says farewell to a great politician. There are few of those around today, but Ron Paul of Texas was one. He saw through the pseudo-conservatives who control the Republican Party, just as in Britain there is no true “conservative” party, but a limp, liberal coalition leading the country to disaster. Somehow, Ron Paul got through the mesh that usually filters out the good candidates and installs pitiful inadequates like “Mitt” – “I’m wearing my magic underwear” Romney, who would have been almost as big a calamity for America as the imposter in the White House.

This Saturday, November 17, I am doing two presentations in Newark, Notts, from 2 pm to 5 pm. The first is a Powerpoint on Jerusalem, Future Capital of the World, which shows the troubled past and glorious future of the world's most important city. I will illustrate it with pictures we took in Jerusalem, including on The Temple Mount - the world's most important piece of real estate.

The Irish voted in a referendum last weekend to give the state the power to seize their children. The Children's Rights Referendum was on Nov 10, 2012, and was presented as 'greater protection' for children. In fact it will give the government the right to take children away for good, with no evidence of any abuse or neglect.

I was speaking at a prophecy conference in Gettysburg just prior to the election. I showed a picture of Romney standing in front of a poster, unwisely inviting people to: “Ask Mitt anything.” I said the first thing I would ask him was if he was wearing his magic underwear. The thought of a president wearing magic undies in the White House, to ward off temptation, was almost as scary as four more years of the Obamanation. We reveal the truth about Romney’s Mormon beliefs in our book, Cults and Isms, True or False?, available from our web shop. Mormon Mitt is now history and this is my introduction to Chuck Baldwin’s combative take on why he deserved to lose. ALAN FRANKLIN.

An Israeli reader was quick to respond to the US election catastrophe. His words are full of wisdom and truth and deserve repeating. My response and predictions follow. With an extreme, anti-Israeli, pro baby murder, pervert pride president re-elected, expect God's severe judgment.

It was my once-a-month turn to do the Sunday School, and when I asked the Lord what I should teach on, over the next few weeks He kept bringing the same subject into my mind: is Jesus really God? Can we prove it?

As I write, a day before the US election, I dread what the future holds for America. As a dear friend wrote to us yesterday from Tennessee: “What a mess.” A choice between the most evil man ever to occupy the White House - the Obamanation - and a Mormon, who wears magic underwear. That a great nation should come to this…..

America’s military chiefs know what it takes to provide leadership. They’ve been pondering on the coming election. This is their verdict:

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Racism is horrible. As a Christian I do not accept the concept of “race,” as all mankind is descended from Noah and his family. All nations emerged from this small gene pool, as modern scientific discoveries verify. However, those who back Obama and like to pose as “black leaders” get away with extreme racism, as our headline reveals. As a matter of fact, Obama is not a “black American.” He is one sixteenth African, half white and much of the rest of his gene pool is Arab. Even his name is Arabic. Yes, he is descended from Arab slave traders. If those who vote for him bothered to do a little research they would, hopefully, fast rethink.

Readers who key in “Obama” or “Obamanation” into our search engine top right will know that I have never believed a word uttered by The Kenyan Conman - the first illegal immigrant to con his way into The White House. You will find dozens of stories going right back to the time this shifty, glib, evil Manchurian Candidate first came to worldwide notice in 2008. We told of people with personal stories of his Kenyan background, his time in Indonesia when he was registered at school as Moslem, and much else – all of which the pathetic excuse for big media ignored or ridiculed.

Here's a still relevant story on the Islamic roots of Hussein Obama...first reported here in September, 2008: This disturbing account of Obama's backing for his Kenyan cousin, a political extremist, comes from missionaries in Kenya who know Obama's Islamic tribe well. Their names have been removed from this report for their protection. They ask some pertinent questions about Obama, who said in an interesting slip on a live TV interview: "You haven't asked me about my Islamic faith." Very revealing......

The small fellowship we attend in England received a most urgent warning this week - that time is short and we have to step up a notch. 'Salvation is a free gift, but rewards are earned...'

The 'Today' program in St Louis, Missouri, reported the Pope's contention that only Catholics will go to Heaven. Wrong again! Here is my email to 'Today'. For 'subject' I put: 'The Pope's bad theology'.

Yesterday, Sept.26, was the Day of Atonement in Israel. No cars were on the roads. Instead they were filled with families walking down the middle of the streets, children cycling, roller skating, zipping around on scooters, and having a good time.

Edward Atkinson (81) is virtually crippled with arthritis, but his brain is switched on. He knows abortion is wrong, and he sent information including pictures to the head of an English hospital. Now once-Great Britain, which used to believe in free speech, has responded with a jail sentence - Mr Atkinson's third jail sentence. This one was suspended, but is still on the books.

Those who have prayed for Pastor Nardarkhani in Iran to be released will be very glad that after three long years in prison, he is finally back with his family. This brave man would not deny his faith in Jesus Christ, and his treatment shows Islam up for exactly what it is - oppressive, tyrannical, cruel, anti-Christian, inhumane, unloving, unkind, undemocratic and an enemy of all God-given human rights.

Ronnie McCracken was trying to sleep. The window was open and he could hear the waves lapping the shore of Galilee. Here is the poem that came to him in the night.

I have an email friend, a Christian lady who is poorer and wiser. She handed over a large sum of money to someone I will call a Deceptive Person, who promised to repay at some stage. She did not check him out with her local church leaders, or indeed with any mature Christian brother, who would have seen through him immediately. Years later, she is still kicking herself. Recently we heard from her again…

Everything about the disgusting spectacle taking place in London - we have banned the "O" word - speaks volumes about the rotten society that is behind it. Big money, big business, everything focused on tawdry, fleeting, earthly "glory." For this thousands of young people have been potentially ruining their bodies, while firms like Coca Cola and McDonalds have the exclusive right to peddle their sickly wares. Healthy drinks and food? No, they just have the biggest bank balances. Here is some sharp comment from a friend of ours, Pastor Bill Randles....

You probably thought NASA's job had to do with spaceships and exploring the solar system. Silly old you. Mr Obama has given them a new priority - to make the muslim nations feel good.

Terry James is a man who died. Three times. Now he is alive – and still on earth. So if you want to know if there is a heaven, what it is like, who is there and what they look like, ask Terry, right? But there’s a problem. Terry is blind. But the Lord Jesus had a way with the blind. He opened their eyes.

Thanks to CMI, Creation Ministries International, for their brilliant story of the turtles turned into stone while mating.

The Pentagon, great headquarters of the armed forces of the mightiest nation the world has ever known, celebrated homosexuality on Tuesday. The Commander in Chief, the man called Obama, led this charge into Hell.

The person occupying the Oval Office has issued a new order. As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he has ordered all our military to celebrate June as Gay Pride Month.

One of our favorite Bible teachers, Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, is coming to southeast England this weekend (June 9-10) and will be going through the book of Zechariah, with its amazing prophecies of the battle for Jerusalem and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.

When Alan is invited to speak anywhere, I always wonder what amazing people we will meet there. The gathering at a small back street church in Portsmouth, England*, was no exception.

Israel’s Chief of Staff has pointed out that Israel is the only country in the world that another nation – Iran – has said must be destroyed, and which is building nuclear weapons to do just that. Will Israel make a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s numerous nuclear sites? If so, when?

In this article our friend Jacob exposes the myths surrounding Chuck Colson, a man with no regard for Scripture although publicly accepted as a crusading Christian. That description is thrown about too easily. If you love the Lord you love His Word. Colson acted against the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity. He has now gone to his reward……AF

There are many false teachers abroad in these end times of great deception, none more so than the Biblical ignoramuses who claim that “the Jews are made up of two tribes and the gentile Church comprises the 10 lost tribes of Israel.” Let's expose this foul lie of Satan.

Large amounts of money and political pressure are being put into promoting the homosexual lifestyle. What most people instinctively know is repulsive, unnatural, dangerous and evil is being promoted by politicians and perverts alike as just another lifestyle choice. Unfortunately for those of this opinion, the Bible tells a different story. God warns repeatedly in the Holy Bible that adopting a perverted lifestyle, which is what homosexuality is, leads to disease, downfall, destruction and eternity in hell. That is not a fashionable thing to say. However, it is the truth, whatever the gender and truth benders would have you believe. AF.

ALAN writes: One of the highlights of my talks on the fast-approaching New World Order is a picture of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev holding a coin saying "United Future World Currency" - a prototype of a possible coin of the one-world currency that is being mooted. Russia, with its vast size and energy resources, has a big role to play in the prophetic events about to unfold, when it will make the mistake of attacking Israel and see its army destroyed. For more of this see my DVDs, available from our web shop.

The high school friends of Barack Obama 'know that he was not born in Hawaii,' it has been claimed.

About five years ago, when the Obamanation started rising to national prominence in the USA, I stated: “He will be the most evil president in American history.” Unfortunately I was right, although this hasn’t stopped millions of dopey, ill-informed alleged Christians from voting for him.

Bideford Council in the lovely rural county of Devon, England, always opened meetings with a prayer - and that stuck in the craw of an atheist. He complained to the National Secular Society - and they won a High Court judgement saying the prayers were unlawful. Now the Conservatives in government have countered by giving local councils the power to carry on praying. Bideford (pronounced Bidd-eh-furd) Council is still opening with prayer - but the legal battle rages on as secularists continue their fight.

This article by our friend Colin, a 58 year old bachelor and committed Christian, shows that just because an organization has “Christian” in its title doesn’t necessarily mean its users believe the whole truth of the Bible. Colin discovered that many who logged in to a dating site for believers didn’t fully accept the word of God, for example, in areas like homosexuality where God’s commands are unmistakable. Here’s Colin’s story: AF

The Bible beautifully sums up the likes of the British atheist whose pathetic claim of being offended by public prayers has led to a classic anti-prayer ruling in the High Court. Psalm 53:1 "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God,' They are corrupt, and have committed abominable injustice ; There is no one who does good. " God knows how to communicate! Not a lot of scope for misunderstanding that is there?

American orthodontist Dr Jack Cuozzo has revealed the astonishing truth about ancient man. Few scientists are ever allowed access to original skulls, but have to make do with replicas on display in museums. Dr Cuozzo saw the real thing, x-rayed Neanderthal skulls in Europe, and found out the truth - and the lies about man's 'evolution'.

Western politicians act like they are brain-dead when dealing with Islamics. You know, those friendly, moderate folk who behead Christians, burn down churches and are called by their religion to lie, kill and force the world to bow to their false prophet. If you think we made that up, check out what the Koran says in our Table of Truth on page one. Print it out and give it to the next fuzzybrain who prattles to you about Islam being "a religion of peace." Pieces more like - mainly body parts.

The evidence mounts for Noah's Flood. Now 80 whale fossils have been found in a desert in Chile, far from the sea. Just what one would expect as the ocean basins formed, the waters receded, the continents rose, and many marine animals were cut off from the oceans, trapped inland, and rapidly buried in sediment.

It’s Sunday in Israel, when the nation gets back to work after the Shabbat, the Jewish holy day. Life here in the north, just ten miles from the Lebanese border, is much like that in any Mediterranean coastal area: this image is deceptive. As I wrote in my article about financial meltdown and military mayhem, you can almost hear the war drums emanating from nations all round this tiny country. The Islamic caliphate is taking shape.

I am getting e-mails from lots of people, especially in America, asking what is happening in Europe and the Middle East, how long we have before the world financial system crashes – and much else in the same vein. What comes first: currency collapse or major wars? Or do we get the worst of all possible worlds? Read on!

If you want to control people, you first have to scare them half to death. Thus it is with the delusion of “global warming,” a non-science turned into an industry, hyped up by a bunch of academic con-artists who love the grants gullible governments shower on them for devising solutions to a problem they have dreamed up: literally, “hot air.”

The Queen of England has told Turkish diplomats that the government will help Turkey get into the European Union, according to reports. That would mean that over 70 million Turkish muslims would have the right to come and live and work in Britain, where the population is only about 62 million, several million of whom are muslims already.

At Thanksgiving , one wonders what the Pilgrims would have thought about “Occupy Wall Street” and its effort to redistribute wealth. The answer is revealing: they tried it - it failed. And they were better people than the layabouts camping out in New York and London.(AF). Now read Bill Federer's great article.

That first Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621 saw about 50 Mayflower Pilgrims and 100 native Indians come together for a celebration feast consisting of a variety of homegrown vegetables–including corn, squash, beans, barley, and peas–along with wild turkey and venison. The precise date is not known, but it is believed to have taken place in late October or early November. Historians record that the Massachusetts weather was crisp, but not cold–and the fall foliage dazzled America’s newcomers with a cornucopia of color.

When I made our first video, called “End Times News”, in 1999, it was clear to me that Europe was becoming a superstate, there would be a one-world currency and government and Antichrist would rule from an EU powerbase. He would be of Roman origin. Now the plan – the EU calls itself “the project” –is almost in place. The independence of nations is vanishing as fast as their governments search in vain for solutions, a major war could break out in the Middle East at any moment and cash is about to crash in a flash! Now the Germans say a united Europe will have just one currency.

This Saturday, November 19, I am in Newark, Notts, once more speaking on Bible prophecy. This will be my last speaking date in England this year before leaving on Monday with Pat for six weeks in Israel.

French President Sarkozy and Obama made the mistake of leaving their mikes switched on when they had a chat about how they disliked Israel's leader. Perhaps because he is more popular than they are! A poll showed that Americans rate Netanyahu higher than the Obamanation. The disgusting thing about this story is that the so-called "reporters" present heard the secret chat - but decided not to reveal it! So much for the watchdog press. More like geriatric poodles. ALAN FRANKLIN.

This Saturday, November 5, I have a speaking day in Bournemouth, followed on Sunday by a message at our Sunday morning service at Tongham Christian Fellowship, Surrey, near Aldershot, Hants. The Saturday Teaching day is at Strouden Park Chapel, Woodbury Ave., Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8OHH

An Iraqi muslim living in St Louis, Missouri, committed the terrible crime of changing his religion by becoming a Christian. As if this was not bad enough, he expressed his love for Jewish people in a poem. Some muslims in my hometown could not bear this. They ambushed his car, stabbed him, and pinned him down while they carved a Star of David on his back.

The traitors and liars who “lead” Britain – if you can interpret their feeble squawks as anything so robust as “leadership” – have yet again sold Britain down the river. Cameron, the smarmy, glib and gay friendly Prime Minister, proved himself to be liar-in- chief when he forced all members of his government –Conservatives and Liberal Democrats- to refuse the people of Britain a vote on the constitution of the United States of Europe. This is the Lisbon Treaty, an artfully renamed document which sounds less threatening than what it is: the plan to merge every country in Europe into a single superstate, with one president.

Not a lot of people know that between 1530 and 1780 more WHITE slaves were kidnapped and sold than Africans! The culprits were the same people who started, continued and still operate the slave trade: Arab Muslims. Evidence of this abounds. For example, Obama’s name is Arab – he is the descendant, in large measure, of Muslim slavers. A million white people- a huge number in the days when populations were small – were kidnapped from places like the coasts of Ireland, where whole villages were snatched and taken to north Africa or the Middle East.

The world is fast moving towards the climax of history and prophecy: the formation of a one world bank, one world currency - and one world government! Heading it will be the Man of Sin – Antichrist. The Vatican, which will form the basis of the coming one world church – the Bible calls it “the whore church” (Revelation 17:16) is fast moving into its prophesied position, by calling for a “global public authority” and a “central world bank”.

When a Connecticut high school put on a play which featured two men passionately kissing, there was screaming and a rush for the doors. We believe the students had a natural human reaction to a revolting scene.

This Sunday, October 16, I am speaking in our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship. And I am going to be intolerant. Everything I say will be politically incorrect – but Biblically correct. I will explain just why our society is falling apart, why children grow up confused and self destructive, why nothing seems to make sense any more and we live in the age of unreason. For there IS a reason behind all our troubles. It is a spiritual malaise which brings on all the other troubles currently multiplying on all sides. Here’s some of what I will be saying…

We have had a brilliant weekend at the little fellowship we attend in southeast England. Aussie geologist John Mackay did a teaching weekend, presenting much information about creation (in six days, just as the Bible says), Noah's Flood (the evidence is all over the earth!) and much else.

As the world situation gets ever more desperate one thing is certain: your freedoms have a limited lifespan. Already vast swathes of activities are either banned or subject to probes by the politically correct thought police. This astounding story from America reveals how its vast, bloated bureaucracy has nothing better to do than hound people for the terrible crime of having indoor lemon plants! Big Brother is here and strutting round the west, getting ready for the coming world dictatorship. AF.

Many of us watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations with admiration. Faced with murderous attacks on Israel from terrorists supported by pseudo politicians trying to get recognition for a country - "Palestine" - that has no historical credibility as an Arab nation, he maintained great dignity. What happens now? Here's the answer. AF.

An Iranian pastor has refused to deny his faith in Jesus Christ and now faces execution under Islamic law. On the other hand, Islamics in the United States, Britain and Israel are allowed to worship as they choose. This is the stark contrast between Christianity, which brings freedom, and Islam, which demands that the false god Allah be worshipped...or else! Please pray for Pastor Yousef.

Has any normal person ever understood a word of the drivel spouted by Rowan Williams, the C of E's arch-druid? Does anyone ever get saved as they listen to whimpering little sermons on recycling tin cans? Here a priest gives his verdict on the church that has become a catastrophe and a disgrace. AF. "The bishops and synodsmen, the hierarchy which presumes to govern us, is intellectually vacuous, senile and entirely captured by - what it ought prophetically to oppose - the spirit of a debauched and decadent age.

Today, when schools seldom teach facts and few people understand history, let alone Bible prophecy, it is wonderful to know that there are great teachers out there who DO get to the point. As the UN has been debating what it calls "Palestine" this article, from Compass International, is timely. Much of it is based on a presentation by TV's best Bible prophecy teacher, Dr David Reagan, whose DVD on the subject we highly recommend. (See how to buy it below.) Get the REAL story here!

Well, not exactly. But a lot of other things are soon coming to an end, like individual nation states, the Islamic threat to Israel and the old world order. Antichrist will soon be here, ruling from the heart of the European Union. A one world currency will replace paper money, which many fear will soon have little value. All this and much else is revealed in Bible prophecy, the greatest story seldom told. Now it will be, as I go out on a further series of speaking dates, starting tomorrow, Saturday Sept 24, at 6.30 pm at Chartridge, Bucks.

Billionaire wannabe philanthropist Warren Buffett is the inspiration behind the Obamanation's plan to "tax the rich." He wrote that he should be paying more taxes and urged Washington to up tax rates on the rich. Now here's the rub, and why we should never take the sly old dog seriously ever again. He is a hypocrite. For Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, is fighting to avoid paying taxes the government says it owes! The bill has been estimated at $1 billion.

As the End Times roll on, tiny Israel is ever more in the eye of the storm, of world politics and religion. This is exactly as the Bible predicts, which is why Bible prophecy is what I frequently speak on - the neglected one third of the Bible. Today Pat and I are participating in a day of prayer for Israel, with our church. For Israel is the key to the future and how we treat Israel and the Jews will determine the future of both ourselves and our nations. God is watching. Which side are you on? A.F.

Historian and patriot Bill Federer, who writes American Minute every day (you can receive the email free), remembers 9/11 here - and another 9/11 over 300 years ago when Islam was poised to take over the civilized world and plunge it into barbarism. Read and think. Also, check out our Table of Truth: Islam versus the Bible (our home page, on the left). And get Bill to come to your church or town and give his Powerpoint talk on Islam. It will open your eyes. Freedom has an enemy. Bill is the best speaker we have ever heard on Islam and American history.

A girl aged 11 fainted during a crude sex education film being shown at her school in England. Her mother told me that the girl was ill for two days following the class and began having nightmares.

The Middle East - and world - should be on red alert. From September 20 the UN will be talking about granting statehood to "Palestinians," thus spitting in God's eye. The wild weather, financial turbulence and other looming troubles are just harbingers of what could be in store. Meanwhile, Israel is being lured into war. I am speaking about this tomorrow, Sunday, August 28, at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship in Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey. Meanwhile, here's a perceptive article. AF.

Only green windbags think that wind power is anything but a sickly green joke – with the laugh on the taxpayers forking out massive subsidies to keep these vast, usually immobile white elephants as blots on the landscape. Behind this costly and doomed experiment is an even more expensive boondoggle – the Greenhouse Gas lie. Now this unscientific theory has been refuted in a momentous lab experiment.

A major Middle Eastern conflict was predicted by the prophet Ezekiel 2.500 years ago. It involves a Russian army leading a confederation of nations, among them Turkey and Iran, to attack Israel. God destroys them (see Ezekiel 38/9). But the interesting development in this “Bible in the news” saga is that until recently Turkey was a friend of Israel - and had a secular constitution. That is now changing fast, as this report shows - and that is important as we move into the End Times when major prophecies are about to be fulfilled. AF

Biologists have recently discovered a gene that suggests that God may not be above playing a practical joke on those who reject what His Word says. For more great information on creationism look up - it's one of our links and highly recommended.

One of the most fantastic lies of our age is the myth of “global warming.” Seen the pictures of one of the last few polar bears floating on a pathetic little bit of ice? Sad isn’t it? Pass the collection tin. But did you know that the bears have had a population explosion? Their population has risen fivefold in 50 years. Read on, for more of the real story….

There is not the slightest chance of “Middle Eastern Peace.” Mohammed decreed this long ago. He says the “end of days” will come with all Jews killed. This is what is taught in Islamic schools the world over, so “making peace” with such people, who are also taught that telling lies and signing false peace treaties is acceptable behavior, is not going to happen. Sure, they will make promises……But that’s what conmen do. Here’s the truth about “Palestinian” intentions. The truth about Islam is in our book, Cults and Isms: True or False?

This September, the United Nations may recognize a “Palestinian” state, thus triggering another assault on Israel. For the Islamics will never be happy until they have wiped out the Jews.This spitting in the face of God could well provoke the final crash of the world economy and the ushering in of the New World Order.

Since we wrote our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain (available from our web shop) I have been speaking and writing about the Coming Greater Depression. The book, published in 2006, predicted, among other things “The Coming Foreclosure Tragedy” and we heard this week that over two million US homes are in foreclosure, two million more are over 90 days in mortgage arrears and millions more are headed for trouble. But national bankruptcy is the big story, in America, Europe and elsewhere. I have repeatedly said: "We are heading for the buffers in a slow motion train wreck.” Well, the buffers are just ahead, in my opinion. Read on: there are steps you can take. Above all, get right with God. Terrifying times are just ahead.

Muslims in Britain, now a majority population in large sections of many British cities, are planning to enforce strict Sharia Law in areas already under their effective control, where British police repeatedly fail to enforce the law of the land. The Muslims plan to ban people from freely mixing with the opposite sex on the streets, among other things. No doubt all women will be required to wear the usual bin-liners over their heads. Just how much of this vile nonsense is our country going to put up with before it grows a collective backbone? AF.

Is the end of the world nigh? Well, not exactly. But a lot of other things are soon coming to an end, like individual nation states, the Islamic threat to Israel and the old world order. Here are some details of my next few speaking dates in Britain. Come along and find out more!

The lack of ability to discern the times is the big weakness of "conservative" groups or movements. They think we have to use the same old, same old in order to change the same old, same old; and it just ain’t going to work! Once more, Chuck Baldwin hits the spot the politicians pretend not to see. America - and Europe - are broke. Banks are broke. Governments, cities, states are broke. There is NO CHANCE the debts can be repaid. Something big and dramatic has to - will - take place.

As Governments squander billions on idiotic energy non-solutions like windmills, real scientists are stepping up to challenge the hyped up green lies propounded by windbags like Al Gore- the only man on earth who could power-up a windmill single-handed. There follows a demolition of The Big Green Lie Machine by Dr. David Evans, who says he was “once on the carbon gravy train.” The evidence turned him from “warmist to sceptic.” He says in the next 20 years we can expect mild global cooling!

We get some interesting queries from readers. This was a difficult one, concerning the angels of the seven churches of Revelation. Are they men, or angels? Messengers or pastors? Opinions vary and I have tried to provide a Biblical answer, but on this one I would not be dogmatic, so what follows after the query is just my personal opinion.

ALAN writes: How frail life is - and how temporary. Having been in hospital for a week, I reflected on this Davidic Psalm, 39: 4,5: Lord, make me know my end, And what is the extent of my days, Let me know how transient I am. Behold, Thou hast made my days as handbreadths, and my lifetime as nothing in Thy sight, Surely every man at his best is a mere breath." That's one to read if you ever start thinking you are important.

We live in England and spiritually it is about as dark as a coal mine. Most people here are on the broad way that leads to destruction, and very few have chosen the narrow way that leads to Heaven. This is because so few people take the Bible seriously. Think again, folks! I hope to convince you in this article that not only is the Bible completely true, but you can PROVE it ! Please read !

John Adams wrote of The Declaration of Independence: "I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. "

Tony Blair - the man who wrecked Great Britain - signed the European Union's "human rights" legislation, meaning Britain cannot deport thousands of foreign criminals becauise this "infringes" their so-called "rights." However, foreign countries now order British police to arrest British subjects, sending them abroad for trial on the flimsiest of evidence. The New World Order is gradually removing all our freedoms and rights, like the right to be considered innocent until found guilty in court. This article, from The Euro Realist Newsletter, reveals how bad things are in Europe. Wake up, people! ALAN FRANKLIN.

When I told the owner of a Christian bookshop that his books on the 'emerging church' were wrong, he said: 'Judge not, lest you be judged!' He had never learned that there are FIVE Greek words for judging in the Bible...

If Christians, or just truth-seekers, want to know how utterly opposite Christianity and Islam are, download our Table of Truth: Islam versus the Bible. Or buy our book, Cults and Isms: True or False? Which tells you all you need to know about this false faith. This doesn't stop people like Rick Warren muddying the waters in an attempt to build some kind of weird "faith coalition," which could exist only in their fevered imaginations. For, if they read the Koran, they would soon understand that Islam means submission - and there can be no compromise with it. There follows a great article taken from The Wake-Up Herald. AF.

Battery-free surveillance devices have been developed which can be implanted under the skin and transmit over huge distances via wireless. When people read Revelation 13:16;17 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” they may wonder if this is a giant step towards fulfillment of that prophecy.

Notwithstanding the sly efforts of political pygmies like the Obamanation to edit God out of the US Constitution, the founders were firm in their faith. Bill Federer has the details.

This article from FrontPage Magazine, via The Jerusalem Connection, has news of a lawsuit filed accusing Iran and Hezbollah - the Lebanese terrorists who daily threaten Israel - of supporting and sponsoring the deadliest attack on US soil. Iranian intelligence defectors have spilled the beans.....

ALAN writes: Pat and I have just returned from a weekend in the North of England, visiting the fine old city of Bradford. It was both interesting and depressing, as the Islamic tide is sweeping in, taking over whole areas. There is definitely the attitude among the immigrants that they are here to dominate us and eventually take over. I took pictures of one of the biggest and ugliest buildings I have seen - the vast new Bradford mosque, clearly built with oil money- plus a handout from the European Union. Talk about paying for our own funeral. Is the takeover unstoppable? Bill Federer, an American writer and speaker, has some ideas - for exactly the same thing is happening in the USA. Here's how to stop the rot.

When it comes to sexual perversion, the Bible doesn't mince its words. Leviticus 20, verse 13, makes it clear that homosexual acts are "detestable" to God. The New Testament is just as strong in its warnings. Jude, our Lord's half brother, says that Sodom and Gomorrah engaged in "gross immorality" and their former inhabitants are being punished by eternal fire (verse 7). So what do you think will happen to America, where Obama has proclaimed June a month in which perversion is to be "celebrated." Here's a great comment, from The Patriot Post. AF

This week-end, June 11 and 12, I am speaking in Bradford and Halifax, followed on Tuesday June 14 by a speaking evening in Highcliffe, Dorset, then on Sunday, June 19, I’m in the pulpit for the morning service at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship in Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey.

As we approach the time of the rapture, Christianity is under increasing attack, from President Obama on down. Obama censors the Declaration of Independence by deleting any reference to the Creator. Christian radio, for so long a great stronghold of truth in America, is also under threat from the Bible-hating men appointed by the president. Dr. David Reagan, our favorite TV host, (see links on this website) is taking action with a conference warning Christians that it is time to contend earnestly for the faith. Here are the details. AF

The Bible talks about a ‘mighty rushing wind,’ but did you know that there once was such a wind in England and one man was sucked about 800 feet up into the air? His name was Alan Trimmer and here is the amazing story.

Home Depot, a major American DIY store which supports Gay Pride events, has turned a deaf ear to a petition from the American Family Association calling on the company to stop supporting homosexual organizations and events. The petition was presented at a shareholders' meeting.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Many of you will know that we have a family in Israel. Like all Israelis, their main desire is to live in peace and raise their little girls - our granddaughters. However, Israel is surrounded by tens of millions of hostile Islamics, bound by the Koran to seek their destruction. The situation is getting worse daily and, perhaps, Israel will have to do a pre-emptive strike to keep its citizens safe. That's when our media - almost as hostile to the Jews as the mad mullahs - will lead the denunciations of the "racist" Jews. Here is a great article showing how Obama ducks and weaves, according to which audience he is facing.

Satan has no new tricks, for the old ones keep working. Typical is the Harold Camping “rapture date” fiasco, covered in two other stories on this site. If you want to see how the cult known as Seventh Day Adventists started out, with false prophecies about the rapture, get our book, Cults and Isms: True or False? - available from our web shop. Camping’s nonsense is a precise repeat of what set the Adventists forth on their Seventh Day claptrap and other false Biblical interpretations, which we expose in detail.

When a close relative of ours was in an Israeli hospital, the next bed was occupied by a member of Hamas, the organisation dedicated to the destruction of Israel. He had been injured in an internal dispute - NOT by the Israeli forces. He was astonished to be flown for treatment in Israel in an armed forces helicoptor. Similarly the world doesn't know -or want to know -how much Israel does for the Arabs living in the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that all they get in return is thousands of rockets lobbed across the border. Here is what happened in one week.....AF

Traditionally, it was never the role of local and State law enforcement personnel to act like soldiers. Police officers have no “enemy” to seek out and destroy. Their job is to protect, not punish. The citizens of their State, county, or city are not the enemy. However, in Indiana police can now storm into homes, rather like the German SS.

A reader writes: "Fascinating following your articles on Barack Obama's 'birth' place etc. Would value your opinion regarding the recent 'disclosure' of his birth certificate!" Alan responds: Here we dive into murky waters! Here's my quick response, written hurriedly in a library in Missouri. Use this as a base for your own research. This story is far from dead. (Use our search engine to view past articles.)

Here is a story you will not see on the main media. They have no interest in telling you when Christians are massacred by muslims. This comes from Barnabus Fund, the British watchdog which tries to keep the world informed and also to help Christians who are under fierce persecution around the world.

ALAN writes: The sad truth is that the Harold Camping fiasco just brings out the mockers. All of us who teach on end times are lumped in with this foolish old man. If ANYONE tells you the date of the Lord's return, ignore them, for scripture clearly teaches that no man knows the day or the hour. However, there will be a day and an hour and it could well be soon, as the birth pangs the Lord said would signal His soon return are all around, from the Middle East situation to the coming money crash and the fast rise in natural disasters.

Satan's main tool is deception - it's the hallmark of the end times, the times we are in. He loves to use people like Harold Camping, who said Jesus was coming back on Saturday (May 21) I was speaking at the SWRC Prophecy Conference in Bristol, Virginia, that day - and my theme was false cults and isms. That takes in all those out to mislead Christians - and there's a lot of them about. If any church would like to know what the Bible REALLY says about the rapture and the end times I will be pleased to come and speak! It's best to listen to people who really know what's going on , like Dr. David Reagan. Here's a link to his website: Some of David's comments on Camping follow.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This well researched series of articles just came my way, casting yet more doubt on the odd origins of the usurper in The White House, whose records don't have the ring of truth. An investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) has been illegally used by Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, emigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 in or about March, 1977.

ALAN writes: Pat and I are on tour in Tennessee. We left Britain knowing that, in May, the south fries. So short sleeve shirts, cotton trousers and little else came with us - with me, anyway. Mrs F. brought rather more...Tonight, shivering in our church guest quarters, I rather guiltily turned on a heater. It was either that or wrapping myself in a bath towel. The more we hear about global warming, the colder it gets.......Today, as the rain lashed down from grey skies, it didn't rise about 57F.

The lunacy of trusting any Arab leader is exposed by the grubby deal between the twin terrorist factions that extend their corrupt rule over different sections of what the world likes to call "Palestine" - in fact part of historic and future Israel. So much for "Arab moderates"! Of course, the blood soaked leaders of Fatah have always supported terrorism and violence to achieve their aims, so we shouldn't be surprised that they have joined with the more openly thuggish Hamas, which also calls for the destruction of Israel.

When you talk about Obama's birthplace the water soon muddies. Fact, fiction and fantasy mingle. However, why would a man with nothing to hide spend millions of Dollars fighting lawsuits asking him to produce his full birth certificate? That alone is very odd- if indeed he has nothing to hide. Pat and I have often had to produce birth certificates in order to authenticate our claims. Now World Net Daily, a website I like, has come up with some devastating material which again throws doubt on the origins of the president. Just who is he? AF.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: For years those of us who see prophecy being fulfilled in the news headlines waited for the first person to be microchipped. That man worked not far from us, in Reading, Berkshire, England. Since that day in 1998 when Professor Kevin Warwick became, briefly, Britain's "Mr. Chip", events have moved fast. Many others have had ever smaller microchips inserted beneath their skin, as have millions of animals.

"Today--and for some years now--people in the Middle East haven't hated America (and the rest of the "infidel" west) because of its policies so much as defining whatever it does as hateful because America is already an enemy. If you don't want revolutionary Islamists to take over countries, repress all freedom, suppress women, wipe Israel off the map, and expel all Western influence from the region then you are their enemy. You can be a weak, contemptible enemy or a strong bullying enemy but that's about the extent of your choice"

By Alan Franklin.The mainstream press continues to whitewash Islam. I saw a "religion page" in the reliably appalling St. Louis Post Dispatch this week. There was a "moderate Islamic" saying how much Islamics revere Jesus. Sure they do - but it's a different Jesus, as we explain in our Cults and Isms book. Here a writer explains why the press should trust absolutely nothing that Islamic spokesmen ever say because their religion allows them to lie for the "faith."Remember when we were told that the Muslim Brotherhood was moderate and weak? Here's why that isn't true.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: I live in Britain, in Hampshire. However, according to the EU - the superstate of Europe that is quietly replacing the former nation states - I live in the Manch region of Europe. Now a British government minister has accused the EU - which runs 27 formerly independent nations from Brussels, Belgium - of trying to "wipe England off the map." This report is from The Daily Mail, London, which supplies our news ticker near the top of this page.

We are leaving St. Louis early next week, preparing for a slew of speaking dates in Tennessee and Virginia, including Friday and Saturday, May 20/21, at The Southwest Radio Church prophecy awareness conference at The Holiday Inn, Bristol Convention Center, 3005 Linden Drive, Bristol, VA, 24202. US churches wishing to make a speaking booking for next spring should contact us now.

We may be living through the self-extinction of the European civilization that shaped the age we live in, according to this Israeli writer. In his new bestselling book “Civilization,” renowned Harvard historian Niall Ferguson writes: “If the Muslim population of the UK were to continue growing at an annual rate of 6.7% (as it did between 2004 and 2008,) its share of the total UK population would rise from just under 4% in 2008 to 8% in 2020, to 15% in 2030 and to 28% in 2040, finally passing 50%in 2050.”

There's the Obamanation, smirking all over the front pages. Well, the controversy over his birthplace is over now, say his hordes of liberal media supporters- all the main media. He's produced "the document." Well, has he? As an editor, and prior to that a chief reporter, I taught journalists to always disbelieve anything officaldom claimed to be true. Investigate it yourselves- thoroughly. That's our advice now.

Instead of appeasement, President James Monroe, March 5, 1821, used the U.S. Navy to suppress terrorist attacks from Muslim Barbary pirates. Contrast this with today where Muslim thugs from Somalia are allowed to rampage over the high seas, hi-jacking ships at will, while the world's navies watch and wring their hands, allowed to fire nothing more than large water pistols. Pitiful, isn't it? The first day I was in charge would be the end of piracy - so just think how it will be when the Lord returns to rule the earth with a rod of iron! AF.

Terry James, who jointly runs the Rapture Ready website which you will find linked to ours, has had a heart attack. But God had the situation- and Terry- in hand. Terry is now recovering in hospital in Benton, Arkansas, for the Lord will take Terry up in the soon-to-happen rapture. Prophecy teacher Mike Hile e-mailed me this report:

We heard a tale at church today about a mysterious comet that was going to come close to earth “on September 11, 2011”, so close that it could even tilt the earth off its axis. Dramatic, right? Ties in with prophecy? Not exactly. The very date claimed should give you pause for thought. A highly unlikely coincidence, I thought.

These figures, astounding to anyone who hasn’t been to a big British city recently, only tell part of the story. There is profound practical, spiritual and prophetic significance to this tidal wave of immigration, unleashed as it was by Tony Blair – the man who finally destroyed Britain. Blair, now busily trying to wreck the rest of the world with his so-called “Faith Foundation,” believes in something called “multi-culturalism,” a concept fraught with peril.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Two of the great lies of recent decades are 1) Global warming is real and all energy policy should be wrought around this “fact” and 2) Countries cannot survive alone but must huddle together in monstrous creations like The European Union. Because our schools just pump propaganda into children, most young people never question these fantastic nonsenses.

If you are watching the turmoil in an arc of Islamic nations, even including unrest in Saudi Arabia, home to Mecca, you will realize that prophecy is being fulfilled. As I have previously posted (call up my articles via our search engine), the joining together of nations around Israel will happen soon. This will be followed by their attack on the tiny Jewish state – the only democracy in the Middle East. Because Israel will be so outnumbered and because its land mass is so small it will retaliate with nuclear weapons, of which it has hundreds. This article, reprinted from The Jerusalem Connection, is timely. AF

How much further can the so-called Church of England sink? Already not so much a church as a national disgrace, it is making itself a laughing stock with feminist poets in residence, a new age festival, tarot card reading et al. You couldn’t make it up – but then, you don’t need to when the church that disgraces the name of England puts itself beyond parody. Need a palm reader or fire breather? Just apply to the nearest bishop. AF.

Blair, who became known in Britain as "Tony B. Liar," was not just a disaster, but a catastrophe in his time mismanaging the governance of Britain. Now he is passing on his alleged "wisdom" in lucrative lecture tours, using the money to fund things like his "Faith Foundation" and joining with Rick Warren to spread a false doctrine round the world. Christians: do not line this man's pockets! Everything he did in his time in office was profoundly anti-Christian, from promoting abortion and homosexuality to claiming Islam is a religion of peace, when this is manifestly untrue. AF.

"We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven... We have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God." Sound familiar? Abraham Lincoln said that in 1863, when there was no mythical division between "church and state." He declared a day of fasting and prayer. This is all that could now save nations like America and Britain, who are staring over the abyss into oblivion because we have turned away from God. This is a wake up call!

Despite decades of brainwashing by pro-homosexual people in the media and in the liberal establishment, most people still know in their hearts that homosexuality - being attracted to one's own sex - is utterly repellent. More importantly, that's what God says. Now a court has ruled that Christians CAN say that sodomy is an abomination. This story is from Ulster television, Northern Ireland.

Twenty-one Catholic priests have been suspended as child molestation suspects in the Philadelphia diocese. Their names have not been released to the public, but they were among 37 priests named in a scathing grand jury report.

Who does Israel have to intercept ships heading for Gaza? Because Islamists keep trying to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, to be used to kill Israeli men, women and children. The Israeli navy has just stopped one of these “innocent” voyages and what it carried was no surprise – to those with brains switched on, that is. The cargo, described as cotton and lentils, included anti-ship missiles and thousands of mortar shells. No doubt the BBC – the Biased Broadcasting Corporation that is a disgrace to Britain – will howl with outrage. After all, terrorists have rights too, don’t they? Read the true facts here.

"Sometimes I can't help but feel the First Amendment is being turned on its head. It was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny." President Ronald Reagan, speaking to the Alabama Legislature, March 15, 1982. From the days when America had a president who was truthful and knowledgeable.

These are the vile people Israel is asked to trust in a “peace agreement”! Any group of people who celebrate the murder of little children and their parents while they are asleep needs to be permanently removed. Here’s the story and our link to the pictures. It’s the story big news media is, by and large, ignoring. Shame on Sky News and the rest. Here are the pictures of the slaughter by those peace loving “Palestinians.”

ALAN writes: People of the same mindset as those who aim to build an Islamic tower of triumph near the site of New York's Ground Zero murdered a team of aid workers in Afghanistan. The volunteers had just returned from providing medical care for poor villagers. Their "crime" was allegedly preaching Christianity. They join the estimated 171,000 Christians a year being put to death, mostly by followers of the "religion of peace" Or should that be pieces? We should tell these followers of the religion of war that they can get their Taliban Tower when Christians are allowed to build a center in Mecca. At the top should be the inscription: Jesus Christ is Lord. Until then, they should be packed off to their own countries, where freedom is non-existent.

While America’s churches have experienced unprecedented growth in membership and wealth during the last half-century, the country as a whole has simultaneously nose-dived into corruption, deception, socialism, and even an increasing federal despotism. How can this be?

Muslims, leftist activists, self-styled "community leaders" and so- called “celebrities” demonstrated in Times Square on Sunday to protest a Congressional hearing on radicalization of U.S. Muslims and the creation of homegrown and "lone wolf" terrorists. Alan Franklin comments: Interesting that they don’t want terrorists investigated but seem to be mute when it comes to denouncing terrorism. Time for the west to wake up!

Forget trial by jury, forget the concept of innocence until proven guilty -the sinister superstate of the EU could be about to sweep away centuries of British common law. Wake up, people! The EU project to turn Europe into one nation is highly likely to include introducing Napoleonic Law.

Tony Blair, having done his best to destroy Great Britain, is now undermining the rest of the world. Ex British Prime Minister Blair is now on a mission to bring the world'S faiths together and usher in peace. Ho ho ho. He should read the Bible, but as a Catholic convert that will be the last book he’ll ever crack open.

We just passed the milestone of the two millionth unique visitor to our website, which was set up in a small way in 2006. We are now getting up to 2,000 unique visitors each day from 94 countries, from America as the number one source to Venezuela as the lowest.

Pat and I love the Roman Catholic people. It is their rotten, false church that we despise- a church that sends millions of people to hell every year and a major component of the fast-forming Great Whore Church of Revelation (Rev 17). This is the age of the Laodicean Church, the lukewarm church, and compromise is everywhere. Now it has spread to Northern Ireland, where previously enough people knew their scriptures to be able to mount an effective defence of the faith. That’s why Satan hates Northern Ireland and causes so many problems there: it is a beacon of truth, where the full Gospel is still proclaimed. But there is compromise afoot there…..

I am constantly urging Christians to get involved, get active, get up out of your chairs and join the battle that is going on for the soul of the west. Here Chuck Baldwin gives some examples of how preachers led by example when the battle for independence was raging. Incidentally, you can also be an old or disabled person of action by contending earnestly for the faith on internet blogs! Christianity is not a spectator sport.

There are still some great men left in America and Lt. Col Allen West is one. We thank God for Col West, who knows the true history of Islam. He suggests: ‘You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why he was fighting a muslim army at Tours in 732… you want to ask the Venetian fleet at Lepanto why they were fighting a muslim fleet in 1571. You want to ask the Germanic and Austrian knights why they were fighting at the gates of Vienna in 1683. You want to ask people what happened at Constantinople and why today it’s called Istanbul, because they lost that fight in 1543…’

Well known "democrat" Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, who I cannot recall submitting himself to an election, is now trying to make trouble for Israel. He wants the revolts in Islamic nations, from Iran to Bahrain, to spread to the borders of Israel. He misses the irony: Arabs have the vote and full freedom of worship in Israel. They don't in most Islamic nations and democracy is incompatible with Islam.

Atheists and skeptics love to hurl criticism at the Bible, the word of God. But God’s word provides its own best defense, for it has the ring of truth, tolling down through the centuries. I was sent a series of questions by an atheist. Some are valid, others just silly, but they are the sort of questions all Christians are asked at some time. God expects us to give an account of our belief, to “contend earnestly for the faith” as Jude put it. So here are our Biblical answers to a critic’s questions.

On Tuesday, February 15, I am speaking at Greystones Hall, Waterford Road, Highcliffe (nr. Christchurch), Dorset, BH23 5JL from 7.30 p.m. Parking at the hall is limited, but cars can be parked (free) after 7 p.m. in adjoining roads, as well as in the public car park in nearby Wortley Road (free after 7 p.m). There will be refreshments afterwards. For further enquiries, contact Patrick Sykes on 01425 617324 I will be speaking on the current world situation, natural disasters, the coming money crash, where it is leading and its prophetic significance. More details follow.....

Most of the world’s nations will announce recognition of a Palestinian state by September 2011, Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki says. Yet Palestine does not, never has and will not exist as a nation!Beware, world. All who come against Israel come against God Himself. We know the outcome of the present Middle East problem. It’s at the end of the Book of Revelation.

At Reunion Arena in Dallas, 1984, Ronald Reagan stated: "America needs God more than God needs America. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under." This is American Minute, with Bill Federer. Alan comments: America has now forgotten this and, even worse, has turned against Israel. God always punishes the enemies of His people......The punishment is now well under way, as it is with what remains of Great Britain.

The European Union, the superstate which is sucking the life out of 27 formerly free, sovereign nations of Europe - is about to ban many herbal remedies, including some used for hundreds of years. Before huge drug companies grew up, to provide us with remedies at great expense, ordinary folk in Europe foraged for medicinal herbs. These were free, sometimes worked well and gave people with initiative the chance to make some money by preparing and selling herbal treatments.

Alan writes: Beware of the soft-sell “green” message. It is anti-Christian, anti people and occult at its roots. When I was a newspaper editor I was sent a green election address, ending with the words: “May Gaia be with you.” This refers to the earth goddess and, though most enviroloonies would never recognize it, confirms the truth of the Bible, which states: (Romans 1:25) For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

I am ashamed of the BBC, which likes to style itself Britain's national broadcaster. It is biased in all its worldviews, from its anti Christian, pro Muslim, anti Israel output to the fact that it has always pushed for the EU superstate and gives little airtime to opposing views. The BBC, which recruits through the equally disgusting Guardian newspaper, should be cut down to size, closed down or sold off. Read the latest example of disgusting bias from the Biased Broadcasting Coporation - a blot on the face of Britain. AF

Barrack Obama’s lack of a birth certificate is still causing ructions and now even the Governor of Hawaii, where Obama was supposedly born, cannot find the vital document. Funny. I know where I was born and I have a certified copy of my birth certificate proving that I was born at Lutheran Hospital, St Louis, Missouri. By that token, I am more qualified to be President of the United States than Barack Hussein Obama.

Liberals and assorted anti-Christians tried to connect the Arizona gunman, Jared Loughner, to the Tea Party movement and anything else “conservative.” It turns out Loughner was much more infatuated with Karl Marx than he was with Ron Paul. Plus, apparently, police discovered a makeshift satanic shrine in Loughner’s back yard. So much for "truth in media." You mean, your TV news didn't tell you this? We wonder why. Surely they couldn't have an agenda which involves suppressing inconvenient facts?

ALAN writes: The Obama administration has plans for all internet users in America to have a unique online identity. At present it is planned to make your use of the number “voluntary.” We doubt this situation will last long. Once governments have the means of control in their hands, they use it.

This article is spot on and shows how propaganda of which Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels would have approved is being used to destroy the last of Britain’s independence and usher in the fully-fledged nation of Europe. We are constantly told that the “only way forward” is to join this unholy mish-mash of nations –something which the Prophet Daniel clearly foresaw about 2,500 years ago. As in America under the Obamanation, taxpayer money pays for all this misinformation. Try and point out that it is a pack of lies and you will be labeled everything from a “bigot” to “politically incorrect.” However, truth will out, as long as we can keep this website operating! ALAN FRANKLIN

Across the western world, Islamic terrorists are increasingly "home grown," those who have either been born in or lived for years in their host countries. But growing up in the west doesn't make them love the west. The cause is irrational, as Islam is at the core of the problem. However much we try to "understand" them, however many times ignorant politicians repeat the lie that "we all pray to the same god," the fact is, increasing numbers of Islamics living in western nations want to destroy those same nations. It's wake up time! A.F.

Alan Franklin writes: Many of us feel inadequate as we try and minister. That's good! We should always ask the Lord Jesus for help because our own strength and intelligence are insufficient. The good news is that people regarded as great men of God, like Albert Schweitzer, also feel not up to the task. The great doctor and missionary once described himself as a blockhead! So there's hope for us all - the great hope that lies inthe Lord. This inspiring story is from Bill Federer.

Last Sunday Pat and I spent the afternoon with a delightful Christian family, originally from Nigeria. We learned that in Nigeria, which is 50 per cent Islamic, Christians are bold and open with their faith, witnessing on buses, for example. In Britain, Christianity is marginalized, because the churches have allowed it to be. But there is hope – and change. An organization called Christian Voice is holding a Day of Purity in Britain on February 14. The aim is to show young people that there is an alternative lifestyle to drink, drugs and easy sex. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Here’s something the liberal media isn’t telling you about the Arizona gunman. A friend described him as decidedly 'left-wing' as recently as 2007. On YouTube, he flagged as a favorite a video of a person dressed as a terrorist burning the American flag. Only a lunatic or a leftist would do that. His favorite work was a staple of every left-wing bookshelf, the Communist Manifesto. In the Communist Manifesto, there are numerous, frequent calls for violence against the bourgeoisies. ...This information comes from Patriot Post and we print it to redress inbalance in the news coverage, in which the liberals are once again using this shooting to try and ban anything they disagree with. That’s why the tag “liberal” is truly inappropriate – ALAN FRANKLIN.

ALAN writes: For many years, Pat and I were court reporters, among other things. Witnesses would promise to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” before, in many cases, lying through their teeth. It was fascinating to watch them being cross examined, to get at the truth. For there is absolute truth, a concept at variance with today’s society, where children are taught that there are no absolutes- something Satan loves people to believe. Yet if you try and point out that people like Ron Wyatt, the Seventh Day Adventist fantasy artist who allegedly discovered the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandment stones, are obvious liars, abuse is heaped upon you and you are called “judgmental.” That’s right, we are! And so should you be! Now read Chuck’s column on “truth rejecters.”

Governments now have the power to track every movement of their citizens through a variety of means, not least cellphones, which constantly report the owner’s position to global positioning satellites. This works whether or not the phones are switched on. In Britain, of course, we have cameras on most street corners, filming our every move. Big Brother is getting his tools into place ready for the coming world dictatorship. Meanwhile, judges sometimes put a spoke in authority’s wheel…..AF

Israeli spymasters recently concocted a cunning ruse to penetrate Saudi airspace. They trained a vulture to be a spy, equipped him with a transmitter and sent him off to garner great secrets. But they didn't take account of the brilliance of the Islamic interceptors who saw immediately that what they had on their hands was no feathered friend. For a start, his breath smelled bad....Read on for more revelations.

The Internet, for all its flaws, is the last place on earth where we have free speech. Big media is either controlled or so "dumbed down" that for the most part it is on the side of the big battalions. The Internet is the home of the little guy with an opinion - and those opinions are inconvenient to people like top American Democrats, including the Obamanation. So they and many totalitarian states like China are joining with the UN in a move to control the Internet and allow only the "free speech" they approve of. This report comes from The Tea Party. AF.

Israel, for long vulnerable to the fact that it has to import gas and oil, now has a chance of gas-energy independence. Another huge gas field has been found off Haifa, the coastal city in the north. This will give a huge boost to the already successful economy- and mean Israel can take less notice of efforts by America and others to bully it into giving land to terrorists.

A mark of the end times is Jews moving back to Israel, mainly in unbelief, prior to the second coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. As anti-semitism rises round the world - no country is immune, even those with no Jews! - more and more Jewish people are seeking new homes in the Holy Land, God's special place on earth. America will be a major source of the future Israeli population- and there are 6.5 million Jews there who could emigrate to the land God gave them.

So what does 2011 hold? Well, the economic collapse of the entire world has to be a possibility. I'm not predicting that, just saying that things look as shaky as a table load of Jello. (Jelly to the Brits!) I have heard that at least 100 American cities may declare bankruptcy. California is already, to all intents, broke beyond redemption. Europe is as bad, with a raft of countries running out of money - leaving the banks which lent it to them looking white around the gills. These are some of the birth pangs of the world, leading to momentous changes- and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One thing – perhaps the only thing – that the European Superstate – the EU – does well is propaganda. Its banks are broke, its finances are a shambles, unemployment is rocketing and rioters roam the streets. For many years auditors have refused to sign off its utterly corrupt accounts. Yet it is distributing three million propaganda diaries as “gifts” to schoolchildren. A highlight is the name of religious days, like Hindu, Sikh and Muslim festivals. But Christmas doesn’t get mentioned….

The world is rushing towards a one-world currency and one world government. The Mark of The Beast, 666, and a world dictatorship are surely just a year or two away (Revelation 13:16;18) - I can almost hear the approaching footsteps of Antichrist. Fortunately, true Christians will be taken out of the world in the rapture before he takes power, but I suspect he is in the wings right now, waiting for his call. It could come soon. The world is broke, hopeless, leaderless and frightened. Just watch and wait for the clamor for a strong man…..

The reason the west has to take the false religion of Islam seriously is oil. Without the oil in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq etc, these nations would remain the backwaters of ignorance and irrelevance they were for centuries. Yet this need not be the case. America has energy in abundance and, were the treacherous green fanatics to be ignored, as they should be, could soon become the world’s number one "cheap" energy supplier!

Largely unreported by a “big media” obsessed with trivia, a new “Cuban Missile Crisis” is threatening world peace. Iran and Venezuela are co-operating to set up a joint base in Venezuela - with missiles on it that could hit America! According to German newspaper Die Welt, Venezuela has agreed to allow Iran to establish a military base manned by Iranian missile officers, soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Venezuelan missile officers. In addition, Iran has given permission for the missiles to be used in case of an "emergency".

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: We will never escape from the belly of the beast, our membership of the European Union superstate. Britain pours too much money in for the other states to let us go. There is no way to exit the EU unless other members almost unanimously agree to this - highly unlikely. This article is by Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministries - a great End Times ministry screened in Britain on Daystar, at around 4 am on Thursdays - just set your timer to record it. I add a few thoughts of my own at the end- Alan.

With the exception of committed Christians (and we don’t mean most of the big denominations, but real born-again believers) and a few others, the world hates the Jews and Israel. The Bible tells us this will get worse as the Time of Jacob’s Troubles draws close. Every American President since 1948 has struggled with the problems between Jews and Islamics. Attempting to pacify its enemies, Israel gave away the Gaza strip for a promise of peace. That experiment failed miserably. Now the Israelis are being asked to slit their own throats - but they should look at the example of the Maccabees.

This is my clarion call to patriot business owners across America to stand and be counted. Therefore, we have posted a new PATRIOT BUSINESSES page on our web site. We will list patriot business owners State by State, so fellow patriots across the country can locate and support businesses friendly to the cause of freedom. I am tired of supporting businesses that have no fidelity to the cause of liberty or independence. ALAN adds: Chuck's call is interesting. In Britain I try and buy patriotically: why would I buy from Communist China, where Christians are thrown into jail or labor camps?

About 5,000 muslim children in Britain aged six to 18 are being given sharia law lessons at 'weekend schools' according to an undercover investigation. The lessons include how to hack off someone's hands and feet (as prescribed by the 'prophet' Mohammed in the seventh century).

This Saturday I am doing my last speaking date in Britain this year. The venue is the Chesham branch of the Prophetic Witness Movement International, held at Chartridge Mission Church, Chapel Lane, Chartridge, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 2TH The meeting starts at 6.30 and Pat and I will be pleased to meet with and talk to you. Our latest books will be on sale after the meeting. The likely subject is: The World on Red Alert - the building of the New World Order.

When America is in trouble there is no "separation of church and state." This is part of a resolution passed by the Massachusetts Provincial Congress: "Among the prevailing sins of this day, which threaten the destruction of this land, we have reason to lament the frequent prophanation of the Lord's Day, or Christian Sabbath..."

Pat and I have been professional journalists and authors for over 40 years. In that time we have striven to write and speak the truth. Since we found that the Bible contains the ultimate truth and is God's word to His creation - the Maker's handbook - we have used our skills to illustrate that The Holy Bible is wholly true. That's why we are proud to be called "Fundamentalists."

The unelected Belgian nonentity who presides over the expensive farce that is the European Union says it's time to say goodbye to the nation state- and to welcome what is effectively a Euro dictatorship with a puppet parliament with few powers. It's so corrupt that for 16 years auditors have refused to sign off its books. Meanwhile they lavish taxpayers' cash on the following: a hydrotherapy centre for dogs and sending a troupe round Britain to perform the Smelly Foot Dance. Taxpayers’ cash has also gone to a ‘hip-hop laboratory’ in Lyon, France, to address the ‘lack of co-operation in European hip-hop’.

The time of food scarcity – even rationing – may soon be here. For no nation has always had the abundance westerners have become used to. None of us has a right to expect platefuls of food every day. Many people round the world don’t have such meals- or much in the way of meals at all. And why should God continue to bless us, when we, for the most part, ignore or ridicule Him?

Nimrod was the first would-be tyrant to try and bring the world into a global "New World Order." His handiwork produced the Tower of Babel, which brought about a cataclysmic judgment from Jehovah. However, while Nimrod was the first globalist to try and unify the nations against God, he was certainly not the last. The story continues but the spirit behind it stays the same. Satan has no new tricks as the old ones work so well...for a time, at least.

A regular reader, Colin Ford, alerted me to a brilliant TV programme on Channel Four in Britain called “Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story.” This documentary, one of the best things I have seen on TV, showed graphically what I have been saying for years: Britain, like America, is basically bankrupt. Unlike Ireland and Greece, the creditors are not yet losing sleep, but that must only be a matter of time if we keep spending like mad lottery winners. This, plus thoughts on Israel, finding a good church and much else. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Arabs populating Gaza, Judea, and Samaria have much less claim to nationhood than the Indian tribe that emerged in Connecticut with the purpose of starting a tax-exempt casino: at least that tribe had a constructive goal that motivated them. The so-called "Palestinians" have only one motivation: the destruction of Israel , and in my book that is not sufficient to consider them a nation" -- or anything else except what they really are: a terrorist organization that will one day be dismantled. This comment is from Japan and is well argued.

One of the main reasons nations decline is that they turn against Israel. America and Britain have both done so and both are now heading fast towards a brick wall as judgment falls on them from all sides. God blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse them. History repeatedly proves this statement true.

America's first constitution began: "In the name of God, amen." Right from the first days of the Pilgrims it was intended that the vibrant society being created in the new world would be based on the word of God. No multifaith mishmash then! Bill Federer recounts some of the Pilgrims' story.

Many westerners are, like the Romans of old, carelessly frittering away their God-given liberties, foolishly clamoring for government handouts and never-ending entertainment. Millions of Americans, British and others (especially males) are intoxicated with sports. Sports are no longer a great pastime; they are now a great obsession. ALAN adds: I spoke on this once and a young man asked me if it was all right to follow or play sports. I said it was fine - as long as it was kept in perspective. Sport mustn't be the most important thing in your life...

Something is still horribly wrong in America, quite apart from the fact that it is fast hurtling into bankruptcy. The country is in the age of unreason as witnessed by the fact that Obama – the illegal president who shouldn’t even be holding office – is taking 3,000 people in 40 aircraft with him to India. This is a man whose ego is out of control, whose refusal to face reality led to him bragging about not watching the election results as a whole succession of liberal clowns were shown the door. Here’s an article from The Tea Party which asks, for example, why big media, even Fox, which is almost as useless as the other networks, failed to mention vote fraud..ALAN FRANKLIN.

Millions of Muslims, mostly young, are changing the face of nations across Europe. As I speak around Britain I hear many stories of areas of cities which the native British population is no longer able to safely enter. Mosques have taken over hundreds of redundant church buildings and in cities like Paris Muslims close streets - with no police interference - so they can pray to their false god. However, there are signs that our feeble reaction to this invasion is changing. In Germany, patriots have taken a stand by forming The Freedom Party – but it had to launch in secret, such is the threat from Islamics. AF.

One way the New World Order is being created is by standardisation. Countries are merged, small firms are absorbed into giant corporations and the world's capitals start to look much the same, with the same cars, shops and - regulations. This is more and more true across the superstate of Europe where the nation state is fast being abolished. One way British identity is being wiped out is by removing our Imperial measures, used to build the world's first industrial revolution. AF.

As nation states slice their budgets, the EU superstate prepares to open 137 embassies and send 7,000 Euro-diplomats round the world: 46 will be in the holiday island of Barbados and even Madagascar rates 53...The vile EU, always grabbing more power to itself as it decrees that Britain's prisoners must get voting rights and creates over threequarters of Britain's new laws, is fast becoming the dictatorship I have long warned about. AF

ALAN writes: America is slill sliding to destruction, but there are now glimmers of hope in some of the new politicians soon to appear in Washington. Obama brought in a Lesbian Supreme Court justice, appointed extreme liberals to the bench whenever possible and gathered round him a crew of the most unpleasant, far left incompetents ever to disgrace the US capitol. Socialism has destroyed Great Britain and much of Europe. We'll see what happens next in the US. Has the lesson REALLY been learned?

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.Vladimir Lenin. There follows an interesting commentary by someone who claims to have been at college with Obama. It came to me as an internet rumor and I traced it back to an article on a Fox News site. It seems to be genuine. However, bear in mind that Obama cannot be both a Muslim and a Marxist! In the light of the fact that some US voters seem to have woken up to the Obamanation that has befallen the country, I am putting this article back near the top of our site. AF

As Islam strengthens across Europe, Britain's Office for National Statistics says that Mohammed - or variations of that name - is the top boys' name in England and Wales. Mohammed ranked as the 16th most popular name for newborn boys in 2009. However, when the different spellings of the name were added together it proved to be the most popular name. The name Mohammed, and its variations, was given to 7,549 babies. making it more popular than more traditional names such as Oliver, which was given to 7,364 newborns.

Here our friend Bill Federer recalls the day that launched a terrible time in recent history, the day of the Stock Market crash of 1929. However, the world today is at another tipping point leading, I am certain, to The Greater Depression, as I have been forecasting for over four years- see our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. Foreclosures are mounting and the greatest housing disaster of recent times is still unfolding in America where the authorities, bereft of good ideas, just print money to buy their own debt. Oh dear, here we go again! Now read Bill's account.

The state of Oklahoma in the heartland of America has the chance to vote on keeping sharia law out of their state. Unfortunately, more than 80 sharia courts are already operating in Britain and no one had a chance to vote on it. None of this will be in the mainstream media, of course. Oklahoma voters - get out and vote on this one, please!

A British member of the House of Lords, Lord Stoddard, says Turkey is clearly not a European nation and should not be considered for membership of the EU superstate which now has around 500 million citizens - formerly just citizens of the once-independent nation states of Europe. He says that if Turkey does get in 75 million Turks - mainly Muslims - could all move to Britain, which currently has just over 60 million residents. Once nations are in the EU their citizens can live anywhere in the superstate.

As even A New York Times survey acknowledges, Obama’s most potent political opposition is actually better-educated and less “scared” than the rest of the public. Events this week have thus distilled an important lesson: It’s not the Tea Party that is ignorant or frightened, but rather its opponents.

We cannot drive a car, buy a gun, or even flush a toilet without Big Brother's permission. We are taxed, regulated, and snooped-on from the time we are born to the day we die. And then after we are dead, we are taxed again. Chuck Baldwin tells it like it is in what used to be The Land of The Free- the USA. He should come to Britain, where officials just prevented us from installing a shower instead of a bath in my mother's apartment - which we OWN! We await their decision on whether we can alter our own property with bated breath - ALAN. (As a special favor they may even let us replace the bathroom carpet with tiles!)

Admiral Nelson's defeat of the French navy abruptly ended Napoleon's power at sea, and with it, his dreams of world conquest. The 90,000 French troops assembled on the coast of France were forced to abandon their plans of crossing the English Channel and invading Britain. At a time when our government is decimating the British navy our leaders should reflect that sea power has saved us in the past.

The best news we have heard in a long time is that Robert Schuller’s palace of varieties, aka The Crystal Cathedral, has filed for bankruptcy! Great! Let’s hope their trashy TV programs go off air sometime soon. So much for the alleged “power of positive thinking.” Maybe Schuller and his buddies need to grit their teeth and pray more positively, to any assorted deities that they think may be listening.

I remember one of my college professors saying, "A man is the sum total of the people he associates with and the books he reads. Choose both wisely." That proverb has stayed with me all these years. So, on that note, here is my suggested reading list (in no particular order, except for the first two):

Even though the “Conservative Kingmaker” has successfully picked many of the Republican upstarts who are challenging the Establishment candidates, his name is still not a household word … not yet. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina may not have the name recognition of a Sarah Palin, but he’s a man on a mission. He’s been a leader on issues of interest to gun owners and has a 100% (A+) rating with Gun Owners of America.

Muslim Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453, cutting off the land trade routes from Europe to India and China, so Europeans sought new routes. So it was Islamic aggression which God turned to good, by driving Columbus to discover America!

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: A top physics professor has blasted the great global warming scam wide open, calling it “the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.” Howard Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics at The University of California, got 200 other scientists to try and force a debate on the global non-warming farce at the American Physical Society. He failed- and has now resigned in disgust.

Our national leaders are shortsighted opportunists, possessing little regard for their oaths to the US Constitution, the principles of decency, or even plain, old-fashioned common sense. Both major parties in Washington, D.C., offer the American people varying degrees of socialism. Federalism and limited government have all but disappeared under the oversight of both Republican and Democratic leaders.

This morning the world's press showed what looked like an Israeli driver driving at and hitting a Palestinian youth. But look more closely - the boy was running towards the car hurling stones, and there were at least four people filming the incident with video cameras - on both sides of the street! It was all staged! The driver couldn't avoid the accident.

If it is wrong to burn a Koran, why did President Obama's team defend burning Bibles? After the phony media outrage after a Florida pastor "nearly" burned a few of his own copies of the Koran, why was the press silent in 2009, when the Obama Administration defended seizing and burning the privately owned Bibles of American troops? Where was the global Muslim Community's outrage when ten members of a medical team, including six Americans, were shot and killed by Muslim militants in Afghanistan, because they were "preaching Christianity" and carrying Christian Bibles (which the Muslims burned)?

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder," argued British historian Joseph Toynbee, who saw religion as a prime motivation in history.His 12-volume "Study of History," 1934-1961, described the rise, flowering, and decline of 26 cultures from Egypt, Greece and Rome to Polynesia and Peru. The causes of decline would surprise the secularists.

Can we make sense of this mixed up, muddled world? Only by studying Bible prophecy! We live in the most exciting time in world history, with numerous Bible prophecies being fulfilled, yet instead of yearning for our Lord’s return most of the church is….yawning! This is the greatest story never told, but journalist and author Alan Franklin is telling some of it on Saturday October 30 at The Tree of Life Fellowship from 10 am to 3 pm, meeting at Clayhall Baptist Church 62 Harewood Drive Clayhall, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0PH.

The Obama administration wants to make Israel an offer they can’t refuse. They desperately want a Palestinian state with a divided, or at least internationalized, Old City, so Obama can be heralded as the great peacemaker between Israel and the Palestinians. But what could possibly induce Israel’s leaders to make such concessions? Israel will always have to insure its own security against the viscerally embedded anti-semitism of the Arabs.

Customers at some of Britain’s biggest restaurant chains and sporting venues are being given ‘halal-only’ meat options. The revelations, from a Mail on Sunday investigation, follow uproar over a London council’s plans to prefer Islamic halal-only menus in the borough’s state primary schools and news that British Airways passengers could soon be given halal-only meals.

Alan writes: Pat and I have never believed in suppressing the works of false religions, like Islam, Catholicism, Adventism and so on. Rather, we try and publicise their beliefs, so people can see for themselves how they contradict the Bible, the word of God. But the usual Islamic hypocrisy is on show here, with hundreds of Bibles being burned in Iran, where Christians are systematically imprisoned, intimidated and harrassed. They are right to be scared of their people reading the Bible: once they do they abandon their false faith in droves - hundreds of thousands of Iranians have turned to Christ.

Interesting, isn't it, that these misguided English youths were arrested while all over the west Islamics flout the law with impunity, from blocking whole streets in Paris for illegal public prayers, to preaching hatred in many a mosque. AF.

Joining the UN Human Rights Council was one of President Obama’s first foreign policy decisions. He knew then – what is still true today – that the Council has adopted more resolutions and decisions condemning the state of Israel than all other 191 U.N. members combined. The so-called rights council includes countries that are models of freedom and "rights", like Saudi Arabia, where the hands of thieves are chopped off and Christians cannot meet for worship, China, Cuba, Russian and other "bastions of freedom."

At the heart of Obama's America is ACORN, which makes the Mafia of old look like a group of pre-schoolers on a playground. Here's just a paragraph from the summary of a July 2009 US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform report by Congressman Darrell Issa: "Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?" Here are details of The Obamanation's links with this sinister group - and what you can do to expose this evil at the top of the USA'S government. Readers: act now!

Global "non warming" , the greatest con-trick in the history of science, (not counting evolution, of course!) has forced on global consumers the biggest bill in the history of taxation. It is used as an excuse to extend the reach of government ever further. Now secretive elitists The Bilderbergers, who plot the world's future, have been debating Global Cooling - another part of the New World Order jigsaw. So guess what the next climate scare will be.........

If you are a white Christian man upholding traditional family values and expressing a desire to stop immigration and leave the EU, while being sceptical of man-made global warming and believing that Darwinian evolution does not explain the origin of life on earth, Britain is no longer your country. Another brilliant article from Melanie Phillips in The Spectator.

The signs that America is fast losing her freedoms and is falling into the throes of socialism, agnosticism, humanism--and maybe even fascism--are ubiquitous. It is to the point that even the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which were supposed to protect the rights and liberties of the American people, have been so neglected or abused by our civil magistrates in Washington, D.C., that those foundational documents have, for all intents and purposes, been relegated to museum-status.

Many young Brits and Americans can barely read or write, let alone analyze things or absorb difficult concepts. They are raised on soundbites and political correctness. Their nations are at war with countries most of them couldn’t find on the map. No wonder con-artists like Tony Blair and the Obamanation get elected without scrutiny. Better learn to grow vegetables. And start a home Bible study to spread a little wisdom around. Prayer helps too. We are going to need it.

"The power to tax is the power to destroy," wrote John Marshall, 4th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who was born SEPTEMBER 24, 1755. No one had a greater impact on Constitutional Law than John Marshall.

A political party which – correctly – calls Islam Sweden’s biggest national security threat since the Second World War has just won 20 of the 349 seats in the Swedish parliament and holds the balance of power. This is the shape of things to come throughout Europe where, I predict, there will be fast-rising resistance to the growing Islamization of the continent.

George Washington put this warning in his Farewell Address: "And of a fatal put, in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party; - often a small but artful and enterprising minority... They are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the People and to usurp for the themselves the reins of Government; destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion...But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. This warning from history comes from Bill Federer.

Shhhhhhh, we're told. Don't protest the Ground Zero mosque. Don't burn a Koran. It'll imperil the troops. It'll inflame tensions. The "Muslim world" will "explode" if it does not get its way, warns sharia-peddling imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Pardon my national security-threatening impudence, but when is the "Muslim world" not ready to "explode"?

If you had a legitimate right to be in the White House, what would be the problem about producing your birth certificate? If you were really born on American soil - which the constitution requires of every president – why would you spend a six figure sum on lawyers, fighting to prevent you having to produce this certificate in court? This alone is de facto proof of guilt. Obama is an imposter, a Kenyan conman who has no more right to be president than I do - and I was born in Guildford, Surrey, England. I can prove that. He cannot prove he was born in America for one simple reason. He wasn’t. The significance of this is enormous - it is the great untold news story of today.

ALAN writes: Since 2006 we have been warning of the coming Greater Depression. Our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, warned of some of the troubles now engulfing both our nations, stemming from our shared spiritual malaise and the failure of the church to preach the whole word of God. These troubles are just getting started, contrary to what big media and so-called expert commentators will tell you. Although most people think banks are now safe, many are not.

Tens of thousands of Americans joined the 9/11 rally in New York on Saturday, Sept. 11, to remember those who perished in the Islamic attack on America and to protest the building of a mosque at the site of Ground Zero. But the world's media, for the most part, ignored or downplayed the event.

As we move fast into the end times, culminating in the soon return of The Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible warns us of earthquakes, wars - and famine. When asked by the disciples “what will be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?” – Matthew 24; 3, the Lord replied that wars, famines and earthquakes would be the beginning of the birth pangs, as the world was readied for His return. The contractions increase in intensity as any woman who has given birth would tell you – and this is why we are seeing a rise in the number and intensity of earthquakes. The world is positioning itself for food shortages- and war.

President Theodore Roosevelt wrote in his 1916 book, Fear God and Take Your Own Part: "From the hammer of Charles Martel to the sword of Jan Sobieski, Christianity owed its safety in Europe to the fact it...could and would fight as well as the Mohammedan aggressor." Other statesmen, like Winston Churchill, were in no doubt of the threat to civilisation posed by the false religion of Islam, based as it is just on the word of an illiterate camel driver. This is a lesson from history.

Pat and I are back in Britain and I have three speaking engagements and two USA broadcasts in the next few weeks, starting on Sunday September 19 at Bournemouth’s Moordown Community Centre, Coronation Ave, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 1TW.The service starts at 10.30 and my main theme will be Cults and Isms: True or False?, concentrating on the two main false faiths in the world today as well as minor cults. I will also be giving updates from Israel, where Pat recently spent a month with our family, and America, where we have just returned from speaking in three states.

Too many people on welfare, perverted bathhouse behaviour, a population distracted by violent entertainment, vital production sent overseas and huge debt and bureaucracy. America, Britain and the west today? Yes, but these were the causes of the fall of Rome! Bill Federer tells the tale. Bill and I will be broadcasting across America on "American Priorities"on Tuesday, Sept. 28th around noon- check listings for your local station's time. Warning: this will be politically incorrect but Biblically correct!

A huge gas field has already been found off Haifa, in northern Israel. Now it seems there could be commercial amounts of oil there- and elsewhere in Israel. There is no point in celebrating untill oil is pumped, as oilfields are unpredictable. However, those of us who love Israel should be cautiously optimistic. If these fields are as reported, Israel could become an oil-exporting nation. Do you think OPEC will invite them in?

ALAN writes: I am have been talking for years about the coming one-world currency, a precursor to the mark of the beast and the antichrist electronic trading system that will involve a mark on the right hand or forehead, without which no one on earth will be able to buy or sell. This is the latest take on the situation, from Henry Lamb. He says that if The International Monetary Fund gets its way, the U.S. dollar will be replaced by the "bancor" as the world's reserve currency. "Bancor" is the name suggested by John Maynard Keynes, the British economist who headed the World Banking Commission that created the IMF during the Breton Woods negotiations, which preceded the United Nations.

President Obama has revealed his true nature. After 20 months in the Oval Office, he still remained a largely unknown figure. A picture is coming into focus now, and it should trouble all Americans. It is widely known that Mr. Obama is a post-national progressive. Yet he is also a cultural Muslim who is promoting an anti-American, pro-Islamic agenda. This is the real meaning of his warm — and completely needless — embrace of the Ground Zero Mosque. Read what's happened in Europe and see the Islamic agenda. This is a red alert!

Politicians invariably respond to crises -- that in most cases they themselves created -- by spawning new government programs, laws and regulations. These, in turn, generate more havoc and poverty, which inspires the politicians to create more programs . . . and the downward spiral repeats itself until the productive sectors of the economy collapse under the collective weight of taxes and other burdens imposed in the name of fairness, equality and do-goodism. This was parodied in a novel called Atlas Shrugged, written in 1957 and coming true before our eyes, just as George Orwell's 1984 has.

A new website in Iran depicts the Holocaust as seen through Iranian eyes – cartoons, mockery, denial claims, and a dedication to “all those killed in the name of the Holocaust.”

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, Zondervan (Bible) Publishers, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, a major part of The Sky Network in Britain and much, much else - he also publishes Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven" books, has more interesting links. His pal and associate Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who has a big investment in News Corp, owner of Fox News, has funded projects of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - the man behind the Islamic Tower of Triumph by Ground Zero. Will the fearless commentators of Fox News investigate?

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: For years I have watched as more and more land was seized by self-appointed "environmental" extremists. Farmland- ever more important -was bought by well funded so-called conservation groups which then banned those terrible things, people.Talk to a greenie and you will soon discover the alleged major threat to the planet - people. There is a plan to drastically reduce the world's population, which is why euthenasia is being pushed so hard. Now the oceans are to be managed- fishermen beware.They plan to net you.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Muslim "Tower of Triumph" and mosque proposed on a site by Ground Zero, is going on a three-nation Middle East tour on behalf of the State Department, during which he is expected to speak about the controversy surrounding his project. US TAXPAYERS HAVE PAID FOR THIS! Rauf will leave New York and travel to Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, a State Department official says. The cost of the trip is $16,000. The project is named after Cordoba, the oldest Spanish church which was turned into a mosque after the Islamic conquest. AF.

ALAN writes: Pat and I have seen a lot of so-called "coverage" of the plan for a mosque near the site of the Twin Towers atrocity in New York. What a mealy-mouthed selection of rubbish has been broadcast, the only exception being on the Sean Hannity show, where at least some truths came out about the true nature of this false faith. Nobody that I have heard has stated that, for example, there is no possibility of a reciprocal gesture from Saudi Arabia, where no Christian can carry a Bible, meet for worship or- dream on - build a church. So we should tell the Islamofascists: No more centers of hate can go up in the west while these restrictions apply. It's time to find some backbone and tell the truth, which I will to any church which invites me.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: We're back from teaching in Texas and getting ready to leave St. Louis for Ohio. People who hear my presentations become aware how fragile the world situation is, with militant Islam rising and threatening to fulfil its aim to kill all Jews, starting with the destruction of Israel. Not only should all born-again believers take heed of the Biblical injuction to bless the Jews, which pleases God, they should be aware that time is very short. Churches wishing to hear my presentations on Islam and other false faiths, the New World Order, Bible prophecy and much else can contact us via this website.

"...and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes...but all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs." This was the Lord Jesus telling his disciples what would be the signs of His second coming and the end of the age (Matthew 24).Sure enough, all the signs are there, not least a massive increase in the number of earthyquakes, as this study shows. Time is short, friends. AF.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: I have been warning of this for years and now it is in plain view: the European Union, the Revived Roman Empire of the end times, has replaced 27 nation states of Europe and is demonstrating this by appointing ambassadors. Only nation states, and the Vatican, appoint ambassadors. I will be speaking on this theme from 6 pm TODAY, Sunday, April 15, in Fort Worth, Texas, at Ridglea Baptist Church, 6037 Calmont Avenue, 76116-4617. Get there if you can, or invite me to speak at your church next fall. Prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes!

Alan writes: I'm writing this on tour in America, from a library in St. Louis. And as we speak in locations across the USA, I find people are astonished at how far down the line we are towards the fast approaching New World Order. The economy is bad here, far worse than government statistics (from the Department of Guesswork and Silver Linings) would have you believe. One commentator wrote that the real figure out of work in America, including those who are discouraged from job seeking- not on official figures- and those working part time, could be 30 million - ten per cent of all Americans.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Ever since Britain was conned into joining the EU superstate - we were told it was 'just about trade" - the embrace of the octopus has grown ever tighter. In December 2009 we were joined with 26 other nations as, effectively, one country with one parliament and one supreme court. From then on Britain's parliament had fewer powers than a US state assembly. Now the sinister EU is planning direct taxation of its 500 citiizens, by-passing their so-called national governments. This is one of the things I highlight in my talks on the New World Order forming before the world's lidded eyes. I am taking US bookings for fall 2011 right now. Bible prophecy is coming true every day in the news!

A Chinese general said U.S. plans to send a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea may lead to retaliation from China, the biggest foreign holder of Treasuries. "Imagine what the consequence will be if China’s biggest debtor nation challenges its creditor nation," Major General Luo Yuan, deputy secretary general of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences, wrote in an editorial in the state-controlled English-language Global Times. It could well be debt - money owed to its enemies - that brings down America.

Russia is fast moving towards its end times assault on Israel when, according to Ezekiel 38/9 its leader, "Gog," the man leading Russia at the time, will send the Russian army and its allies down "like a storm cloud" to eliminate Israel. Unfortunately for them, God protects Israel and they and all their allies' armies will be totally destroyed on the mountains of Israel. Read about it - it is the Bible in the news and history written before its time by God, who knows the end from the beginning. The news report follows- Alan.

‘I suspect we’re not alone in believing children thrive where there is a mummy and a daddy, rather than two parents of the same sex. Nevertheless, this is a personal belief that doesn’t affect our ability to care for and love a foster child.’ This British Christian's Bible-based statement, with which most sane people would agree, has got him into trouble with officialdom. This shows how far our societies have sunk into the pit - the predictable result of abandoning Bible-based teaching and replacing it with a "non judgemental" mishmash. The result is a society breaking down on all fronts - Alan Franklin.

Jennifer Keeton says Augusta State University in Georgia has told her to deny her Christian beliefs in order to graduate. So it is that Christianity is not only being marginalised in the west, but real Christians are being discriminated against in state schools- paid for by taxpayers! It is time for Christians to wake up and contend earnestly for the faith.

Alan writes: Islam is a religion of force and war. It respects only strength. Attempts at making peace with it or accommodating it are perceived - rightly - as weakness, and taken advantage of. Thus it is that throughout Europe, Islam is gaining ground fast as mosques sprout in former church buildings, Christians are hindered in every way from preaching the Gospel while a blind eye is often turned to Islamic excess. Thus it is that nationas like Britain are participating in their own destruction. This is a secular take on the situation, full of some good insights.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: If you want to know what happens next in the world - the real news, not the shallow news bites that make up most news bulletins - turn off the TV and pick up your Bible. I do a presentation called The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, which shows how passages like Psalm 83 give the precise details of the fate of the nations coming to attack Israel. Islamics like a pretence for their aggression, which is based on their religion's declared hatred of the Jewish people. Here is their latest excuse- Israel's discovery of big gas reserves off the northern Israeli coast.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: All news should be viewed through the lens of prophecy to understand what is really happening. Without thorough Bible knowledge, particularly of the one-third of the Bible that is prophetic, the world situation makes no sense. Who are the bad guys? Who are the good guys? Who should we trust? - and what happens next. These are subjects I cover in detail when I speak, in the USA for the next month - see below for speaking dates. Now let’s take a look at a report stating that Russia has been violating the 1991 nuclear arms treaty – and Iran and others are also misbehaving….

Melanie Phillips is one of the few writers in Britain who understands the mortal peril we face from Islam. Not "Islamic militants," but ISLAM, a religion which teaches that all infidels - people other than them - must be conquered, controlled or destroyed. Here she highlights the pathetic person who now "leads" Britain, a Prime Minister in the mould of Tony Blair - and we thought nothing could be worse than him. Desperate to seem politically correct, David Cameron, the new Prime Minister, held a "gay" gathering in 10, Downing Street- once the home of Winston Churchill. Now he has been to Turkey, backing their bid to bring 70 million more Islamics into the European Union. Read- and weep for Britain. AF.

Almost a third of US National Security Agency operations are against Americans and other Western governments to control them and keep them from resisting the agenda of the New World Order. Much money is also allocated to spying on the unsavory private behavior of Congressmen, and even State officials--building compromising dossiers on people of influence so they can be coerced into compliance when necessary, it is claimed. Some disturbing facts and figures on the vast expansion of American big brother snooping.

Here historian Andrew Roberts, speaking at his book launch in London at a Friends of Israel meeting, tells the story of Israel ,a state that: "has packed more history into her 62 years on the planet than many other nations have in six hundred." These are facts and figures to confound those who join the mounting tide of anti-semitism round the world. Inconvenient things, facts! AF.

ALAN writes: Just like many Americans, the people of Europe have been asleep while their nation states have been given away, their independence ceded to the evil EU superstate. (The US has plans to effectively merge with Canada and Mexico, but when I speak on this it is news to most people.) In Europe plans are afoot to remove the last vestiges of our freedom, although this is not yet obvious to those who watch news dominated by show business. Now we in Britain are to be spied on by foreign police.

I have spent this week researching a presentation on the rise of Israel and the fall of Britain and the West. I unearthed some fascinating facts, especially the amazing decline of Britain following its betrayal of promises made to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration. Nations that turn against Israel do so at their peril, which is why America needs to rapidly change its pro-Islamic, anti-Israel policies.

This Sunday, July 25, I start out at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship in Surrey, with a new Powerpoint presentation called: "The Rise of Israel and decline of Britain and the west." Details from the church website, see our links( Next Wednesday, 28th July, I'm speaking at The Prophetic Witness Movement International meeting at Hastings, then the following week Pat and I fly to America for August speaking dates in three states.

Illegal aliens murder (on average) 12 American citizens EVERY DAY in the United States. That means illegals murder more Americans EVERY YEAR than in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED, TO DATE. Plus, illegal aliens who drive drunk kill an additional 13 Americans EVERY DAY. Get the facts and figures here, facts not reported by the politically-correct media. The same thing is happening across Europe, of course, as governments lack the backbone to stop the tidal wave of immigrants.

When authors of occult-based books, like the Harry Potter series, say they got their stories from ideas that popped into their heads -" quite spooky," as J. K. Rowling put it, parents should be on red alert. The spate of vampire films is another sign of the end times demonic influences at work. This article reveals more of the occult influences influencing young teenagers.

Seven hooligans did serious damage to a British factory supplying arms for Israel to defend itself. But these louts were let off - in one of the most biased judgements in the history of the British legal system.The judge even compared the Israelis to the Nazis – because they defend themselves against attack by the heirs of those who joined with the Nazis in the attempted annihilation of the Jews.

The US workforce has shrunk by 1m over the past two months as discouraged jobless give up the hunt. Retail sales have fallen for the past two months. New homes sales crashed to 300,000 in May after tax credits ran out, the lowest since records began in 1963. Mortgage applications have fallen by 42pc to a 13-year low since April. Unsold properties number 7.8m. The double dip in housing has begun. This is another perceptive article from London's Daily Telegraph which indicates the crisis is far from over.

How sad that, as Europe gradually turns away from the socialism that has all but wrecked it, America under Obama is making the same mistakes, with big government, big bureaucracy and big interference in everybody's lives. When you have ever-expanding government you have officials earning huge salaries. How huge? Read these revelations from a British member of the House of Lords. Taxpayers in Europe should be angry- but America has the same problem!

We have just put in a link to the USA Debt Clock. Click on our Links, left, to get the list and then click on the debt clock. As of the time of writing this the US debt is at $13 trillion, but this does not begin to tell the whole story. It does not contain the unfunded liabilities, like pensions and potential health costs which some commentators say could put the figure up to $50 trillion.

I was reporting in the European Parliament when the members voted to give up their nations' independence by adopting a common currency, the Euro. I later told some of the MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) that the end game would be a dictatorship, to eventually be headed by the Antichrist. Of course, they didn't take me seriously. However, that is now the way we are fast heading, as a currency meltdown will hasten the ending of all freedom and the bringing in of the big brother world government.

ALAN writes: If you attack Israel, physically or in any other way, the world and its mostly biased media think you are "justified." In a world crawling with dictators, from North Korea to most Moslem states, Zimbabwe - make your own list - it is Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, which is seen as a legitimate target. This is the end-times rise in anti-Semitism which will lead to an all out onslaught on Israel, as predicted in the Bible.

ALAN writes: Foreign aid, unless administered by a real Christian organisation - not necessarily ones with "Christian" in their titles - is mostly wasted and goes to Swiss bank accounts or - as detailed here - buying corrupt Afghani officials (are there any other kind?) luxury villas in Dubai. So is that what young Americans, British and others are dying for? America alone - a nation deeply in debt - has poured in around $300 billion since 2001. Now read where it has been poured out to.....

ALAN writes: Britain is already the Big Brother capital of the world, with more surveillance camersas than China. We are more watched and monitored than any other nation, with cameras that pick up conversations in many cities. I have written a chapter on this for a new book being published in America called The Departure, focussing on the lead up to the rapture of the true church - which could happen at any time. There follows part of a story from The Daily Telegraph on another intrusive device.

A few days ago I queried how Obama could support both Muslims and Marxists. On reflection - and on considering this thoughtful article - it becomes clearer that they are not so far apart. On the surface they have little in common. The left claims to be progressive, embraces gay bars, abortions, feminism, multiculturalism and obscene slogans. The Islamists throw acid in women’s faces, hang gays and repress minorities and freedom of expression. This seeming contrast baffles many who demand to know how, for example, the left can champion Islamic regimes which mandate the death penalty for homosexuality. The answer is very simple. The people asking the question have mistaken the facade for the reality.

ALAN WRITES: How much more vile could this Obama adminstration get? Read this expose of the truth about Obama's latest nomination for the Supreme Court - once the province of Godly men -and be spurred into action, as the Obamanation drags the USA into the sewer. Cross-dressing men using ladies' bathrooms at Harvard and much, much else- you wouldn't credit that this is all supported by a woman the so-called "President" believes is fit to sit in America's highest court. Wake up, America!

ALAN writes: In Great Britain - once Great Britain - Sharia Law is enforced by Islamic judges in around 85 locations across the country, a fact I picked up from a Christian lawyer on one of my speaking trips. It is creeping across America like a virulent stain - unless YOU act to stop it. Time to stop being closet Christians and join the battle for your heritage, your religion, your future!

Thanks to U.S. taxpayers, an Islamic enclave is being carved out of the heart of the City of Brotherly Love. And how generous have you been with your tax dollars? You just gave $1.6 billion for the privilege of turning over all this cash to the Islamic community. As Pat and I often remark: "This is the age of unreason." Good is evil and evil called good- just as predicted.

The Internet is abuzz with news that a US Senate committee has approved a bill that apparently gives the President authority to shut down the Internet. According to, "A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack."

ALAN writes: One man asked me if I thought that watching sport was wrong. Not at all. It’s keeping things in perspective that matters. I’ll tell you a funny story: my small role when England won the World Cup, in 1966. As a young reporter, one of my jobs then was to ghost write a column for a well known footballer, a member of the England squad.

As we prepare to observe Independence Day, it is fitting that we pause to consider the origins of the American Revolution and the liberty it enshrined for generations since. As James Madison aptly notes, it all began with an act of civil disobedience in rejection of a tax on tea -- a Tea Party. This is the story, from Patriot Post, of the moral imperative to fight for freedom - the freedom that the Obamanation and his regime threaten every day.

ALAN writes: Jews are once again being hunted down in Europe. Worldwide anti-semitism is at fever pitch - a sure sign that we are in the end times immediately prior to our Lord's return. Jesus was a Jew, something the world forgets. Satan is stirring up attacks on Jews as, if they can be wiped out - no Second Advent. It won't work, as you will hear at my presentations on prophecy. But two thirds of the world's Jews will be killed, the Bible predicts. Here's what's happening in Anne Frank's old home town.....

ALAN writes: One of the ways the New World Order is being built - the coming one-world government - is by destroying the nation state. I give presentations in America about the North American Union, the merging of America, Canada and Mexico into one borderless entity, but if you want to see what's happening on the ground, go to Arizona. Chunks of territory are being taken over by Mexican drug gangs, who are threatening US officers.

ALAN writes: One of the ways our societies have been destroyed is by removing the idea that anything is "right" or "wrong." To say that something is worthier or more correct than anything else is to be "judgemental," which is taboo. But to print a warning to those wanting to read the US Constitution is the ultimate idiocy and shows how we have moved into the Age of Unreason.

Society is paying a heavy price for "fatherless children." Some 63% of teen suicides, 90% of all runaways and homeless children and 80% of rapists come from fatherless homes. Around 85% of children with behavioral problems, 71% of all high school dropouts, 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers and 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: If you key in "Obama" into our search engine, top right, you will find many stories about the Obamanation now misruling America, with his nomination of a lesbian to the Supreme Court, extreme anti-Israel stance and courting of Islamics at every opportunity. But is he a Muslim - the first Muslim, illegal immigrant to be "President," a post I am certain he occupies illegally?

Alan writes: This is an update to Chuck's guide to surviving the tough times that lie just ahead, as it slowly dawns on the world that things are NOT getting better, jobs are NOT coming back, many people employed by government will have to be sacked and all paper currencies are under tremendous pressure. Remember, America is Greece writ large. Britain is in a similar state: we are under judgement, as we wrote in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain- available from our web shop.

Twenty-two oil-rich Arab countries with 800 times the landmass of tiny Israel are unwilling to grant the Palestinians entry. Palestinians remain the only "refugees" in the world who have purposely not been resettled. They have instead been maintained in a hostage status in the hands of their fellow Arabs for generations. The US taxpayer foots the bill for 25% of the annual cost of sustaining the Palestinian refugee camps, while Arab governments pay only 3%. The refugees were created when 5 Arab countries attacked the state of Israel in 1948, and convinced many Arabs to leave.

Most British people hope the Queen goes on....and on. For all her faults she is better than the dreadful alternative, the Clown Prince Charles, Britain's answer to Al Gormless. Here he extols the virtues of Islam and the environment, neither of which he knows anything about. When Islamics controlled Israel, for example, they cut all the trees down! Read, and weep for Britain.....

This is the book and DVD we wish we'd had when we were young Christians. To guide all Christians to the real Jesus, we wrote our book, Cults and Isms, True or False? which sets out clearly where false faiths contradict the Bible. We are now making you a great offer: our book, complete with eight color pages of pertinent pictures taken on our travels, including many from Israel, PLUS my latest DVD, the book’s perfect companion, my presentation on Cults and Isms. The price is £10 (£13 with postage/packing) in Britain or $20 in America, ( $26 with postage). The offer is open now! Turn to our web shop.

A relatively few determined activists can change nations. The homosexuals did this, so that in Europe few people now dare criticise them. America still has Christians with backbone prepared to get involved. This article shows how the National Organization For Marriage got a "pro gay marriage" politician out of a race for the Senate. Those with Biblical values can and should make a difference! It's time to step off the sidelines and get involved in this fight for the society we want our children to grow up in. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Everywhere we turn, we seem to hear people clamoring for government to give them more and more. They expect government to supply their every need and meet their every demand. They then have the gall to turn around and say, "God bless America: land of the free"? Ladies and gentlemen, one cannot have it both ways. If we expect government to be our supplier, we cannot expect that it will not become our master.

By Alan Franklin. When Britain's arch-traitor Ted Heath, the ex Prime Minister who plunged Britain into the EU, admitted on TV just before his death that the European Union - the superstate of Europe - was "always about politics," people gasped. For he had always said the opposite. We were informed it was only to make trade easier- just what the Canadians and Americans are told - if told anything at all - about the North American Union. Now the EU's president has admitted the people of Europe have been misled.

Part of the plan to build the New World Order is the harmonisation of everything from measures to money. So it was unsurprising that Britain's last, unlamented Labour government planned to go continental, with the kilometre replacing the mile - still seen on all British and American road signs. Now the new Conservative Transport Secretary has put a stop to this politically correct nonsense. One step back for the one-worlders! This story is from The Daily Mail, which provides one of our news tickers.

Famous atheists’ last words before dying. Voltaire: ‘I am abandoned by God and man…I shall go to hell.’ Thomas Paine: 'I would give worlds, if I had them, that the "Age of Reason" had never been published. Oh, God, save me; for I am at the edge of hell alone…’

The west’s near-pathological inversion of truth, reality and justice over a wide range of issues finds such an appalling echo in the inversion of truth, reality and justice by the Islamic world – which means that instead of holding the line against radical Islamism and defending its victims against it, the west is itself playing Little Sir Echo to the jihad. The uproar over Israel’s defence against the Turkish terror flotilla is but the latest appalling demonstration of this western death-wish. OPINION.

Unless and until President Obama gives comprehensive and tangible expression to America’s commitment to Israel– in terms of reliable military assistance, unstinting diplomatic support and wide latitude to act in its self-defense– the forces that have been unleashed by him and others will assuredly translate in due course into war.

What if the U.S. Congress invited a speaker to address the conspiracy issue of 'a secretive global government' -- would that be surprising? The European Parliament did just that. Alan adds: If you want to find out what's happening, follow the money. Timothy Geithner is beavering round the world promoting global banking rules - the shape of things to come as the one world government starts to take shape. It will take the coming gigantic crisis to bring it about, of course.

Want to see those lovely passengers on the ship that was taking "aid" to Gaza? Try They are chanting a song about a Muslim massacre of Jews that happened centuries ago, and how it will happpen again."The army of Mohammed is coming again," they sing. Then the woman says at the end she wants to either get to Gaza or be a martyr.Yet the world is upset that these people were shot trying to beat Israei soldiers to death! Now read a great comment on the situation, from The Jerusalem Connection.

By Alan Franklin. Israel is the only country in the world not accorded the right of self defense. My wife Pat is in northern Israel, where they have been having days of defense drills, siren warnings and so on, at the sound of which toddlers and grandmas alike head for shelters. War looms, as I told our church on Sunday. Islamic aggression is behind it, and the incident with the deliberate provocation off the coast of Israel will hasten it, as the world jumps to condemn the only democracy in the Middle East.

What's going on in the world, where is it all heading - and what is the underlying, spiritual malaise behind it? We're always being asked questions like these - about End Times events; the European Union; if America, like Britain, is also giving up its independence (unfortunately, yes); the financial meltdown, etc. It's all in this book, folks! You can get a copy from our web shop, using Paypal to pay, or direct from us by sending a check. At times like this people really need to know the truth and this book is full of Biblical truth and comment. All the predictions we outlined when we wrote it in 2006 are now coming true. Buy copies for your unsaved friends!

A reader wrote: "I love reading your articles regarding economies, the New World Order, etc, and thoroughly enjoyed your book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. Could you write an article expressing your opinions as to what the scenario would be after the "crash" ?" Here is the start of my reply: I think a situation is arising, part engineered, part the problem of greed and bad government, that will result in paper money fast becoming worthless. That's why gold is going up.

The next phase in the creation of the New World Order is taking shape right now in Europe. The financial crisis, in which a whole slew of countries are either bankrupt or heading that way, starting with Greece and, perhaps, eventually including Britain, is making the nation states of Europe give up even more of their sovereignty. Cheering them on are one-worlders and behind the scenes power-brokers The Trilateral Commission.

On Wednesday, May 26, I am doing a webcast for South West Radio Ministries from Oklahoma, from 5.10 pm Greenwich Meantime, London, 11.10 am in Oklahoma, so you can hear this anywhere in the world via the web. On Friday I am making an hour long broadcast on American Priorities with Bill Federer, going out on 70 radio stations across America-look up times on your local listings. These are exciting times! I plan to talk a lot about the pending world financial collapse, leading to the New World Order, mark of the beast etc etc.

We urge our readers to print out any articles they find helpful, especially the Tables of Truth (top left). The day is coming when this and other truthful websites will be gone, possibly overnight. So keep a hard copy of anything you might need in future. We thank God for the Internet and this website, and for Christian radio. As mainstream media refuses to report the truth on many matters, people like us can still reach out through the Internet. But this door may be slammed shut... We first posted this on March 14,2009, when we paid the Internet fees for the next two years in advance. But there may not BE another two years of freedom!

Here are some immigration laws I our country should adopt: 1. —No special bilingual programs in schools; 2. — All ballots will be in this nation’s language; 3. — All government business will be conducted in our language. 4. — Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here. 5. — Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold-political office. 6. — Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, food stamps, health care etc - Any burden will be deported. 7. — Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage. 8. — If foreigners come here and buy land . . . options will be restricted. 9. — Foreigners may have no protests, no demonstrations, no waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing; These will lead to deportation. 10. — If you come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation. All assets will be taken from you. Too strict? The above laws are the current immigration laws of MEXICO!

The Obama administration's complete disregard for the laws of America became even more breathtaking yesterday as an official of the Obama administration threatened to refuse to accept or deport aliens arrested by state or local agencies in Arizona.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: My dismay at the antics of the Anglican church -C of E and Episcopalians -increased when I read this report in The Times. Although there have been- and are - good men in this church they should clearly come out of it and start supporting a Bible believing fellowship. We need you! They have chosen a lesbian to be a bishop, despite God's repeated warnings about homosexuality and the clear Biblical injunction not to have woman lead churches - or even to speak in church, something I wish more western churches would obey.

People all over America are discussing freedom's future. In short, they are worried. In fact, many are actually talking about State secession. In coffee shops and cafes, and around dining room tables, millions of people are speaking favorably of states breaking away from the union. Not since the turn of the twentieth century have this many people thought (and spoken) this favorably about the prospect of a State (or group of states) exiting the union. In my mind, this is a good thing.

Immigration, illegal and legal, is profoundly affecting societies throughout the west. The face of our nations has been changed beyond anything conceivable to our forebears, who, like us, didn't vote for this and would wonder why they bothered to fight two world wars for "freedom." But is this a topic anyone dare talk about? Not according to the liberal big media and so-called opinion formers. But we'll talk about it. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Don’t worry too much about volcanoes and earthquakes – it’s the coming financial earthquake that will usher in the New World Order. (PS-Revelation tells us we’ll get the earthquakes and natural disasters as well!) All paper money will fail and that's the way we are fast heading, thanks to a worldwide debt mountain. What could set the dominoes crashing could be a summer war in the Middle East, which seems possible. For more on these topics put in the key words on our search engine, top right.

Forty-three years after the Jewish people liberated Jerusalem, Israel's capital has never been under greater assault. But it has also never been more energetically defended by an indignant Jewish people – in Israel and throughout the world.

This is the book Pat and I wished we'd had available when we were young Christians. It tells you all you need to know about the main false faiths and belief systems, from the obvious ones, like Islam, Catholicism, Mormonism and the Jehovah's Witnesses, to fast growing cults like Adventism. We look at Freemasonry and explain why Christians should have no part of it, and examine and critique semi-religious belief systems like so-called global warming and evolution. Much of the text is set out in simple-to-reference Tables of Truth. See our webshop for details.

Alan writes: I am bringing this speech back to the top of our news list, as it is so important. We first printed this a year ago. A courageous Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, delivers a chilling warning of an Islamic Europe. Mr Wilders is Chairman of the Party for Freedom, the Netherlands, and his speech was made at the Four Seasons, New York, introducing an Alliance of Patriots. The speech was sponsored by the Hudson Institute on Sept 28, 2008. Since few in the media would report this speech, we again reprint it here.

The Tea Party in Utah flexed its muscle over the weekend and booted longtime establishment Republican senator, Bob Bennett, from office. Hooray! (Now, Arizona, please do America a favor and show John McCain the door!) Unfortunately, Tea Party activists were unsuccessful in Indiana, as longtime establishment Republican, Dan Coats, defeated the principled patriot, John Hostettler. Boo!

Our federal government is completely out of control. With the encouragement of the executive branch, the Congress continues to spend with reckless abandon. The inevitable result is going to be a runaway hyper-inflation that will destroy our nation's economy. Dr. Reagan is referring to America but Britain and other nations are in similar dire straits. No wonder the price of gold is going up- AF.

Muslims plan a 15 storey development two blocks from ground zero, where Islamic terrorists piloted two planes into the World Trade Center where nearly 2,800 people died when the Twin Towers were brought down. A mosque will be part of the project, set for completion within five years.

I believe there is a conspiracy by elitists within government, Big Business, and academia to surrender America's independence and national sovereignty to a globalist New World Order. I believe the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderbergers are especially culpable in this regard.

Let's admit it: today's Christians, for the most part, are operating in a vacuum of truth and understanding. Without a firm grasp of necessary truth, how can we know what to do, who to believe, or how to act? So writes Chuck Baldwin in a column aimed at US Christians but applicable more widely. I (Alan Franklin) was so concerned at the widespread ignorance of doctrine, false faiths and much else that Pat and I wrote Cults and Isms; True or False? to light a flarepath through the fog of ignorance. It's available via our webshop.

With a worldwide financial crisis – far from over as recent events have demonstrated – Godless governments foisting political correctness onto our societies and Bible prophecy coming true in each day’s headlines, Alan is coming to America from August to bring the latest prophecy updates from round the world. If you want him to speak at your church, now’s the time to book!

The latest Islamic terrorist to try and explode a bomb in the west is following a pattern - potential terrorists get permission to stay in Christian nations by marrying western women. In the aftermath of the botched Times Square bomb plot, Pakistani-born bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad's U.S. citizenship status caused shock - but it shouldn't have. Read the facts here, courtesy of GOPUSA, who supply news items for our top ticker.

ALAN FRANKLIN comments: It's the day after the British General Election and we have a parliament under no overal control - known as a hung parliament. Well, some of them might well deserve to be hung - that was the penalty we used to dish out to traitors. And those, like the odious Gordon Brown, who promised - and then failed to deliver - on a promise to allow British people a vote on whether to give up the nation's independence to the EU are certainly traitors.

Tennessee - one of America's great, Christian states - has done God's will by passing a resolution in support of Israel. Watch Tennessee thrive, for God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse His special land and people.

President Washington declared a National Day of Prayer after the Whiskey Rebellion, as did President John Adams when France threatened war, and President Madison during the War of 1812.

A Christian street preacher has been arrested in Britain and charged with a public-order offence after saying that homosexuality was sinful. Dale Mcalpine was handing out leaflets to shoppers when he told a passer-by and a "gay police community support officer" that, as a Christian, he believed homosexuality was one of a number of sins that go against the word of God. ALAN comments: Perhaps every member of every Bible believing church should now go out into the streets and declare the same. They can't lock us all up!

London has been the world's test bench for a range of tracking gadgets. We have more CCTV than any other city - there are 250 cameras alone within a mile of my house in Hoxton. Again, convenience was at the heart of the sales pitch, this time to the police. Imagine, no more trudging the cold streets. Sit in comfort and watch the crimes unfold. You only need to get out there when there is a problem. And to citizens, the systems are sold by fear. ALAN comments: This report from London shows how every move we make is tracked and monitored. The Big Brother beast system is almost here!

Once-Great Britain staggers towards a General Election this Thursday when some of us - at least half - will turn out and vote. Unfortunately most will vote for one of the "three stooges" running what they like to call "the three main parties." These men would, between them, have trouble running a bath and have managed to avoid discussion of any of the main problems the country is facing. But there are other choices....

Six thousand immigrants arrive in America EVERY DAY. That equates to more than 2 million EVERY YEAR. In many communities in the Southwest, including Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas, Hispanics now comprise a majority of the population. But numbers of illegal aliens are quickly beginning to mount in cities throughout the United States. ALAN adds: the same is true of Britain where as I tour on speaking dates I notice cities swarming with people from far away lands. Many are an asset - but others bring false religions with them - and they are NOT a blessing.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Since 2006 I have been saying we are heading for The Greater Depression. Key those words into our search engine, top right, and you will see some of my earlier thoughts. There seems to me not the slightest chance that politicians are going to tell the truth about the gravity of the situation, which is the same in Britain, America, Greece, Portugal, Spain et al….There is also a set of solutions - read on!

ALAN FRANKLIN comments: As the nations' economies stumble and fall, with sovereign debt defaults the talk of the financial world, what does it all mean? Well, the Euro could only ever work if all the nations of Europe pooled their finances under one authority. How can you have a stable currency when the budgeting is done by lots of different governments? Now the troubles of Greece have spread, with Spain the latest financial basket-case, a solution is on its way which will lead fast towards the one world government and the mark of the beast!

Can any honest, objective citizen not readily recognize that the current central government in Washington, D.C., long ago stopped protecting the God-given rights of free men, and has become a usurper of those rights? Is there the slightest doubt in the heart of any lover of liberty that the biggest threat to our liberties is not to be found in any foreign capital, but in that putrid province by the Potomac?

We are at war. It’s a global war. It extends from Pakistan and Afghanistan to India, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and from there towards Israel and then down to Egypt, Sudan and Somalia, and west to Europe and ultimately to America. It targets Canada and Australia, Honduras and Colombia, and all those who challenge fanatical intolerance and instead advocate freedom. It is a continuation of the ancient war of tyranny against freedom, a war that will endure so long as freedom threatens the power and legitimacy of monarchs and dictators.

The General Election date in Great Britain is Thursday May 6, and three men are vying for the job of Prime Minister. Of these the Liberals' Nick Clegg is the man Christians should most beware of, as he has made it his mission to publicly whip the Israelis for defending their own country while staying mute about Iranian backing for terrorist groups, Tehran’s calls to wipe Israel off the map, and the massive levels of hatred directed at Israel from within the United Nations. The man is worse than wrong-headed, he is a menace to both Israel and Britain as this opinion piece makes clear. This is from The Telegraph, London.

Here's the smoking gun that Obama's opponents have been seeking - more proof that he is NOT a natural-born citizen of the United States - something necessary to be elected President. Along with the evidence that he was born in Kenya , here we see that there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship. ALAN adds: I have seen an interview with the Kenyan ambassador in which he repeats several times that Obama was born in Kenya, prior to moving to Indonesia. So it is clear he in ineligable to be president and should be in jail, not the White House!

This column blows the lid on a database of Americans regarded as potential "enemies of the state" .One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed as potentially suspect. In a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.

Barack Hussein Obama, true to his Muslim heritage and Arab roots, is leading America down the most dangerous foreign policy road in the history of the United States and perhaps all of human history. A path that will have prophetically disastrous consequences for the United States and the world, and one that is setting the stage for a war that was prophesied over two thousand years ago.

A grisly crew of so-called Christians joined with hard left activists and Obama's favorite vote riggers ACORN to march through Washington to oppose regulating America's borders. "Come on in, you're all welcome," was the message, supported by groups ranging from the "National Gay and Lesbian Task Force" (since when has being a pervert been so organised?) to the usual suspects - the useless Episcopalians (headed by a druid, remember) and CodePink, which you can work out for yourselves. Read the story here. AF.

Dalal Mughrabi was a 19 year old female terrorist who led the worst terrorist attack in Israel's history – the Coastal Road Massacre of 1978. Mughrabi and other terrorists from Lebanon landed on the beach south of Haifa, killed American nature photographer Gail Rubin, and hijacked a bus. Ultimately, 38 innocent Israeli civilians, including 13 children, were murdered before Mughrabi was shot. March 11, 2010 marked the 32nd anniversary of this horrendous event, and the Palestinian Authority named a square after Mughrabi in the township of El-Bireh, which is immediately adjacent to Ramallah in Samaria (the West Bank).

In the face of zero supporting evidence, "Tea Party" conservatives, Constitutionalists, pro-life and pro-family Americans, and generally any patriot who disagrees with the Obama administration, are smeared with "hate's" broad brush. ALAN adds: This comment, taken from the GOPUSA site which provides some news items for our top ticker, is an interesting personal opinion on how Christians can disagree with people without "hating" them. It follows on neatly from a comment I posted recently - see below - about how we can still say what we think - provided we do NOT stir up hatred, which defeats the object.

As a general rule, government is the most violent force on the planet. If one wants to get a true perspective on the historical record regarding who or what routinely produces the most violence and death, one should pick up a copy of R. J. Rummel's book, "Death By Government." Since the end of World War II, Communist China and Red Russia lead the pack when it comes to death and brutality; however, the US government has inflicted its share of carnage as well. For example, in Iraq and Afghanistan alone, the government in Washington, D.C., has killed over 800,000 civilians (and this figure is a conservative estimate noting the most credible resources possible).

Obama, the president with a Muslim background who was enrolled as a Muslim when he went to school in Indonesia, has always acted against Israel's interests. His warped ideas are not shared by Congress - three quarters of the members of the House have strongly affirmed support for the only democracy in the Middle East.

I love America and my own prayer, sir, is that God’s judgment will fall quickly on the Obama Administration instead of falling on America because of them. This is not about apartment construction or peace talks, it is about Obama and Clinton showing their true colors and about worthless politicians placating Islamists who hate Jew and Christian alike. Alan writes: This is the work of Jacob Prasch, a member of our church and a great exponent of Biblical truth. Read and learn. Moriel is linked to this website if you want to know more.

The Wall Street Journal reported: "Obama Steps Up Confrontation." It said in part: "The president challenged Republicans who planned to campaign on repealing his health-care bill with, 'Go for it.' Two days later, he made 15 senior appointments without Senate consent, including a union lawyer whose nomination had been blocked by a filibuster. Here's a glimpse into the way Obama circumvents the elected representatives - he has also appointed a horde of so-called czars, many with hair-raising, far-left backgrounds.

Just as I expected, the Obamanation is about to make the American military homosexual-friendly and also to grant amnesty to millions more illegal immigrants. Thus America slides downwards ever faster. I saw this coming when I first became aware of Obama - himself an illegal immigrant in all likelihood - and said I believed he would be the most evil president in American history. His destruction of the nation is now on fast-forward. Here's Chuck Baldwin's take on the situation. AF.

During the Civil War, after issuing his Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln set a National Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer, MARCH 30, 1863, stating: "It is the duty of own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins...with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy...

ALAN writes: When out speaking recently a farmer approached me after the meeting. He said he was about to give up sheep farming as every one of his sheep now needed an electronic passport so their every movement could be tracked. He said it was more trouble than he could face so he was retiring. Such a system may well be on the way for people, bringing the Bible's prophecy about a mark without which we are unable to buy or sell uncomfortably close to reality. This article details an amazing new invention.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: On Wednesday I told a meeting in Andover, Hampshire, that the EU superstate was invented by the Nazis, is wholly evil and a threat to our freedom. I was wearing a Union Jack tie at the time and selling DVDs and books attacking the EU. On Friday, the London-based Daily Express reported :"New EU Gestapo spies on Britons." The Europol intelligence agency has been given a free hand to spy on the lives of people like me, who value their country's independence, hate fascist organisations like the EU and think it is run by lying thieves. Furthermore, I discovered an EU bug in our computers!

All government meddling in our lives is wasteful, inefficient and ultimately destroys our freedom, which is about choice. The British and American governments are now aggregating power to themselves and hiring hundreds of thousands of "public servants" (we wish they were). In Britain 53 per cent of the nation's economy is now socialised in one way or another - a great deadweight on those struggling to make a living in the private sector. This is just Communism-lite - the enemy of Christianity. Here is Chuck's latest comment.

These figures are so nightmarish you wonder why they are not being shouted from the housetops in every US city! This is a report from the National Inflation Association, whose sub-heading is: "Preparing Americans for hyper-inflation." I (Alan Franklin) have been warning for years that when governments print money the end result is that money becomes worthless. Just look at German history and what happened next. Christians know all this is leading to a one-world currency, as we say in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

The decline and fall of once Great Britain is shown in this sad little tale, of how two perverts are getting the police to persecute a Christian woman who didn't want them sharing a bed in her home, where she lets out rooms. Needless to say, the politically correct police, who are generally useless at protecting crime victims, are eagerly investigating the Christian. AF

There's lots of rubbish on what passes for "Christian TV." Beware of false teachers, internet fantasies and deception within and without the church. Here Alan and Pat respond to a reader's queries about everything from antichrist to the Roman Catholic false church. Before believing the latest theory about Jewish or Islamic antichrists - both wrong - check out the Bible! It clearly states his origin. All this and much more is covered in our two latest books, available from this website. Here is our dialogue:

In the original US Census of 1790, the information requested was simply the number of persons in each household and the name of the head of each family. That's it. So when I filled out my census form , the only information I provided was my name (as the head of my household) and the number of people living in my home. The rest of it I left blank.

Barack Obama's congenial, compromising facade has disappeared. What remains, in plain view, is a narcissistic, arrogant and inflexibly ideological man who is determined to cram his socialist agenda down our throats by whatever means necessary -- irrespective of the legality of the procedures he utilizes, the truth of the words he speaks and the will of the people. Alan adds: For all the details on this usurper's illegal occupation of the White House, use our search engine to call up past stories.

A speech in the House of Lords by Dutch politician Geert Wilders should have fired up the people of Europe. But it was scarcely reported - as it was "politically incorrect." Wilders said "I believe that Islam is not compatible with our Western way of life. Islam is a threat to Western values. " Wilders, whose country Holland swarms with Islamics, as do nations throughout Europe, leads The Freedom Party. He concluded: "Islam and freedom, Islam and democracy are not compatible. They are opposite values."

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, and Planned Parenthood are within days of passing an unprecedented government takeover of your health care. And, if they succeed, your tax dollars will pay for abortion - whether you like it or not. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: As we make clear in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, the slaughter of the innocent unborn is bringing a terrible judgement on our nations. Here is a story about how you can help stop taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

Ignorant politicians like American Vice President Joe Biden come and go - and the sooner they go the better. But God's covenant with Israel is everlasting. That means permanent. The church never replaced Israel - they are separate entities. And we are soon coming to the end of the church age and approaching the time when Israel will be the world's number one nation. Unlikely? Not if you know the Bible, every prediction in which has come precisely true. Biden doesn't, which is why he makes a fool of himself and his country in the Middle East. There follows a good commentary from Israel. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Every day, I get a stream of information via the web. Much of it comes from friends and well meaning Christians who have heard my talks or broadcasts. Unfortunately, a high percentage of what comes through is just fantasy. I knock this back to the sender saying: please do NOT circulate things you have not checked. It does our case and cause no good.

If readers are wondering why postings on this site have been scarce recently, the reason is: I’ve been writing for a new book! The title is: The Departure: God's Next Catastrophic Intervention into Earth's History and the theme is the Rapture, which all the writers believe to be imminent. The man behind this is Terry James, one of the world’s leading prophecy experts, best known for Rapture Ready, the world’s top prophecy website, which is linked to ours.

Terry James, who co-hosts the world's biggest Bible prophecy website, believes severe natural disasters are just a few of the indicators pointing towards the rapture - the removal from the earth of true Christians. Another indicator is the development of a worldwide currency. This is a great interview which went out on TV in Arkansas recently. Terry is very reliable and we recommend his site - Alan Franklin.

In what we hope are the dying days of Britain's Socialist misgovernment, the lunacy flows thick and fast, from legal protection for vegans (a nuttier version of vegetarians) to mollycoddling Islamic immigrants. This is a problem wherever the universities have churned out enough lefties to take over all government administration, as they seem to have done in America and Britain, aided by often liberal, secular media organisations like the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. So what's to be done?

Fasting and prayer preceeded the battle when the Colonists made a stand against tyranny after the Boston Tea Party. This is another of Bill Federer's one minute snapshots of religious history. Tomorrow, Monday March 8, I am broadcasting with Bill across America on the American Priorities program from around noon- times vary according to time zone. Check for a station near you - Bill is always worth listening to. ALAN.

Pat and I loved to watch an old British television sitcom called Dad's Army, about the call up of elderly men to defend the home front in the last war. One character, a morose Scotsman, used to forecast: "We're all doomed. Doomed." Well, that's exactly how I see the world economy. If I were not born again I would be a worried man. As it is I see this as the most exciting time in history - especially prophetic history - as the signs of the Lord's soon return mount on all sides. The coming financial meltdown will lead to a one world currency, government - and dictator. ALAN.

Sometimes people wonder why I publish stories about finance on a website dedicated to charting the end times. One reason is that we know that a one world government is coming and that everyone on earth will have to buy and sell using the “mark of the beast” – the 666 symbol that will possibly be an electronic chip. First, cash will crash and paper money will become obsolete – a trend already happening fast.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: I prefer watching Russia Today than the BBC, as it is not so teeth-grindingly arrogant, biased and politically correct. Years ago I got the then-head of the BBC to admit that it advertised for staff mainly in The Guardian, also achingly politically correct and wrong injust about anything it has ever opined about. Here a writer from Euro Realist elaborates on the broadcasting giant that has its own socialist, secular, pro-homosexual, anti-Israel, pro the EU superstate agenda.

A few years ago the European Union, which is not averse to using a bit of propaganda on kids in schools, produced a comic strip in which the EU heroine issued the classic line: “You can laugh now, but wait until you see my amendments.” The whole thing was so ridiculous it was laughed out of production, but the EU is at it again. The "Union" likes to take a leaf from the Goebbels Book of Propaganda Tips.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: When I grew up in Britain there were few Islamics. We made the serious mistake of allowing in millions of people whose allegiance is primarily to the false god "Allah" - the Moon God. Now they are after power and influence. They are mostly young, organised and motivated - in contrast to the average, middle-aged, apathetic Brit. This is a brilliant expose of what they are doing in London - and a warning to the western world. This scenario is likely being repeated in America and all across Europe, where the Islamic population could be around five per cent or more - nobody really knows.

If you saw hordes of young "demonstrators" waving banners about "climate change" at last year's Copenhagen gabfest, you might have wondered how all these innocents could have funded their trip to Denmark. The answer, in many cases, is the British taxpayer paid! Not only has the Socialist government of Brown(and Blair) destroyed Britain beyond any hope of recovery, they have poured billions into spreading the global warming lie around the world. Get the facts here!

Top Chinese military leaders are vowing vengeance on America for selling arms to Taiwan, which Peking claims. Simple - or greedy - westerners who have pumped up China by sourcing so many goods there forget that we are putting ourselves at their mercy - not a quality they are renowned for. Time to buy patriotically and stop funding the enemy! ALAN FRANKLIN

February 23 was the anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Alamo in 1836. For 13 days, 186 patriots withstood Santa Anna's seasoned army of 4,000 troops. The defenders of that mission fort knew they would never leave alive. They had several opportunities to leave and live yet chose to fight and die. How foolish they must look to this generation of spoiled Americans. (Today, of course, the borders of western countries are undefended and foreigners swarm in unchecked!)

Few Americans realise how much land the US Government owns across America, amounting to 60 per cent in Utah's case. The importance of this is that the green lobby, always anti "people," has caused such restrictive regulations to be brought in that you are not even allowed access to much of this land, let alone use its resources. The "one world" plot behind this is to cram the population into cities, where they are easily controlled, leaving the "pristine wilderness" to the critters. AF

The Panama Canal was an asset to "a powerful Christian nation" according to President Taft. This historical perspective from Bill Federer neatly illustrates the wisdom of America's past Christian leaders - and the folly you get when fools and liberals take over.

All of us are aware of the man who flew his private plane into a 7-story office building in Texas. He intentionally crashed into the building to target the IRS offices inside. After carefully reading his manifesto, I am convinced he was neither crazy nor a "terrorist." However, he was angry. Alan adds: Since this was written big media smearmongers have tried to tie Joe Stack into the Tea Party movement. He in fact has NO ties to this grassroots movement which so embarrasses big politics, big media and big business.

About four million U.S. homeowners are 90 days or more delinquent on their loans or in foreclosure proceedings, Moody's says. A federal loan modification program is helping a relative few. On CNBC on Friday, Feb 19, it was stated that mortgages in arrears and foreclosures add up to over 15 per cent of American mortgages holders. That's a frightening figure.

This global financial crisis is a predictable result of secretive central banking and unsound fiat currency. Governments are entirely committed to this system of fiat money and fractional reserve banking for obvious reasons: it enables them to do what they love most, namely, spend hoards of money with near impunity. Without the limitations of sound money, governments will spend without limit. So writes Ron Paul, one of the few men in politics who understands what is going on- basically, the world is going broke.

Big Government and Big Religion have always come together for the purpose of enslaving the masses. This devilish duo killed the Old Testament prophets. They hung Jesus on the cross and persecuted the early church. They murdered masses during the Dark Ages; they managed the Holocaust and their obnoxious offspring are at work today. This criminal cabal has been the bane of genuine faith and personal liberty since the beginning of time.

Bill Federer looks at the Puritan writer who languished in jail for "preaching without a licence." The Church of England - then as now an utter disgrace - took a few leaves from the Catholic playbook by persecuting real Christians. God used John Bunyan's incarceration to inspire him to write Christian works, but the greatest was Pilgrim's Progress.

Beware, Tea Party Nation. You are being infiltrated, compromised and neutered. Stick to your principles. Stick with the Constitution. Keep opposing unconstitutional, preemptive wars. Keep calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve. Keep fighting for lower taxes, reduced federal spending, and states' rights. Keep opposing the Patriot Act and the New World Order. Don't abandon Ron Paul. Be wary of people such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

An investigative committee called American Grand Jury has put out this statement: "We have archived extensive records over the past year which we used in our jury hearings. We now believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen and it is even possible that he may be an illegal alien.We also have records showing the Democratic National Convention fraudulently declared Obama constitutionally eligible while never vetting the “natural born” requirement with the electorate. Read this sensational story and ask: Why is big media not carrying this?

These extracts from an article in Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, focus on the feeble attempts by America to reign in Iran's nuclear ambitions. Clearly, the Islamic hardliners who run the country will laugh at "sanctions." The only "sanction" likely to stop them is a military attack, and that's not as easy as might be imagined, unless America aids Israel. AF.

Have those who voted for Obama elected the biggest fraudster America has ever known? The evidence is stacking up, largely ignored by big media. While he is supposedly a "great orator", why doesn't anyone in Obama's college class remember him? Maybe he never attended class! Maybe he never attended Columbia? He won't allow Colombia to release his records either. Suspicious, isn't it?

Philip J. Berg, the Attorney who filed suit challenging Obama’s lack of qualifications to serve as President, has announced a “Birth Certificate March on Washington” demanding Obama resign as he is “Constitutionally ineligible” to be President. Berg is requesting all US citizens to email, fax or mail a “copy” of their birth certificates to be presented to Obama demanding that Obama resign because he has failed to produce his long form [vault] birth certificate to show he is “constitutionally eligible” to be President.

David Cameron is the wet noodle who "leads" Britain's so-called "Conservative Party," which is conservative in name only. He's another Blair: glib, smarmy, no deep convictions and pervert-friendly. Read and weep for Britain! Remember, this is the man almost certain to be our next prime minister....

The Boys Scouts of America was incorporated FEBRUARY 8, 1910. Sir Robert Baden-Powell began the movement in England two years prior. In the pamphlet "Scouting & Christianity" 1917, Baden-Powell wrote: "Scouting is nothing less than applied Christianity." Alan Franklin adds: I wonder how this squares with the "gay-friendly" Scouts of Canada, from which mothers have pulled their sons in droves! Political correctness destroys everything good: we must fight it!

Ever since the United Nations was created, its interests have dominated the use of US forces. Our military is quickly morphing into the tip of the spear for a burgeoning, global New World Order. To those with eyes to see, the evidence is everywhere. It's not even being hidden anymore.Have you seen that new US Navy television commercial? It boldly proclaims,"The US Navy: A GLOBAL FORCE For Good." (Emphasis added.)

Some folks from our church in England were among 34 who went with Ronnie McCracken* on an amazing two-week mission to Ethiopia in January. They set up one of Ronnie’s famous Cafes – this one was called Café Solomon – and they fed 14,000 people. And, oh my goodness, what they found out there…

The latest report on global warming by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) contained a wildly alarmist, unfounded claim about the melting of Himalayan glaciers. The IPCC, led by its controversial chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, was forced to issue an unprecedented admission: the statement in its 2007 report that Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035 had no scientific basis, and its inclusion in the report reflected a "poor application" of IPCC procedures. Gradually the truth is revealed.....

Happy birthday sweet 16! Now go live in a sewer. This is the fate of many children in the Ukraine. When they are 16 they are turned out of the orphanages to fend for themselves. Ten percent commit suicide. Others become prostitutes to get money for food. Some beg. Read how you can join the labor of love to rescue these kids. This is one Christian mission that is well worth backing!

America's Ship of State is rudderless. As long as we expect someone in Washington, D.C., to fix the problem, we will continue to be lost - adrift in a sea of evil and criminality. To get America's Ship of State back on course, you and I must get back on course. And it starts by being willing to OPEN OUR EYES TO PAINFUL TRUTH. Alan adds: This decline and fall of nations always happens because of spiritual pollution and we set all this out in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this website.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This is something I have spoken on for years: the demise of the petrodollar, which underpins all of America's prosperity. America is fast collapsing, morally and economically, as we outline in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. Here's one writer's take on the situation. I disagree with his conclusion about weaning people off gasoline. The real solution is to drill for the abundant oil in Alaska and ignore greenie extremists.

A coming super internet system will have at its heart a computer marking and numbering system that will electronically link the individual with a central controlling entity whereby all people can be monitored and instantly dealt with as necessary. Bible prophecy foretells this whole diabolist ball of wax will revolve around worship of the beast–Antichrist.

"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson. This is another glimpse into the swamp that is American politics under the Obamanation, the well-known Kenyan conman currently usurping the White House, despite not being eligible to hold office. I repeat: America, like Britain, is fiscally and morally bankrupt. We wrote about it in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from our webshop.

This is an administration that has turned its back on inconvenient victims from Tehran to Tibet to Israel. An administration that has climbed on board the U.N. Human Rights Council, despite its being a tool of Islamic states for defeating rights. And yet the president disingenuously lectured: "America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity."

The end times are here and Bible prophecy tells us that several wars loom in the Middle East. We also know that Iran will join with Russia and others to attack Israel. In Iran, Israel still faces a state enemy whose undisguised preparations for attacking the Jewish State are authentically genocidal, and which may not always remain rational. Aware of this, Israel is not obligated to sit back passively, and simply respond after a nuclear and/or biological attack has already been absorbed.

Now is the time to get our material out to a wider audience. The European Union has come into being as a single legal entity and there is no going back - the die is cast and the superstate could well rapidly put a stop to free speech. Much the same is happening in America and who knows how much longer the web will be home to sites like this? We need to get our books and DVDS out into the hands of active Christians to be passed around and shown to your friends and neighbors. So we are doing a very special price deal until the end of January. Now is the time to buy! Now is the time to get our books into the hands of unsaved loved ones.

Here is an update on our ‘home remedies’ article. We have been sent two new home remedies – one for dermatitis and one for lowering cholesterol. We hope this might help some of our readers. If you know of any others, feel free to email us. We believe that the Lord has put wonderful cures on this earth for many ailments.

Voodoo-ridden, heavily Catholic influenced, rife with crime and corruption, Haiti has little real law enforcement, which partly explains the shambles you are watching on nightly news. Private property rights are nonexistent. Like many (if not most) third world countries, people live in tyranny and bondage to insensitive, power-mad strongmen who use up the country's resources for their own selfish purposes. Tyranny always impoverishes people; freedom enriches them.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Don't jump to too many conclusions based on this report, but oil has been found at an exploratory well near the Dead Sea. This doesn't necessarily mean that Israel will soon have its own oilfields, but it is interesting. Remember, in the past year a major gas field was found off the coast of Haifa which will transform Israel's gas supply situation in the years ahead - see earlier report by keying in "gas field off Haifa" into our search engine.

"Today it is the unborn child; tomorrow it is likely to be the elderly or those who are incurably ill. Who knows but that a little later it may be anyone who has political or moral views that do not fit into the distorted new order. To that question, 'Am I my brother's keeper?' I answer 'Yes.' It is everyone's responsibility to safeguard and preserve life. A child is amember of the human family and deserves care and concern." This is from a doctor who says her profession destroys the life of the innpcent and helpless. No wonder we are under judgement! AF.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: World-wide anti semitism is on the rise, fanned in part by gross media distortion of the situation in Israel. The truth-bender in chief is Britain's own apology for a broadcaster - the BBC, which has long had its own ultra liberal, anti Israel, anti-American, anti-Christian agenda. This repugnant organisation, wrongly assumed to be impartial, is caught out in its truth-bending in this analysis of a recent documentary which purported to be a fair "report." In fact one distortion followed another. Read, and learn how British viewers' compulsory licence fee money is spent.

The number of natural disasters around the world has increased by more than four times in the last 20 years, according to a report released by the British charity Oxfam. These are the birth pangs immediately prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. Matthew 24:7 "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places." The Bible tells us exactly what to expect next as we explain in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from our webshop.

We can survive hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, looters and thugs, blackouts, and even Muslim terrorists. What we cannot survive - at least not without great cost and effort - is tyranny at the hands of our own government. In this regard, our greatest threat is not foreign terrorists or natural disasters; our greatest threat is Washington, D.C.

"If we...neglect religious instruction and authority; violate the rules of eternal justice, trifle with the injunctions of morality, and recklessly destroy the constitution which holds us together, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity." Wise words from Daniel Webster.

Time to throw a few snowballs at the global warming lunatics. Sorry, "climate change" enthusiasts - that phrase covers them both ways. Meet the man - one of the experts behind government policies - who said a few years back that today's children "won't know what snow is." As our son tried to dig his car out of drifts around his house in England this week, we reflected on this wisdom. The truth is, a mini-ice age is on its way. Stock up on thermals....and warm yourself with this story from The Daily Mail, London.

This is my response to a reader who asked about investing in these troubled times. The point I really want to make is this: we should manage our affairs with care, but ultimately only giving our lives to and trusting the Lord is worth doing. Even gold can be confiscated! Above all, spread the word while there is yet time, for darkness is about to fall on the world. Daily news items convince me our time is almost up, but for Christians this is good news as it means the Lord is coming back soon!

I think we need to face it: 2010 is more than a new year; it is also part of a new era in which all vestiges of normalcy and common sense have been left behind. In other words, it is a madhouse out there. Let me give you some examples of what I'm talking about.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Here's someone with almost as much pessimism as me about the US and world economy! The writer grasps that the true rate of unemployment in the US is nearer 20 per cent than ten - his tally is 17.3. That's almost one in five out of work. I have no reason to think Britain and other nations are any different; governments always present phony figures. In 2006 I wrote in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain about the coming foreclosure tragedy. That has only just started. Get the book to find out where else we are headed!

U.S. and NATO forces are involved in a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban because they provided bases to al-Qaeda to attack New York and Washington. So Israel has a right to defend itself against a regime that not only harbors al-Qaeda affiliates, but directly attacks. If the West does not recognize the Taliban, it should apply the same rules to Hamas. The expansion of al-Qaeda-affiliated Jihadi groups in Gaza has diplomatic implications. Dr. Dore Gold writes (from Arutz-7)

Instead of allowing a politically correct culture to sully the memory of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson, all Americans should hold them in a place of highest honor and respect. Anything less is a disservice to history and a disgrace to the principles of truth and integrity.

In 2010, weapons of mass destruction that were developed after the unprecedented Iraq war, will probably determine the fate of at least two Middle East countries and that of a mini-state: Iran and its nuclear program, Lebanon and Hezbollah, and the Gaza Palestinian Strip mini-state. It is expected that events will unfold in a dramatic way that could be much more catastrophic and destructive than all the previous wars that hit the region throughout the past 50 years. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: This is a secular analysis of the next events to occur around Israel. Remember, however, that to really know what happens you need to look to the Bible!

This funny item - nevertheless true- comes from one of the newsletters I get, Whiskey and Gunpowder, a great investment guide from Agora Financial. This secular but well informed letter is a great counterweight to the big media journos, most of whom I wouldn't trust to tell me the right time. Don't expect the full story from big media, which is why much of it is fast becoming bankrupt. AF.

Britain and the other 26 countries of the EU now form a single superstate, a revived Roman Empire as predicted by the Prophet Daniel 2,500 years ago. Of course, most of the 500 million prisoners of the evil new institution are unaware that their fate is sealed, that they are citizens of what is destined to be the most evil state in the world's history. Here a leading Irish academic, Anthony Coughlan, sets out the full, chilling facts on how we are now utterly subservient to Brussels. ALAN FRANKLIN.

It was the West's obsession with appeasement that set the world on course for the cataclysm of World War II. Kow-towing to Islamic murderers, as the Israeli leadership does when it pretends that it can make "peace" with them, is leading the Middle East down the same path. Thugs and murderers have to be beaten, not treated as if they were normal politicians. This superb comment is from Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post, which provides our Middle East news ticker.

This article from The Daily Mail, which provides our main news ticker and is one paper which stands up for free speech and commonsense in Britain, shows how far Europe has gone in its genuflection to Islamics, against whom no criticism can be uttered. They, of course, can fill the streets and scream hate at those they oppose. Unless this is changed quickly there will be a terrible backlash as the worm turns. Watch for this happening all over Europe. I am not advocating violence; this is just a warning of what I see coming. A.F.

These are extraordinary times. We face daunting challenges for which there are no known answers. Chief among them are Islamic anti-Semitism and the global jihad that pose enormous, unanticipated threats to Jews around the world. AF adds: This is how a Jewish writer in Boston sees the threat to Jews and what can be done to counter it.

Both Albert Gore's green propaganda film and a British conference are based on an understanding that the science of "global warming" is settled. It isn't. But, in the meantime, the environmental bandwagon rolls on, and no self-respecting politician wants to be left without a seat. What about the 18,000 scientists who signed a petition saying there is no such thing as man-made global warming? Well, what do they know.....(!)

Extreme environmentalism has become the new socialism, an excuse for dictatorial rule to limit consumption and justify highly centralized government power “to save humanity.” Below is a list of quotes from leading leftists. There were brains behind it all, the old socialists looking for a new justification for government takeover of the economy, for a “planned” economy which they would plan and manage. Man-made global warming became the substitute agenda for Leftists who had been discredited by Reaganomics and the collapse of communism.

The road to the North American integration was paved with a promise of economic prosperity. The global financial meltdown has slowed the progress, but the goal is the same. Originally, a single North American currency was proposed for economic unity. With the impending demise of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, a new North American currency is inevitable—regardless of public opinion. In fact, the circumstances have been orchestrated to such a degree that a new currency will probably be demanded by the citizenry to replace the hyper-inflated dollar.

For spendthrift governments around the world, the new year's going to bring massive defaults. The new globalization may be the globalization of a second wave of financial crises. The world economy is not convalescing. It's just been pumped full of unaffordable medicines. ALAN FRANKLIN comments: This opinion piece is from the New York Post, where this writer has seen through the financial flimflam that passes for policy today. A huge crash is fast approaching and nothing can stop it ,as we have been saying for four years.

One of the great campaigners against the vile EU superstate, which has now sucked Britain into its maw, is Derek Bennett, editor of The Euro Realist, linked to this website. This is part of his comment from the latest edition…In 2010 the invisible rulers of the EU finally get their hands on great chunks of power and we will begin to see some drastic changes, sadly none for the better.

The United States of America is the only nation established by Christian people, upon Biblical principles, and dedicated to the purpose of religious liberty. This truth is easily observed within America's earliest history. America's forebears first established a written covenant with God as early as November 11, 1620, when they penned The Mayflower Compact.

“World government is coming because the leaders of the West have given up. They no longer care about democracy, they no longer care about the truth about the climate,” says British politician Christopher Monckton. “They are willing to go along with this world government because they see roles for themselves in that world government in exactly the same way as the leaders of the EU did.” AF adds: The EU became a superstate with one set of laws, one parliament and, largely, one currency on December 1, 2009. The regions of the one-world government are being set up before your eyes- or those with eyes to see!

The part played at Copenhagen by all the tree-huggers, abetted by the BBC and their media allies, was to keep hysteria over warming at fever pitch while the politicians haggled over the real prize, to keep the Kyoto system in place. ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This is the work of Christopher Booker, one of the few journalists with the brains to see that global warming is utter nonsense- even the Copenhagen clowns were almost snowed in!

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Having warned of the coming Greater Depression for about four years, I was interested in this selection of predictions from a secular source: it ties in exactly with what I think will happen. Basically, printing money will lead to a complete collapse of America, Britain and most of the rest of the world. The debt can never be repaid, governments are broke and the chicken will shortly flap back to the roost. 2010 will be the year that Bernanke, Geithner and the Obamanation will be seen to have destroyed America. We said it all in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, still highly relevant!

Internet censorship bills currently working their way into law in the UK, Australia and the U.S. legislate for government powers to restrict and filter any website deemed undesirable. ALAN FRANKLIN comments: Freedom is fast slipping away. Be warned, be watchful and get the facts while we are still able to get them out - our books and DVDS are full of things you should know! A special offer on them is on this website. From August 2010 I am touring America and welcome speaking date inquiries.

Ben Bernanke is a dubious choice to be named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine. While Time’s Managing Editor Richard Stengel credits him with recognizing early and reacting appropriately to the ongoing financial crisis, in reality, he was wrong time and again with both his predictions and his remedies. Just remember these gems:

Pat and I have just recorded three half hour programs on Cults and Isms: True or False? with Dr. Larry Spargimino of South West Radio Ministries of Oklahoma City. The programs center on our book and will be broadcast in the New Year. One of the chapters is about spiritism, psychic fairs, channelling and the New Age Movement. I say on air that this is a growing and widespread problem. No sooner had we finished the recording than I spotted this report, confirming what I had just said! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Here just a couple of the 100 facts to arm global warming sceptics with some ammunition. Warmer periods of the earth's history came around 800 years before rises in CO2 level . After World War II there was a huge surge in recorded CO2 emissions but global temperatures fell for four decades after 1940. And so on...fact after fact. Perhaps someone should tell the politicians and climate loonies with big funds to back their "campaigning"?

As dark days approach and a big crisis could hit tomorrow, Chuck Baldwin gives his ideas on how to survive catastrophe. Our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain - available from this website - sets out clearly how our nations are falling apart and why - spiritual decline. You need to be spiritually and physically equipped for the desperate times that lie ahead, including my forecast coming Greater Depression. AF.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: When I was a newspaper editor I relied on information coming in to me. Now Pat and I run this website, broadcast and write books we are still dependent on information. One of those who has fed me news stories for years is Christina Speight, a doughty lady of 84 who has finally decided to "retire," although I'll believe it if it happens. Since 1996 Christina has been compiling news about the evil EU superstate, the state of our nation and much else. Here is her farewell message.

Polls show three-quarters of the American people are extremely angry with the government right now. The old media, which are lobbying for some sort of bailout, will continue trying to cover it up. Having not only endorsed the concept of anthropogenic global warming, but attacked skeptics as subhuman, it is impossible for many to admit they were wrong. Science and technology, though, have already provided alternate avenues of information dissemination. The unwillingness of the old media to report one of the most important stories of this young century is evidence they deserve to fail. AF adds: This article, from an investment newsletter I get, is excellent and tells the truth about climate non-change and the prostitution of the press.

Because the last vestiges of our freedom are fast vanishing we repeatedly urge people to get our books and DVDS while there is yet time, before the PC police - the same people who follow mums home when they tell their children off in supermarkets - come after us. If you think we are fearmongering, read this compendium of the facts - it makes your hair stand on end.

We must understand what radical Islam is, what it's not, and how it turns American (and British)-born Muslims into jihadist time bombs. The problem is not simply that in radical Islam our countries face a well-entrenched domestic enemy, but that our governments show no sign of understanding this reality, let alone a willingness to confront it. Radical Islam is less a religious movement than a revolutionary ideology akin to totalitarian creeds like Nazism and Communism. It seeks religious legitimacy by embracing violent, reactionary, and obscurantist sharia doctrine - along with extremist interpretations of Islam, such as Wahhabism and Salafism - but it is quintessentially totalitarian.

The shyster mentality behind the phony "global warming" fiction, on which the world's leaders are presently planning our future, is illustrated in this brilliant comment by one of the few journalists who has demolished the climate-change myth in big media. The other scandal, even bigger than the con-job behind the global warming scam, is that the world's press continue to pump out uncritical "climate change" propaganda without a word about the thousands of scientists stating it is all untrue - just key in non-global warming on our search engine to find out more- Alan Franklin. PS - We have a chapter on this in our new book on the Cults and Isms.

Thanks to liberal judges everywhere, virtually everyone has heard of the "separation of church and state." But what about "separation of mosque and state?" American writer and speaker Bill Federer, a man who in our opinion should be president, writes a brilliant essay on the Fort Hood massacre and the Islamic mindset that caused it. Read and be warned - and wake up those who falsely claim "we all pray to the same god"! (See our latest book on Cults and Isms for full details.)

Britain's Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, has warned that Europe is bound to meet the same fate as ancient Greece due to its failure to have children. "Parenthood involves massive sacrifice: of money, attention, time and emotional energy," he said. "Where today, in European culture with its consumerism and its instant gratification 'because you're worth it,' in that culture, where will you find space for the concept of sacrifice for the sake of generations not yet born?" ALAN FRANKLIN ends the article with a critical look at claims about Muslim demographics.

We woke up in a different country today. Alright, it doesn’t look very different. The trees still seem black against the winter sun; the motorways continue to jam inexplicably; commuters carry on avoiding eye contact. But Britain is no longer a sovereign nation. At midnight last night, we ceased to be an independent state, bound by international treaties to other independent states, and became instead a subordinate unit within a European state. This brilliant summary is from one of the few politicians with his brain switched on - Daniel Hannan.

Nothing that the druid-led so-called Church of England does surprises me, but God watches and takes note. A main reason why Britain is in such a mess is that spiritually it is leaderless, because of prostitutes in the pulpits. This story shows a typical incident on a day in the life of the latter day Laodiceans at one church, where anti-Israel Jews (imagine!) are holding some kind of sham carol service (praising who, exactly?). ALAN FRANKLIN.

‘Based on my knowledge and experience I can say this: During Operation Cast Lead the Israeli Defence Force did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.’ Those are the words of Col Richard Kemp, speaking at the United Nations. Col. Kemp is a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, served with Nato and the U.N., commanded troops in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Macedonia, participated in the Gulf War and worked on international terrorism for the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee.

Can any good come out of an apostate church that has a Druid as its head? We have an article on this website headed: Church of England- time to come out of it. The so-called C of E is not so much a church as a public disgrace, with its namby pamby attitudes, homosexual priests, false doctrine and love affair with Catholicism. Now some "Canon" in Reading has refused to publicise my meeting there on Saturday as I criticise the Kenyan Conman, proponent of Islam, abortion and same sex marriages and opponent of Israel. Here is what Jacob Prasch, one of the world's great preachers, has to say on the subject.

The global warming movement has crashed, along with its holier-than-thou "only we can save the world" aura of empirical certitude. Down with the ship went the last semblance of unblinking, unthinking willingness to submit to draconian, Procrustean "cap and trade" legislation against fossil fuels. So writes Byron King in an investment newsletter called Outstanding Investments, which I get. The more perceptive folk in the business and scientific worlds now realise that the whole idea of man-made climate change is ridiculous and based on a web of lies. This comment is good! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Someone has passed on to us a Church of England (Anglican - Episcopal) prayer book and we were shocked by what we found inside. To read some of their gross errors click on READ MORE. Meanwhile, we have a great offer on our books and DVDS until the end of the month. Time to help us get the truth out while there is yet time!

This double DVD set, taken from a teaching day at a church in Sussex, tells you all you need to know about everything from the fast forming EU superstate, the coming New World Order, Bible prophecy in the news, the future of Israel, false religions and much, much more. This is the latest edition of the Watchman on The Wall series, available from our shop on this website.

A civil court case in Israel in which Israeli Christians are suing the chief rabbi of Beersheva has been delayed until the spring after clerical staff went on strike. Also being sued is the anti-Christian ultra Orthodox Jewish organization Yad L’Achim. The case is being brought by a Christian congregation following an illegal, violent demonstration which broke up one of their services.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Anyone who thinks the financial crisis is over is not paying attention. The present feeble recovery is based on debt and cannot last. The Greater Depression is still on its way, as I have been saying since we wrote Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain in summer, 2006. The reasons for this are spiritual - the cause of all the world's ills. Copies of the book are on sale on this website and will fill in all the gaps for you.

At this rate, Copenhagen (the climate change conmen's convention) is going to turn into a comedy convention with the real world laughing at these liars. Now is the time to mount massive resistance to the petty tyrants and hit them where it hurts – in the wallet. Further down the line there may be, in many countries, a question of criminal prosecution of anybody who has falsified data to secure funds and impose potentially disastrous fiscal restraints on the world in deference to a massive hoax. It’s a new world out there, Al Gore and, as you may have noticed, the climate is very cold indeed. This is from The Telegraph, London.

Here it is: the smoking gun that reveals that global warming is a big fat lie! Here is how the Wall Street Journal covers this developing scandal. We now have hundreds of emails that give every appearance of testifying to concerted and coordinated efforts by leading climatologists to fit the data to their conclusions while attempting to silence and discredit their critics. In the department of inconvenient truths, this one surely deserves a closer look by the media, the U.S. Congress and other investigative bodies.

Britain's former top money man wants an inquiry into the "manipulation" of global (non) warming figures. Lord Lawson - an ex Chancellor of The Exchequer- says we need the truth before more policy decisions are made. He also plans a think tank to look at claims about climate change. Alan adds: Whatever the truth - and I think global warming is a fairy tale - the green juggernaut will roll on, aided by propagandists in the media. Our latest book, Cults and Isms: True or False? has a chapter exposing the big green lie machine. You can buy it from our webshop.

The world's greatest modern scam, global (non) warming, now known as climate change as it is actually getting colder, is gradually being exposed. This story from the Telegraph, London, reveals how the figures are fiddled. Remember, future industrial policy for the world is based on the lie of climate change!

Because Ford Hood gunman Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a Muslim, did the politically correct nincompoops in charge gave him a pass? He had tried to contact people associated with al Qaeda; numerous classmates had reported his anti-American views, which, according to a column written by Dennis Prager, "included his giving a presentation that justified suicide bombing and telling classmates that Islamic law trumped the U.S. Constitution"; and Hasan had a history of pro-Islamic, anti-American activity. Which begs the question: how could such an individual not only be allowed in the US military, but also be allowed to advance to the rank of Major?

This is the greatest scandal of our time, unreported by most big media which is more interested in PC propaganda than the truth. Now that it has been revealed that the world's leading eco-loonies are untruthful, to put it mildly, are we going to put a stop to all the carbon cap and trading nonsense which is bankrupting firms all over the western world? Remember, false green scares are driving us fast towards global government, which is why this story is so important. We have a chapter in our latest book on the big green lie machine. Time to get a copy and get the whole truth! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Well, Europe's new leader isn't Tony B. Liar - not yet, anyway. Instead the secretive eurocrats chose a Belgian nonentity. But there is more to Mr Van Rompuy - that's the guy's name - than at first appears. He told a meeting of one-world advocates the Bilderberg Group that there should be Europe-wide taxes. That will happen as the superstate gets more and more centralised power. He also wants EU symbols to replace national flags.....the New World Order is fast taking shape. To find out more of what's going on get our books and DVDs - they are on special offer until the year's end. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The underlying (global) debt burden is greater than it was after the Second World War. Ageing populations will make it harder to erode debt through growth. "High public debt looks entirely unsustainable in the long run. We have almost reached a point of no return for government debt." So says one of the world's leading banks. I agree, writes Alan Franklin. We are moving fast towards a total economic collapse and a one world government. The End Times approach- get our books and DVDS for the full story!

Creation of a North American Union has long been the goal of the elitists at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and sister organizations. This objective is so far along now that anyone who would question it simply isn't paying attention--or has an ulterior motive for denying it. Chuck Baldwin looks at this sinister development - plus reveals US troops are wearing the colors of the United Nations.

ALAN FRANKLIN COMMENTS: As a writer for 45 years I usually feel the way the wind blows. It is blowing hard in the direction of killing the inconvenient. A slew of TV programs extolling the joys of euthanasia is preparing the ground for governments like those in the US and Britain, unable to meet their commitments, pushing for the elderly to be "helped on to a better place. It's unkind to watch them suffer." Once legalised killing comes into force watch it fast extended to take in the disabled - a Nazi-style law is coming in! Now read this report from the London Daily Telegraph on how some lawyers, peers and ex-judges with moral standards are fighting back.

A British member of the House of Lords, Lord Stoddart of Swindon, has fired a broadside at the Hampshire Police, following revelations about a young mother followed home by an off duty police officer, who reported her for telling her own children off in public and suggesting they might receive a smack, if their disruptive behaviour in a supermarket did not improve. The officer followed her home and subsequently reported her to the local council. ALAN FRANKLIN comments: This cretinous behaviour should result in this officer's immediate sacking from the force!

America's national leaders from both parties are shortsighted opportunists with little regard for their oaths to the US Constitution, the principles of decency, or even plain commonsense. Both major parties in Washington, D.C., offer the American people varying degrees of socialism.

Let’s think of all the things the (British) Conservative Party might want to apologise for. Privatising the railways, joining the Common Market, loading the police with paperwork, devastating the Armed Forces with cuts, introducing the GCSE, flattening half of British industry by accident in the early Eighties, ..I could go on. But no. What it has said sorry for is something called ‘Section 28’, which stopped local authorities from promoting homosexuality in schools. This is Peter Hitchens' brilliant comment. AF adds - this is also the reason I would NEVER vote Conservative!

The global warming scam - just one huge con-trick, as you can see by keying in "global warming - or non warming" into our search engine on this page, is being used to scare people into accepting global government. Any scare will do. Once the penny drops that the earth is actually cooling we will once more hear the hype about "the new ice age," last talked of in the mid 1980s. There are so many straws in the wind I could write all night, but much of it is in our books. Here are my predictions on what happens next (writing not as a prophet, but as someone who can feel the way the wind blows!)

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Since 2006 I have been predicting an economic collapse - but I don't think we have seen the worst of it yet. Sure, shares are soaring, but so is gold - and that's a sign the world is wary of all this mad spending and money printing by desperate politicians. You are seeing an artificial bubble, the result of far too much money being borrowed and wasted by governments, especially those in Britain and the USA. Anything government does it does badly. All this is hastening the soon to emerge one world government, as prophesied in Revelation!

Open Europe's Stephen Booth argues: "While the UK government pushes ahead with new ways to stockpile our personal data and watch us at every street corner, the European Union is quietly getting on with establishing its very own Europe-wide version of the surveillance state. Once The Lisbon Treaty is finally ratified, it will be full steam ahead. Plans are already underway for a fledgling EU 'Home Office' which has been dubbed the committee on internal security. It will decide how national police, border, immigration and criminal justice authorities should deal with cross-border issues throughout the EU."

After observing Obama on the campaign trail and during his first ten months in office, we have concluded that our President lives and governs according to his own set of “Ten Commandments.” They’re certainly NOT the Ten Commandments you learned in Sunday School. In fact, many are the direct opposite! To prove that our conclusions are correct, you will find a link to source documentation for each commandment on the Patriot Update web site.

Russia has provoked outrage in Poland by simulating an air and sea attack on the country during military exercises. The Russian bear is back - and snarling!

When I have to deal with US Customs and Border Patrol they make sure every letter of the law is adhered to. So why is Obama being allowed to get away without producing his birth certificate? This legal foundation is trying to force him to do what every other person dealing with US authorities has to do - produce original documents! See the story big media is trying to keep off the airwaves! ALAN FRANKLIN

Here is more strong evidence that the Obamanation is not legally holding the office of president. Websites often carry false reports. However, this comes from the Associated Press and was published in 2004, when Obama was running for the Senate. It clearly states Obama to be Kenyan-born, thereby disqualifying him from being president. Read the story and look up the links for yourselves, then pass this on. This is vital news! You can help us pay our bills and keep this website running by buying our books and DVDs, all of which are non-profit making.

Deep in the South Atlantic Ocean, just off the Falklands Islands, lies an estimated 60 billion barrels of untapped oil. That’s so much oil that The Times dubbed these British islands “the new Kuwait”, if it can be brought on tap. Many years ago I had a strong impression that the Falkland Islands would feature big in future oil production. I bought- and forgot about- shares in Desire Petroleum, run then by the man who had a big role in finding Britain's North Sea oil. Now it seems that Desire and other companies may come good- and the implications are enormous. AF.

A Polish man told me today that he would love to get back to his home country, as Britain, where he works, is in such a mess. It is literally a mess, as you see from the time you touch down at filthy, third-world style Heathrow Airport, and is in a spiritual, economic and moral mess as a stroll along any high street will confirm. Just don't stroll at night if you want to survive in one piece. What is the cause of all this?

If "Teflon Tony" Blair becomes president of the EU when the new superstate's constitution is finally ratified, it would be regarded in Britain as a hostile act, says Tory William Hague. Hague, one of the brightest of the incoming Conservative government set to take office next year when the Socialist deadbeats finally get kicked out, marked the cards of EU ambassadors in London. As Blair was instrumental in wrecking once-Great Britain, why would be want him as our new, unelected leader? ALAN FRANKLIN

A maverick British mayor elected after promising to slash council spending, clear the streets of yobs and ditch politically correct services is the torchbearer for how towns should be run. On his first morning as Mayor of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, Peter Davies cut his salary from £73,000 to £30,000, then closed the council’s newspaper for "peddling politics on the rates". The story gets better and shows that taxpayers need not have to keep forking out huge sums for politically correct rubbish.

The controversial Lisbon Treaty, the constitution of the superstate of Europe which will take over from 27 individual nations' governments, is set to become law within weeks after the Czech Republic's eurosceptic president conceded his attempt to challenge it was futile. This means goodbye to freedom across Europe as the EU, with its own police, army, judges, foreign minister, embassies and one soon-to-be-all- powerful leader takes over. You have been warned! ALAN FRANKLIN

Here is some more ‘home remedy’ advice for our readers. The spice turmeric, which gives a cheerful orange tint to rice and other dishes, might prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and might slow down the rate of damage for those who already have the disease.

In the freezing foothills of Montana, a distinctly bitter blast of revolution hangs in the air. And while the residents of the icy city of Missoula can stave off the -10C chill with thermals and fires, there may be no easy remedy for the wintry snap's repercussions. The temperature has shattered a 36-year record. Further into the heartlands of America, the city of Billings registered -12C on Sunday, breaking the 1959 barrier of -5C.

We have patiently endured the erosion of our freedoms and liberties. We have watched the federal government become an overbearing and meddlesome Nanny State that pokes its nose and sticks its fingers in virtually everything we do. We cannot drive a car, buy a gun, or even flush a toilet without Big Brother's permission. We are taxed, regulated, and snooped-on from the time we are born to the day we die. And then after we are dead, we are taxed again. This is a cry for freedom - and action to defend it - from Chuck Baldwin.

Obama, who has done more damage to America in nine months than even Jimmy Carter achieved, spends much of his time destroying the economy and denigrating the Christian majority which elected him and is almost certainly an illegal office-holder, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! How can the world take such a person seriously when he is so obviously a con-merchant? Because big-media isn't doing its job. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Muslims are not in Europe or America to co-exist. The plan is a takeover, after everyone else has been browbeaten into silence. Then those who survive outside their false faith would become "dhimmis" - fifth class citizens of the Caliphate they are hoping to set up. If you think I exaggerate, read this story about how some impudent Islamic arrived here and started laying down the law to Christians! You can help fight this outrage. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The only country in the 27 nation European Union to allow its citizens a vote on the EU constitution - Ireland - has caved in and allowed this vile empire to be formed before the world's eyes. The future base of Antichrist is taking shape rapidly, with Tony Blair favorite to be its first head. Pat and I are astonished that sport seems to arouse more passion in the men of this continent, whose nation states have been removed from their limp grasp, without them even noticing! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been revealed to have a Jewish family background! His vitriolic attacks on the Jewish world hide an astonishing secret, evidence uncovered by The Daily Telegraph shows. The man who has vowed to wipe Israel off the map sprang from a Jewish family originally called Sabourjian – a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver.

Beware of date-setters! The Bible makes it clear we will not know the date of the Lord's return, but we DO know the signs of those times- and they are now all around us! This brings forth the psychics and sensation-seekers, none of whom have a credible track record, unlike the Bible's 100 per ccent accurate prophets. Here's a Christian's take on end times nonsense.

Although the comfortable, sports-crazed, TV addicts probably aren't paying attention, America is on the verge of an implosion like you cannot believe. For anyone who cares to notice, the signs are everywhere. First of all, Israel and Iran are on the verge of war which could break out at any time. And when it does, the chances that it will not become nuclear and not become global are miniscule. And that's not all...We are being judged, as this brilliant article by Chuck Baldwin makes clear.

The sun is setting on the US dollar as the ultra-loose monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve forces China and the vibrant economies of the emerging world to forge a new global currency order, according to a new report by HSBC (The London-based worldwide bank, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation).

LIKE NORMAN PODHORETZ, I am often asked by non-Jewish conservatives why American Jews cling so tenaciously to the left and vote so consistently for Democrats, and like him I believe the answer to that question is theological: Liberalism has superseded Judaism as the religion of most American Jews.This is taken from The Jerusalem Connection.

As nations like Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands have become more secular, they have demonstrated a willingness to embrace virtually anything – anything except their traditional Christian foundations. They now repudiate those foundations, promoting abortion, legalizing homosexual marriage, and changing their traditional legal codes. Accepting the falsehood that all beliefs are equal and that truth is relative, they have even been willing to incorporate Islamic Sharia law into their legal codes.This has energized many Muslims and they are displaying a new boldness. Today, 50,000 are expected on Capital Hill. It's time for Christians to pray!

As the costs and ever tighter restrictions on civil liberties which the European Union imposes are understood, more and more British people are waking up and saying: Heh, we want a vote on this. But they may be too late to save the country's independence.

"The power to tax is the power to destroy," wrote John Marshall, 4th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who was born SEPTEMBER 24, 1755. He also said: "The American population is entirely Christian, and with us Christianity and Religion are identified. " This was when great men ruled and judged in America. Now, of course, we have the Obamanation who goes round the world claiming that "America is not a Christian nation."

Obama is fast turning his love of Islam and opposition to Israel into dangerous action at the United Nations, where he plans to take the astonishing step of serving as chairman of the UN Security Council. His next step, it is thought, will be to target Israel's main earthly defence- its 200 nuclear weapons. But the danger is to America, the nation he demeans at every opportunity. For God curses those who curse Israel and America is already under judgement....ALAN FRANKLIN

A new and swanky European Union headquarters is being planned in Brussels at a cost of £280million. Named the Residence Palace, it will contain the no doubt sumptuous offices of the first President of the EU, as well as of its first Foreign Minister.The man who hopes to become President of Europe is none other thanTony Blair. This brilliant article from London's Daily Mail, which provides our news ticker, shows how the people of Europe have no say in whether their countries are effectively abolished. How astounding that so few people realise what is going on!

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: When I first saw Obama I said he would be the most evil president in US history. He is also probably the first illegal alien to be elected, as he is almost certainly born overseas, with foreign nationality. So he is illegally holding the office of president while pouring out legislation which will destroy America. Imagine having an "anti-American" US president, for that is what he is! Now he could face judgement day, fror he is at last to be forced to produce his birth certificate. Watch him squirm to avoid the truth!

The proposed EU Equal Treatment Directive has the potential to be used as an instrument of cultural genocide. Its provisions are likely to restrict Christian freedoms to the extent that, in certain cases, we would be silenced and prevented from providing goods or services to the public without violating our consciences, particularly if required to promote other religions or the practice of homosexuality.

The housing crash has tipped 15m US home owners into negative equity. Foreclosures in the USA reached 358,000 in August alone. More Americans are being evicted each month than during the entire Depression year of 1932. Variants of the bubble occurred across the Anglosphere, Scandinavia, Holland, Club Med, and east Europe. Defaults will hit with a lag in Europe, but hit they will. The IMF expects global banks to lose $2.5 trillion by next year. So far they have confessed to $1 trillion.This is a report from The Daily Telegraph, London, which shows the world is still in deep crisis.

Just as George W. Bush was willing to betray conservatives and Christians in order to achieve global unification, so, too, Barack Obama is willing to betray union workers and America's tradesmen in order to accomplish the same agenda. ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This is Chuck Baldwin's update on the shadowy moves to create the North American Union, which now goes under a different name but still threatens US sovereignty - and Canada and Mexico's!

Questions still surround the recent ad ventures of the Arctic Sea, a Panama-flagged Russian cargo ship purportedly seized by pirates -- or maybe by Israeli special forces. Yet the story still teaches an important lesson about stopping the sale of weapons to rogue nations like Iran. International agreements, so loved by President Obama`s inner circle, aren`t enough to stop such arms deliveries. That requires the use of all available means -- including some clandestine and even violent acts.

Should Israel fall due to lack of US support, we "infidel Americans" will have to take our place on the front line, waging a battle against the encroaching world-wide Jihad that is rapidly advancing within our own borders. This is the zero hour. This is a message to Obama from Unity Coalition for Israel.

Forces could combine to send the dollar into freefall. US inflation would then soar and interest rates would have to be jacked up. Even if a fast-collapsing dollar is avoided, Fed rates may have to rise quickly if China is serious about dollar-divesting and the US has to sell its debt elsewhere. Under both scenarios, the world's largest economy could get caught in the stagflation trap – recession and high inflation.

Pat and I are touring America, showing what’s happening and how Bible prophecy is coming true before your eyes as the Revived Roman Empire prepares to rule the world. We are back in the States from February onwards, making DVDSs and doing talks. Our start will be in St. Louis and we will then be based in Tennessee, but if clusters of churches in other nearby states would like to see my presentations please e-mail me at this website.

The European Union, Europe's sinister yet idiotic superstate, has a great new Big Brother plan. All cars in Europe, yes, ALL cars,will be fitted with a tracking device so that in the event of a crash the European Emergency phone number will be dialed. At present, if there is a crash in Britain our own police are well able to take care of it. This would put a new authority in place above them, as well as being an excuse to monitor our every journey! I show examples of this in my talks and will speak at any church on the coming New World Order! ALAN FRANKLIN.

One of the best of Britain's Members of the European Parliament, the directly elected representatives to the European Union, is Daniel Hannan. Daniel always makes sense and we were pleased to carry his column in the business newspaper we published. Here he gives some hope that Britain may yet get a vote on whether to go into the fully fledged superstate, with its own constitution. As yet we still have a small degree of freedom left - and our own currency. AF.

Without the freedom and liberty protected by a 200-year history of constitutional government, all those anti-America, anti-Constitution, and anti-Founding Fathers critics out there could not even exist! As God gives the atheist the breath he uses to blaspheme his Creator, so, too, the Constitution protects the right of America-haters to foment their delirium.

If readers want to see what happens to a country when it suffers 12 years of Socialism, wanton spending and a million extra drones employed by public bodies, take a look at this report on the sorry state of once great Britain. Britain has a less stable economy than Montenegro or Peru, as a result of the mountain of government debt raised to bail out the banks, according to the World Economic Forum. This report is from The Daily Telegraph, London.

Obama, the President who bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, is still going out of his way to grovel to Muslims, whose faith decrees that Christians and Jews be killed or subjugated! (See and print out our Table of Truth on Islam - also get our new book, Cults and Isms: True or False?) here is how he waxed lyrical over Ramadan.

I was e-mailed by a man who said that Obama was right to "reach out" to Moslems. Sounds reasonable, right? Not in the way he does it! Here is an e-mail, also received today, which shows that our "reaching out" is far from reciprocated. Instead, you face death for proclaiming Christ in the Islamic countries whose fellow Moslems demand "equal rights" in the west and claim such "rights" aggressively. Read and pray for these Christians under persecution- and wake up, America and Britain! ALAN FRANKLIN.

As the New World Order takes shape, Governments are clamping down on all aspects of individual liberty. Home Schooling is a top target, as it gives parents a chance to opt their children out from Government brainwashing. Two European countries have banned it and more will follow. Britain's anti-Christian government usually restricts Christian activity at every opportunity (remember that next time someone tells you Tony Blair is wonderful!) AF

"Obamacare," the moniker given to the potential government takeover of the entire medical industry, is hardly characteristic of "healthcare" at all. Indeed, it would be far better termed as "health control." The regular mention of it as a benign "alternative" means of delivering medical services, ostensibly for those who have no other avenue for treatment, is a flagrant example of "sheep's clothing," behind which a wolf awaits. This article is taken from GOPUSA which provides some news items for our top ticker.

The evil EU Superstate - the joining of 27 previously independent countries into a Revived Roman Empire, as predicted in the Book of Daniel, moves on apace, with every kind of deceit and skullduggery imaginable. This story refers to the Lisbon Treaty, the document which launches the EU as one legal entity with a constitution, supreme court, government and one supreme leader. You know what follows from Bible prophecy - and by getting our books! ALAN FRANKLIN

We have seen quite a show since Barack Obama became president. Because the country was facing "crisis" after "crisis," Obama and co were more than happy to inject government into the private operations of banks, the auto industry, and energy sector. But, of course, that's not enough. Now with the latest cybersecurity bill making its way through Congress, Obama will not only have control over General Motors but could also have control over the Internet.

As the Obamanation gets going with ever more ludicrous policies, many aimed at "green" energy, here's a look at how Britain - far ahead down the green road to destruction - faces power blackouts as we try and depend on stupidities like wind power. Great when there's a gale....Read and weep for the nations that elect people with idealogy but no common sense. America, this is what YOU face! AF.

Life in the superstate of Europe - The European Union- should give clear warning of what is in store for America as we move on fast forward towards the New World Order. Myriads of new regulations, all aimed at giving central government control of every aspect of our lives and businesses, spew forth daily from the EU machine. Here is a story that shows how the costs of insurance are set to rocket - all because of new EU regulations. Read and be warned. ALAN FRANKLIN

The established church has always persecuted true Christians. The Church of England put John Bunyan, writer of Pilgrim's Progress, in jail for 14 years in total for preaching the Gospel. In this they followed a long tradition of the Catholic Church which specialised in burning at the stake anyone who dared to challenge their false doctrine or get the Bible into the hands of the ordinary people. Here Bill Federer gives a snapshot of Bunyan.

Those who think we can return to the status quo ante of the credit bubble as if nothing has happened are delusional. As almost every central banker in Jackson Hole reminded us over the weekend, it is going to be a very long hard slog. Alan Franklin adds: I have long been forecasting the coming Greater Depression. I said it in 2006 and I say it again. This crash is far from finished.

I wrote a column questioning why it was necessary for our federal government to be constructing internment camps all over America. (It's on this website- key in wordearch at our search facility, top right) Needless to say, the response was overwhelming. Even more interesting is the fact that the web link to the National Guard Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of "Internment/Resettlement Specialist" that I included in my column was removed shortly after the column was published. Was this a coincidence? More on the sinister plans of the coming New World Order in the column inside.

The incredible cost to Britain- and other countries - of membership of the corrupt EU superstate, which trails red tape round our every activity, is set out in these news snippets. Americans should read, learn and beware: they are about to try the same on you!

The Wall Street Journal just published a shocking editorial written by a respected University President, confirming the Obama Administration is now using VA hospitals to order doctors to pressure all military veterans to sign "pull the plug" do-not-resuscitate orders, hastening their premature deaths through mandatory "end of life" counseling. Alan adds: Euthanasia is thecoming trend and already you can see the spin doctors selling the concept in both Britain and the US.

America's Christian heritage is both rich and deep. What most historians and educators refuse to acknowledge, our forebears understood clearly: it was mostly Christians and churches that formed and shaped the new land that became known as the United States of America.

On a day when no storms were forecast, Lutherans gathered for a convention in Minneapolis to vote in favor of homosexual relationships. They voted at 2 pm. At that precise minute, out of the blue, a tornado ripped into downtown for the first time in decades. It ripped down tents erected for the convention - and smashed the cross off the top of the Lutheran steeple nearby, on a church erected in 1929 and previously undamaged. I spent hours confirming this story from many different sources and it is true. God is not mocked! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Britain is the second biggest financial contributor to the vile EU superstate, which takes our money - £257 a year from every home in Britain- and bosses us around. Now the EU, about to become a single political superstate, just as they always said it wouldn't, is grabbing 60 per cent more of our money! Does anyone care, or even notice? I do- and you should, too! Remember, it was Tony Blair who gave up the financial concessions negotiated by Margaret Thatcher, and started this downward spiral. ALAN FRANKLIN.

According to Shariah, Islamic religious law, the purpose of jihad is to bring about the triumph of Islam over the entire world. Shariah commands that the faithful must use violence where possible to advance that objective, and non-violent means where not. By failing to recognize this justification and catalyst for the threat we face, Mr. Obama and his administration effectively foreclose the possibility of countering it effectively. Worse yet, in their understandable desire not to give gratuitous offense to Muslims, the U.S. government has repeatedly deferred to those who are most easily and most vocally offended.

The EU Superstate, which binds all 27 nations in the European Union into one legal entity with its own constitution, will soon be signed. Just a few patriots are fighting this in a few countries. Most of the 500 million people who live in the EU are only dimly aware - if that - that their countries are giving up what remains of their independence. That's the background to this story, which is worth persevering with. AF.

Many customers of British bank Lloyds are being charged up £200 a month if they go into the red - while Muslims who use the bank are only being charged £15. The part-nationalised bank has been accused of religious discrimination over the disparity between overdraft charges on its standard current account and its Islamic account. AF adds: This is typical of what we have come to in Europe, where appeasement towards Islam is the order of the day. Instead, all false religions should be challenged and exposed!

Some people we know are enthusing about the merits of 'activated charcoal', a substance you can buy at health food shops or pharmacies. They claim it is a cure for diverticulitis and other digestive disorders. We are not medics, but we think it is important to pass this information on just in case it might help someone out there. If you have stomach problems, ask your pharmacist if it might help you. We have long suspected that God put simple things on earth with curative properties, and we believe we have found a few. For a few other home cures, read on.

Certainly we should care about who sits on the US S CT bench. However, the time has come in our Confederate Republic (the USA) to acknowledge that the power to govern ourselves justly and constitutionally is in the hands of the people of the several states of America--NOT in the hands of the branches of federal government.

For 300,000 miles on horseback, from the Atlantic to the Appalachians, from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, for 45 years he spread the gospel. This was Francis Asbury, Methodist Circuit riding preacher who was born AUGUST 20, 1745. This is Bill Federer's report on a great man of God. How he would grieve at what the Methodist church has turned into today! AF

Obama hired three firms of lawyers- not just three lawyers- and has spent almost 1.5 million Dollars fighting to keep his birth certificate secret. If that's not a sign of guilt I don't know what is. I suspect he is the first illegal alien to be "elected president." Not only should he not be in the White House, he should probably be deported! Big media refuse to do anything - they love the Kenyan Conman. But you can do something right now! AF

One of the benefits of having been a Chief Reporter for ten years then an editor and publisher for 21, is that I covered a lot of criminal courts and interviewed a lot of shysters. I know the type. So when Tony B. Liar smoothed his way into office in Britain, helped by his homosexual spin doctor Mandelson, known in Britain as "the Prince of Darkness," I knew immediately that a master manipulator had been elected. Something nasty was behind the smarmy smile, as Christians soon discovered. Obama is exactly the same.

The Internet is abuzz with news about the construction of internment camps all across America. Of course, "mainstream" media outlets refuse to touch the subject; or if they do, they pooh-pooh the story; they do what Glenn Beck recently did: try to debunk the story as fallacious and impugn people who speak of it as "conspiracy nuts."

Many prominent German scientists have publicly declared their dissent from man-made global warming fears in an Open Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The signers of the letter include several United Nations IPCC scientists.The scientists declared that global warming has become a “pseudo religion” and they noted that rising CO2 has “had no measurable effect” on temperatures. Australia's former Prime Minister has also joined the battle for truth!

Sarah Palin of Alaska was the second governor (Phil Bredesen of Tennessee is the other one) to sign into effect a State Sovereignty Resolution. (See ). These Sovereignty-type bills, resolutions and laws are a rightful response that the majority of the States in the Union are expressing against the usurping powers of the federal government.

Muslim immigration is changing Europe's population, with huge percentages of the younger populations of immigrant origin. Europe's Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys' names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza. Alan Franklin notes; The figures are not easy to verify and percentages vary, but there is no doubt mosques are opening throughout Europe at a fast rate.

Unlike banks, most people who have made poor decisions about borrowing and spending cannot "write down" their losses and move on to the next whirligig of self-indulgence. They are stuck with obligations – credit cards, personal loans and mortgages – unless they decide to go bust and abandon their homes. Even then, not all of the pain goes away; it simply shifts to a new phase of discomfort, as any bankrupt will tell you. This is Jeff Randall in the Telegraph injecting some reality into the economic debate. The crisis is far from over round the world!

In Florida, federaL district judge Casey Rodgers has filed criminal charges against high school principal Frank Lay and his athletic director, Robert Freeman. Their crime: praying. Their possible sentence: jail. Another slice of life in Obama's new paradise of politically correct America.

Seven Christians in Pakistan have been burnt alive, including three women and two children, when their houses were set on fire during attacks by Muslim demonstrators.

BRUSSELS - The European Union's population is set to reach the 500 million mark in 2009, new figures from Eurostat, the bloc's statistics agency, show. Most of the growth is fuelled by immigration, a high percentage from Africa and Asia.

"The sign which convinces me that our Lord is hastening the end of the world is the preaching of the Gospel recently in so many lands." This was how Christopher Columbus revealed his motivation for setting sail on his first voyage AUGUST 3, 1492, with the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria.

When most commentators look at threats to Israel they focus on Islamic states. Yet none of these states could threaten Israel without Russian technology, which the Russians happily sell to them. Ezekiel the prophet forecast a Russian-led invasion (Magog) into Israel. There Russia, Iran and other nations will see their armies destroyed by God alone on the mountains of Israel. How do I know this will happen? Because unlike every other attempt at prophecy, the Bible's prophecies are 100 per cent accurate! ALAN FRANKLIN.

One again, the White House spokesman stonewalls and attempts to laugh off attempts to get serious answers about Obama's eligability to be president. The Kenyan Conman clearly has much to hide. What is not hidden is the utter idiocy and uselessness of big media, whose so-called reporters at this briefing could only snigger at the claims against Obama.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Pat and I just said farewell to our son in law Michael, daughter Annie and grandaughter Rachel, now back home in northern Israel. Annie is planning new curtains for their apartment. A few miles away in Lebanon, Hizbullah - a proxy of Iran -is planning to kill as many Jews as possible. This is how Israelis have to live, under constant threat of death.

Alan Franklin writes: Pat and I will be in Pennsylvania on September 17, 18 and 19, speaking at the East Coast Prophecy Conference at Willow Valley. Our latest book, "Cults and Isms; True or False?" will be available. Meanwhile read Bill Federer's report of the man who set up the state.

In our church on Sunday we were told of two Christian preachers in Manchester who were warned by police for reading from the Bible in public. This was in Manchester, England, where Islamics, homosexuals and others are allowed to speak freely on the streets and say anything they please. Yet there is a collective grovel by the police when anything Islamic is concerned. This story is from The Daily Mail, which supplies one of our our news tickers on this site. AF

The Lisbon Treaty is a boring sounding name for the most important legislation in the world today. It's the legal framework for creating an EU superstate, to replace 27 currently independent nation states and setting the scene for the coming empire of the Antichrist. Some politicians in Europe don't think its a great idea to give up their independence to the new European Soviet. Here are some of their stories...ALAN FRANKLIN.

We get a steady stream of readers/viewers e-mailing us after reading our books or watching DVDS. Here's a message we got today: Hi Alan & Pat, Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your book & dvd's. What I enjoyed most was the incredibly Good News interspersed with the incredibly bad. Let's hope many people read it & believe before it's too late. Maranatha! Sharon. Sharon's got the message - we now need more like her! Here's news of our latest book.

It was delightfully appropriate that, as large parts of Argentina were swept by severe blizzards last week, on a scale never experienced before, the city of Nashville, Tennessee, should have enjoyed the coolest July 21 in its history, breaking a record established in 1877. Appropriate, because Nashville is the home of Al Gore, the man who for 20 years has been predicting that we should all by now be in the grip of runaway global warming.

If the likes of Warren and Gumbel - and much of the rest of the "religious world" - think Blair's interfaith efforts are great, be sure you are watching The Great Whore Church forming before your eyes. This article is packed with information all wide-awake Christians need to know. Beware of end times deception! Alan Franklin.

The New York Times says that those who deny climate change commit treason against the planet! Imagine, disputing the unproven science of man-made global warming makes us criminals. They further state we are immoral, irresponsible, and ignorant to not heed all the warnings. Jan Markell tells the truth Big Media like the PC Times likes to distort. Global warming is the biggest con since, er...the Kenyan Conman got elected.

Obama is a fraud, a man not entitled by birth to run for office. Due to the sloth and corruption of big media, this fact has been kept from most of the world. Now Obama, who has spent hundreds of thousands of Dollars on three law firms to fight efforts to make him produce his birth certificate (in itself a sign of guilt!) has signed an executive order meaning he doesn't have to obey the law! The Obama dictatorship is shown here in its true, evil light. ALAN FRANKLIN.

There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable. And let it come! I repeat it, Sir, let it come!" Stirring words from Patrick Henry's famous speech, "Give me liberty or give me death!" Are you prepared to stand up for liberty? If you don't it will soon be taken away. Time for Christians and patriots to wake up! AF.

The "New World Order" is fast coming together as the world falls apart. Now 50 heads of state have said this is what they want, following a long line of one-worlders from Henry Kissinger to the Bush ex-presidents. Business circles are abuzz with suggestions of a new world currency, and a one-world government will quickly follow. So will Antichrist! There aren't straws in the wind - there are haybales! Our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, and my DVDS, all available from our webshop, tell the whole story. AF.

The Scopes Monkey Trial ended JULY 21, 1925. John Scopes, a Tennessee High school biology teacher, was found guilty and fined for teaching a controversial theory of origins called "evolution." A tooth presented as proof of humans evolving from apes was later found to be that of an extinct pig!

Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the US, and Japan are in varying states of fiscal ruin, and those tipping into demographic decline (unlike young Ireland) have an underlying cancer that is even more deadly. The West cannot support its gold-plated state structures from an aging workforce and depleted tax base. This is Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's article from The Daily Telegraph, London, showing that what is now happening in Ireland could well be the pattern for our future. It looks bad!

Winston Churchill stated before the House of Commons on June 18, 1940: "I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization..." He was right. Unfortunately, all the Nazis' plans for a united Europe with one government and one currency have now come to pass in the EU superstate!

By now, most Americans are familiar with the horrific murder of a Pensacola, Florida, couple by the name of Byrd and Melanie Billings. They were the parents of 17 children, 13 of whom were adopted--most of whom had disabilities. This case hits home with me, because they lived in my hometown of Pensacola.

This was written almost four years ago by my friend from New England who, for the sake of his wife and family, we will call "Patriot." Since the destruction of the USA is still going on, perhaps it is time to look at it again, as we race against time to expose the treason in high places under the banner of World Government, and the hands-on direction of the CFR, or Council of Foreign Relations, and the White House. Patriot provides much information for our website and also contributed to our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. Get a copy from our webshop. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Barack Hussein Obama, also known as The Kenyan Conman, received nearly eighty percent of the US Jewish vote and still garners strong approval among America’s Jews. In contrast, only six percent of Jewish Israelis support Obama. This comment piece looks at the astonishing fact that the rabidly pro Islamic Obama is loved by American Jews. Talk about the turkeys who voted for Christmas...

The problem in America today is that we have allowed our political leaders to violate their oaths of office and to ignore--and blatantly disobey--the "supreme Law of the Land," the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, if we truly believe Romans Chapter 13, we will insist and demand that our civil magistrates submit to the U.S. Constitution.

When I (Alan Franklin) speak at teaching days one of my main themes is the coming Russian invasion of the Middle East. If you want to know what happens next- read the Bible! Also read this excellent article on one of the next major end times events. Our Prophetic Witness DVD, available from this website, contains my take on coming events in the Middle East, as defined by Bible prophecy.

Around the world the BBC - I call it the Biased Broadcasting Organisation - pumps out propaganda disguised as news and current events. Never does a "nature program" get aired without references to "evolution". No alternate view is allowed. Creationists do not get a look-in, yet evolutionists are allowed countless hours to promote their flawed ideas. It's time for change, to quote the Kenyan Conman.

The Continental Congress voted to import Bibles from Scotland or Holland into different parts of the Union, stating: "The use of the Bible is so universal and its importance so was resolved accordingly to direct said Committee of Commerce to import 20,000 copies of the Bible."

When it comes to Iran, it has become increasingly apparent that President Obama wants the mullahs to win. What you need to know is that Barack Obama is a wolf in “pragmatist” clothing: Beneath the easy smile and above-it-all manner — the “neutral” doing his best to weigh competing claims — is a radical leftist wedded to a Manichean vision that depicts American imperialism as the primary evil in the world.

Alan Franklin writes: Here's a story we doubt your local TV station copvered! Once more the book of Revelation is coming to life before our eyes, with Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev holding up his idea of a future world currency coin, labelled "United Future World Currency." Those who have read our books and bought my DVDs will know that we are fast heading for a one world government, a one world currency - and the mark of the beast. World dictatorship is round the corner, just as Revelation predicted 2000 years ago.

Too few of my parliamentary colleagues have woken up to the enormity of the debt crisis that follows hot on the heels from the economic downturn. Yet the seriousness of what will follow cannot be long denied. Alan Franklin writes: This is Conservative MP Mark Field's intelligent take on how far down the plughole we have slipped. I have warned of the coming Greater Depression since three years ago and wish I had been proved wrong. The worst is yet to come!

My friend, LCDR (Retired) Guy Cunningham delivered an outstanding address here in Pensacola, saying that America is in "The Age of Perfidy." He said our country is soon to enter "The Age of Despotism." I confess I believe the retired Naval officer could be more right than we might want to admit.

With Iran's hard-line mullahs and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps back in control, Israel's decision on whether to use military force against Tehran's nuclear weapons program is more urgent than ever. This is John Bolton's analysis of the most serious threat to Israel and all other "infidels" -the Mad Mullahs' nukes program.

In 1820 the first missionaries, led by Hiram Bingham, arrived in Hawaii from New England. They created a written language and translated the Bible. Hawaii's Motto, "The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness," was first uttered by Queen Ke'opuolani in 1825 as she was baptized into the Christian faith.

The Washington Times online reported that Pastor Rick Warren told the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA,) that he envisions "a coalition of faith." Whether Pastor Warren knows it, this is just another term for the coming one-world religion outlined in Revelation 13. It is further outlined in Revelation 17. This is Jan Markell's response to Warren, the man leading much of the Christian world astray with poor teaching and big bucks advertising. End times deception! AF.

There are two kinds of fire in Israel’s future. One will be the nuclear fire that they inflict upon those who come to take the Land. The other will be the Lord’s fire, as He heats them in a smelting process that will make them pure gold.

In Ripon, Wisconsin, anti-slavery activists met on February 28, 1854, then held their first State Convention in Jackson, Michigan, JULY 6, 1854. They named their party Republican, with the chief plank being "to prohibit...those twin relics of barbarism: polygamy and slavery."

By characterizing its demand that Israel prohibit Jews from building homes in Israel`s capital city and its heartland as a legal requirement, the Obama administration portrays Israel as an international outlaw. After all, if building homes for Jews is a crime, and Israel is not prohibiting Jews from building homes, then Israel is at best guilty of enabling a crime to take place, and at worst, it is a criminal state. AF adds: Obama is therefore doomed, as America will be if it follows his policy. God curses those who curse Israel.....

This story from the Daily Mail provides a shocking picture of a young, white schoolboy being converted to Islam by a cleric linked to a radical Muslim hate preacher. The bewildered 11-year-old, who gives his name as Sean was filmed repeating Arabic chants and swearing allegiance to Allah. Alan Franklin adds: It is unsurprising that the bewildered, ill-educated and uninformed young people of the west are looking for certainties. That's why Pat and I have just written a book exposing false faiths like Islam - to arm people with the facts.

The global warming tide is shifting against Al Gore and the "climate change " fantasy artists and, before too long, their creed will be consigned to the dustbin of history as yet another of those mad obsessions that periodically grip the masses. This is why Obama and his cronies want to ram climate change laws through Congress before America latches on to the fact that it is a lot of unscientific, dangerous nonsense which could further impoverish our society.

Britain's national debt will quadruple to peaks only ever seen in the wake of the Second World War unless the Government takes drastic steps to address the pensions and ageing crisis, credit agency Standard & Poor's has warned. Alan Franklin adds: I just drove down our local High Street where there is fancy dress shop called Giggles. There's not going to be much to giggle about shortly. Time to get serious, turn off the TV and join a sound church.

Yet more proposals for linking databases together across Europe, so every move we make is logged and monitored, plus stories of how the EU is wrecking the fishing grounds and much else from across Europe this week.

Few people in the EU superstate are aware that, if a warrant for their arrest is issued in any of the 27 EU countries they can be arrested by their own nation's police and shipped out to face trial, even if the evidence against them is fabricated or nonsensical, as it often has been in Greece (where they arrested British planespotters on espionage charges!). This can be so even if the alleged offence is not an offence under their own national law. Here's an interesting test case.

MILLIONS of British workers could see their pensions slashed by up to 20 per cent in a devastating new round of meddling by Brussels. AF adds: this is what they have been doing for years- meddling and wasting our money. America, of course, will face similar interference as the North American Union comes into being.

When a question regarding Obama's eligibility to be President under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution (he was not born in the US and is not eligible to be president) was posed at a White House press conference, White House mouthpiece Roberts Gibbs smirked derisively and issued two false statements. To make matters worse, when Gibbs made his factually inaccurate assertions, members of the liberal elitist media... instead of pressing Gibbs on his outrageous statements... openly laughed. This is the state of big media today. But you can do something about it!

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison has been on a pilgrimage to Mecca. A spokesman for Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman, first claimed that he paid for the pilgrimage himself. Later it was reported that the Muslim American Society paid for the trip, which MAS spokesman Mahdi Bray heatedly denied, describing the report as a "myth" and "urban legend" that couldn't possibly be true because "that would be a breach of congressional ethics." Bray's denial, however, quietly became inoperative. The truth is now out- read on.

The first formal "Father's Day" was celebrated JUNE 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington.

Sixty-one years after the birth of the State of Israel, the Jewish state continues to be assailed by its enemies. From the halls of the United Nations to the classrooms of major universities and in the pressrooms of major newspapers and magazines, attacks on the legitimacy of every move by Israel -- and even of the state`s existence itself -- continue to be made.

The world is cooling, crops are failing yet we ignore the facts and try to ward off (non) Global Warming! King Canute’s courtiers urged him to stop the tides but he knew well that nature would do what it had to do and man is powerless in comparison. But then Canute was a wise ruler. Such wise rulers seem in short supply today. Alan adds: Pat and I are working on a book on false faiths- and global warming is in the book!

The story of King Richard the Lionheart, his brother John and how English barons forced him to give up absolute power- the foundation stone of modern democracy round the world. It happened on this day in 1215, not far from where Alan and Pat Franklin live in England.

Thousands of letters are on their way to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu from member groups and their constituents associated with the Unity Coalition for Israel. They offer the pressured Israeli leader a strong message of support as they speak out for a beleaguered Israel.

The major media "anointed" of President Barack Obama.Make no mistake about it: in the minds of the major media, Obama was not inaugurated; he was canonized. No pope, king, or potentate of history received the coronation that Barack Obama received. To the liberals who dominate the news media and entertainment industry in this country, Obama is not a President: he is a god. AF adds: another great column from Chuck-of course, Obama is a false god, an imposter and all round bad egg.

The European Union is stepping up efforts to build an enhanced pan-European system of security and surveillance which critics have described as “dangerously authoritarian”. Civil liberties groups say the proposals would create an EU ID card register, internet surveillance systems, satellite surveillance, automated exit-entry border systems operated by machines reading biometrics and risk profiling systems.

With the past three months, President Barack Obama has initiated volcanic policies that will produce an enormous sea change in America’s relationship with Israel and the Muslim world. This article looks at the consequences. I (Alan Franklin) would add that if America follows its lunatic new leader into abandoning Israel, it is finished in every way. God's judgement on it will become increasingly severe. Goodbye America - get our book and see what is really going on!

Israelis are told to disguise themselves when traveling abroad - not to speak Hebrew in public or wear garments that reveal their Jewish origins. On the other hand, Arabs who frequent Jewish cities and towns in Israel wear their traditional Arab headgear without fear of being attacked or harassed.In fact, Mr. President, the average Israeli is "humiliated and harassed" far more times a day than the average Palestinian Arab.

Neil Kinnock, the ridiculous windbag who used to lead Britain's Labor (Labour) Party- the Socialists - is not as daft as he looks. He and his wife Glenys could have cleaned up £7 million between them in EU salaries and perks. Furthermore, Mrs. Kinnock clocked up 127,465 air miles in one year on publicly funded 'fact-finding' missions for the European Parliament. She now "retires" on a pension of £66,000 a year. Do they still believe in the redistribution of wealth? Alan Franklin

Withholding taxes from people's paychecks began on JUNE 9, 1943. Congress passed it as an emergency measure to get money to fight Hitler. This Bill Federer article shows how the Government extended its reach right into your paychecks, before you had even received them! Once in, its hand was never removed.....

As nonsensical and revolting as much of Obama's speech in Egypt was, the most dangerous statement was one that all but a small portion of themainstream media bothered to report. The sinister statement is as follows: "Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners to it." (

The "not the president"Obama has been dodging every request to prove that he was born in the United States, as he claims, and not in Africa, as the evidence indicates. In fact, he's spent nearly $900,000. in legal fees for, among other things, fighting efforts to prove he is not legally president. Help expose the Kenyan Conman, who we have always predicted will be the worst, most evil president in USA history. No wonder he wants to clamp down on the internet, the only place where the truth can be told!

People today don't realise that God is still in the judging business. Judgement may be delayed, but it will come. It is happening today on America and Britain and will happen more and more as we move further into the end times. This amazing story by Bill Federer tells what happens when a city on the island of Jamaica became famous for wickedness. Read more about why judgement falls in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

With his trademark humility, President Obama noted in his speech this morning that "change cannot happen overnight" and that one speech in Cairo -- even delivered by him -- will not bring about world peace. Oh, snap! But if world peace is attained by complimenting those on the other side into submission, he made some serious progress. Obama really buttered them up in Cairo.

JUNE 5, 1967, the Six-Day War began. Egypt sent 80,000 troops and 900 tanks to attack Israel. Jordan and Syria, with Soviet weapons, violently shelled Jerusalem and Israeli villages. Cairo radio announced: "The hour has come in which we shall destroy Israel."

Rocketing unemployment, crashing economies and the far right on the rise. Sound like the 1930s? That's where we're heading! Today is EU election day and voters are so sick of the big parties that they will vote for any alternative. I vote UKIP, which has the right idea of getting us out of the superstate, but other parties are less palatable.

"It's never a good sign when you want to borrow money and your potential lender laughs in your face. But that's exactly what happened to U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on his recent trip to China. " This is how Investor's Business Daily revealed that the financial standing of America has become a bad joke. Most of the dozy press didn't carry this revealing development, reported by Reuters. Read the truth here- and find out what's really happening from our books and DVDs, on our web shop. Our book predicted all this and more!

The Sunday Times reports that British MEPs are spending more than £100,000 a year on "fact-finding missions" to long-haul tourist destinations, from the Seychelles to Jamaica. On one trip, David Martin, the Scottish MEP, and Giles Chichester, former leader of the Conservative MEPs, were invited to watch La Traviata at Sydney Opera House before a dinner in Sydney harbour aboard a luxury catamaran. Nice to know they spend your taxes wisely. Note there were no fact finding missions to North Korea.

Yes, grandma and her son, Syeed Obama, are off to Mecca for the Hajj, as all Muslims are expected to do. Odd that she said she was a Christian. But then, truth is what you want it to be in the Obama family! AF.

"Don't Give Up The Ship!" commanded 31-year-old Captain James Lawrence, as he lay wounded on the deck of the U.S.S. Chesapeake.

Illegal immigration is one of America's most serious problems (And Europe's too- AF), The toll exacted by illegals is incalculable. Billions of dollars are required to service the tens of millions of illegals already in the USA, not to mention the hundreds of thousands that are continuing to sneak across our borders. Think of the cost in lives. Illegal immigrants murder more Americans every year than have been killed in Iraq since the war began.

Dear readers, we ask you today to pray for our friend Peggy, who is in great pain and in hospital in Oklahoma City. Peggy is the wife of Dr Bob Glaze, General Manager of South West Radio Church (SWRC), a fine ministry which daily broadcasts the prophetic word across America.

Opening a session of the 80th Congress on July 3, 1947, Peter Marshall prayed: "God of our Fathers...may it be ever understood that our Liberty is under God the extent that America honors Thee, wilt Thou bless America."

I’m horrified by reports this morning that in his June 4th speech in Cairo, President Obama will say it is time to divide Jerusalem and make the holy city the capital of a Palestinian state. No, Mr. President, it is not. In this article Joel Rosenberg spells out why America and other nations are pointing the way to disaster by meddling in things they do not understand. When Obama directs the US against God's chosen people, he is sealing his fate and that of the country he leads.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Wars and rumors of wars are signs of the end times. I write as North Korea has just tested a nuke - and doubtless plans to use it in anger if it can. All end time focus centers on Israel, however, home to our daughter, son in law and grandaughter. They rest easy in their beds for God's hand of protection is on His special place on earth, a land destined to be the world's greatest nation, according to Bible prophecy. But first war looms in the region. Here's what one top prophecy expert thinks:

ALAN FRANKLIN writes. As a Christian journalist I hate lies. I also believe the media is failing in its duty to hold the Obamanation accountable for the fantastic lies he tells. The fact that he is occupying the White House without having proved he is eligible to do so speaks volumes. Don't expect the big media to tell you this - they are worse than Pravda in the days of Soviet Russia. This article spells it out.

Massive government borrowing and money printing have global investors stampeding for the exits: The U.S. dollar is plunging ... yields are surging ... gold and silver are on a rampage. ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This is how investment advisor Martin Weiss starts his latest newsletter, which we reprint below. I agree and have been saying the same for several years. The crunch is coming and there will be NO recovery, for America and Britain are being judged. Expect things to get worse, fast.

Some commentators are predicting hyperinflation as suffered by Weimar Germany in 1923, when a wheelbarrow full of paper money could barely buy a loaf of bread. An April 29 editorial in the San Francisco Examiner warned:“With an unprecedented deficit that’s approaching $2 trillion, [the President’s 2010] budget proposal is a surefire prescription for hyperinflation. So every senator and representative who votes for this monster $3.6 trillion budget will be endorsing a spending spree that could very well turn America into the next Weimar Republic.”1

The American Red Cross was organized MAY 21, 1881, by Clara Barton, a schoolteacher who had moved to Washington at the outbreak of the Civil War.

We live in an era of 'historical and constitutional illiteracy.' Most Americans, I am convinced, know very little about world history or American history, and the lessons entailed therein. Alan Franklin adds: This ignorance, deliberately built into the school systems of America, Britain and other countries, produces politically correct but ignorant young people who know no history, geography or much else. They will be easily exploited by the coming world dictatorship. Read this warning article!

A lot of readers e-mail me every day, and I try and reply to all as time permits. Here’s a sample of recent e-mails, with surnames deleted, as much of this material is of wide interest. Best of all, to get a detailed breakdown of our thoughts, buy our book, available from our webshop. This answers a great many of the questions we get, from a Biblical perspective. If you, your friends and neighbors want to know what on earth is going on, and why- and what the Bible teaches about it, get Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

Left-leaning groups want to include millions of pretend people in the real-life 2010 Census. It almost happened in 2000. This time, they might get their way. This article by Ernest Istook lays bare the danger America is in, as the evil Obama administration twists every rule to ensure a permanent, socialist, politically correct majority in the USA. Time for action! AF.

Once upon a time there was a pool of slime. Millions of years passed. A bolt of lightning struck the slime and something stirred. Millions more years passed and out crawled - a frog. After a million or two years (Mrs Frog has also, by luck, been created at just the right time) a bolt of lightning struck this poor creature, fortunately hitting a wart on its face. This, by a miracle, didn't incinerate it, but formed - the eye! Or so the fairy tale merchants who believe in evolution claim. They like fairy stories in space, too, as this tale tells....Alan Franklin.

On midnight, MAY 14, 1948, the State of Israel came into being and was immediately recognized by the United States and the Soviet Union. This in itself was a miracle, as Russia has always been virulently anti-semitic. Israel's rebirth, as foretold by the Bible's prophets, is the world's greatest miracle and proof that we have a living God who keeps His promises! Support Israel by logging on to our son in law and daughter's website, This is one of the links on this website.

A new gun law being considered in Congress, if aligned with Department of Homeland Security memos labeling everyday Americans a potential 'threats,' could potentially deny firearms to pro-lifers, gun-rights advocates, tax protesters, animal rights activists, and a host of others--any already on the expansive DHS watch list for potential 'extremism.'

Under the banner of "diversity," the Obama crew is planning to emasculate all opposition voices on radio. Virtually all the main media personalities "vote for him." as Obama said this week. But talk radio is where the true voice of America is heard. That must be stopped, so all the con-tricks and anti-Christian legislation go unchallenged. Beware, the Kenyan conman means business!

A medal personally established by the Queen is being withdrawn after it was deemed offensive to Muslims and Hindus. The honour - known as The Trinity Cross of the Order of Trinity - has been ruled unlawful and too Christian. AF comments: How weak kneed and disgusting to even consider this as an option! And where is the Queen, who has the title "Defender of The Faith", in all this? It's time she lived up to her job description!

Even the most marginally aware person knows that our nation - and the world - is engulfed in an economic catastrophe. Some say it is the perfect economic storm. Yet this drama is a mere thunder shower compared with trends that threaten the entire American ideal. If this maelstrom reaches its full power, liberty and justice for all - to say nothing of the pursuit of happiness - will be wiped from the the earth.

The latest on the "patriots are terrorists" scandal - another sign of the way things are heading under the Obamanation. A man was stopped and detained at the roadside for half an hour in Louisiana. His "crime"? He had a patriotic sticker on his car! Read- then join the battle. AF.

Mothers' Day was held in Boston in 1872 at the suggestion of Julia Ward Howe, writer of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

The basic understanding in the Obama Administration is that Israel Must Go. The more moderate Obama appointees say Israel is a destabilizing factor in the Middle East. To the more left wing Obama advisors, Israel is a Western imperialist colonialist state that must be destroyed in the name of revolutionary justice. To the Islamist mindset, Israel is a Kufir state that has no right to exist in the Dar Al Islam. Alan Franklin adds: This article sets out the facts. Remember, God curses those who curse Israel.

Babylon, like Jerusalem, has a major role in future world history, according to the Bible. It will be rebuilt and used as the world headquarters of antichrist, when the whole world is under one government. This story from the New York Times tells of the coming reopening of the ruins. Expect more focus on Babylon in the next year or two. AF.

It's snowing all over the world. Ice in the Arctic is often twice as thick as expected, report surprised scientists who returned last week from a major scientific expedition. The scientists - a 20-member contingent from Canada, the U.S., Germany, and Italy - spent one month exploring the North Pole as well as never-before measured regions of the Arctic. Someone please tell our press and politicians: Global warming is an expensive myth.

Barack Obama has done more damage in his first 100 days in office than the previous 43 presidents did in 220 years — and this is only the beginning. This superb article reviews the immoral, downright evil agenda of the Kenyan Conman - the man set to destroy the USA from within.

The EU superstate, established as a single unity with its own legal system, parliament, national anthem, flag and myriads of laws, is secretly building its own diplomatic service. This is a sure sign that the days of the nation state are over in Europe, future base of Antichrist. This article by Derek Bennett appears in the latest edition of Euro Realist. AF.

Our nation is not a "dumbocracy." It is a republic, or at least it was before the once proud Democrat Party became infested with Socialists, who masterfully co-opted the education system along with the modern "opiate of the masses" (television and print media), and re-educated those masses. So successful has this Leftist strategy been that their dumbed-down constituencies now follow their messianic leader like dullard lemmings. A brilliant expose from Patriot Post.

Long before the Obamanation was "elected," even though he is a Kenyan conman who has never produced a genuine birth certificate showing he has a right to stand for office, friends in the US media were aware of the threat he posed to free speech. After all, he has a lot to hide. Big media, stuffed with liberals, will just recycle his press releases. Ken Hill, who runs radio stations in the south, wrote a book called Assault on Liberty. Now others have joined the fight for freedom. You'd all better wake up before it's too late! ALAN FRANKLIN.

The Internet is the last source of free and independent information. Think where the liberty movement would be without it. Now Obama and his allies in Congress are attempting to get the authority to censor information on--and curtail access to--the Internet. Plus, in the name of "cybersecurity," they are plotting to obtain the authority to monitor and seize anyone's personal computer at will. ALAN FRANKLIN WARNS: As we said yesterday, our time to run this website is short so if you want to help get information out now is the time to get our books and DVDs.

Plans to track all e-mails sent, all phone calls made and all internet pages visited in the UK are to be unveiled by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. This is the latest example of how the sinister EU superstate is preparing to clamp down on our every freedom and bring in a dictatorship which will make Hitler look like an amateur. Buy our books and DVDs now while a small amount of freedom remains and before this site is closed down by Big Brother! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Daily, it is becoming more and more apparent that Barack Obama not only embraces the culture of corruption, but he whispers sweet nothings in its ears, fondles it, and gives it fist bumps on a regular basis just so it feels loved. Obama, frequently accused of bringing Chicago politics to the White House, is now importing some Los Angeles County politics too.

Because schools teach very little these days, certainly not how to make judgements, shysters like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - and the Kenyan conman in America - get away with destroying societies almost unchallenged. However, when things get so bad that even the docile man in the street wakes up, watch out. Britain has now been brought so low by the politically correct, who know how to spend but not to create wealth or anything else, that anger is stirring. Read and enjoy. ALAN FRANKLIN.

On his recent trip to Central America, President Barack Obama did more than cozy up to Marxist dictators; he also signed onto an international treaty that could, in effect, be used as backdoor gun control. It appears that Obama wants to use international treaties to do what congressional legislation is not able to do: further restrict the right of the American people to keep and bear arms.

Germany is in trouble and leaders are afraid of civil unrest. Meanwhile Spain's unemployment topped four million and is fast heading to 20 per cent. Europe is in deep trouble and the spectre of the 1930s and the rise of fascism looms again. I believe things will rapidly get a lot worse and food riots, civil unrest and mass bankruptcies loom. Here's what a top British reporter thinks. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The entire global banking system would be bankrupt - kaput - if its institutions immediately wrote off all the toxic assets still sitting in their vaults without any government assistance. This realistic assessment from a Telegraph writer chimes with my own view, which is that things are going to get a lot worse. This is reality, not the sugar coated nonsense that often passes for comment. AF.

Pat Franklin writes: I have just returned from a month in the USA and while there I did not hear one word about this. Eight states and possibly another 20 - including my own beloved state of Missouri - are introducing bills in state legislatures to try to hold on to their traditional powers and to curb the power of the federal government. During my month in the states I didn't see a word about it in the local paper; it wasn't on any news I saw; no one was talking about it. So we reprint this article from WorldNetDaily to inform our readers of this important move. Without the Internet, none of us would ever know what is happening!

Once ordinary people could not invest in gold at reasonable prices. Then a British firm called came up with a way for anybody to deal in the gold market, without expensive middlemen. This is the firm linked to our website. Now they have received the Queen's Award for innovation. Here is their story.

Anyone who believes that Obama, Brown and the rest of the sorry crew have "saved the world" had better think again. The one person able to do that has not arrived back here yet - but He will soon be on His way! Meanwhile, here's what I believe will happen next - and a story of gold. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The liberal sheet Newsweek - all the PC news fit to print - published a cover story headed: "The decline and fall of Christian America." There are now 173.4 million people claiming to be Christians in the USA, up from 151.2 million in 1990. Meanwhile, Newsweek's circulation has crashed 52 per cent just in the past two years! So which of the two is "finished" ? Read and laugh at this expose of liberal truth-bending that backfired.

When Obama was on his foreign tour he met the Saudi king - leader of the only country which no Jew is allowed to enter. Obama, friend of Islam and enemy of Israel, backed the so-called Saudi peace plan, which would effectively abolish the Jewish state. What the Saudi plan calls for is two Palestinian states, albeit one with a sizeable number of Jews. It is no peace plan at all, as long as you think Israel has a right to be the one Jewish state on the planet amid the 22 existing Arab countries (in most of which Jews are not permitted to live).

America's Department of Homeland Security has warned the nation's law enforcers to be on guard against anyone against illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, "free trade agreements," gun control, the "New World Order," "One World Government," outsourcing American jobs, the "perceived" threat to U.S. sovereignty by foreign powers, abortion, "declarations of martial law," "the creation of citizen detention camps," "suspension of the U.S. Constitution," or the abridgement of State authority. Also branded are people who believe in "end times" prophecies, and who "stockpile" food, ammunition, or firearms. Hopefully, that includes all our readers!

The 27 countries which have signed over their sovereignty to the EU superstate get ever more emeshed in red tape. This report shows that £66 billion - that's 66 thousand million - has been wasted just in increased red tape on making farmers' lives a misery. Big brother bureaucracy is the end result of these huge, socialist structures - in both Europe and now in America. The other result is our loss of freedom - fast approaching! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Obama is a devious man. He says he doesn't support the so-called Fairness Doctrine - but the truth is that he supports something far worse! The Fairness Doctrine is the opposite of fairness, as you might expect from the extreme left. Read on and find out how Americans can thwart this threat to free speech. AF

President Obama, a lawyer and politician, would now have us believe that the process of history has stopped. For the first time, scientific knowledge is not provisional and subject to revision, but final and settled. Skepticism, which has been the spur to all innovation and human progress, is unacceptable and must be condemned.

Noah Webster, the man who defined American English, knew true values and what made a society great. He said: "The Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed...No truth is more evident than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people."

However much global "warming" is shown to be a load of hot air - totally false and the province of buffoons and charlatans - the movement, in reality a false religious belief, carries on regardless. Here is the latest evidence of global non-warming. No doubt it will not be reported by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. AF

Life in a foreign culture is like sand in a wet bathing suit. You’re always just a little uncomfortable, never quite in sync with the world around you. You think you’ve communicated, but you haven’t; you think you understand but you don’t. You show up with the illusion that England is merely America with a British accent. Wrong! The cultural differences are huge. The way the Brits see the world, what they value and how they relate to each other is profoundly foreign to American thinking. So starts this fascinating and sometimes sad story - but there is much hope in there too!

Jews prepared this week to celebrate their forefathers’ escape from forced submission to an ancient superpower that was once their friend and ally. As they did, reports from Washington warned of the imminent mounting of an extraordinary effort to coerce Israel into compliance with the dictate of the modern superpower the Jewish state has long regarded as its friend and ally.

America still gets little help from Europe, although they "love Obama." The realities behind the headlines are outlined in this perceptive article, with an introduction by Christina Speight. Here's a sample: "Obama strikes me as a polished speaker who can think on his feet but only as far as the next 5 minutes. He strikes me as utterly lightweight and his racial identity seems to shift with the wind."

Tony Blair, a front runner to be the first permanent head of the European Union, has challenged the “entrenched” attitudes of the Pope on homosexuality, and argued that it is time for him to “rethink” his views. Speaking to the homosexual magazine Attitude, the former Prime Minister, now a Catholic, said he urged religious figures everywhere to reinterpret their religious texts to see them as metaphorical, not literal, and suggested that in time this would make all religious groups accept "gay" people as equals.

Barack Obama has finished his "I'm sorry for being an American" tour. During remarks in France and Turkey, Obama showed little knowledge of facts and history as he tried to make Europe "like" him by apologizing for America being America... for taking the lead when no other countries will. It was pathetic that a president of the United States feels the need to disparage his predecessor on foreign soil and to make apologies for America. Comment from GOPUSA, which provides news and comment for our top ticker.

The US House and Senate are about to vote on a bill that will OUTLAW ORGANIC FARMING (bill HR 875). There is an enormous rush to get this into law within the next week before people realize what is happening.This bill will require organic farms to use specific fertilizers and poisonous insect sprays dictated by the newly formed agency to "make sure there is no danger to the public food supply". This will include backyard gardens that grow food only for a family and not for sales.

It gets more and more difficult to do or say anything truthful in western countries, where the thought police prowl. We do not expect our site to stay up for too long, as it is (we hope!) totally politically incorrect. That's why we urge you to buy our book and DVDs while we can still say some things. Now read how the Obamanation is looking to ring the web with regulators - and soon stop all non PC comment. ALAN FRANKLIN.

As the world's leaders fly out of London after the G20 conference, here's a top financial expert's view of what happens next. The crash of the Dollar and other paper currencies, the rise in value of gold, the combining of the world's currencies, eventually into a one world money system - everything I have been talking about for years is here. Today even Bloomberg Financial News is running headlines about the creation of "A New World Order." To find out more, buy our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, from our web shop. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Obama, with his strongly Islamic background - he was enrolled as a Muslin student at an Indonesian school when aged 7 - is fast abandoning Israel and embracing Islamic countries. On the face of it, supporting tiny Israel, surrounding by hundreds of millions of people dedicated to wiping it off the may, would seem to be a loser's game. What all the diplomats and fixers have overlooked is one big point. God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, for ever. It will never be taken off them and all who raise their hand against it are doomed. That includes America. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Who would fit the Missouri law enforcement definition of potentially violent troublemakers? About threequarters of the US population! How long will it be before police agencies begin "picking up and hauling away" those people whose names are mentioned in these reports? It may be sooner than we think. Now law abiding citizens MUST take action. By Chuck Baldwin.

A former highly-placed U.S.intelligence official says America may soon abandon Israel in favor of the Arabs. “This is just the beginning”, he said, "Israel could be about to lose the support of the United States." This is a step further in the pro-Islamic Obama plan. Prior to his election he said that it would be a good idea to have a land bridge between Gaza and the West Bank, thus slicing and dicing Israel and making it indefensible.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: To justify spending trillions combating (non existent) global warming, it is claimed sea levels are rising. This brilliant article shows this is another big fat lie. People often question my statements on this, so just key in "global warming " or its latest version, "climate change" into our search engine and get the facts for yourselves. The facts the BBC will never broadcast.

Today, Obama is recruiting Islamics to work in his administration, with many currently being interviewed for jobs. Islamics round the world hailed him as one of their own when he was elected, almost certainly fraudulently - call up stories via our search engine. What a contrast to America's godly leaders of the past. Here's how it used to be......

Here are some well aimed darts fired at the incompetent allegedly running - or should it be ruining - Great Britain. Just in case any foreigners unfortunate enough to get a visit from this fool think that he has anything sensible to say. Read- and enjoy. ALAN FRANKLIN.

One day, as the Bible makes clear, the world will have one currency and one trading system - the Mark of the Beast. So the flurry of stories about a new world reserve currency are straws in the wind. Here's the latest comment, from the business news section of London's Daily Telegraph. It shows that even the USA is "quite open" to the idea!

Christians and conservatives often ask me: "What can I do?" The answer is: Plenty. When Missouri started to profile those who are not politically correct, a storm of protest swept the nation. Now the state has backed down. This is an astonishing but encouraging story of what can be achieved by activist patriots, tired of being picked on and maligned by big media. The people spoke and the state shook. Now let's take the fight a stage further. Here's Chuck Baldwin. ALAN FRANKLIN.

ALAN FRANKLIN comments: A trillion Dollars here, a trillion Dollars there and soon you are talking serious money. The British government just found out the hard way what happens if you keep printing and borrowing money. Soon the world gets tired of your debt. Its latest auction of debt failed to find sufficient buyers. America could soon follow suit, as "Helicopter" Ben Bernanke cranks up the printing presses.

Daniel Hannan, a British member of the European Parliament (an MEP), is to Europe what Texas Congressman Ron Paul is to America - a politician to take heed of. He knows what's going on, unlike Gordon Brown, the inadequate who is British Prime Minister. When Brown visited the EU Parliament to preen himself and get some soundbites, Daniel, who used to write a brilliant column for a business paper we published, was there to ambush him. Watch the fun! ALAN FRANKLIN.

The problem with politics in both Britain and America is that voters are conned that they have a "choice." In fact the choice is between two similar sets of leftist deadbeats, with a few honorable exceptions. Here is one British commentator brilliantly analysing the problem. He's talking about Britain but it applies equally to the US. Here's his blog: However we vote at the next election, we will get a socialist, liberal, PC, pro-crime, pro-EU, anti-education anti-marriage government, which believes in selling the country to Brussels. Your vote cannot change that. In fact a Tory victory would enthrone David Cameron as the party saviour, and crush for years to come all those still in the party who have genuine conservative beliefs.

The long prepared plan for a one world currency is nearing fruition. The Dollar is soon likely to be replaced as the world’s reserve currency as nations get ever more worried about the massive printing of money in the USA. This week a UN panel is likely to say that instead of the Dollar the world should have a basket of currencies as its reserve currency. I believe this will soon be followed by the one world financial system and the mark of the beast, 666!

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Here's a man who's even gloomier than me! Bill Federer in St Louis sent me this article, which I now share, with just a few comments edited out. It's written by a man who sells gold, so obviously he has an angle. However, I agree with the broad thrust of what he says. That's why we called our latest book: Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. We too saw this coming.

Washington, D.C., is a lost cause. We have as much chance of flying to the moon in a glider as we do of seeing major change in Washington. Neither Republican nor Democrat parties at the national level offer any hope. The federal government is hell-bent on turning the United States into a socialistic global village, and the two major parties are in it up to their necks.

What is happening now is panic among world governments. America and Britain in particular are printing money and effectively lending it to themselves. They are also borrowing on a huge scale round the world. This cannot go on. I believe there will be massive inflation and, probably, the collapse of paper money. I don't know the exact timescale, but I do know that what they are doing has never worked in the history of the world. ALAN FRANKLIN responds to a reader's query and tells more of what's really going on.

Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of gravity, thought that atheism was senseless and added: "All variety of created objects which represent order and life in the universe could happen only by the willful reasoning of its original Creator, whom I call the Lord God."

ALAN FRANKLIN comments: William Bradford, originally from England, became a great American patriot. This fine Christian, like so many others, had to flee Britain where real Christians had always been persecuted by the church, first the Roman Catholics and then the Church of England - known as the Episcopalian church in America. Nothing changes: these two institutions still set their faces resolutely against the true Gospel.

When Socialists like Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown run countries, Christians are in for trouble. In Britain, the crackdown on those who love the Lord gets ever fiercer. In two separate incidents, American gospel singer Don Francisco and a team of 11 young American Christian missionaries were all deported from the UK. It seems that they had fallen foul of new immigration legislation which has specific sections aimed at religious workers. The shape of things to come....ALAN FRANKLIN.

Today is what is known as "St. Patrick's Day" and here Bill Federer tells some of his story. As a matter of interest, Patrick was English and a real Christian, rather than a Catholic! The truth is often more interesting than the myth. AF.

Thanks to a concerned Missouri state policeman, a radio talk show host was alerted to a secret Missouri state police report that categorized supporters of Congressman Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and myself as "'militia' influenced terrorists." The report, he said, "instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties."

In the past, nations like the USA and Great Britain often elected real statesmen, as well as the usual scoundrels. At a time when both our countries are hurtling full tilt into state socialism - aka Marxism - here's a blast from the past: wise words from Senator Daniel Webster, who knew the dangers big government posed to freedom. ALAN FRANKLIN.

American Minute with Bill Federer On MARCH 15, 1984, the Senate voted down voluntary prayer in public schools. President Reagan said: "I am deeply disappointed that, although a majority of the Senate voted for it, the school prayer amendment fell short."

Wherever I talk these days people often ask: What can we do in this terrible crisis? How can we survive? Number one, we trust in the Lord. We trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding. God's people are not immune from problems, to put it mildly. But the Lord knows our needs and supplies them. We are not to worry unduly about crashing pension funds, house values falling, anxiety over job security and so on. Nothing in this world is secure and it is all passing anyway. This world is not our home.

This month marked the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo back in 1836. For more than 13 days, 186 brave and determined patriots withstood Santa Anna's seasoned army of over 4,000 troops. To a man, the defenders of that mission fort knew they would never leave those ramparts alive. They had several opportunities to leave and live. Yet they chose to fight and die. How foolish they must look to this generation of spoiled Americans.

The Christian politicians who fought slavery in America - from Ben Franklin to John Quincy Adams. All moves for justice, freedom, education and health care in modern times were led by evangelical Christians across the world, a little known and seldom taught fact. AF

We’ve been ‘oop north’ (as they say up north in England) for a few days - and a wonderful time it was. After spending one night in Birmingham, meeting with a lovely bunch of people, we pushed on to Chesterfield, Derbyshire, an ancient and pretty little town. As we drove in, we did a double take at the amazing sight of the crooked spire on the old parish church. At first we thought maybe it was an optical illusion, but quickly realized that, no, it really was twisted and leaning dizzily to one side. We later learned that the town is famous for the crooked steeple on its 800-year-old church.

Billed as the largest ever gathering of climate change deniers, a convention kicked off with a title suggesting global warming is a thing of the past, and a guest list that includes a hurricane forecaster, a retired astronaut and a sitting European president. It's in New York and is called: Global Warming: Was It Ever Really a Crisis? Readers of this site already know the answer!

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: A former journalist colleague, Cliff Mogg, just sent me his wonderful collection of reminiscences of 50 years in the media, called: "Don't Quote Me." Cliff is a great reporter and I wish some like him were exposing what's going on in the world today, instead of reprinting press releases. Here's some thoughts on the media from Christina Speight- and a good Telegraph leader.

No country in the world would suffer what Israel has to without retaliation. Imagine Russia's reaction if 6000 rockets were fired into its territory! Yet when Israel defends itself against Islamic murderers the media rounds on it, portraying the Hamas-supporting Gazans as innocent victims. What's behind this? Ami Isseroff comments. Published originally as Israel is losing the battle for hearts and minds at Copyright by the author. Reproduced by permission. ****

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Few economies are being destroyed faster than the Eastern European and Baltic states which are the newest members of the European Union. As their banks go bust and millions lose their jobs, their currencies crash and they look to the EU to bail them out. Clearly the Euro, the currency for all Europe, must either be used to solve these problems or disappear. I believe we will see much greater central control. Meanwhile, fascism is rising rapidly.....

If you thought things were bad and getting worse here in the United States of America before President Obama took office, I have some more discouraging news for you. The future isn't looking any better and this time the discouraging news doesn't have a thing to do with poor lending practices by banks, bailouts needed or anything of that nature. Today's commentary is about a stern promise God made to Abraham long ago concerning the nation of Israel and our new president's willingness, based on reports, to overlook it.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: I have never met Chuck Baldwin but he is a man after my own heart, dedicated to rooting out and exposing evil in high places - or low places. I also speak on the New World Order, the coming world government and currency and much else, and will come to your church if you want me. Meanwhile, take a look at some of Chuck's well researched comments. Many of them are already on this website - search our archive for the full list.

Let me tell you the real reason Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pushed through the biggest spending bill in history — without proper debate, without Republican input and without public scrutiny. Simply, they are trying to turn the United States into a one-party country and to put the Republican Party out of business. Comment by Scott Wheeler, Executive Director of The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee.

US Senator Jim DeMint is planning to FORCE a vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act (S. 34) - a bill that will STOP the FCC and the Obama Administration from imposing the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" and SILENCING Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other conservative voices on talk radio! DeMint plans to FORCE the vote THIS WEEK... possibly HOURS from the time you read this urgent appeal.

Tony B. Liar, one of the most sleazy, incompetent, anti family, pro pervert and utterly useless leaders of Great Britain in its entire history, is still smarming round the world with his stick-on grin, meddling in the Middle East and earning vast sums of money from various commercial ventures. He should be paid what he deserves: a jail sentence or trial for high treason. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The nation's largest banks are so close to collapse and the world economy is coming unglued so rapidly, a major Wall Street meltdown is now imminent. So says Martin Weiss of the newsletter Money and Markets, which we share with you below. We agree that things are desperate, far worse than most people yet realise, although around the world there is unrest and unease, especially as people realise that Obama, British PM Brown and the rest haven't got a clue what to do. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Here in England the sun is shining and the last vestiges of snow recently melted. But it's been mighty cold across the world in recent months, a fact which hasn't deterred Al Gormless and his green lie machine from pushing ahead to try and grind what's left of western industry to a halt. (The Chinese just ignore such claptrap.) Here's a great article on global non warming. AF.

For years I have been talking about the coming one world economic order, complete with a one world electronic currency. This is now happening before your eyes as the world's finances crash and burn. This excellent article is from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who writes in the business pages of the London Daily Telegraph. Many people don't read the business pages, so here is Ambrose's brilliant assessment of the crumbing debt situation. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The symptoms are always the same when governments break down: sleaze takes hold, the ambitious defect, ministers turn disloyal, connection with reality gets lost and it becomes a matter of hanging on pointlessly to the end. Comment from The Daily Mail - which provides our news ticker below.

The London Daily Telegraph says a security blueprint charting a path to a European Union army will be agreed by MEPs (Members of the European Parliament). The paper says: "The plan, which has influential support in Germany and France, proposes to set up a "Synchronised Armed Forces Europe", or Safe, as a first step towards a true European military force." ALAN FRANKLIN adds: It's another big step towards a single European superstate, future base of the soon to appear antichrist!

This is how one of my favorite reporters, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Daily Telegraph, sees the fast failing world economic system. The bad news has only just begun, in my opinion, and there is much worse to come, which is why gold is the only safe haven. We believe that it is in everyone's best interest to have a percentage of their savings in the yellow metal, which is why we have put's site at the top of this page. ALAN FRANKLIN.

It is important to remember something about Obama’s character, or lack thereof. A man who so coldly supports abortion rights is not going to care one whit about Israel. This is moving us toward a direct and dramatic fulfillment of Jeremiah 30, in which God tells the Jews that they are going to be going it solo, humanly speaking. No government in the world will stand with Israel in the not-too-distant future. Obama’s rise to the most powerful job in the world is a very, very chilling reminder that the Bible is exactly right and true.

Billy Sunday, baseball star to preacher. American Minute with Bill Federer. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is fighting a court order that would force it to reveal an internal report on anti-Israel bias. The media giant has reportedly spent 200,000 British pounds (roughly $280,000) on the case. The most one-sided broadcasting organisation in the western world - more biased than Pravda in its prime - the BBC consistently broadcasts an anti Christian, anti Israel, pro liberal agenda. It is a disgrace, especially as we unfortunate Brits are forced to contribute to what is termed its "licence." Licenced to be biased, in my opinion. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Christians are harrassed, threatened by authorities and constantly restricted in every way by the Socialist government of Britain, supported by their secular allies in the liberal media. We are "fair game." However, the Muslims are treated as pampered pets, so much so that when a Dutchman tried to enter Britain to show a truthful film about the religion of death, he was prevented from entering the country! It took the United Kingdom Independence Party to fight for his rights.

One fact which proves we are in the End Times is that perversion - like homosexuality - is regarded as "normal," when it is clearly abnormal. We even have alleged "Christian homosexuals" when the Bible clearly condemns all unnatural sexuality. Homosexuals can, of course, be saved and renounce their sin, but that is another story. Here is a look at one aspect of perversion- disease- which the "gay" friendly media will never tell you about. It seems their lives are far from "gay". ALAN FRANKLIN.

Today the world "celebrates" the birthday of Charles Darwin. What most people don't know is that he was a racist with a low opinion of women. Here is one infamous quote: "Civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate the savage races throughout the world..." Read more in today's American Minute, with Bill Federer.

Some readers will have noticed that we now have a feature on the top right of this page which enables you to buy or sell gold online. We like this firm, which has the highest reputation and charges less than bullion dealers. We feel that in these tumultuous times holding physical gold is one way of preserving your savings. Here's an article which explains why gold will be the "last man standing" when the financial system crashes, which is what we expect to happen.

ALAN FRANKLIN WRITES: This morning, which happens to be my birthday, brings news that the latest US financial boondoggle has been given the markets' thumbs-down. Nobody believes that Obama and co will be able to avoid the coming economic carnage. For, as we have said on this website since 2006, "Here Comes The Greater Depression." If you want to know the underlying spiritual causes for our problems, which almost nobody ever talks about, buy some copies of our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, and spread them round your friends and relatives. It might wake them up!

Much is being said about President Obama's massive spending bill. Under the pretense of "stimulus," the bill would be the largest infusion of earmarks and left wing government intervention ever. Comment by Bobby Eberle of Gopusa, who provide some news and comment items for our top ticker.

This is another blow [excuse the pun] for the foolish notion that we can live for ever on power that costs nothing! Whether they be multi-turbine wind farms on great pylons at vast expense or single machines on your roof, they don’t work! Someone tell our bone brained leaders!

Reprinted from the London Daily Mail, which provides our news ticker. “Obama's Victory: A British View" A victory for the hysterical Oprah Winfrey, the mad racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, the US mainstream media who abandoned any sense of objectivity long ago, Europeans who despise America largely because they depend on her, comics who claim to be dangerous and fearless but would not dare attack genuinely powerful special interest groups. A victory for Obama-worshippers everywhere.

ALAN FRANKLIN WRITES: The idiotic idea that a common currency for Europe is a good idea is now exposed for the sham it always was. This article looks at how the fact that it cannot control its own exchange rate is ruining Spain- and many other countries, like Ireland. Of course, all paper currencies are heading for collapse, including the Dollar. Here comes the one world electronic trading system.

Dr David Whitehouse, an astronomer and the author of 'The Sun: A Biography' wrote in The Independent that we might be about to enter a period of unusually low sun activity. Such periods, in the past, have been associated with low temperatures on planet Earth. Ho ho ho, an ice age cometh.......

ALAN FRANKLIN COMMENTS: Now they are losing their jobs, it is gradually dawning on the British that the vast flood of foreigners into Britain is costing many of them their jobs. When this makes you unemployed it concentrates the mind and - belatedly -some British workers are marching in protest. Under EU law we have an open door to EU workers, but one Conservative MP, Bill Cash, says we can take action to help British workers.

It is extremely difficult for me to reconcile the apathy and slave-like mentality that seems to permeate modern Christendom with both our own heritage and the very Word of God. For example, the Apostle Paul is very clear when he writes that a Christian must never "do evil, that good may come" (Romans 3:8). Yet, that is exactly what many, if not most, Christians are doing today.

New age researcher Constance Cumbey presents this astonishing story on her web radio show. She has disturbing information from a credible source about Barack Obama's possible programming and direction and adds: I will present scientist Tom Fife who will share with us a disturbing conversation he had with a Russian lady in Moscow in 1991. The woman boasted of a man named "Barak" who was half African, half American and being groomed to be president of the USA.

After the London Tube bombings in 2005, a newspaper reader wrote a parody of a typical headline: “British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing.” Indeed. Last time round — Bombay — the Associated Press filed a story about how Muslims “found themselves on the defensive once again about bloodshed linked to their religion.” You’d be hard pressed from reports to figure out the bloodshed was “linked” to any religion, least of all one beginning with “I-“ and ending in “-slam.”

This is the sub-prime house that Barack Obama built. As a young but influential Chicago politician, the American president helped to create the housing bubble. Get the astonishing facts here- news you won't get on most main media, with the honorable exception of The Sunday Telegraph, London, which published this report.

While the world watched the ruins in Gaza, you returned to your home, which remains standing. However, I am sure that it is clear to you that someone was in your home while you were away. I am that someone.

When in peril, the wise turn to the Lord. This is how America was founded, by wise, Godly men. Here is some evidence, from Bill Federer. The Continental Congress had requested minister to open their first session with prayer. Conscious of impending British attack, Rev. Jacob Duche' read Psalm 35: "Plead my cause, Oh, Lord, with them that strive with me, fight against them that fight against me...Let those be turned back and humiliated who devise evil against me."

It is hard to believe, but a majority of people (including Christians and conservatives) seem oblivious to the fact that there is a very real, very legitimate New World Order (NWO) unfolding. In the face of overwhelming evidence, most not only seem totally unaware of this reality, they seem unwilling to even remotely entertain the notion.

I sometimes get e-mails from end times enthusiasts obsessed with the identity of antichrist. No sooner does a politician come to prominence than he is being named as the "Man of Sin," "Son of Perdition," etc. Well, it isn't Obama, nor is it French leader Sarkozy, not least because he has a Jewish background- and antichrist will NOT be Jewish. Here's a good take on the Obamanation...ALAN FRANKLIN.

The Obama Administration has wasted no time in declaring war on Evangelical Christians. Within minutes after the new President took his oath of office, his staff posted his agendas concerning homosexuality and abortion on the White House website. AF adds: The news is as bad as I expected but will come as a shock to all those deluded, ill-informed Christians who voted for him. They now get the chance to repent at leisure.

This American Minute tells how one president did something to help the world's Jews. Unfortunately, today the world is building anti-semitic hate, often disguised as "opposition to Zionism." Otherwise sound people even circulate anti semitic documents to me, even believing ridiculous claims about Zionist control of the media and finance (I wish!). If Jews really did control the media it would be a lot more truthful in its Israeli coverage, for example.ALAN FRANKLIN

Obama, the Kenyan conman, is now in the White House and fast forwarding his pro-pervert agenda, having sworn an oath of office without a Bible and chosen a homosexual Bishop to do the "prayer convocation." God wasn't listening to those so-called prayers, as he doesn't regard perverts as Christians - until they repent, of course. So was launched what I predict will be the most evil, disgraceful, destructive and useless presidency in the history of America. ALAN FRANKLIN

In the United States, Islam claims to be the fourth largest religion. Muslims are outnumbered only by Southern Baptist, Roman Catholics and those who practice Judaism. There are more Muslims in the United States than Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, etc. In the near future, there will be more Muslims than Jews in the United States. As one Muslim leader in the U.S. has said, “Most of our urban centers will be predominantly Muslim by 2020.” Think about that!

Once upon a time America had a fine, upstanding President who knew the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. His name was Ronald Reagan and this is how he saw attempts to keep the Lord out of schools...."The First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people from religion; that amendment was written to protect religion from government tyranny...But now we're told our children have no right to pray in school.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Iran's leaders are planning to form a united Islamic army. This dream - or should it be nightmare - would of course have the aim of removing Israel from the map. Not that Israel features on any Islamic maps - it is referred to as "The Zionist Entity." Of course, the world wonders how this tiny "entity," so flawed in its eyes, manages to hold at bay several hundred million hostile neighbors. If they read the Bible they would learn that they - the Islamics that is - have no chance.

If once Great Britain was a company, you would have sold the shares long ago. We are doomed, finished, the game is over. There is no way back for the economy and now it is a fast gathering slide down a slippery slope. Optimists who would have you believe that this is a "recession" need to get out the economic history books. As I have repeated endlessly for years, we are heading into "The Greater Depression." What comes next? Unemployment, riots and, not long after, the New World Order. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Since summer 2006 we have had a flashing warning on this page saying: Here comes The Greater Depression. I still believe this is what the world is sliding into, as every day brings news of thousands more job losses. One solution is suggested here by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, whose insightful columns feature in the business section of The Daily Telegraph, London. It's the Biblical principle of wiping out all debt in a year of jubilee. Well, nothing else is likely to work: Alan Franklin.

As the world's big media fawns all over Obama - also known as the Kenyan conman - there is a disgraceful conspiracy of silence about his true origins, seemingly in Kenya. This makes him ineligible to be president - rather a big story, one would imagine. Yet tune into Fox, the so-called right wing channel, and you will probably see the presenters on a sofa, giggling at one another about some "celebrity." The world's big media is a disgrace. But one media organisation is printing the truth. Here it is. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Israel’s fight for survival is not only against Hamas, Hezbollah, and their state sponsors Syria and Iran. Equally formidable, if more insidious, are those in the West whose virulent hatred of Israel imperils her existence. This article is full of facts you need to know to contribute to the debate.

Poor old Al Gore. He can screech to a halt and do a U-turn, because according to Russian scientists (who do not have to be politically correct about global warming as do so many of our guys) earth is entering another Ice Age. We have been warning for years that global warming is a myth. Now the men with snow on their boots see evidence of the opposite happening. What a pity; a little global warming would have been very welcome. The following article is from Pravda, not our favorite newspaper, but read on to see what they are saying in Russia.

The Russians are patrolling the Med with a menacing flotilla of warships and are stopping off at their Syrian base. Shades of things to come when the Russians and their allies invade Israel - and are destroyed on the mountains of Israel, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38/39! This scripture refers to the Magog invasion, led by Gog, the leader of Russia. Perhaps Putin? We will soon see. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The population of southern Israel has been traumatized (by constant Hamas rocket fire) and already one third of the residents of Sderot have fled, as have many others. Many business have been ruined. Children are stricken with fear and cannot learn in school. There was no international protest. There was no action by the UN. Yet firing missiles on civilians is not just terrorism, it's a war crime.

Here's a list of books that will tell you all that big media won't, with its inane, ever-repeated soundbites. Our own book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, is also packed with facts that all right-thinking folk need to know. When I speak I am always astounded by how much even well informed audiences do not know. Want to get informed? I am taking speaking bookings in America from early summer onwards. Contact me on

As the Daily Mail revealed, our shops and supermarkets in Britain are running down their stocks of familiar 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, the kind most of us use in our homes when we need a good light to read by.This Christopher Booker comment in the Daily Mail tells a sorry story of imbecelic interference in our lives, banning something useful - our light bulbs - to no purpose and for no good reason.

For all intents and purposes, the Religious Right has become nothing more than a gaggle of glorified hacks for the Republican Party. They have sacrificed virtually every principle worth defending. For the sake of sitting at the king's table, or not losing financial support from brain-dead contributors, these men have sold the cause of freedom and constitutional government down the river. ...just part of Chuck's fascinating year end round-up.

I get a lot of reader letters and this one just came in from Mike Glynn, who saw me on Genesis TV in Britain. Mike thinks that while the world watches and tuts at the Israeli action against Hamas, much else that Christians should be noticing is going on. In other words, we are on fast forward to the New World Order and a one world religion, which is what I often talk about. Here's what Mike says:

Allegedly "polluting" farmers in Europe are to begin the dirty work of counting up their cow-pats. Down on the farm the EU wants farmers to start the New Year with at least one resolution: counting dollops of cow manure. Such nonsense will come as no surprise to farmers who are all too familiar with weird and wonderful edicts from Brussels (headquarters of the bone-brains who run the European Union.)

This interesting series of reports looks at China, the wild card of the collapsing world economy. What will the reaction be when all the newly built factories shut down, as is now happening? Read and ponder. AF

Typical of the incitement that bars peaceful co-existence is this comment from an address by Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal, on Al-Aqsa TV on April 11, 2008: “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesized by our Prophet Muhammad. Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam – this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe”. (Translated by MEMRI)

Israel is defending itself against terrorists and as I write IDF troops are in Gaza. You can see all the latest news from Gaza from our Jerusalem Post news ticker. As the world hates Israel, especially the liberal, Godless media, those of us who know the end from the beginning must stand with Israel. Read, learn - and please, pray.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: People are gradually realising that the world econony is wrecked beyond redemption: there will be no return to the "good times." Now you will see the New World Order established at a fast pace, as frightened folk agree to almost anything they think will save their jobs, homes and pensions. This article by one of the leading globalists reveals all, in his own words...don't say we didn't warn you!

Anyone who thinks "experts" on so-called "climate change" have enough sense to get in out of the rain should read this. These, then, are the top 10 dud predictions of that hooting, screaming, screeching tribe of warming alarmists. Look and laugh. But not too long, for remember, you are paying for all this tripe.AF.

ALAN FRANKLIN COMMENTS: In 2006, when Pat and I wrote Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, it was obvious to us that our mostly Godless, indulgent, secular societies were finished. Now more commentators are realising that there may NEVER be a recovery, that success is not guaranteed, and that from now on it is a rapid descend into unemployment, bankruptcy, food shortages and riots.

Here is a definiitive Israeli account of what is happening in Israel and Gaza. Unlike the biased rubbish you get from the main media- The Biased Broadcasting Corporation to the fore - this is a factual, blow by blow account of events. Having just returned from five weeks in Israel, I feel strongly that those of us who support Israel should get this truth out to the world: Israel is defending its citizens from murderous Islamic terrorists. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Fatah is a dead horse. Even if it were to sign a peace deal with Israel — and really meant to keep it — the deal would be a dead letter because the Palestinian people themselves want neither peace with Israel nor Fatah.

Within hours after President-elect Barack Hussein Obama announced that he would make a major speech from an Arab capital to "reboot America's image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular," his transition team faced a major crisis.

Creating a constitution for the superstate of Europe- the EU -finally removes from the people of Europe the last vestige of democratic control. If it goes through there’ll be no stopping the eurocrats from doing exactly what they want as and when they want. There’ll be no more popular votes anywhere. This is another of our warnings: A DICTATORSHIP IS BEING SET UP IN EUROPE. Any American churches or groups that would like Alan Franklin to relate this theme to Bible prophecy, the global meltdown and much else, please contact us.

"Amazing grace! How sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see." These were the words of John Newton, a former slave ship captain, who died DECEMBER 21, 1807.

This is the mindset that sees the effortless superiority, at every turn, of benign collectivism over selfish individualism, exploited worker over unscrupulous capitalist, enlightened European over brutish American, thoughtful atheist over dumb believer, persecuted Arab over callous Israeli; and that believes the West is the perpetrator of just about every ill that has ever befallen the world - from colonialism to global warming....The Biased Broadcasting Corporation in action! I would rather listen to Russian TV as at least that is widely understood to be one-sided! AF

Iraq has unveiled plans for the creation of a regional economic and security union for the Middle East explicitly modelled on the European Union. This follows the EU's creation of a "Club Med" of 12 nations to link in with the EU in the summer of 2008.

Early snow struck London at the end of October. The Met Office (Britain's weather bureau) says 2008 has been, globally, the coldest year of all . But despite all evidence to the contrary, the religion of global warming marches on brooking no contradiction. Here a former British Chancellor of the Exchequer- the nation's main money man- demolishes global warming- or "non" warming.

The Big Green Lie Machine is in full flood, destroying what is left of western industry in order to stop mythical global warming. Meanwhile, we are about to leave sunny Israel to return to a Britain that is freezing and facing one of its coldest winters.This is yet another report big media is too stupid to print- about how the Antarctic ice is GROWING. Someone tell Al Gormless.ALAN FRANKLIN.

Snowstorms sweep north east America, Britain shivers and 100,000 French homes have power outage due to heavy snow. It's global non-warming again! Someone tell Al Gormless....

Russians send flotilla of warships into the Med -and plan huge arms sales to Lebanon. The Russian invasion of Israel, predicted in Ezekiel, is looming larger. What they don't realise is that that invasion will be the end of Russia!

More than five centuries after the expulsion and forced conversion of Spanish and Portuguese Jewry, the results of a new genetic study might just spur a return of historic proportions to Israel and the Jewish people. In a paper published in the latest issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, a team of biologists dropped a DNA bombshell, declaring that 20% of the population of Iberia has Sephardic Jewish ancestry.

WELCOME to the European Union's version of democracy: Keep voting until you get it right. It is jaw-droppingly cynical but utterly predictable because Brussels has got away with it before. Here the Daily Mail, London, tells how the cynical clowns who run the EU - the sinister European superstate- keep asking people to vote until they get the result they want. Once they do, forget about any further votes! Here you see a dictatorship in the making- and it's far advanced. BEWARE! ALAN FRANKLIN..

Pennsylvania - The Continental Congress met there, the Declaration of Independence was signed there, the Liberty Bell was rung there, and the Continental Army spent the freezing winter of 1777 at Valley Forge there.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: When I received permission to live in America I jumped through many hoops. A great many original documents had to be verified. Yet Obama - the Kenyan conman - will not, or CANNOT produce a birth certificate proving he is able to be president. The only possible explanation is that, as his grandma said, she was present at his birth in Mombassa, Kenya. This article cries out for action from all Americans concerned about freedom and the law. Read it- and act!

Stability is nowhere to be found, in Europe or the rest of the world. Just as half-educated politicians talk about Britain joining the euro comes ever more evidence that the euro is unsuitable for many of the countries already in it! Britain's economic performance is deplorable but Brown has one thing denied to countries in the eurozone - a floating currency which acts as the safety valve denied if you are in the Euro.

When I warn about the coming North American Union, the unifying of Mexico with the USA and Canada, the date of 2010 is one I highlight - drawn from various sources. Now another journalist, working independently, has come to an identical conclusion. Here is his remarkable report. Meanwhile, you need to get our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain to find out what is going on. They make great presents for the unsaved!

By voting for Obama, four-fifths of American Jews chose a candidate more openly hostile to the U.S.-Israel alliance than any other major-party presidential candidate in the past generation. A bit like turkeys voting for Christmas.....This is from The Jerusalem Post, whose ticker is on our website every minute. l

Do we have a "constitutional crisis"? You bet we do; but it is not limited to Barack Obama or the Democrat Party. The real constitutional crisis is the manner in which the American people have, for years, allowed civil magistrates from both major parties to routinely violate their oaths to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. God help us!

One prosecutor, one legal system, one police force, one army - one Euro dictatorship! You see the way the tide is flowing in the EU superstate. I have been saying all this for years and now it is fast taking shape before your eyes- for those with eyes to see. ALAN FRANKLIN.

"Should Obama be discovered, after he takes office, to be ineligible for the Office of President and, thereby, his election declared void, Petitioners, as well as other Americans, will suffer irreparable harm in that an usurper will be sitting as the President of the United States, and none of the treaties, laws, or executive orders signed by him will be valid or legal." ALAN FRANKLIN adds: If Hussein Obama really was born in America, he would long ago have produced his birth certificate. Now join the patriots who are making him prove his real background.

Dripping wet Socialist noodle Lord Goldsmith, Britain's former attorney general now leading Prime Minister Gordon Brown's "Makes You Proud To Be British" committee, wants the National Anthem rewritten. He says the traditional version is not "inclusive" and particularly objects to verse six (did you know there was a verse six?) containing the line: "Rebellious Scots to crush." But there is an alternative.....

No matter who is elected President of the United States, nothing changes. Republican or Democrat, it does not matter: the CFR and their collaborators remain in power. And as Sonny and Cher used to sing,"The Beat Goes On."

Israel's recent prime ministers have all been resistant to the awful truth that even if Israel shrunk to a city block in Tel Aviv, the Arab and Muslim world would still not recognize a Jewish state or live with it in peace. Why? The answer is Islam itself. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: The world won't accept it as they are blind to the truth, but this article tells why there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East-(until the Prince of Peace returns!)

A signer of the Constitution licensed to preach? Also a staunch creationist...This was Hugh Williamson, delegate from North Carolina, born DECEMBER 5, 1735.

This article by Jim Dykes reflects my own views on what is happening re the establishment of the North American Union - the greatest untold story in the USA. See what Jim has to say - then get our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, and DVDs for more information.

The truth will become ever more inconvenient to Al Gore and his Global Warming zealots, for more people are waking up to the fact that any warming of the earth is due to sun activity, not man's. Anyway, carbon dioxide is great stuff for plants- it's what makes them grow! If Al Gore stopped jet-setting round the world and closed his mouth occasionally the hot air "problem" would be immediately solved! AF

Barclays Bank was recently recapitalised with an infusion of billions from Middle Eastern investors. Do western institutions want to snuggle up with these states and their Dark Age values? They had better think this one through as a tidal wave of money from places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait — is crashing into our shores and buying up assets in our democracies.They should expect no free lunches.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: We have been forecasting the "Coming Greater Depression" on this website since mid 2006. It was obvious from the figures. Now here's a man who also sees what is happening. This is the news you won't get from major media.

World stability hangs by a thread as economies continue to unravel.Now the political bubble is bursting. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: This brilliant report is by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Daily Telegraph. He points out that as economies crash round the world and rioters gather in the streets, governments may well play the nationalist card. India and Pakistan, both armed with nukes, may go to war, while China may well attack Japan (as well as Taiwan, which is almost a certainty, although the article doesn't mention this.)

If Americans want an idea of what America will be like when ruled by the Kenyan conman, read this report of Big Brother Britain, where the police are now agents of the government rather than protectors of the innocent. British police now protect shifty socialists with facts to hide! An amazing series of stories follows, about what happened after a leading opposition politician was arrested and held for nine hours. His crime was trying to expose immigration malpractice.

What do cockroaches and evil in people have in common? When exposed they both run for cover. Political correctness is the cloak that protects evil. And remember that truth is hate to those who hate the truth. Here a patriotic American speaks out in defense of a free and honorable America. This is a MUST READ -Alan Franklin. To find out more of the background, get our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, from this site.

'Neutral' for BBC journalists is left of centre for everyone else; everything is seen through the distorting prism of the progressive agenda. As one senior news presenter told me: "Anybody who attacks the Labour Government is always coming from the Left, and the Tories are written off as insane or - if there's the slightest chance of them getting anywhere - evil." This unrepresentative organisation is funded by the British people through a tax we cannot avoid. This has to change! - Alan Franklin.

"Some religious elements in Saudi Arabia are financing and spreading the xenophobic and extremist Wahhabi version of Islam throughout the world," so writes respected Islamic writer and academic Dr Abbas Bakhtier, who in this astonishing article lays bare the vileness, corruption and abuse at the heart of the Saudi regime of "princes."

Hamas recently participated in a digital communications exhibition in Tehran and was involved in establishing a group calling itself “The Digital Intifada.” Its objective was to develop websites to fight Israel and encourage the criminal activity of hacking Israeli websites.

Readers of my book EU Final World Empire and our latest book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, will not have been surprised that the world economy is crashing. Pat and I and many others have long seen this coming and I have written and talked about it for over ten years. My research started in the early 80s and my New Age background enabled me to see things many other Christians didn't. The New World Order will soon arrive - meanwhile this article is another take on the near future. AF.

Last week, I wrote about how our oil-rich friends in the Middle East are buying gold hand over fist. It turns out they're not the only ones. The latest figures from the World Gold Council show a frenzy of activity in the most recent quarter. This article by Sean Brodrick tells how gold is a safe investment right now-and how gold rises as financial markets falter.

According to the Barna Research Group, nine percent of Americans are Bible-believing Evangelical Christians and 36 percent of Americans are Born-Again Christians. Barna also reports that 49 percent of Americans born between 1946 and 1964 attend church on a given Sunday, but only 43 percent of Americans born between 1965 and 1983 and 33 percent of Americans born between 1984 and 2002 do that. From The Berean Call.

Secularists will not admit it, but nations rise and fall at the pleasure of Almighty God. America's founders certainly understood this fact. Even Benjamin Franklin, who was one of the least spiritual of America's Founding Fathers, told the delegates at the constitutional convention, "We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings, that 'Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.' America has forgotten this and is reaping the whirlwind. For much more on this theme, get our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, on this website.

Debts up, taxes up, unemployment up, welcome back Old Labour Now it's serious. Not since Hitler parked his tanks on our neighbours' lawns have Britain's public finances deteriorated at such an alarming rate.

Islamic terrorists are constantly seeking to destroy western civilisation. They know the most effective means is economic disruption - they saw the damage they did to the US economy ON 9/11, as well as the death and destruction caused. One of Osama Bin Laden's websites shows his latest wish list of US and Canadian targets.

Of all the British jobs created since 1997, two thirds have been in the public sector. [AND 3/4 went to immigrants] No wonder the country is broke. The more Prime Minister Gordon Brown swanks and preens and claims he is the man to fix things, the more he recalls the firefighters in that American movie called Backdraft, who tried to claim credit for heroically (and abortively) attending an inferno that they had ignited.

When Pat and I wrote Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, we foresaw that our countries would be brought down by, among many other things, excessive debt. Couple wild Government over-spending – nobody in either country had borrowed more than Bush and Brown - with large numbers of older people and fewer young ones being born and you have a whole heap of trouble. Even “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke now realizes this…..

"It is just pure garbage." So said an Obama spokesman about requests that Obama produce a valid birth certificate to prove that he is constitutionally eligible to be President. The Constitution of the United States is NOT "garbage" and securing the rights of the people under the Constitution is NOT "garbage"!

We've carried many stories about Barak Hussein Obama's dubious claims to American citizenship. Big media has ignored this sensational story and I have been told: "Oh, his birth certificate is on the web." How odd then that this interesting document has never been produced in court or verified. Now the legal challenge to Kenyan-born Obama- that's what his grandma, brother and sister say-is moving to the Supreme Court.

Four Palestinian Arabs from the Hebron area were presented to rabbis as the descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to Islam decades or even centuries ago, reported Ha'aretz, the Israeli newspaper.A researcher who accompanied the four said that he believes there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are of Jewish descent.

Can it really be possible that Americans are witnessing a governmental program designed to merge – slowly but surely – the United States, Mexico and Canada? This was the main subject of my talk at a Steeling The Mind conference. Aware that many people think this idea is a fable, Pat and I spent hundreds of hours researching- and came up with fact after fact that proves this is no figment of a conspiracy theorist's nightmare. Much info is in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, which sold out at the conference. Here's another take on the theme, with lots more back-up.

The problem with the 'In Obama We Trust' approach is that it makes private-sector decision-making very difficult. If your boss says he will lay off half his employees next month, but he doesn't know who yet, will you buy a new house this month? OPINION, from The National Review.

The EU superstate of Europe is bankrupting Britain, costing £55.775 billion in 2008 - over a billion pounds wasted every week. As EU red tape is holding back the UK economy by £28 billion, 2% of UK GDP, freeing Britain from EU control would get Britain out of recession and get British people back to work.America beware - they're trying to do the same to you with the North American Union - read about it in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this website.

Yet more heavyweight scientists from round the world are lining up to debunk the great global warming scam - the fantastic lie that any temperature change - if there is one- is caused by man's activities. The green lie machine is designed to put so much fear into people that they will accept draconian limits on their behaviour and lifestyle. Voters give up their liberty only when scared half to death, which is what the green conmen try to do, abetted by the intellectually challenged bone lazy executives in charge of the media. Get the facts here!

Might Israel strike at Iran before Obama takes over? As reported in the Jerusalem Post, Benny Morris says yes. Most other analysts disagree. I believe that it is in the US interest for Israel to destroy the Iranian nuclear sites,

"I see the steeple of that place where God first in public opened my mouth to glory; and I am fully persuaded...I shall not depart this life till my tongue shall glorify his godly name in the same place." The John Knox story.

Various sources are reporting that Barack Obama is consulting with Brent Scowcroft, National Security Advisor under the Ford and Bush I administrations. Scowcroft has always been a big proponent of the ‘linkage theory’, in which it is claimed that ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is key to solving most or all of the problems of the Mideast.

Calamity Brown, British Prime Minister, still won't see that his policies are bringing Britain to its knees - just as Bush has done to America, by racking up huge deficits - bills our grandchildren will have to pay. These articles look at the solution - taking the axe to bloated government. It always works. But socialist clowns like Brown and Obama will do the opposite and lead us deeper into the mire- ALAN FRANKLIN.

Government bureaucrats and business leaders are "harmonizing and integrating" the USA's laws with Mexico and Canada on a broad range of issues such as E-Commerce, Transportation, Environment, Health, Agriculture, Financial Services, and National Security just to mention a few. Do we want our laws "harmonized" with Socialist Canada and corrupt Mexico ? Here comes the North American Union - find out more in Alan and Pat Franklin's book, "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain," available from this site.

Israel is unlikely to launch massive airstrikes to neutralize Iran's nuclear weapons program before the U.S. inauguration on January 20, 2009, barring dramatic new intelligence that points to an imminent Iranian attack. ALAN FRANKLIN adds, from Haifa, Israel: Israel is indeed not looking for war with anyone, as like all Middle Eastern countries it has a stack of problems already. But because of the statements of the Iranian leadership war would seem inevitable at some point.

ALAN FRANKLIN WRITES: The slow motion train wreck that is the world economy has its epicenter in America which, like the rest of the world, is coming under judgement. God's patience is not infinite. But the crash of cash was caused deliberately, by politically correct buffoons who insisted that "minorities," whatever that means, were given huge loans whether of not they had the means of repaying. Read the brilliant article here on what comes next....

In 1996, the UN (rightly) noted that during the medieval period, there was a warming trend with temperatures as much as five degrees Fahrenheit warmer than now. The Sunday Telegraph, London, gave big spreads to this story in which a former British government advisor tore apart the trumped up figures used to "prove" man-made global warming. Here's a global warning: don't be conned so easily! Alan Franklin.

Early personnel appointments show that President-elect Barack Obama's policy team is more interested in remaking America's social policy than changing foreign policy or improving the ethical standard in our nation's capital. Already seven homosexuals and lesbians have got top jobs with the aim of pushing the pervert agenda. Well, don't say we didn't warn you about the Obamanation!

We hear much today about the American dream. By "the American dream," most people mean buying a big house, driving an expensive automobile, and making a lot of money. However, this was not the dream envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Remember that, for the most part, America's founders gave up their material wealth and substance for something they considered of far greater worth.

JERUSALEM - The Israeli government has given permission for about 150 Indian citizens who believe they are one of the "lost tribes" of Israel to move legally to the Jewish state. (Alan Franklin comments: in reality there are no "lost tribes" of Israel - they are all present and correct!)

Like the tower blocks before them, the wind towers are another mass delusion. A letter in The Telegraph tells us why:

The man who should have been elected president is Dr Ron Paul, the outstanding statesman/representative from Texas. The big media made sure you never got to hear about this straight talking candidate, so instead we got the ridiculous, jumped up nonentity the Obamanation. But Dr Paul is still there on Capital Hill, one of the few who grasp that The Greater Depression is fast approaching. Read Ron's questions to Ben Bernanke in this story....

This is an interesting take on the most watched society in the world - Britain, by an Australian reporter in London. From the room where I am writing this comment I (Alan Franklin) can see a bank of cameras on a pole , with the ability to peer right into my house. This report reveals the latest trend - microphones to secretly pick up your street conversations!

NOVEMBER 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address where 50,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in a 3 day battle:

Barack Obama sought to silence his critics during his 2008 campaign. Now, with the ink barely dry on this November's ballots, Obama has begun a war against conservative talk radio. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: Obama, the biggest threat to freedom in America ever to deceive the voters, plans to cunningly silence his critics. Read this comment- and get involved.

It is odd that America, which has abundant oil both offshore and in Alaska, is importing $600 billion of energy products this year. So a country stuffed with natural resources is ignoring them and instead choosing to bankrupt itself. The reason is that the areas where the oil is provably located, in the wildlife reserves of Alaska and offshore, have been rendered off-limits by a coterie of enviroloonies and lame brain politicians who listen to green lies instead of responding to commonsense. ALAN FRANKLIN.

A few years ago, I sadly discovered that it was next to impossible to find our nation's great historic documents together in one volume, so we decided to fix that problem. It took us a full year to research and compile over 50 of our country's greatest historical documents, but we did it!

Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? This is seriously scary. They form a massive stone monument in Elberton, Georgia, inscribed with 10 commandments or rules, the first of which is that the earth's population should be reduced to 500,000 people. This would mean that 11 out of every 12 of us are expendable!

Islamic oil money is seeping round the world, like a deep slick of crude. But with Arab oil money there is a price to pay, as they buy big chunks of banks like Barclays, for he who pays the piper will call the tune. We are handing over control of the west, to our great peril, to those whose wealth is pushing a radical Islamic agenda. Read- and beware!

Anyone planning a relaxing break somewhere warm could do far worse than consider Israel for their next holiday.

A reader's letter intrigues me. He writes, "I find everything you say about a coming New World Order and One World Government extremely difficult to believe. For one thing, while you yourself obviously display no hate towards anyone, most other conspiracy theorists are anti-Semites." This is Chuck Baldwin's take on the New World Order and he sums it up brilliantly. Just because some conspiracy theorist people are odd or misguided doesn't mean there are no conspiracies. AF.

A warmer planet has beneficial effects on food production. It results in longer growing seasons - more sunshine and rainfall - while summertime high temperatures change little. And a warmer planet means milder winters and fewer crop-killing frosts. So, even if global warming claptrap were true, it would be a GOOD THING and we should try and pump out lots more CO2....ALAN FRANKLIN

There is no such thing as man-made global warming, so all the restrictions being placed on us on the grounds of "saving the earth" must be being carried out for other reasons. 20,000 scientists have now stated that this is true, but one thing is sure - this view, which goes against current perceived wisdom, will not be broadcast on any of the big media.

Of the 120 million us Presidential ballots cast on , McCain would be president-elect if just 500,000 voters in eight key battleground states opted for him instead of Barack Obama. (Just imagine what the political landscape would look like if the mass media was composed of objective journalists rather than Leftist campaign hacks.) COMMENT, from The Patriot Post.

Obama's bully boys, the liberal extremists who now control American politics, plan to move fast to shut down all opposition voices on the airwaves. As if the media wasn't already 96 per cent liberal orientated! Read the story inside to see what YOU can do about it! Alan Franklin.

MAIL ON SUNDAY 9.11.08 The night we waved goodbye to America... our last best hope on Earth. Anyone would think we had just elected a hip, skinny and youthful replacement for God, with a plan to modernise Heaven and Hell – or that at the very least John Lennon had come back from the dead.

The real story is not how Barack Obama defeated John McCain. The real story is how John McCain defeated America's conservatives. For all intents and purposes, conservatism--as a national movement--isdead. Barack Obama did not destroy it, however. It was George W. Bush and John McCain who destroyed conservatism in America.

This is part of the Climate Change nonsense. To be able to maintain the vastly expensive infrastructure to collect various sorted heaps of waste - bottles - cans - paper - cardboard - plastic - garden refuse . . . we must buy more toys from China so that there are empty ships to take our salvage to China. The truth behind the green gibberish that is never cha;l;enegd on big media is that it is just expensive nonsnese and serves no purpose other than to employ thousands of useless officials.

Obama says he supports civil unions that would give same-sex couples the same benefits as married couples. He is a globalist, one world pro abortion disaster, the senator with America's most extreme left wing voting record, a total and utter disaster for America and the world. Here are some snippets just received, which I have no time to edit - but look up the websites mentioned for yourselves. How easily people are fooled! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Our nation has just elected the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-Capitalist, and anti-Israel president in our history. In short, God has given us the kind of leader that we deserve — the kind we have been begging for. The new President now has the power to put his radical secular imprint upon this nation for decades to come through the appointment of activist liberals to the Supreme Court. I fear that our nation has been irrevocably changed for the worse.

Australia has followed Communist China in censoring the internet. Chinese freedom lovers were jailed after big internet firms revealed who they were to the Chinese authorities. Now Australia is moving to control what you can access. WARNING: This will rapidly spread to all western countries and will put sites like ours off the internet. Anything politically incorrect- which we are - will be outlawed. Get our materials now while we can still advertise them - ALAN FRANKLIN.

Another election come and gone. And those of us taken-for-granted conservatives have a question. If the moderates are done with the Republican Party, can we have it back now? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This time around, the base was not going to be fooled.

One of the world's top environmentalists has been banned from the BBC - because he doesn't believe in global warming. David Bellamy was a regular on Biased Broadcasting Corporation tv shows - until he said he didn't accept the global nonsense that the main media prints as "factual."

The Republican Majority Campaign is prepared to take legal action to require that Barack Obama produce a valid birth certificate to prove that he is a "natural born citizen" as required by the U.S. Constitution to be President. Evidence exists to substantiate the claim that Barack Obama is not a "natural born citizen" as required by the U.S. Constitution. His own paternal grandmother claims that she and two of Obama's half brothers were present at his birth in what is now Kenya, in 1961.

The mainstream press, which affords Obama nearly unanimous glowing coverage, has repeatedly failed to report a reality that doesn't quite fit the Obama-as-Messiah narrative. Namely, that this self-styled agent of hope and change is a political opportunist extraordinaire. Another interesting look at the nonentity who may become president.

British citizens can be arbitrarily arrested and detained for eighteen months, or even longer; not under British law but by foreign states -and there is almost nothing that the British legal system can do to prevent it or protect them. Read the horrifying story overpage- and wake up to the danger our country is in! Another tale of our loss of sovereignty from Euro Realist.

A London market trader has been slapped with £5,000 court costs ($8000) and branded with a criminal record by a vindictive Socialist council - for sellling fruit and veg in pounds and ounces instead of kilos and grams. In Big Brother Britain, this is a serious crime. This is from Derek Bennett's November Euro Realist newsletter- see link on our website. It is, of course, the foul EU superstate behind this oppression of the law-abiding.

"Frankly, I'm disappointed and disgusted... as I watch them attempt to strong-arm a bailout of some of America's biggest corporations by asking the taxpayers to suck up the staggering results of the hubris, greed, and arrogance of those who sought to make a quick buck by throwing the dice." -Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

We are in the midst of a cultural war. Barack Obama understands that, and he is determined to win it. His emphasis on change is no accident. He is serious about change — major, radical change. John McCain does not seem to have grasped the seriousness of the situation. From the beginning of the campaign he has talked incessantly about "putting partisanship aside" and "reaching across the aisle." It sounds good, but it really is not possible.

I have become 100% convinced, to a moral certainty, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Barack Obama is not only not a "natural born citizen" as required by the U.S. Constitution to be president, but that he was not even born in the USA, not born in Hawaii, probably in Kenya, never naturalized. If he is elected, he will be the UnConstitutional President from the moment he takes the oath of office, the first president who is not a citizen of the United States.

The toadies, hacks and talentless drones who staff the main media are nearly all Democrats, which is why they are ignoring the sensational story that Obama was born in Kenya.The election results aren't in yet, but there is one set of surveys with an unmistakable conclusion. Everyone should be forced to admit that the publicists formerly known as the "news" media have worked themselves to the bone this year to elect Barack Obama.

This is a story from The New Scientist's science blog "Short Sharp Science." Bearing in mind the fact that Bible prophecy scholars know that the ultimate control freak is waiting in the wings to take over the running of the earth, this is an interesting look into one way people may be controlled. I say "may be."

A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest chemical yet known to science. This new element has been tentatively named "Governmentium." Some light relief with a point to make.

The world's economy is a slow motion train wreck. Last year Volvo sold 42,000 trucks in Europe. The figure this year was 115 for the same period - a drop of over 99 per cent. But it is with overseas loans that the big - huge - problem lies - and it's MUCH bigger than America's sub prime crisis. The world is coming to a screeching halt, as these articles testify.

We live in perilous times. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but there are thousands of nuclear missiles in far more dangerous countries including China and Russia. Our safety and affluence could go up in smoke (radioactive smoke) tonight. But there is an even greater danger, a more perilous threat hanging over each one of us...

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This story was on our Daily Mail ticker and here is the comment I sent to the Daily Mail: Why anyone would be surprised at this beats me, as the stealthy development of a superstate, putting into place plans similar to those of the Nazis, has been taking place for decades - since before the traitor Heath told us in the 70s that "the Common Market is just about trade." If you want to fight back, buy the flags we are offering on this site to stick over the Eurostars on your car's number plates!

Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of making a power grab to install himself as president of the European Union, a post that no longer exists after the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty in June. This story from London's Daily Telegraph shows that the French President has grand ambitions to - permanently - head up the EU. The story also reveals he plans to use the crisis to build a strong "economic unit." The EU superstate, in other words.

Some people say we all pray to 'the same god'. Wrong again! Check out the differences between what Islam teaches and what the Bible says. Our article finishes with some of Mohammed's lesser known teachings, like the proper way to spit when in a mosque, his ban on dogs as pets, his belief that snakes cause miscarriage and blindness, and that Satan lives in people's noses at night and has to be washed out etc. Feel free to copy this article and give it out as you see fit.

A Christian friend just called by to pick up a pack of our books - to give as presents to the unsaved. If you do give small gifts to friends and relatives, consider our book, which is packed with insights into prophecy and Biblical truth. We (Alan and Pat Franklin in England) have watched with dismay for many years as Britain's sovereignty was eroded bit by bit until little was left, and Britain became just a small region governed by the mighty European Union. Now we see the same thing happening in America as the American Union is stealthily formed without the knowledge of the American people. 0ur new book, 'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain' and Alan's DVD, 'The European Union' are available from our web shop on this site.

Charles Darwin was not just wrong about "evolution" - the crazy idea that staggeringly complex mechanisms came about by random chance from a pool of slime - he was also a racist.This comment from Dave Hunt's Berean Call reveals this.

Reports suggest that while Americans generally view the Democratic candidate having had no religion before converting at Reverend Jeremiah Wrights's hands at age 27, Muslims the world over rarely see him as Christian but usually as either Muslim or ex-Muslim.

Here are a few facts from Bill Federer for when someone tries to tell you the UN is worthwhile. The facts are devastating: constant condemnation of Israel, a failure to act against tyrants and thugs and a general anti western attitude, funded, of course, by our money. Under Obama expect much more of the same.

Imagine an old people's home where many of the staff are unpaid volunteers from around the world, where the residents speak several languages, where it is not unusual for some to be celebrating the publication of their latest book, and where many of them each day are washed, dressed and gathered downstairs by 7:30am for a devotional Bible study. Too good to be true? Well, it is true, and this amazing residence is Ebenezer in Haifa, Israel, possibly the happiest old people’s home in the world. Right now they have an urgent need for funds if you want to support a good Israeli charity.

When anyone dares challenge the liars, fools and scoundrels who peddle the fantastic lie of "global warming" it is as if a false faith is under threat. When Channel Four put out a programme showing the theory is just hot air, the howls of outrage rent the heavens. Here's how a Telegraph writer put it: David Hughes noted that the climate change lobby tends to react like scalded cats should anyone have the temerity to question their assertion that global warming is a man-made phenomenon. So certain are they of the righteousness of their case that it has taken on the aura of a religious faith - and heresy will simply not be tolerated.

There is so much bad news flooding the media. Here is some very good news, the story of one of God's extraordinary people. Kay Mason was an elderly lady quietly worshipping in the church we attended every Sunday. I had no idea until I visited her of the wonderful way God had used her life for His glory. There are many such people living their quiet lives, not drawing any attention to themselves. No doubt your church has a fair number as well. Once you start talking to people, especially the older people at church, you will discover more and more of God's wonderful dealings, even in these dark days!

The "birth certificate" claimed by the Barack Obama campaign is not certified as authentic and appears to be a photoshopped fake.

"Unless there is a very rapid change of mind, depression - with all its horrors and consequences - will be inevitable. The judgment that letting Lehmans go would not create systemic risk depended, if it was ever going to be anything other than ludicrous, on very rapid action to shore up the financial system. Instead, Hank Paulson seems to be adding to the risk in the system," he said. "We fear that a virtual nationalisation of the financial system will now be necessary," Bernard Connolly.

Since mid 2006 this website has been warning that "The Greater Depression" was on its way, starting with a housing bust. Some now think the worst is over. We don't . We think the troubles are just starting. Here's an extract from a good article in the London Daily Telegraph...AF "

The Iranian Air Force has launched a large drill in northern Iran which simulated an attack on Israel and is being rationalized as Tehran's rejoinder to Israel's big aerial maneuver last June.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is probably the most controversial man in America these days. His blockbuster book, The Obama Nation, is currently the New York Times Number One Bestseller, and media talking heads are having a hissy fit. They are incensed that there is someone of Corsi's intelligence and credentials who is willing to tell the truth about Barack Obama.

These simple facts refute all the scare stories about the arctic ice-cap melting away. It is not so much that the “warmist” fanatics ignore facts - they invent their own. That’s a polite way of saying they lie. These are extracts from Watts-up-with-that Blog -we suggest you look them up, then call your local newspaper or TV station to ask why they aren't doing their jobs and exposing one of the biggest frauds in history.

The last hope of independence for Britain is fast vanishing. The financial crisis is giving the EU superstate the chance to grab control of all financial activity. When you control the money, you control everything! Former British Labor leader Hugh Gaitskell went on to say that if Britain was to join the EU, then called the EEC, she would be "no more than a state … in the United States of Europe, such as Texas and California". Britain would become no more than "a province of Europe". This is now happening before your very eyes. Wake up, people! ALAN FRANKLIN

Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits? Have you ever wondered why, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, we have inflation and high taxes? A cutting polemic against politicians. We exempt Ron Paul from the following criticism....

Most countries in the Western world have stopped breeding. For a civilization obsessed with sex, this is remarkable. Maintaining a steady population requires a birth rate of 2.1 In Western Europe, the birth rate currently stands at 1.5, or 30 percent below replacement. The European countries are currently importing Muslims. Read this remarkable report and learn what is REALLY shaping the world.

The biggest banker and the biggest traitor, in my judgement, is David Rockefeller and his mob of traitors,the CFR, or Council on Foreign Relations. But they are not even mentioned among the guilty ones in this current crisis.

This article shows that corporations that pursue anti-Christian agendas can have their teeth - and balance sheets - rattled. McDonalds, previously gung ho for "gay" affiliations, has now changed its policy, after the tills rang less often. Christians do NOT have to put up with blasphemy and perverted policies from corporations with whom we spend our money. This article proves change can happen.

The big green lie machine, which insists against all evidence that there is such a thing as man-made global warming, has been so endorsed by dim politicians that our very future is threatened, our lifestyles are suffering and the lights may soon go out. Who will challenge these knaves and fools? One who will is Christopher Booker, who takes a look at carbon cloud cuckoo land inside. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Amid all the banking gobbledygook about collateralised debt obligations, tier-one capital ratios and structured investment vehicles, it's hard to comprehend the scale of pain that is about to be inflicted on people who least deserve it. Debris from the implosion of parallel universes in the City and Wall Street is about to destroy innocent lives. This article from the Telegraph spells out the depth of the crisis- and it is not just in the west. From Russia to Brazil, Iceland to Australia, the deck of cards has collapsed.

I am putting this story back on the site, from our archives, as it is so important as a counterweight to the non-stop propaganda broadcast by "big media."'The Great Global Warming Swindle', broadcast in Britain by Channel 4, put the case for scepticism about man-made climate change. The programme sparked a heated debate and charges of scientific inaccuracy. Here, its director, Martin Durkin, responds to the critics.This article merely looks at the facts and I reprint it because Christians tell me their churches are involved in green propaganda and do not realise the spiritual implications of the green movement, including worship of Gaia, the earth goddess. Yes, it's not just about recycling your old cans! AF

A worldview shapes presidential attitudes toward Israel either as a strategic asset or a liability and toward Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights. A presidential worldview determines the scope of the US posture of deterrence in face of Middle East and global threats, which directly impacts Israel's national security. This article from The Jerusalem Connection shows the dangers to Israel posed by Obama, who has a Muslim background.

Britain may soon have no money and quite probably no electricity either. Sometime sooner or later someone is going have to face facts. Unless we can use our own coal without these restrictions the country is going to be dark, cold and --- broke. Then "climate change" will arrive in Britain's homes when the electrity goes out in mid-winter.

The Big Four countries of Europe are "united" on the need to call the leading nations of the globe together to "create a new financial world". The world summit is to include, in addition to the G8, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico. This story from The Daily Telegraph, London, shows the way the wind is blowing - towards a new, global financial authority and then a one world currency. Here comes the mark of the beast - the microchip without which you won't be able to buy or sell. Read more about the background to all this in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

He entered Yale College at age 13 and graduated with honors. He became a pastor, and his sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God," started the Great Awakening, a revival that swept America, uniting the colonies prior to the Revolution. He became President of Princeton College. His name was Jonathan Edwards and he was born OCTOBER 5, 1703.

"Global temperatures have not risen since 1998, prompting some to question climate change theory. " This politically incorrect quote , actually telling the truth for a change, is actually part of a story from the BBC website, of all places. Global non-warming is a big fat lie, conjured up to frighten us all into accepting restrictions on our lives and eventually ushering in a one world government "to save the earth." This is part of the rest of the BBC report.

On OCTOBER 3, 1789, from the U.S. Capitol in New York City, President George Washington issued the first Proclamation of a National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer to Almighty God, as just one week earlier the first session of the U.S. Congress successfully approved the First Ten Amendments limiting the power of the Federal Government.

Some months ago the story that Obama was born in Kenya, to a Kenyan father and American mother, prior to them going to Hawaii, was run on this website and elsewhere. Needless to say, the dozy, useless and corrupt big media did nothing with this sensational news item. Now Jon Christian Ryter has broken the story that a judge has demanded that Obama produce his birth certificate. The shame is that it took an independent journalist and website to do this.

The Iranian Parliament has given provisional approval, by a majority of 196 to seven, to a bill that mandates the death penalty for apostasy from Islam. Until now Iranian judges could impose the death penalty in such cases only on the basis of Islamic law and fatwas, not on the basis of Iranian law.

There is a conspiracy of bankers and politicians whose self-interest is masquerading as sophisticated policy. They want us to believe that they have the keys to salvation. I have not seen a scrap of evidence to confirm this. Confession time. As 228 Representatives in Congress voted against Hank Paulson’s bail-out plan on Monday, I was cheering them on.

Four major agencies tracking Earth's temperature, including NASA's Goddard Institute, SAY the Earth cooled 0.7 degree Celsius in 2007, the fastest decline in the age of instrumentation, putting us back to where the Earth was in 1930. The climate is changing, but not in the direction Al Gore thinks. As the Earth demonstrably cools under a weakening sun, a 10-state coalition just held the nation's first carbon allowance auction to deal with a warming trend that may have ended a decade ago. Get the real truth here!

The U.S. House and Senate are poised to pass a $700 billion bailout to Wall Street. At the behest of President George W. Bush, the U.S. taxpayers are going to be on the hook for what can only be referred to as the biggest fraud in U.S. history.

Will the American people be gullible enough to buy Paulson's plan? Without a doubt. There might be some tweaking here and there but the basic plan will pass. It's just the next chapter in the socialization of our country. I am reminded of Frederick Hyack's "The Road to Serfdom". Some pertinent comments from The Daily Reckoning.

"To preserve their [the people's] independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude" - Thomas Jefferson. First the sense - now comes the result of not heeding it. The world is facing economic meltdown and there is no stopping it. Read and learn while we are still able to publicise these items...

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Thus began the first of the Ten Amendments, or Bill of Rights, which were approved SEPTEMBER 25, 1789. The intention was to prevent a state-sponsored religion which the colonists had suffered in England.

The New York Times reports that older Americans are “terrified.” They staked their retirements on housing and stocks. Both now are losing value. Worse still, they have fewer savings than any generation since WWII...and the meager savings they do have pay almost nothing! This is an extract from financial newsletter The Daily Reckoning, which is where you get the most sense on the world financial crisis set to usher in the New World Order.

This commentary from the Daily Mail, London, is brilliant and full of foreboding. The Mail, which provides our news ticker, has grasped the gravity of the mess we are all in - far more serious, in my view, than the Great Depression. Read and be forewarned. Life will never be the same and the good times are over. That's OVER. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Tom DeWeese is a writer who often exposes the great global lie - the warming deception on which vast swathes of Government policy are being based. The sinister part is that all other opinions- and there are many scientists who dispute warming- are being kept out of the debate in a way that reminds me of Nazi Germany. This is evil. Wake up, readers, and clamour for the truth in your local media. Alan Franklin.

Our beautiful home planet has been warming and cooling for thousands of years. Most recently, it has been warming—be it ever so slightly—but there is nothing unusual about it! The changes and rates of change in the Earth’s temperature, just since the Industrial Revolution, have occurred many times in our climatic history. While climate scientists generally agree that the Earth’s temperature is always changing, not many of them would say that humans are responsible for those changes.

"The worst evil that could be inflicted upon the youth of the land would be to leave them without restraint and completely at the mercy of their own uncontrolled inclinations. " This warning has come true and the consequences can be seen in Britain and elsewhere.

Wind power, on which the British Government has expended the better part £1 billion a year in subsidies [directly passed on to the consumer in electricity bills -cs], is little more than environmental window dressing. Its unreliability (wind is not a constant) means it cannot replace a single watt of permanent generating capacity.America, beware of J Boone Pickens' siren song. It's just wind!

Under divine Providence, it has been allegiance to the Constitution that has preserved our liberties and protected our very way of life. Most of the problems, failings, and frustrations that plague our nation today are due to the propensity of our civil magistrates to ignore or blatantly abuse constitutional government. Accordingly, fidelity to the Constitution would likely repair most of the damage done by this neglect.

Watching the world financial train wreck from our hotel room in West Virginia, it all seems like yesterday's news. In our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, we saw this coming years ago and predicted it, with chapters like "The Coming Foreclosure Tragedy." Readers of my favorite financial newsletter, The Daily Reckoning, were likewise warned. Here is the latest brilliant comment from the Reckoning's Bill Bonner. ALAN FRANKLIN.

There is one major problem with wind power: wind. Because the wind does not blow reliably or constantly, there are inevitably long periods when it is not strong enough to generate electricity. Just like the global warming scam aimed at frightening us into accepting big brother "global solutions," it's a load ofhogwash. Here one major newspaper at last says so.....Read on -there's lots of excellent facts.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh as the big-time imbeciles of Lehman Brothers, the bank that crashed and burned, were big time fans of "climate change" and its so-called business opportunities. They said this made them "thought leaders." Al Gore was also a big buddy of theirs. Now it's all gone up in smoke - no doubt carbon neutral. Read if you need a laugh today. ALAN FRANKLIN.

THE DIRTY DEED IS DONE Even though technically the EU’s Lisbon (Constitution) Treaty is dead, thanks to the foresight and wisdom of the Irish voters who slayed the monster in their referendum on the 12th June, our Government has still pushed ahead with ratification.

Obama is a flake, defined as "a fool with energy." Read this expose of the man with the bizarre past. It's what big media should be telling you- but isn't. Here it is - the myth that is Obama. It's scary.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is the best economics commentator around. I thought hard (it took at least 5 seconds!) before unleashing this undilud gloom. But duty called. The wheels are flying off the world's economy and people need to know what's going on. Even Starbucks says that the economy is at its worst since they set up in business almost four decades ago.

If you want to know what's really going on in the world, follow the money. I have long believed that things are much worse than most people realise: commentators talking about the financial crisis bottoming out are whistling in the wind. Here's an informed take on the situation after the Freddie and Fannie takeover, from the best financial newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. Alan Franklin.

The question now is, "How long can we maintain our nation's independence?" The forces of global government seem to dominate both major parties in Washington, D.C., most corporate boardrooms, and most newsrooms (including the Fox News Channel). For the amazing details of how the USA is being merged with Mexico and Canada - just for starters - read our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from our web shop on this site.

The President of America's secret "shadow government," the one with the real power, is Richard Haass, of The Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller-funded and founded group of high level powerbrokers plotting to do away with the nation state. Here is some evidence - in an article Haass wrote.For 350 years, sovereignty -- the notion that states are the central actors on the world stage and that governments are essentially free to do what they want within their own territory but not within the territory of other states -- has provided the organizing principle of international relations. The time has come to rethink this notion.

Despite burdensome fuel prices and ever-increasing dependence upon foreign oil, both major presidential candidates continue to oppose domestic drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) They both bow to the false prophets of human-caused climate change and they both favor destructive carbon cap-and-trade legislation. But Governor Palin is different: she sees through this nonsense and knows we can drill for oil without harming the hair of a polar bear's head.....

Russian analyst says Cuban base should be reopened. The head of the Department for Disarmament and Conflict Resolution in the Institute for World Economics and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Pikayev, has said that Russia should re-open a listening and surveillance base in Cuba, which used to cover the whole USA. The cold war is back!

The British government's refusal to permit the people to have their say on whether or not to sign over their national sovereignty to an imperialist European superstate is entirely undemocratic. In fact, it borders on being the exact opposite of democratic government. It is rule by diktat. An interesting comment on the Brown government, from a paper in New England.

Rome fell SEPTEMBER 4, 476AD. In the centuries preceding, Rome was overrun with illegal immigrants: Visigoths, Franks, Anglos, Saxons, Ostrogoths, Burgundians, Lombards and Vandals. They first assimilated, many working as servants, but then came so fast they did not learn the Latin language.

JERUSALEM - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, completing a visit to the region , has been pressing Israel to sign a document by the end of the year that would divide Jerusalem by offering the Palestinians a state in Israel's capital city as well as in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, according to top diplomatic sources involved in the talks. AF adds: Woe betide the people and nations who divide God's land. See story and comments below, from The Berean Call.

For a foretaste of what America would be like under an extreme left winger, take a look at the wreck of once-Great Britain, now ruined in every way by Socialist incompetents. Read this and weep for the country that Mrs Thatcher left so strong and vibrant. And remember this when you vote. Not all change is good!

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: It is already a serious criminal offence to overfill your wheelie bin in Britain, and if you want to build a house be prepared to create a new lake for any newt which happens to be in residence in a puddle on site. I was recently threatened with criminal prosecution as the wrong sort of windows (vinyl, not wood) had been installed in a house we were buying! Green lunacy is running rife, with the evil EU in the forefront. Here's the latest from the claptrap machine.....

Imprisoned twelve years for preaching without a license from the King, he wrote Pilgrim's Progress, an allegory of a man named Christian fleeing the City of Destruction and directed by Evangelist to follow a narrow path to the City of Zion. This is Bill Federer's story of John Bunyan, who wrote the second most important book in Christendom. He was persecuted by the false church of the day, the Church of England - Episcopalians. See Pat's story on why you should leave such apostate churches - on this site.

A financial storm is gathering the like of which has never been seen in the modern world. I call it "The coming Greater Depression," because, in my opinion, it will be worse than the Great Depression. Round the world, money is no longer available. Much has been lost and many banks are effectively broke. Freddie Mac and Fannie May are teetering. This technical but excelllent article from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of The Daily Telegraph, London, sums up the gathering storm...ALAN FRANKLIN.

The central bankers' bank renews fear of second depression, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. A year ago, the Bank for International Settlements startled the financial world by warning that we might soon face challenges last seen during the onset of the Great Depression. This has proved frighteningly accurate.

In three decades, the feminist movement has uprooted and rewritten the norm for family life. No longer are women seen as nurturers and helpmeets. The push for "equality" has done much more than move women from the kitchen to the boardroom; it has moved them from under the arm and next to the side of their husbands to, in many cases, a place of independence from, and lordship over, them. AF adds: This is particularly so in the emasculated western church, where so called female preachers add to the general decay and loss of direction.

"The fact is that Russia is running out of time. Why is Russia running out of time? Russia has squandered her enormous earnings from oil and mineral wealth on motor cars, foreign property and her tycoons setting themselves up abroad." Perhaps Russia is still not as strong as she pretends. It doesn't really matter, as those who study Bible prophecy know that soon Russia will lead an attack on Israel. And that will be the effective end of Russia. Goodbye, Russia! This will be one invasion the God you mocked will not tolerate. Alan Franklin.

The steady collapse of the Dollar, caused by massive US debt and the Fed printing billions of new bills, is paving the way for the introduction of the Amero, the new currency for the North American Union. This treachery at the heart of the US administration is little known. It's in our book - Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain - and in September I will be speaking in the USA on this subject. My next date is at Poplar Ridge Christian Church, Piney Flats, Tennessee, twice on Sunday September 7 aand again on the evening of September 10. The number of the church is 423 538 6057. I will have limited numbers of books and DVDs for sale.

I see in El Mundo that Spaniards are still big Euro-enthusiasts. Well, yes, we already knew that. Most Euro-barometer polls rank them as the most pro-Brussels of the 27 states. They are one of the few national electorates who would - who did - vote for the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty.

These are tough times. We need realistic politicians who are prepared to say so AND spell out what they are going to do about it. And, for the first time in a generation, voters may be ready to support a party that tells them the harsh facts of life.

Once again, "pro-life" Christians are doing back flips to try and justify their compromise of the life issue by trying to convince everyone (including themselves) that John McCain is truly pro-life. However, these same people know in their hearts that John McCain shares no fidelity to the life issue in any significant or meaningful way. Like many in the Republican Party, McCain's commitment to life is about as deep as a mud puddle.

The first law professor of the University of Pennsylvania, James Wilson wrote in his Lectures on Law, 1789-91: "Law...communicated to us by reason and conscience...has been called natural; as promulgated by the Holy Scriptures, it has been called revealed...

Britain's economy is teetering on the brink of recession as official figures showed that output ground to a halt between April and the end of June. This is the weakest performance since 1992, the tail-end of the last recession, and will increase pressure on the Bank of England to cut interest rates to prevent a full-blown economic slump.

The Russians are determined to humiliate the Georgian state so that it becomes a mere vassal of Russia. In the process they now indirectly control the economies of Armenia and Azerbaijan as well for almost all the exports of those countries go through Georgia or Russia. . The Ukraine will be next. Perhaps quickly followed by ISRAEL? Students of Bible prophecy know that a Russian-led invasion of Israel will shortly happen. And, according to Ezekiel 38 and 39, that will be the end of Russia!

The greatest threat to America does not come from Russia, Iraq, Iran, or any other foreign country. America's greatest threat comes from a complacent populace who would sit back and do nothing while our own civil magistrates surrender our nation's sovereignty and independence to international interests.

Among the great mass of people in Europe who don't have clue about how the sinister superstate is setting up a dictatorship, there are shining stars. People like Derek Bennett. Derek, from Walsall, is a doughty fighter against the EU and an activist with the UK Independence Party, which I also support. We have now linked with Derek's blogspot where you can read all the latest on the EU villainy. Derek's latest article is inside.....

I am often asked about the people in history that I revere or otherwise hold in high esteem. Today's column is an attempt to answer that question. Bear in mind, this list is by no means complete. I know I am omitting several people that should truly be included. However, time and space limitations require me to condense my list. So, here goes.

"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in their struggle for independence." -C.A. Beard

“It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people.”

As the nation states of Europe lose their borders and merge into a single European State, we must realise that the continental traditions of policing, like their traditions of criminal justice, are very different from ours. And since they are the majority, it will inevitably happen with a merger that their system will be imposed on us, not the other way round. Here comes the frightening, military-style Euro-Gendarmerie.

These offensive statements are found on Obama's official campaign site, posted there by his supporters: Jews should be "burned" and "thrown in the oven." Israel murdered 6 million Arabs. Jews control American politics and dictate decisions of war and peace. The Jewish state is leading a "Holocaust" against the Palestinian people and was responsible for 9/11. This is a sample of much racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda that can be found on user-generated pages on Sen. Barack Obama's official campaign website.

The extent to which civil liberties are under attack from Brussels is spelt out today by Ian Traynor in The Guardian. The EU's ambitions are awesome: an international bank of biometric data, a Euro-gendarmerie, common external frontiers, harmonisation of criminal law. Look on its works, ye mighty, and despair.

Presidential candidates McCain and Obama spoke at the convention of the National Council of La Raza. "La Raza" is Spanish for "The Race." That McCain and Obama would panderto such an organization shows how deeply both parties are committed to appeasing the pro-illegal immigration forces. And mark it down: there is not a more pro-illegal alien organization in existence than La Raza.

Dear friends, by Pat Franklin There is so much pseudo spiritual trash on religious TV and in churches generally. But yesterday at our church in England we had a spiritual feast, morning and evening. The guest preacher was Don Hender from Bournemouth. It so happened that a marriage was performed at the service, followed by Don’s talk, and he based it on the Jewish wedding customs of Jesus’ day and how they picture the second coming of the Lord Jesus. If you want to know the future - and it is a great one - please read on. As with all of my articles, please feel free to copy this and pass it on.

Quote of the Week Walter E. Williams, Author, Economist and Professor of Economics, Regarding Congress and U.S. Energy Independence: "For several decades, environmentalists have managed to get Congress to keep most of our oil resources off-limits to exploration and drilling. They've managed to have the Congress enact onerous regulations that have made refinery construction impossible.

Idiotic and useless green" policies are costing families a fortune. And they don't work !

When Ireland voted against the EU constitution - the only nation of the 27 in the EU allowed a vote - the EU bully boys immediately started threatening the Irish and telling them to vote again and "get it right this time." But Ireland is full of independent spirits, like John Coughlan, whose message to Britain - and freedom lovers everywhere - is required reading. William Hague's great article follows on....

When I speak at conferences my theme could be summed up as "the end of the world as we know it." Now one of my favorite financial commentators, Bill Bonner, has spoken on a similar theme, from a strictly financial viewpoint. Here is part of the summary from financial newsletter The Daily Reckoning. ALAN FRANKLIN.

What are Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi telling you and rest of the American people regarding the rising cost of gasoline at the pump? Simply put; "Let them eat cake." ALAN FRANKLIN adds: The reason fuel is priced higher than it need be is because for decades green fanatics have stopped oil companies from drilling for proven reserves in the USA! Voters should wake up to this and take action.

MEPs took yet another step towards arbitrary rule recently, adopting new rules designed explicitly to prevent Euro-sceptics from forming a group. This, of course, is just the first step towards banning those who oppose the sinister superstate from standing for election. This has already happened in Belgium, which houses the EU parliament building.

“...If you wanted to cover the unfunded liability of all three [Medicaid] programs today, you would be stuck with an $85.6 trillion bill. That is more than six times as large as the bill for Social Security. It is more than six times the annual output of the entire U.S. economy." A quote from a leading banker, reprinted from The Daily Reckoning.

"I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization..." So spoke Winston Churchill on this day in 1941. However, having prayed for victory during the war, at its close both Britain and America rapidly forsook the faith which had sustained them. So now our nations are fast gurgling down history's plughole - and if we had a service to pray for deliverance it would probably be "interfaith." And God would not be listening, as we are being judged.

Free republics are not known to have long life expectancies. At the ripe old age of two hundred and thirty-two, America is definitely showing her age. She is long past her prime, and some are predicting her demise. No, some are PLANNING her demise. ALAN FRANKLIN comments : This is a must-read commentary. I too will be helping expose the coming one-world dictatorship when I speak in America this fall. I have some speaking dates available from late August to September 18.

Be afraid - be very afraid. The UK government's problems with Northern Rock are dwarfed by those faced by the White House, which is faced with propping up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. ALAN FRANKLIN writes: This article from The Observer, London, is spot on and warns that the world truly is heading into a deep financial mess. The Greater Depression. Read on and be informed...

This is a pentecostal take on the foul deception being practised on gullible Christians in Florida and now round the world. I had not bothered to comment on the horrible, demonic antics going on at Lakeland as I didn't think any serious, Bible believing Christian would be taken in by this obvious rubbish. For example, angels are never female, so who exactly is "the angel Emma?" Of course, we should never underestimate the willingness of gullible folk to be deceived by the latest false doctrines to come out of places like Toronto and Florida. This one is being exposed sooner than the others, which deceived people for some time. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah faced a generation that is very similar to the one we face today, I am afraid. Political and corporate leaders had given themselves over to corruption and duplicity. The fundamental underpinnings that founded and supported the nation were being dismantled. And the spiritual leaders seemed to be powerless to do anything about it.

"While Senator Barack Obama struggles to keep the public in the dark about the nature of his pro-U.N. Global Poverty Act, a recent 'Bay Area Interfaith Leaders' Luncheon' was held to lobby for Senate passage of the bill, whose cost has been estimated at $845 billion."

Once political enemies, they became close friends in later life. An awe swept America when they both died on the same day, JULY 4, 1826, exactly 50 years since they passed the Declaration of Independence.

Ahmadinejad also again expressed his apocalyptic vision that tyranny in the world be abolished by the return to earth of the Mahdi, the 12th imam of Shiite Islam, alongside great religious figures including Jesus Christ. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: Moslems have a strange take on the future, due to distorted and false theology. But the president is right that the end is near- and the Lord WILL return! The Bible tells us that Israel will survive, although it will be in great peril.

This article from The Sunday Telegraph continues the process whereby Matthew d’Ancona wakes up to the real world and finds it a real mess! But even this article only tells half of it! He omits all the additional taxes proposed to be wasted on wind-farms, eco-towns, and other madcap schemes brought on by discredited science and EU rules. He forgets a Treasury which is itself ‘overdrawn’ with borrowing at ruinous levels - remind you of America? Too much government is the problem in both countries. Judgement is here.

In the most important Supreme Court decision of the decade, District of Columbia v. Heller, a majority of justices ruled today that the Second Amendment is indeed constitutional. Not only that, but they reaffirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right, and that the District of Columbia's ban on handguns is unconstitutional.

"Barack Hussein Obama" is a perfectly common identifier for someone with an ethnic East African Muslim background. Nevertheless, Obama insists that, while his father and paternal grandfather were both Muslims, he himself was never one in any way. We accept that Obama is not Islamic, but his liberal "Christian" church, his attitude to Israel and much else deserves close examination.

With a venue and date set for a United Nations conference on racism, organizations hoping to avoid a repeat of the problems that plagued the 2001 gathering are going to have to be "very aggressive to see that Israel and her Zionist supporters around the world are not demonized," a leading Jewish human rights group said.

To the Salvation Army, December 12, 1951, General Douglas MacArthur said: "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. "

Just one country out of 27 in the European Union - Ireland - voted on whether or not to become a small part of the sinister superstate of Europe. The Irish voted no. The BBC, the leftie, anti Christian, pro Europe Biased Broadcasting Organisation that is one of the curses of British life, reported on this by saying that out of 420 million voters in Europe, only three million voted against the EU constitution. That's because the rest of us were denied a vote - but the Biased didn't broadcast that!

This article from the Canada Free Press reveals how Obama is just another tool of the world elitists who are bringing in world government, via organisations ranging from the North American Union to the European Union. To get anywhere in US politics you have to be one of the select few who take orders from secret powerbrokers in The Council on Foreign Relations,. The Bilderbergers, The Skull and Bones Club and so forth. I do a presentation on this when asked to speak. Now, read this fascinating article. ALAN FRANKLIN.

The puppet parliament in Brussels, Belgium, that puts a democratic veneer on the dictatorial European Union - Europe's new nazis - showed its true colors when members shouted down an independent British MEP when he tried to make a speech about the need for a vote on adopting the EU constitution. These people don't like votes, but when they go against them they are just ignored. We get the superstate anyway! Here's the speech nobody heard. ALAN FRANKLIN.

This is the price of freedom for Israelis. The trail of Jews and others who were murdered or died in combat in Israel's wars, and in terror actions before and after the founding the state in Arab pogroms goes back over a hundred years. In fact, the carnage did not begin with Zionism. It goes back at least as far as a pogrom in Safed in 1837.

A candidate campaigning for the Graz city council in Austria says it is time that Islam was "thrown back ... behind the Mediterranean," and alleges Muhammad wrote the Koran in "epileptic fits." Muhammad married, among others, a six year old child. This report is from Spiegel Online.

Hussein Obama - we'll use his middle name as nobody else does - has spoonsored a bill to force Americans to pay a $845 BILLION global tax.This disastrous legislation is due before the Senate any day now. Yet big media, as usual, hasn't told you of Obama's barmy scheme to shovel American Dollars out to third world despots.

Here is a statement from the European Central Bank about something called the SEPA programme which seems to be a huge step forward to the cashless society...This quotation gives the gist. 'A single currency – with a single set of payment instruments – in a single euro payments area. With SEPA, this becomes a reality. And we, as euro area citizens, will be able to make euro payments as cheaply, as easily and as safely as we do national payments. All euro payments will be “domestic”; finally, there will be no difference between sending a payment from Rome to Dublin or from Brussels to Antwerp.

This cooling of the earth will - as usual - produce a further batch of batty statements that the earth is cooling because of global warming - and it’s all our fault - and taxes must go up and we mustn’t build any more power stations to keep us warm and out of the dark because they have a carbon footprint. When will our muttonheaded media and pitiful politicians get it into their heads that we need a lot of carbon to stop the next ice-age. Coal-fired power stations would be do nicely!

Right now, ending at 10 pm Greenwich Meantime (London) voters in Ireland are having their say on whether or not their country - like all 25 nations in the European Union - retains its separate identity. They are voting on the European Constitution, which creates one superstate from the independent nations of Europe and will come into force next January, rendering The Houses of Parliament in London and all other national parliaments of less importantance than state senates in America. All other EU nations, including Britain, have refused voters a say on this vital issue. ALAN FRANKLIN

The dirty little secret is that our MPs hardly matter any more Cup your ears. What is that sound we are suddenly picking up on the bush telegraph? It is the distant but unmistakable trumpeting of the elephant in the room. And the name of that most dangerous but lamentably unscrutinised animal is the European Union.Wake up people -your country has been sold out.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: For two years I have been warning that we are heading for The Greater Depression, a financial situation that could be worse than 1929. Since then the world has binged on debt. Things are now changing fast. We are sliding down the slope to financial disaster. It could well spell the end of America as the world's number one superpower: you cannot fight foreign wars on borrowed money. Britain is also in bad shape - but so is all the world. Read this report from a great writer, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph.

It is time now to stand up for freedom and democracy - especially the tiny democracy of Israel, the only free country in the Middle East. Here Israel's ambassador to Britain speaks out over attempts by British academics to boycott Israeli universities and academics. These liberal academics call evil good and good evil, and we must combat their foul propaganda with the truth. Please read on.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: There already is an operational Eurocorps - the army of the EU. It consists of units of the armies of the 25 states of the EU, assigned for duties with the Eurocorps. Now there are plans to merge all the European armies into one force, with one command. A big story - if anyone has noticed! MEPs - members of the European Parliament - are to vote on EU defence proposals including setting up European forces under EU command. The policy also calls for "gender mainstreaming" of key operational appointments which could mean requiring more women in senior posts.

Using some of his most apocalyptic rhetoric yet, Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is vowing that the United States and Israel will soon be "annihilated," even as he refuses to abandon Iran's nuclear program. By Joel C. Rosenberg. Alan Franklin adds: If he read the Bible he would realise that he has just sealed his own fate. He won't survive- but Israel will.

The real Obama revealed - and it's ugly...In his own words:From Obama's book, Audacity of Hope: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." From Obama's book, Dreams of My Father: "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

It seems to me that far too many people in our country overlook the importance of child rearing. Many seem to feel that just about everything else--job, career, money, "success," etc.--occupies a higher priority than raising honest, God-fearing children. However, Connie and I decided years ago that raising our children would be a priority in our lives, and boy, we are glad we did!

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellanMcClellan has written a book taking the lid off the Washington cesspit. He said his motive for speaking out was: "Like many Americans, I am concerned about the poisonous atmosphere in Washington. I wanted to take readers inside the White House and provide them an open and honest look at how things went off course and what can be learned from it." Hold your noses, readers, and find out more......

The story of Sergai Kourdakov is so remarkable that I am putting it on our website. Brutalised by Communists in Russia, Sergai tells of his life in the book ‘Forgive Me, Natasha’. Natasha is the name of a beautiful young Christian girl in Russia in the 1970s. Sergai was then a student at a Russian naval academy. Like students the world over, he had a part time job, only he was not flipping burgers or washing cars. His job was working as a teenage thug for the Russian police. His 'special operations' work was bursting in on secret meetings of Christian believers and beating them half to death. Natasha was one of those he stripped and beat unmercifully.

The United Nation's Human Rights Council has launched a witch-hunt against the United States. The charge is racism against Muslims. And the United Nations' so-called Human Rights Council has put its top attack dog on the case. This is why the western nations which pay the UN's bills, only to be insulted at every debate by delegates from piddling dictatorships, should pull out of this disgusting organisation, a prototype of the coming one-world government.

ALAN FRANKLIN WRITES: When I speak in America I ask one unanswerable question: How is it that the country that put men on the moon cannot build a fence round its borders? The reason, of course, is that under the North American Union there will be no borders between the USA, Mexiso and Canada. There is no intention of stopping illegal immigrants. Here Chuck Baldwin warms to this theme...

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: I have been saying for over a decade that so- called global warming is a myth, the latest in a series of green scares aimed at controlling us, not "saving" the planet - which mankind is not able to do in any case. Now 31,000 scientists have joined to blow the global warming propaganda out of the water. Read, and please circulate to all media!

Dear friends, Israel has just celebrated 60 years as a nation, but my heart is full of grief and shame at the way the governments of Britain and America have repeatedly failed to help the Jewish people. And because so many of our schools are inferior, people are kept in ignorance of certain disgraceful facts of our history.

As Russia prepares for a new bid to dominate the world, including its ill-fated forthcoming attack on Israel, which the Bible predicts in Ezekiel 38/9, we see the Russian bear stirring and snarling in many different areas. This story is a big pointer on the new attitude of Gog - perhaps Putin? and his people - Magog. The battle for "ownership" of the polar oil reserves has accelerated with the disclosure that Russia has sent a fleet of nuclear-powered ice breakers into the Arctic. It has reinforced fears that Moscow intends to annex "unlawfully" a vast portion of the ice-covered Arctic.

"The Americans are the first people whom Heaven has favoured with an opportunity of...choosing the forms of government under which they should live."

"Britain, Europe, Japan, and China will go down before America comes back up. This is turning into a synchronised bust, after all. The Global Slump of 2008-09 is under way." Alan Franklin writes: This is how the Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ends one of his fine articles, always worth reading. I have been saying since 2006 that The Greater Depression is on its way. Let's hope I am wrong.

A day in the life of an ordinary mother in Israel. This is from our daughter Annie and gives the flavor of what life is like in Israel today.

Gore, quick to point to "global warming" as the cause of any passing catastrophe, might care to devote a few minutes of his precious time to reading an analysis of the crash of the British Airways B777 on 17 January 2008. It seems that excessive global cooling caused the plane's problems! Get the true story here.....

While America’s attention is focused elsewhere – on the Democrat primaries or even the polygamist cult in Texas – several Middle East countries are quietly and inexorably marching ahead in their quest to possess nuclear weapons.

The South St. Louis skyline is getting a new Islamic prayer tower over 100 feet high. This is particularly poignant to Pat and myself as St Louis is her home city. The tower is in the historic Bevo Mill neighbourhood, where the Bevo Mill, a replica Dutch windmill, has been a popular restaurant and landmark since 1917. Islamic towers, or minarets, are used in the Middle East to blast out amplified 'calls to prayer' for people to worship the false god Allah, but Islamic leaders say the St Louis tower is only 'symbolic' and will have no loudspeaker system, and will not be used for calls to prayer, since local muslims already know the prayer times. We were shocked to drive round last year and find, in one street, a huge Hindu temple and, a few hundred yards away, a massive new Islamic center. When a Christian country allows temples to false gods it is going downhill fast. This is all a judgement on America for turning from God, failing to help the Jewish people on many occasions when their need was desperate, and, last but not least, the murder of millions of our babies.

Is Obama committed to Israel's survival as a Jewish state? The question is serious and the answer may be chilling. The senator himself has not spoken ill of Israel nor has he made anti-Semitic statements, but it is quite unlikely that a candidate as clever as he would tip his hand on something that vital. Consider, though, all the influences on the life of Barack Obama.

Those who question the legitimacy of the warmists' arguments are treated as pariahs. If we have a democracy and free speech it excludes those of us who question the suspect facts and figures about global warming. The simple fact cannot be denied that opposition to the warmists arguments is simply not allowed. This is an edited version of an article in the latest edition of Derek's magazine, which we recommend.

If, as casual readers of current events, you have become aware of the escalating sense of urgency, with the impending multiple world crises, then you are most likely comprehending the current history making events as they unfold. Wars and rumors of war, pestilence, mysterious shakings in the heavens, earthquakes, AND now the ravages of world-wide famine are occurring around us at this very moment. Does this announce the Biblical introduction of the "end times?" (Alan Franklin adds: This is Greg's take on current events, most of which I agree with, so get the facts here!)

So who really runs the EU? Who is behind those strange images of the Tower of Babel being rebuilt; who caused the Strasbourg parliament building to look like a rebuilt Tower of Babel, and who chose the woman riding the beast as a motif which crops up time and again in the EU? These are things I talk about when asked to give presentations. Meanwhile, take a look at this blog, which indicates that civil servants- unelected, of course- are the real power brokers. ALAN FRANKLIN.

While the now discredited Global Warming fanatics continue their outdated talk of rising temperatures governments and newspaper editors haven’t taken the truth on board yet. The EU is demanding that we sacrifice food production to grow crops for ethanol production just at the very moment that the land is desperately needed to grow food. Read on for the real truth....

Most Americans (and British people) live in a state of blissful ignorance, a virtual utopia, under the spell of government propaganda, lies and distortions. It's just easier to be deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to what's outside your own family, job and home. The prevailing philosophy being, if you ignore it, maybe it will go away. No, it won't go away, it will just get worse - and it has.

Human rights activist Ayaan Harsi Ali has issued a stark warning about the growing threat of Muslim extremism in Britain. In London's Evening Standard she says: + Islamic Faith Schools must close + Sharia law could happen here + Multiculturalism has failed + Islam is the new fascism.

Spring is late in England this year, but the bluebell woods are coming into their breathtaking glory. If sinful, fallen earth is this beautiful, how matchless, how indescribable, heaven must be! - by Pat Franklin

The Prophet Isaiah prophesied the destruction of Damascus by Israel. Damascus, the world's oldest continuously-inhabited city, is prophesied to become a 'ruinous heap'. As the Arabs gear up for a war they will lose they should try reading Bible warnings against those that touch God's special land and people. Ignorant Christians who don't support Israel should also bone up on prophecy.....

Did NASA scientist James Hansen, the global warming alarmist in chief, once believe we were headed for . . . an ice age? An old Washington Post story indicates he did. This came to me (Alan Franklin) from The Berean Call, to which all readers should subscribe (it's free) but Hansen is far from alone. Leading British global warming enthusiasts were also telling us we would get a new ice age, London would be covered in ice, just the top of Big Ben would be visible above the ice floes, etc etc. Interesting, isn't it?

Data from the Climatic Research Unit at Britain'sUniversity of East Anglia, from 1979 until October 2006, demonstrates that global temperatures have flattened out over the past five years. The more accurate NASA satellite data, however, is even more striking. These, recording lower air temperatures, show that there has been no warming since the global peak in 1998. Far from having risen, global temperatures have stabilised.

As early as the 1980s, operatives from the Muslim Brotherhood, parent group for al Qaeda and Hamas, formulated a blueprint for a "jihadist process" that would ultimately sabotage the "miserable house" of the United States. These Muslim Brotherhood operatives saw that the work of undermining the U.S. could be best accomplished by the use of front groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Students Association.

The following letter shows the growing resentment at the way the whole Climate Change theory has become the new religion. The true scientific figures are being suppressed by the media, especially by the BBC - Britain's "Biased Broadcasting Organisation." Here they show that the CO2 levels are following temperature changes with a considerable lag and that by any measure there has been no rise in temperature this century - and by most measurements there has been a fall.

The congressional hearings, along with eyewitness testimony and subsequent infrared video of the events at Waco led many to believe that federal agents were allowed to lie under oath with impunity. It is a fact that crucial evidence was conveniently "lost" by federal agents. Worse still was the release of videotapes of the events by investigative reporters showing the utter absurdity and duplicity of the government's account of the tragedy.

On Wednesday, Israel's Supreme Court issued a ruling that will likely have a significant impact on the Messianic Jewish community. Messianic Jews are Jews who believe that Jesus - Yeshua in Hebrew - is the Messiah of the Jewish people. The Court ruled that being a Messianic Jew cannot prevent Israeli citizenship if the Jewish descent is from the person's father's side.

The livelihood of all in the Eurozone is affected by its level against the Dollar and other currencies. The European Central Bank - basically German run - insists on high interest rates to fight inflation. This means that many industries are uncompetitive and jobs are lost. When I speak I often point out that the Euro will only be a temporary step towards the one-world currency that is coming soon - an electronic trading system that will lead to the mark of the Beast. Times are getting more interesting by the day. ALAN FRANKLIN.

This year Republicans had an opportunity to nominate a real American constitutionalist for President, a statesman in the similitude of Thomas Jefferson or James Madison. That man was Texas Congressman, Ron Paul. Unfortunately, the Republican faithful seem to be incapable of discerning the marks of true greatness, not to mention fidelity to constitutional government.

As food riots sweep the developing world, the EU's foreign aid chief has warned that sky-rocketing food price rises threaten a "humanitarian tsunami" in Africa. The world is about to go hungry, caused by cold weather (we need some global warming) and idiotic policies like turning corn into fuel, using more energy than is produced!

British home secretary and all round buffoon Jacqui Smith has banned a leading Jewish politician from Britain - for quoting a British official! Meanwhile Islamic thugs swarm the streets saying and doing much as they please. Read on and be amazed what a Socialist government believes and how it acts.

The dualism of Islam is deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the unbeliever. The unbeliever can be treated nicely, in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well. So Islam can be 'nice”, but in no case is the unbeliever a “brother” or a friend. In fact, there are some 14 verses of the Koran that are emphatic—a Muslim is never a friend to the unbeliever. A Muslim may be “friendly,” but he is never an actual friend.

There is no doubt over who's to blame for the mess Britain is in. Prime Minister Brown is not a victim; he is the culprit. Not only has money been blown on an eye-popping scale, the Government operates a relentless programme of deception to cover up blunders. Read this commentary and weep! A damming record of the destruction of a country.

We loved liberty in America and sang about it. So what changed us into the godless and the craven? May I suggest that traitors were permitted to creep in to our highest places of authority to the point where they now control everything, from the White House down. Fighting talk from an American patriot.

This is what Weather Channel founder John Coleman says: "I've been a TV meteorologist for 55 years. So when I started hearing about this global warming thing, about seven, eight years ago, I decided I better study up and understand what was going on so I could be expert for my viewers. I found was that there isn't any significant global warming going on. There isn't any significant connection between man's pollution and any global warming. The frenzy is totally manufactured. The global warming crisis is as phony as a $2 bill and it's time to put it to test. " So now you know. When will the lying, stupid politicians wake up, we wonder?

The Civil War began on Wilmer McLean's farm in Manassas Junction, Virginia, with the First Battle of Bull Run. A Union shell exploded in his kitchen.

Scientists and academics are queuing up to point out that fluctuations in global temperatures correlate more consistently with patterns of radiation from the sun than with any rise in CO2 levels, and that after a century of high solar activity, the sun's effect is now weakening, presaging a likely drop in temperatures.If global warming does turn out to have been a scare like all the others, it will certainly represent as great a collective flight from reality as history has ever recorded. The evidence of the next 10 years will be very interesting. A MUST READ and pass on article!

Over the past half-century, we have become used to planetary scares. In the late Sixties, we were told of a population explosion that would lead to global starvation. Then, a little later, we were warned the world was running out of natural resources. By the seventies, when global temperatures began to dip, many eminent scientists warned us that we faced a new Ice Age. Now a new lie is being propagated round the world...

Obama plays the innocent over the Council on Foreign Relations - America's real power behind the scenes. Yet he has spoken at their meetings! Read how a questioner-in-the-know was stonewalled and the question turned into a joke. But while he claims to be clueless about the CFR, Obama's wife is heavily involved in the globalist organization. Maybe they don't talk. Or could it be lies are being told? ALAN FRANKLIN.

God’s Word is clear, we are to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” It’s not a suggestion, it’s a command. However, here is the question: how would we recognize this peace we are commanded to pray for? What are we to look for in this time in which we live? Does it mean complete absence of war or violence? Must we see proverbial lions actually lie down with lambs?

We were sent an email which many readers may have received. It is typical of several heart-rending tales going round on the Internet that sound Christian, but are not. Some of us need a crash course in discernment, so here goes – the email ‘Breakfast at McDonald’s’ followed by our comments on it. You may think we are being too critical, but actually the Bible urges us to analyze, test and review things objectively, and that gives God glory, because that way we get to the truth.

EU leaders have approved a version of a plan by French President Nicolas Sarkozy for a grand Mediterranean Union stretching from Morocco to Turkey.The details are to be worked out by June, before a summit on 13 July in Paris under the French EU presidency, which would formally launch the Union for the Mediterranean. The union is to involve some 39 countries - the EU's 27 members and around 12 southern states, such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Syria and Turkey.

More on the scheme to expand the EU's influence."The Union for the Mediterranean ... is a formidable bridge between two river banks, the Western world and the Arab world," said French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. "I hope that we will do it together, with the Germans in particular and all those others who want to take part." This is from the International Herald Tribune.

This is Bill Federer's American Minute, which I have put at the top of the site because it is of vital importance. This is a tale of two families - one Christian, the other heathen. This is what became of their descendents - and what a tale it tells. The Christians were a blessing to their country, the heathens a curse - am expensive curse. Readers, remember this as people try and tell you that "all religions are the same" "all roads lead to God" and other fashionable lies of the 21st century. Alan Franklin.

I do not know of a single TV meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype. I know there must be a few out there, but I can’t find them. Here are the basic facts you need to know:

Here is an article from The Daily Telegraph, London, written by a great reporter - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. He says what I have been saying for many months - the world economy is soon going over a cliff. Read the article below and get out of debt fast! Also, read our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, which has chapters warning of just this - and the coming foreclosure crisis. Buy the book from this website. ALAN FRANKLIN.

We hope and pray that during 2008 President Bush and Condoleezza Rice will experience a change of heart. That their drive down the treacherous Roadmap will come to a screeching halt and that they will change course from this path toward disaster. That they will consider Israel’s many accomplishments: Israel, the 100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world's population, can make claim to an astounding number of society's advances in almost every direction!

A Muslim checkout worker at British store Marks & Spencer refused to handle a Bible, claiming it was "unclean". The company says it was "a misunderstanding". So that's all right, then. Imagine the reaction from the "liberal media" if a Christian had said the same about the Koran.

Comment by Derek Bennett, Editor of The question to ask is not about China being fit to host the Olympic Games, but will Britain be fit to host them in 2012? In four years time when the Olympic Games come here, we in the UK will be well on our way to a police state which will be as equally oppressive as China.

A recent USA Today report confirmed what most of us already knew: America has lost touch with its history. The story ran on February 26, 2008 and begins by saying, "Big Brother. McCarthyism. The patience of Job."Don't count on your typical teenager to nod knowingly the next time you drop a reference to any of these. A study out today finds that about half of 17-year-olds can't identify the books or historical events associated with them.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Iranian regime has been the principal state sponsor of terrorism across the globe, with innocent civilians in London, Berlin, and Paris, and even as far as Buenos Aires, Beirut, and the Horn of Africa the victims.

This is how a Dutch parliamentarian lambasted Islam. Holland could have a 25 per cent Islamic population in the next few years if demographics continue as they are. Europe has a serious problem with this enemy within, yet Blair and Bush laughably call it "the religion of peace." Pieces more like - mainly body parts.

Nothing annoys a liberal more than when one of their celebrated intelligentsia defects toward the Right. This week, yet another Leftist icon, David Mamet, announced he is coming to his senses. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: True confession - Pat and I were both Guardian-reading lefties, until the time when our children came along and we realised that order and discipline had value. We moved sharply right -and now realise that socialism, the current curse of Britain, is deadening and destructive.

This is a good article, from WorldNetDaily. It is astonishing, even in "End Times" Christian circles, how often anti-semitism creeps into stories and comments. The writer usually states the obvious, that a mega-crash is coming and the world is heading for a crisis. Then comes the insidious conclusion: behind it all is a Jewsh conspiracy. I observe that if Jews control the media they do a poor job of getting good publicity for Israel, which is criticised in all media almost non-stop! AF.

After witnessing the philosophizing, postulating, and pontificating of the various conservative speakers (or those to whom I spoke in private conversation), I am left with the very profound and distinct impression that the so-called conservative movement is dead. It is not dying: it is dead. Totally and thoroughly dead.

Leaders of the treacherous scheme to merge the USA with Canada and Mexico in the North American Union are asking business leaders to help with a PR campaign to counter adverse publicity. If you want to know what is going on behind your backs, get our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, from our web-shop - or ask Alan Franklin to speak to your church or group. We will be in America in late summer and are available for speaking dates.

A big brother British government scheme to make all citizens carry identity cards, complete with biometric details and much other information, is being introduced soon. Britons are already the most watched people on earth, with one spy camera for every 12 citizens, but the socialist government has even more sinister plans to monitor every aspect of every citizen's life.

In July, a Hindu opened the U.S. Senate with a Hindu prayer.This same man is opening in prayer at state senates in many places. (This was reported at the time on this site.) The first Muslim imam delivered a prayer for the U.S. House of Representatives, even though he is on record saying, "Take my word--if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us." America- like Britain- is whoring after foreign, false gods, and will reap the whirlwind.

“Many trees have fallen...and the electric lines are down. It is as if we had suffered an aerial attack or lost a battle. This is a terrible disaster. We’re hungry and cold.” A story from The Daily Reckoning shows just what a delusion is the "global warming" theory. China could do with some of it now.....

Unlike Hamas militants, who rejoice at the death of any Israeli, irrespective of whether they are civilian or military, ordinary Israelis feel much anguish over the loss of innocent Palestinian lives, as happened during the weekend's Israeli rocket attacks on suspected Hamas strongholds....However, newspapers like Britain's Guardian and Independent always use any attempt by Israel to defend itself as an excuse to vent their spleen on the Jewish state.

Democracy responds to the mob of voters...the housing slump is working its way into family budgets...and all three of Americans' major assets could continue going down for years. So ignore the housing bulls! More insights into the decline and fall of the American economy, from The Daily Reckoning. Remember, Bush's ‘conservative’ administration added more to America’s burden than all the administrations since George Washington – put together.

According to a report in Al-Ahkbar, a Lebanese newspaper said to be affiliated with Hizb'allah, the Syrian and Iranian-sponsored terrorist organization does not intend to let last week's execution of top terrorist Amad Mugniyah be left unanswered.

THE NEW WORLD DISORDER A 7-year plan aligns theU.S. with Europe's economy; rules, regs are to be integrated without congressional review. People say this is all in the conspiracy theorists' imaginations. Unfortunately, as this great comment reveals, it is all too true. The world really is fast coming together, all set for the coming world leader!

Satya Valmiki (26), now a software engineer, was just a penniless teenager in India when his mother Rajeswai was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was a terrible blow to the poor family, and the hospital doctors said she had only one month to live.

It is hard to overstate the seriousness of the global financial crisis. Yet the world's central monetary authorities - the central banks - have been culpably slow to recognise how dangerous things have become. This is an astonishing and brilliant article by the man who wrote the book "The Rotten Heart of Europe" and who can see the coming financial earthquake and the restrictions on freedom it will cause. Don't miss this one!

It is time to say it: the two major parties hold a death grip on the American people. Instead of representing the people, both the Republican and Democrat parties are bought and paid for by special interest groups and multinational corporations. Neither party pays any attention to the U.S. Constitution but both are largely marching in lockstep toward bigger and bigger government.

USA Today says “The U.S. population will soar to 438 million by 2050.” Most population growth will be driven by immigration and births to immigrants. How depressing. And it ought to make you mad, so that you want to “do something” about it... like build a wall or something. This interesting commentary - full of challenging questions - is from The Daily Reckoning, a recommended daily financial newsletter.

Here comes the New World Order- a continuing story. Big brother will soon know ALL your details. The FBI is gearing up to create a massive computer database of people's physical characteristics, part of an effort the bureau says will better identify criminals and terrorists. The FBI will use eye scans, combined with other data, to help identify suspects. Here's the rub: You don't have to be a criminal or a terrorist to be checked against the database.

According to today's Republican Presidential candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul), patriotism demands that we click our heels to the Department of Homeland Security and that we enthusiastically support aggressive, preemptive war. This is exactly the kind of redefinition of patriotism used so brilliantly by Hitler and his fellow propagandists.

The Lord Jesus said that believers would do ‘greater works’ than He did (John 14:12). What on earth did He mean? Some misguided Christians have taken it to mean that they should be running around trying to work miracles, but an Arab Bible teacher in Israel has given a very enlightening teaching on this subject.

A 63 year old London market trader, Janet Devers, is the UK’s latest Metric Martyr. She has been prosecuted by Hackney Council for the heinous crime of selling fruit in pounds and ounces. In Big Brother Britain, our few freedoms are fast diminishing as EU rules demand uniformity across the continent - and then the world.

Barack Obama talks such nonsense about the Middle East one wonders if he could find it on the map. Here is his latest example of oddball "thinking." It involves cutting Israel into two parts. Perhaps someone should explain - using simple words - that there already is a "Palestinian" state. It's called Jordan.

A Romanian writes in amazement of the American response to one of our darkest days...

It does not matter to a tinker's dam whether it is Giuliani, McCain, Huckabee, or Romney who wins the election this November. The man behind the curtain will still produce his smoke and mirrors and create more fear and panic over any and every convenient distraction in the hopes that the Munchkins will not wake up in time to realize that the one who needs to be feared (and fought) is none other than the man behind the curtain.

Montana governor Brian Schweitzer (D) declared independence Friday from federal identification rules and called on governors of 17 other states to join him in forcing a showdown with the federal government which says it will not accept the driver's licenses of rebel states' citizens starting May 11.

Whether you are a prophecy student, a conspiracy theorist, or dabble in biblical numerology, it is interesting that in a debate on blasphemy a motion for the disestablishment of the Church of England was listed in the British House of Commons as 666 -- the Number of the Beast. Alan Franklin notes: I do not think the Church of England has much religious significance any more and will at some stage merge with the false church of Rome. And as times get darker Satanic influence will increase -for a while! But at least this incident focusses minds on prophecy.

The British Government has confirmed that contrary to popular belief, traditional tungsten light bulbs are not going to be banned from 2011. Another example of poor reporting by the national press, which has created the exact opposite impression.

Real ID is postponed for 5 years But starting this May, US states resisting the law will be penalized: Their drivers' licenses won't be valid for air travel. This is how big brother central government will gradually force everyone to carry an electronic identification tag, meaning the abandonment of privacy. It's another step towards the Mark of The Beast, a chip implanted in the body, as predicted in the Book of Revelation.

This famous quote was from British statesman Edmund Burke, who was born JANUARY 12, 1729.

The so-called "right wing" Fox News is only "fair and balanced" as long as you fit their agenda. Ron Paul doesn't - so they blank him. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno before the New Hampshire primary, presidential hopeful Paul said he still doesn’t know why he was excluded from Fox News’ Sunday night Republican debate.

America's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is going after a Salvation Army thrift store BECAUSE IT REQUIRED EMPLOYEES TO SPEAK ENGLISH ON THE JOB! The store even gave everyone a year to learn English. Two refused and were fired. Now Uncle Sam is sueing them.

by Pat Franklin Critics of the Bible claim that there are 400,000 differences in early copies of the Bible. Can this really be right? The Bible says: 'Thy word is Truth' in John Chapter 17. Can we trust it? Yes, indeed, please read on!

While, of course, Israeli security measures have a negative impact on Palestinians, isn't it about time that The Guardian and BBC added some much-needed context to the story and stopped absolving Palestinians from all responsibility for the situation?

America's Founding Fathers insisted upon including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights because they recognized the fundamental human right of self-defense, whether against government tyranny or individual criminal aggression. Now a small town in Ariizona has decided you can submit to crime - or fight back. The right to self defense still applies. OPINION from the Center for Individual Freedom.

Most of us are aware that the heroic actions of a brave woman at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado a few days ago saved the lives of perhaps scores, or even hundreds, of people. However, her bravery would not have counted for much had she not been armed. In Britain citizens are at the mercy of thugs and murderers - but Americans still have the freedom of self defence. Some facts to make you think.

The time has come to realise that the whole eurosceptic movement has failed to awaken any determined opposition to the EU project. Prime Minister Brown is signing up to the treaty that creates a fully fledged constitution of the new nation state of Europe. Not enough of us have fought this and the battle seems lost. This is the dawn of the Revived Roman Empire!

Back in August 2007, the Palestinian Authority (PA), Prime Minister Olmert’s “partner in peace,” named a soccer tournament after Ziyad Da’as, a Fatah-Tanzim terrorist who had been eliminated by Israel exactly five years earlier. The Palestinian Da’as was responsible for the heroic January 2002 attack in which gunmen opened fire with an M-16 at a Bat Mitzvah in Hadera, murdering six and seriously wounding thirty.

Israel wants peace. The Arab states want Israel. That's why the so-called "peace process" is a dialogue of the deaf. Here's the TRUTH about the real intention of the so-called "Palestinians" - in their own words. To wipe Israel off the world's maps (it already fails to feature on Islamic maps)!

Here's some comments on the world situation from my old friend Warren, in New England, and me in "old" England. Our e-interchange covers the state of society, the need for prayer, and the leadership of our nations. Alan Franklin.

Was this the week that the wheels finally came off what was once considered a Rolls-Royce among institutions, the British Civil Service? Once capable of running half the world with a tenth of its current manpower, it is now depicted as a rusting wreck, propped up on bricks, awaiting the scrapyard. Another chapter is the fast decline of what was once Great Britain. So that's what happens when you relegate Christianity to "just another belief system."

If “Islamophobia” actually exists at all, it is a result of the over nine thousand violent attacks committed by Muslims in the name of Islam since 9/11. If the Islam is Peace organizers really want to end “Islamophobia,” here is a simple five-point plan of my own to end “Islamophobia.”

It is hard to imagine that President Bush, whose intentions appear to be to dismantle Israel, could be the same person who, early in his presidency, viewed Israel from the air. When he saw the 9-mile strip that a proposed Palestinian state would leave Israel with, he humorously exclaimed, There are driveways in Texas longer than that!

Palestinians have made a specialty of murdering civilians, yet still wish to portray Israel as a sponsor of terrorism. They have found an effective method: deliberately putting their own civilians, even their children, in mortal danger.

Ethanol, the gasoline substitute made from things like corn, is a financial and practical disaster. It is losing money for the mugs who invested in it (including Bill Gates.) It has driven up food prices round the world, as corn and other foodstuffs were bought to turn into ethanol. George Bush mandated its use and backed it, so you knew it had to be a silly idea. And boy, was it ever. This is part of a report from today's Bloomberg News, where you can read the rest of the story.

I send out a great many e-mails, often answering specific queries. Some of this material is of general interest so, suitably edited, I am putting some extracts from recent e-mails on this page, for a wider audience. Today's comments range from the global green scam to witnessing to Jewish people. Here we go....

Exercising its perpetual itch to legislate, the EU commission brought its latest venture into the darker realms of bureaucracy before the toy parliament in Strasbourg recently - none other than the draft Soils Directive. (Or should that read "daft" -Ed ?)

Today Senate Democrats, the RINOs, and -- yes -- the President of the United States - are ready to hand over America's national sovereignty to the third-world-controlled United Nations -- as if U.S. sovereignty were nothing more than an old coat you'd give to the Salvation Army.

An estimated 400,000 long-term migrants left the UK in 2006. This was the highest recorded level of emigration since TIM began and was 41,000 higher than the 2005 estimate. Just over half of these emigrants (207,000) were British citizens.

In 1994, Congress passed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) making the United States a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It was then that I realized a great evil had our government within its grip and began my campaign to wake Americans up to the dangers and threat we faced. At the time nobody, save a precious few, wanted to hear anything I had to say.

Here’s chapter and verse of just HOW the EU has succeeded in stitching us all up with the constitution “that dare not speak its name” and is fast creating the superstate. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing wrote the original so he should lnow better than most. I am sorry to see the Czechs falling into line - the French socialists are a broken reed.

Immigrants can choose from a confusing range of 73 Government schemes allowing them to live and work in Britain. The full array of legal routes for non-European migrants can be revealed for the first time today in a list disclosed by the Home Office.

Daniel Webster is regarded as perhaps America's most notable jurist. Webster said, "Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."

No matter who wins the US presidency, the Rockefeller interests, the Trilateral Commission, which David Rockefeller founded, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on Foreign Affairs will have had a hand in the selection of the candidates All these world government advocates are well represented. Members of the CFR are listed by going to Google and typing in “Council Foreign Relations 2006 Membership.”

The Biased Broadcasting Organisation - which pumps leftie, anti Christian, anti Israel propaganda round the world - has once again been PROVED to be a hotbed of lefties. Staff at the BBC - paid for by British taxpayers - are eleven times more likely to be "liberal"than "conservative." Who says so? THEY do! Another telling blow against this awful organisation.

By 2031, the population of Great Britain will be over 70 million says the government's statistics office. The increase will be 90 per cent due to immigration. These numbers are alarming. British schools and hospitals are already struggling and there are too few affordable homes for native-born Brits to buy or rent.

The controversy over whether the EU treaty is really a constitution by another name misses the point. This is not an argument about Europe's constitution; it is about ours.

Removing Britain from our entrapment in the process of ever closer (European) union is of huge benefit to us as a nation. But it is also of great benefit to those who aspire to build a federal Europe. By removing our awkward squaddishness from their processes, we would allow them to proceed at their own speed towards that goal. We should wish them luck, if that is their chosen destiny as nations. Some interesting ideas on a future for Britain OUTSIDE of the superstate....

The top British Government weapons expert, Dr David Kelly, was assassinated, an MP claims. Campaigning politician Norman Baker believes Dr Kelly, who exposed the Government's "sexed-up" Iraq dossier, was killed to stop him making further revelations about the lies that took Britain to war. The very odd death of Dr Kelly, from an alleged wound which could not have killed him, shut up a man who told the truth about the "weapons of mass delusion" on the basis of which the USA and Britain went to war.

Two years ago the Bruges Group predicted the path of the EU treaty and warned of the consequences of railroading integration on Britain. Now the Bruges Group looks at what will happen next. And how Britain can finally resolve the EU question and become a good neighbour to the continent, rather than being an overcharged lodger.

Just as in America, control of borders is rapidly ceasing to exist in Britain. This is part of the plan for the fast approaching world government, detailed in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this site. Here the Bruges Group's Robert Oulds reveals the full extent of the Blair/Brown treachery in selling out Britain. They should be on trial for high treason! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Bush: All religions pray to 'same God' 'That's what I believe. I believe Islam is a great religion that preaches peace' Once again President Bush reveals the staggering depths of his ignorance. So much for him being a "born again Christian"! Is he not aware that Islam denies God has a Son? Read on and weep.....

Here we have, from the Bruges Group, the first analysis of what the text of the "revised" superstate constitution actually says. It is much worse than anticipated and completely makes a nonsense of Blair and Brown's vaunted "red lines. Our country is in mortal peril - time to wake up!

Millions of Iranians attended nationwide rallies in support of the so-called "Palestinians," while the country's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel's continued existence was an "insult to human dignity." This story has been on this site on the J Post news ticker at the top of the page, but here it is for those who don't always watch the tickers.

Islamic authorities at the Temple Mount have done unauthorized excavations. Cellphone camera footage broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 showed a trench in the floor of the comple. Deep within the trench an ancient decorated wall was visible, a wall experts suspect may have been part of the outer courts of the ancient Jewish temple.

In preparing the way to a one-world government, all kinds of spurious or overblown scare tactics, like non existent "climate change", are being used. Furthermore, those who step out of line and demand a debate are, it seems rapidly squelched. Here's some evidence... By the way, does anyone recall EVER hearing the anti global warming viewpoint on the BBC? ALAN FRANKLIN.

America lost a fearless champion of freedom with the recent death of. Aaron Russo. Remembered as a businessman, film maker, independent political figure and proponent of tax and monetary reform, he was best known for his documentary movie, America; Freedom to Fascism.

Syria had been planning a "devastating surprise" for Israel, according to an Israeli source quoted in the London-based Sunday Times. The report also claimed that Israeli ground forces were involved in an Israel Air Force air raid against a Syrian installation, which foreign sources described as a nuclear facility.

Top Islamic scholar Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani says Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle. His views explode the myth that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking.

I have been saying this for a long time - now here is a brilliant comment by Phyllis Schlafly that backs up everything I speak about at conferences and in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. The self government of the USA is in peril! Time to wake up and take action - ALAN FRANKLIN.

The dictatorial EU superstate, which sparked the prosecution of small traders in Britain for daring to sell fruit by the pound- Imperial measure-has backed down for fear of yet further unpopularity. We now get to keep our mile amd pint -well, thanks a lot! We missed a huge opportunity when, in July, commission presidente Barroso declared that the EU was the first "non-imperial" empire. That should have cued the immediate response, that it was therefore, the first "Metric empire" – which indeed is its aspiration.

What, you mean Fox News didn't tell you this? The greatest affront to God, and something which puts the US at great risk of judgement, is to allow false gods to be worshipped in the nation's seat of power.Water from the (usually filthy) Ganges was even sprinkled round the Senate! Read this amazing story- and ask your Senator why he stood idly by and said nothing! You could also ask your local media why they stay silent.

On average the member countries of EFTA (the European Free Trade Association, comprising Switzerland, Norway and Iceland which remain outside the EU) are twice as prosperous (measured by GDP per capita) according to a briefing paper from Global Britain.

FACT; Britain is no longer an independent nation. America be warned- you are going the same way! Here is a comment on the EU 's total control of Britain. When we are told that "the government" plans to introduce compulsory water metering, we are not told that the government proposing this is the EU - any more than that the reason our ministers cannot scrap their absurd Home Information Packs is because this would put them in breach of directive 2002/01 on the "energy performance of buildings", issued by the EU to combat global warming

American cities are held hostage by foreign gangs who rob, pillage and murder -- almost at will. Local officials, afraid to cross them, defy federal law because they have no choice. And the U.S. Department of Justice does nothing....But YOU can do something!

Is America doomed? It begins to look like it, from fiscal irresponsibility alone. The figures for US debt are the so bad there is no possible recovery. The mortgage meltdown is just the beginning, in my opinion (Alan Franklin). Furthermore, the US government is on a ‘burning platform’ of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon, the country’s top government inspector has warned. Action to cut deficits with an election looming? Why bother, when you can always blame "helicopter" Ben Barnanke.

Of course the bias of the BBC is now acknowledged but actually lying is something else on top of that !They think they can continue to get away with it as they have so far. The day of reckoning will come and we must hope that all these Labour apparatchiks paid by the viewers will get the sack.

Do you believe that gasoline should cost $8.00 per gallon? What if it cost $100 to fill up your car? Do you think gasoline should be so expensive that only rich people can afford to drive on a daily basis? Are we talking about some far-fetched apocalyptic fantasy? Nope! We're talking about REALITY! We're talking about the world as it is TODAY for many people in Western Europe.

British withdrawl from the EU is coming into sharper focus, with all the grave consequences that will ensue for the Atlantic order and the cause of market liberalism. (Alan Franklin adds: By withdrawing we may just save our country and its independent future, of course - but there would clearly be tremors on the way. We are deep in the EU mire at present.)

Free republics are not known to have long life expectancies. At the ripe old age of two hundred and thirty-one, America is definitely showing her age. She is long past her prime, and some are predicting her demise. No, some are PLANNING her demise.

The preachers of America are being asked to help promote tyranny! Now they are going to have to choose between defending liberty - or being propaganda mouthpieces for the government. Another hard-hitting comment from Chuck Baldwin.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes : Critics say people like me are having fantasies when we say America is giving away its sovereignty, so read all about the summit that Bush and the Mexican and Canadian leaders have been holding in Canada this week. That's right, they've been talking about merging their nations,to all intents and purposes. It's all in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this site. Now read this powerful article.

German Elmar Brok, a centre-Right MEP and close ally of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, effectively told Britain to sign up to the EU treaty or consider pulling out of the EU. This would be wonderful but, of course, we won't do it - and it is virtually impossible to leave the superstate anyway. Latest news on the plan to merge Europe iunto one sinister superstate

Today we have a Labour government that may be no good at running a child support system, is unable to keep a grip on the costs of the Olympics and is in denial about the impact tax and regulation have had on our pension funds, but it still does a mean job when it comes to controlling the news agenda. It is backed to the hilt by leftie journalists at the vile BBC - a broadcasting organisation about as impartial as Pravda used to be !- AF

Alan Franklin is currently speaking in America about the North American Union - designed to be an exact replica of the European Union. It's all in the book Alan and Pat have written, called Goodbye Britain, Goodbye America, available from our webshop. Now read the latest on the sellout of the USA by traitors and carpetbaggers....

The question is, what will people who believe in our fathers' America do? Our pilgrim fathers fled the New World Order in Europe and founded this great nation. Our patriot fathers fought a war of revolution against the New World Order on our soil and won our nation's freedom and independence. So, what will we do?

The extremists committed to the man-made global warming theory - that humans are causing the world to get hotter and that we have to drastically raise taxes and/or ration energy in response - are on the run. How else does one explain the sensational Newsweek cover story with the provocative headline, "Global Warming is a Hoax,*" over a photo of a boiling sun? Roger Aronoff is a media analyst with Accuracy in Media. He is the writer/director of Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope, and can be contacted at

Doesn't every ethnic group in the world take it into their heads, once in a while, to lob suicide bombing kidnapped airplanes at skyscrapers? And of course, in Paris and New York and even in Tel Aviv and Moscow, it is clear that once in a while the powers that be decide to wipe out the opposition...

As they sat on the concrete benches in the forbidding "special" unit of Paddington Green police station, the five Englishmen considered the charges against them and how they had got there. They were being treated little better than terrorists - but perhaps that's how they were genuinely perceived by the Belgian and Greek police who had arrested them. This is a terrifying glimpse into the possible future as Britain slides down the maw of the sinister Eurosuperstate. Wake up, citizens! Freedom is glugging down the plughole.

It seems that every time someone such as myself attempts to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters to resist an unconstitutional or otherwise reprehensible government policy, we hear the retort, "What about Romans Chapter 13? We Christians must submit to government. Any government. Read your Bible, and leave me alone." Let's be honest enough to admit that some who use this argument are just plain lazy, apathetic, and indifferent. And Romans 13 is their escape from responsibility.

The European Union finally wishes to set itself up as the supreme government of Britain and 26 other countries, with unlimited powers over every aspect of our lives: a government we cannot dismiss and which is unaccountable. It is nothing less than a complete coup d'etat.

Britain’s seat at the UN Security Council will eventually be handed to the European Union, Lord Malloch Brown, the Foreign Office Minister, has suggested.

I am reluctant to write this article. On the one hand, I know that rightist extremists are going to exploit the sad facts for their own ends. On the other hand, the anti-"Zionists" will quote what I write here (out of context as usual) as proof of "Jewish Zionist Islamophobia." Alan Franklin adds: A glance at the English translations of many Arab papers often reveals frothing at the mouth hatred of "the Zionist entity." None of this is factual or logical, but it is getting worse round the world- a clear sign we are in the end times....

The Radio 4 Today programme is so biased in favour of the European Union that only one in five interviewees is a Eurosceptic. it is biased today, biased tomorrow and biased the whole time, like the rest of the whole, rotten corporation. The real disgrace is that we are forced to pay for this enemy propaganda!

Most people in North America have never heard of the planned North American Union, which involves merging many of the institutions of the USA, Mexico and Canada, effectively opening the borders and then moving on to absorb more countries, as a mirror image of the European Union is formed by stealth. They have either not heard of it or don't believe it. They need to get our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, and start doing some research themselves....

Victims of violence in Gaza – civilian and militant – are receiving the best of medical care in Israel's hospitals. All this while the Kassams (missiles) still rain down on the Israeli city of Sderot and its surrounds. We (Alan and Pat Franklin) know from our Israeli family's personal experience that wounded Palestinians are amazed at the care they get from Israeli hospitals - exactly the same care that Israelis get. Can you imagine what would happen to injured Jews in "Palestinian" hands?

Here comes the United States of Europe! As I have been saying in my talks and books for years, the EU will eventually take over all our foreign affairs, from our embassies to our UN Security Council seat. Now it's official! Conservative MP William Hague has attacked a "shocking" Government concession that will give a new European Union "foreign minister" the right to speak from Britain's seat on the United Nations Security Council.

My latest edition of Nice Work comes from the People's Republic of Islington, where the council is anxious to employ a 'Carbon Reduction Adviser' on thirty grand a year. It's just one of 3,500 new jobs created by local authorities to cash in on the 'global warming' hysteria. This is Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail - featured on our national and international news ticker below.

A Syrian official told The New York Sun: "If Israel doesn't vacate the strategic Golan Heights before September, Syrian guerillas will immediately launch 'resistance operations' ... Damascus is preparing for Israeli retaliation following Syrian guerilla attacks and for a larger war... (The unnamed Ba'ath official) said that in the opening salvo of any conflict, Syria has the capability to fire 'hundreds' of missiles at Tel Aviv.

It is widely recognised now that the BBC, the British broadcasting giant that is fed off the fat of taxpayers' money, has its own agenda and that that agenda includes bias and eschews the truth. This, however, is a monstrous example of the Corporation at its worst. Blair would have been proud of them. Not to mention Goebbels! The disastrous aspect for Britain is that the BBC, with its huge subsidies and massed ranks of lefties, broadcasts round the world in our name. What a disgrace!

Goodbye, Great Britain! Well, we have been trying to warn people.This article shows how far the EU’s Constitution will go to rob us of our last vestiges of independence. Gordon Brown, Britain's new Prime Minister, is a Socialist control-freak and into smoke and mirrors in the true Blairite tradition.

This report is from a number of distinguished German journalists who are fearsome of the domineering tactics of their own government and believe that for the now Germany is prepared to pursue its expansionist plans by economic bullying and diplomatic pressure. They have, in the past, warned of German dominance being successfully pursued in the former Yugoslavia. Beware, Germany still wants to dominate Europe and is fast succeeding!

Thanks to Blair and others, the EU is set to become a fully fledged superstate with its own long term president (a future antichrist!), foreign minister, embassies - and everything else it once said it would never have. He has virtually handed over all of Britain's sovereignty, exactly as Daniel Hannan predicted on this web site.

The Bush administration's announced goal for Israel and the "Palestinian people" has been two states, living side by side in peace. The administration is two-thirds there. There are now two states - one in Gaza, headed by the militant Hamas organization, which shot its way to power; and another in the West Bank headed by accused Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. From "The Jerusalem Connection."

ISRAEL HAS arguably never faced a more dangerous strategic environment than it faces today. Yet it is not without good options. It can retake control over the Gaza-Sinai border. It can renew its previously successful tactic of killing Hamas terrorists. It can continue its successful campaign of keeping terrorists down in Judea and Samaria, and it can continue preparing for war in the north. All of these options can be sold to the Left.

THE BBC is institutionally biased, an official report will conclude this week. The year-long investigation, commissioned by the BBC, has found the corporation particularly partial in its treatment of single-issue politics such as climate change, poverty, race and religion.

The European con goes on. In spite of decisive rejection by the electorates of two of the countries who voted on it (and most were not given the chance to express a view), Europhile officials have decided to adopt the European constitution anyway. A leaked document signed by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is unequivocal. They are now putting the "con" into the constitution.

Our insistence to lock the Palestinians in camps and treat them like animals in the name of preserving the issue is far worse a crime than Israel stealing land and causing the displacement of people. The 60 year-old camps only signify our inhumanity and double standards. Israel can claim that it treats the Palestinians better than their Arab brothers do.

The BBC once more shows what a disgrace it is to broadcasting by apologising for correctly calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It's time to call time on this evil, pernicious organisation which sullies the name of Britain by broadcasting propaganda thinly disguised as "news and current affairs." Protest to your MP about your licence money (in Britain) being used to support what is just a left wing propaganda tool with no claim to be impartial. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Europe cannot afford to be "Eldorado" for foreigners any longer, because it has stopped being "home" for thousands of its own educated children, now eagerly looking for opportunities to move to America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand -- white European nations outside Europe.

Rising temperatures would be good for tourism, and for more practical reasons too. Growing seasons would be longer. The well-fed complainers have fingered carbon dioxide as the culprit, but we know that plants are fond of CO2. Longer growing seasons plus higher levels of CO2 boost crop yields, say the experts. And that helps keep people from starving. This is Bill Bonner of my favorite financial newsletter The Daily Reckoning. Read on - it's good! AF.

When the Iraq invasion was launched I was interviewed by NBC Nightly News as the editor of a newspaper in a Military town - Aldershot. I said then that the invasion was utter folly and the "war" would be unwinnable, as anyone who had ever read a history book on the Middle East should have known. Now, even the Army's chief agrees that it is all a costly disaster.

A fast-tracked congressional plan to add special protections for homosexuals to federal law would turn "thoughts, feelings, and beliefs" into criminal offenses and put Christians in the bull's-eye, according to opponents. The same legislation has either passed or is coming into effect all over the western world.......

Inasmuch as no one, except perhaps Islamic terrorists, advocates injuring innocent people, the question has to be raised: "Is 'hate crime' legislation about preventing crime, or is it designed to promote the homosexual agenda by silencing opposing viewpoints?" A brilliant article from Bill : (we must all speak out against the unspeakable, before the perverts manage to suppress criticism of their abominations-AF)

At the end of ten years in office, Tony Blair’s political career is failing fast as the members of his party, and the public, just want to see the back of him.

Mars is being hit by rapid climate change, The Times (of London) reports. Writing for the paper, Jonathan Leake says it is happening so fast that the red planet could lose its southern ice cap.

Tony Blair, who was swept into office as Britain's Prime Minister in 1997, amid higher hopes and greater goodwill than any incoming British leader in modern times, will leave it a few weeks hence with his reputation in ruins. Not for nothing is he known as Tony B. Liar! (AF).

Israel at 59 By Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations The striking aspect of Israel's Independence Day is that it is immediately preceded a day earlier by Israel's Memorial Day. The two days are in complete contrast to one another.

Our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, tells how the North American Union will, like the EU superstate, grow to cover the continent. Many people - good people - do not believe us. So here's another writer's take on the same theme - most of which you will find in our book. We can't all be delusional!

Something ominous and sinister has been happening on the Internet lately: two major internet service providers are discriminating against conservative e-zines and web journals. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: Already the main media is virtually closed to real Christian or conservative opinion. The internet is the last way we can get politically incorrect views out. Make the most of this site and others while our limited freedoms last - and buy our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, from this site to get the full story of what is happening.

As Mr. Jefferson noted, and our Declaration of Independence encouraged, we have the DUTY to throw off tyrannical governments and REPLACE them with “new guards.” So…will you stand and fight, hide or surrender?

At last, someone prints the truth about the corrosive effects of mass immigration on a country's values, identity and very future. I (Alan Franklin) just returned from a preaching week-end in Leeds, in the north of England, where whole city areas are majority Islamic. I was shocked at motorway stops to see Islamics praying to Mecca in car parks. This in what used to be a "Christian" country! It is not racist to object to the mass immigration into your nation by aliens whose religion aims at subjugating you!

If any further proof was needed of the British media's inability to deal with Israel in an objective and fair manner, it arrived on 13 April as the UK's National Union of Journalists (NUJ) voted at its annual meeting for a boycott of Israeli goods as part of a protest against last year's Lebanon war. ALAN FRANKLIN comments: Fortunately this union is ineffective, unrepresentative and has a long history of failing to adequately represent journalists, which is why I and many other journalists walked out of it years ago!

This is a story of how one Florida town took back the streets from thieves and rapists - by telling its citizens to get guns, training them to use them and encouraging them to shoot all would-be muggers and rapists. It works! There's a surprise - low-life stops preying on people when people are allowed to defend themselves.

Gordon Brown, in line to be Britain's next Prime Minister, may find his hands so tied by the EU that as PM of this country the dour Scotsman could find himself the first PM in British history to fill a non-job. He will have little power or influence, as Blair has set in place the process for what little sovereignty the UK has left to be given away to Europe.

Plans for a new EU treaty- the constitution under a different name - a EU army, combining the armies of all European countries, the EU to be run by those countries using the euro and all to be accomplished without any proper consultation – let alone any referenda –this is presumption and arrogance on a massive scale. And it has all just been set in motion in Berlin. An astonishing report, from sceptical German journalists who are doing the world a service.

Britain has long had dog passports and a majority of the nation's pets are microchipped, as are farm animals, which each need electronic "passports" before they can be moved. America is now following - how long before it is humans with the chip? (Yes, we know- some people have already got it!).

Light bulbs that work well, are cheap to make and safer for the environment are being banned - part of the pseudo green lunacy which seems to rule politicians' "brains."The Great Light Bulb Scam is merely part of the Great Global Warming Swindle. The politicians have gone mad in pursuit of it, though Cameron appears to have spotted a passing bandwagon and jumped on it. Since he is not very bright and has no experience of anything at all, this is merely a timely warning of the likely “Great Cameron Swindle” ahead.

The planet Mars is undergoing global warming. It’s all those power stations, jet aeroplanes and 4 x 4s there, I suppose. A brilliant TV documentary on the Great Global Warming Swindle was aired last week on Channel Four and is to be repeated tonight. Watch it, record it, show it to your friends, write to politicians about it. We have long claimed on this site that the whole thing is a con- now the proof is there.

The New World Order (NWO) is presently dissolving our borders, forming a common economic union between Mexico, Canada, and the United States, and fighting a war of subjugation in Iraq with our troops and resources. As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a’changin” and unfortunately, what’s changing is how we are governed. This comment comes from an American patriot- also called Alan!

You don't have to be a "conspiracy theorist" to believe that America, like other nations, is being sold out by traitors Those of us who have been following our country's demise are concerned about treason in high places, such as the efforts underway to merge our country with Mexico and Canada to form the North American Union,or "NAU". Read this insight from my friend in New England, "Patriot." ALAN FRANKLIN

"After scoffing in my last column about the ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize nomination of former Vice President Chicken Little (aka Al Gore), I really had no intention of wasting any more time or thought on the issue of global warming for the foreseeable future..." This brilliant article is from GOPUSA, but many of you may have missed it going across our top ticker. So here it is - a wonderful kick at the global fairy tale telllers.

The BBC's report on the Eilat suicide bombing reveals the subtle yet insidious attitude of the corporation in its final paragraph. The BBC is institutionally and hopelessly biased against Israel, in favour of the EU and much else that is wrong headed and politically correct. Real Christians, for example, never get a chance to broadcast.The scandal is that this broadcast propaganda is paid for by a Government tax on every home in Britain with a TV set or radio - regardless of whether you tune in to their slanted reporting! ALAN FRANKLIN

"France is iin a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists," says police union leader Michel Thoomis. "This is not a question of urban violence any more. It is an intifadah, with stones and firebombs." So far this year, more than 2,500 police have been wounded in clashes with rioters. This is Islam's bid to take over Europe- and they have a big foothold in France, with over ten per cent of the population - and much more of the young population.

More than two million Canadians tuned [for the first episode of] Little Mosque on the Prairie, the new CBC Television comedy about a Muslim community in a rural town that has been the subject of worldwide attention. You couldn't make it up, could you? The original Little House on the Prairie series was based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder which were fine, uplifting pioneer tales. The mosque series attempts to put an acceptable face on Islam, but do not forget that Islam is based on a book of bloodshed and false teaching. Avoid.

Tony Blair has written an article entitled ‘A Battle for Global Values’ in the January – February edition of the journal ‘Foreign Affairs’ which is published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). As I pointed out last month the CFR is a secretive organisation in which world leaders come together in the cause of global government.

Carrying a Bible on a plane to Saudi Arabia is a serious offence. Christians are killed or persecuted in all Islamic countries. Yet our ridiculous Church of England "leader" ignores this, while criticising the Jews - for something Islamics are doing! Tony Pearce responds in this open letter....

Opposition to illegal immigration isn't just a question of preserving our language, our culture and our sanity. It's also a question of safety -- and the danger is worse than you think.This is an opinion piece from the Center for Individual Freedom. It refers to America - but the same is true of Britain and the rest of Europe. Time to act! Alan Franklin.

Nancy Pelosi will be the next Speaker of the House. She is coming to this high position with her San Francisco abortion and homosexual values in tow. She is just the tip of the iceberg of the Lord’s judgment upon America. She is merely preparing the way for Hillary Clinton as President in 2008. Feminism is like witchcraft and America is now being judged for it, with the judgements set to get more severe. Much on this is in our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this site. Now read this great comment from the Rev Rusty Lee Thomas -ALAN FRANKLIN.

Websites like this one annoy the authorities. Although we never say anything illegal or untrue - and hopefully nothing offensive - we have strong opinions and do not think our governments are 100 per cent wonderful. In fact they are frequently a threat to our freedom. People saying such things are a threat to the coming tyranny, so must be observed, controlled, repressed and-eventually-imprisoned and worse. Read on to find out more....Alan Franklin

FARNBOROUGH Airshow trade week came to a sizzling conclusion in July with a spectacular Battle of Britain memorial flight featuring a Lancaster bomber, a Spitfire and a Hurricane. The final Friday of the show was also designated 'International Youth Day', with 1,250 students enjoying the glorious sunshine- a move intended to encourage more young people to consider aerospace careers. Aldershot MP Gerald Howarth was one of the VIP's on Friday running his eyes over the latest exhibits.

Spain’s Costa Dorada is the ideal destination for families and couples seeking a relaxing, easy-going summer break, and provides the perfect springboard for exploring the fascinating Catalan region.

The Duke of York opened one of the world’s most futuristic airport buildings on Tuesday, May 2 – at Farnborough, Hampshire, home of the world famous international air show.

by Daniel Franklin - SKODA didn’t use to be a name people associated with well-built, roomy, competent, performance saloons.


Symptoms of Omicrom are generally described as those of a mild cold. But you can expect governments and ignorant commentators to dial up the fear and demand that those of us well aware of the devastating side effects of the “jabs” put our lives at risk by taking a clot shot

In our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, we warned that there would be " a coming foreclosure tragedy." There is nothing more destabilising for a family or society in general than for millions of people to lose their homes. This is now happening, at a gathering pace....Buy our book to find out more, from this website.

If you read between the lines of the American National Association of Realtors' spin doctoring, you can clearly see that the housing boom of recent years has clearly gone bust and the worst is not yet here. We predicted this a year ago in our book "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain," in a chapter called "The Coming Foreclosure Tragedy."

Despite the huge unpopularity of Tony B. Liar, the limp incompetent who unfortunately leads the Tories is sinking without trace and is unlikely to win the next British General Election, despite press attempts to puff up Cameron.

How typical of Patricia Hewitt to use a written parliamentary statement yesterday to announce the fact that she is abandoning the catastrophic computerised job application system for junior doctors.

COMMENT: The great Maggie Thatcher always regarded the British Foreign Office with suspicion, and her fears were justified. Blair was also undermined by the disgraceful behaviour of these flunkies, it seems.

Ethan Allen, who commanded the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont, captured Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain without the loss of a man by overrunning the stronghold in the early morning while the British were sleeping.

After the international furore about the sailors taken hostage by the Iranians died down, I had hoped never to write about that sorry bunch of nautical half-wits ever again. Yet these ocean-going twits keep coming back to haunt the shuddering British public, in episodes of comic fiascos.....

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Opt out of European citizenship With the signing of the Maastricht Treaty the people of Britain were given duel citizenship – both European and British. This extra tier of citizenship was thrust upon the people without their consent – and in many cases knowledge. Comment: Now click on and vote against the Superstate!

According to the BBC, the Conservative Party, which picked up 898 seats on Thursday, didn’t increase its share of the national vote at all; and Labour, which lost 495 councillors, supposedly saw its percentage of the vote rise by two points. Comment, by Daniel Hannan, MEP.

Systematically Labour fiddles with a tried and tested system which has delivered results for years which have been accepted and unchallenged. It does so, not only for its own advantage, but to discredit the very elections themselves. That way they hope to keep power indefinitely – or if not ‘power’ the predominance of their way of thinking.

If the Israeli prime minister does not quit, he will be thrown out in a month or two. All this is virtually self-evident from the severity of the findings. If a war broke out tomorrow morning, the present leadership would not have a mandate to lead it. COMMENT from Israel.

The Common Energy Strategy will form the basis of a Common Foreign Policy, and become a common diplomatic approach to energy supplier countries. All of this will boost German influence abroad and weaken other influences. Serious but "must-read" material.

It is quite obscene for vast amounts of public money to be spent upon lavish festivities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of an organisation that is bleeding this country dry, financially, while drowning us in red tape and destroying important industries such as fishing. Frankly, they should be holding a wake, not a celebration!”

The Sunday Times (London) notes that Hollywood mogul David Geffen said earlier this year that "the Clintons lie with such ease, it's troubling."

Pity the Tory candidate for mayor of London, if there ever is one. He or she will be mocked because David Cameron wanted someone else. Indeed, he did not want a Conservative at all.

British inflation is now running at 4.8pc when housing costs are included, as they ought to be. This is nearing the levels that have in the past set off an accelerating inflation spiral, but the same may not occur this time.

Subject: South Carolina Conservative News Liberal Senator Sam Brownback to speak in Charleston The Charleston CofCC will be demonstrating against Sam Brownback and welcoming Charleston County Delegates to the Charleston County Convention this Friday in North Charleston.

Michael Heseltine , deplore his EU attitudes as I do, speaks here for Britain. But where is the wimp Cameron while all this goes on?

In all the froth and spin this betrayal of our people by the “next” prime minister must never be forgotten. Gordon Brown and his ‘sidekick’ Ed Balls have ruined the old age of those who had relied on the sanctity of government promises to save for their retirement . THOSE SAVINGS HAVE BEEN STOLEN.

"I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery...We have done everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on. " This was an American patriot's reaction to the punitive taxation imposed by Britain on its American colonies. Britain still has punitive taxation, of course, as Socialism's dead hand reaches out to control every aspect of our lives and finances.

British Chancellor Gordon Brown's annual spending on education alone is £75 billion. On health, it's even more, about £100 billion. And what's the upshot? Many state schools are so poor that responsible employers complain of chronic illiteracy levels among 16-year-olds. Read this great comment on the ridiculous, useless and dangerous Brown's latest scam of a budget - by the Daily Telegraphs's Jeff Randall.

This is the works - the smoking gun that shows what treachery is going on behind people's backs. Yes, there really is a union of the Americas planned - just like the European Union. Here we have all the latest details - even the participants' meal break schedule. Names, places - it's all here. For more info, get our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain - it shows where all this is heading and why. On sale via this site.

In his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama mentions studying the Quran and describes the public school (he attended) as “a Muslim school.”

The relevant question is not, Did Iraq have WMD, but did they have WMD CAPABLE OF THREATENING THE UNITED STATES? Everyone now knows the answer to that question is, no, it did not. But what we don't know is, When did President Bush know the answer to that question?

The bad news for the USA homes market has barely got started. We predict - in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain- "the coming foreclosure tragedy."According to New York-based bond research firm CreditSights Inc., defaults may dump more than 500,000 homes on a housing market that's already saturated with leftover inventory built during the boom times.

One thing is certain: those courageous champions at the Alamo did not die for a political party or for some "lesser of two evils" mantra. They fought and died for a principle, and that principle was liberty and independence. Read Chuck's spot-on comments about the need to fight for what is right - AF.

The full story of how Labour has destroyed the National Health Service in Britain, where medical staff cannot get jobs, hospitals are closing and operations being delayed, is now being told.

The Alamo mission at San Antonio was in its 7th day of being assaulted by thousands of Santa Ana's troops. By the 13th day, Santa Ana's "take-no-prisoner" policy had all 189 defenders killed, including Jim Bowie and former U.S. Congressman Davy Crockett. (Incidentally, this is a good reason to resist the gradual takeover of the south west by Mexicans! AF).

Can Israel depend on missile defence? Or should it have a plan to make a pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities? This informed article, from the Unity Coalition for Israel, sets out the facts on the threats to the Israeli state.

The cost of installing roads pricing, £62 billion - that's 62 thousand million - is the same as the cost of doubling our entire motorway network, according to recent figures. This means that B. Liar's Socialist government is more interested in persecuting motorists than solving traffic jam problems. Otherwise, the money would go on much need road building, wouldn't it? The comment below is from Safe Speed. ALAN FRANKLIN.

Talk to an Israeli about our recent wave of scandals and official resignations and you will hear expressions of outrage or dismay. Here an Israeli blogger gives his insights. What strikes me is the depth of moral corruption in this administration, which doesn't bode well and could be a main reason for the Lebanon fiasco. AF.

'Righteousness exalteth a nation' and 'peace on earth, good will towards men' furnish the only foundation upon which can be built the lasting achievements of the human spirit." An American president said this- clue; it wasn't Clinton! This "American Minute" is fascinating in the evidence it provides of the attitude our leaders once took towards spreading and supporting Christian teaching.

Please join fellow Patriots and sign this petition to Stop Albert Gore and Reject the UN's Global Warming Treaty (see text below). Gore is reenergizing the movement advocating Kyoto compliance. We urge you to sign this petition today, and reject Gore's advocacy for UN control of the U.S. economy.

The Wall Street Journal says that with China’s central bank sitting on a stash of $1.07 trillion in foreign currencies, officials are considering a change in its investment strategy that could lead China to decrease its holding in dollar-denominated investments.The Dollar is already shaky and this will make it even shakier. These problems are highlighted in our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.

From Alex Jones' Prison Planet website Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.

"The New York Times last year in April said that few scientists agree that any recent weather events including Katrina, drought, floods, are due to man-made global warming. There's nothing they can point to that's outside natural variability.” Another interesting story which shows why we should question the Goebbels-like propaganda which ceaselessly claims there is man made global warming.

The way the politicians keep us from getting our message across about being ruled by Brussels is to keep everything out-of-sight and secret. They do that in Brussels and – it seems – they do it here too. Christopher Booker of the Sunday Telegraph is one of the few writers with the wit to reveal all this.

The BBC's Newsnight has showed how a Saudi financed Islamic school in London teaches its Moslem elite children that Christians are "pigs", Jews are "monkeys" and "all non-believers should die." This may come as a surprise to some but we have been saying this for years - it's part of Islamic beliefs and they really mean it. When will the penny drop with our leaders, who blather on about Islam being "a peaceful religion." Religion of pieces more like - blown up body parts.

Criticism leveled at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has focused primarily on its sources of funding and on terror-related convictions handed to some office-bearers in the organization. Who is funding this organisation which floods America with pro Islamic propaganda? - story from The Berean Call.

Will America ever have secure borders? Of course not, as open borders and the merging of countries are part of the New World Order Scheme to create a one world government. You can find out all about it in our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this website. Meanwhile, get the latest in this comment piece from the Center for Individual Freedom.

Right-wing Tories are planning to publish their own alternative Conservative manifesto — including proposals for drastic cuts — in a direct challenge to David Cameron's leadership. From The Daily Telegraph.

A RADICAL Islamic group yesterday called on all Muslims in Australia to work towards forming a pan-global Islamic state, while NSW and federal politicians traded blows on whether the group should be banned under the anti-terror laws.

Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas is accumulating large quantities of Qassam rockets, whose range, accuracy and strength have improved since Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in the summer of 2005. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are thought to have rockets with a range of 15 to 16 kilometers- capable of striking over ten miles into Israel. Report from Unity Coalition for Israel.

Since Gordon Brown became Chancellor - Britain's chief financial officer- 10 years ago the total rise in tax revenue has been £40 billion or £1,300 per family, the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies found.

Those who don't want their countries merged into a giant superstate celebrated too soon when they thought plans for the EU constitution were dropped. They are rising from the dead!

British church organs are the latest item to be outlawed by the ludicrous - but all powerful - commisars of the European Union. In this brilliant article by Sir Teddy Taylor, he points out that complaining to MPs or even Members of the European Parliament will do no good. Elected politicians have little power left. (Here comes dictatorship! - Alan Franklin).

You can ignore gravity if you like, but I would not suggest jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000 without a parachute, to show your disdain. The political equivalent for the Conservative Party is to ignore the Common Fisheries Policy.

"If the Bush administration cared about securing our borders, these two law enforcement officers would not be behind bars, and U.S. prosecuting attorneys wouldn't be prosecuting Border Patrol agents while drug smugglers go free."

Last week, existing American home sales saw their biggest plunge since 1990. New home sales were also weak, but showed a slight rise from recent sales data.

The defection to the United Kingdom Independence Party of Professor Tim Congdon, who helped define Thatcherite economic policy in the seventies and eighties, is in a way a more serious Cameron's Conservatives. Comment from Eurofacts.

Tony Blair's Government settles ever lower into the water and will shortly sink to the bottom, yet evidence still fails to suggest that HMS Tory is steaming to victory.

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.Would that Blair and Bush had the same attitude!

British Chancellor Gordon Brown boasts about soaring employment, but the increase in jobs is largely accounted for by a ballooning state payroll. From 1991 to 1998, public-sector employment fell every year, with an overall reduction of 816,000. Since Mr Brown decided to create a client class of state-funded workers (with mink-lined pensions), public-sector employment has grown like a Russian vine.

He breaks his promise and he misleads. Pointless to vote for him - we have that kind in New Labour already - Christina Speight

"It's ( the world financial situation) too good to be true," says Vittorio Corbo, head of Chile's central bank, who will speak at a seminar in Davos about the dangers of derivatives. "Tomorrow the mood could change. We have to be prepared." This is a brilliant article from my favorite financial newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. Read it and be warned. Bad times are coming - all booms turn into busts. Read more in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this website- warn your friends and relatives not to take out more loans!

The Israeli government plans to be able to continue functioning in the event of a nuclear attack from Iran. It is constructing a major undergound HQ complex outside Jerusalem, according to US paper The Baltimore Sun.

The reported story of the Marine attack this week - WHICH THEY LOST THROUGH LACK OF EQUIPMENT - is a dreadful warning. I only wish that that gutless, spineless creep who poses as the Conservative leader had also said it, as the hacks are generally lazy and, as leader, he commands more attention than any shadow minister. Christina Speight. - - - - - -

Palestinian human shields were, and are, a common tool. Terrorists were even caught opening fire while taking cover behind a woman holding an UNWRA flag. Yet it is Israel which is condemned by the world.....

How the Independent must have loved posting this headline: "Gypsy-haters, holocaust-deniers, xenophobes, homophobes, anti-semites: the EU's new political force." Christina Speight comments on how the "far right" or nationalist parties have formed a new grouping in the EU parliament. We would invite readers to investigate for themselves if this description above is true of all of them.

Gog of Magog is still busy mischief making in the Gulf! In other words, the Russians are arming the Iranians to help them stop any possible attempt at an air attack to take out their nuclear sites.

YOU, Congressmen, who swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, betrayed your country in the disgraceful post-midnight, vote-buying debacle that delivered the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). This is a letter to Arizona congressmen, but it has wide implications. Read it and find out what is going on!

Germany's state of parliamentary democracy is under threat from the European Union which is slowly taking away all the national parliament's powers, the country's ex-president has said. Better to wake up late than never, we say! The EU is less democratic than the old Soviet Union under Stalin. Alan Franklin.

Activists are deserting the Tory Party because it is no longer Conservative and refuses to do, or even talk about, any of the things that for many decades have made the Conservative Party the “natural party of government”. Things like the provision of grammar schools to enable the brightest children from the poorest families to break out from their families poverty and better themselves.

The Golan Heights represents a vital strategic asset for Israel's security, safety and even survival, particularly in lieu of current political configurations in the region.

Since his inauguration, President Bush has presided over the accumulation of over $3 trillion in debt, an increase of well over 60% since the Clinton administration. This comment piece is excellent, from my favorite financial newsletter, The Daily Reckoning.

Today's column is a heart-felt appeal to my pastor-brethren. If there was ever a time when God's men in America needed to stand independently and courageously for that which is right, it is now. And if we, the pastors and preachers of America, will not stand for what is right, how can anyone else be expected to stand? Specifically, are we God's men, or have we become the lackeys for powerful politicians? I fear that in far too many instances, it is the latter.

I well remember my father telling me, "A bird in a cage is safe, but it is not free." That proverb pretty much summarizes H.R. 1.(A new government bill which creates a giant "Big Brother" state). When fully implemented, the new law will create a federal police leviathan that will place the American people into a giant bird cage.

Typically, says Max Fraad Wolff in the Asia Times, housing prices fall 30% in a downturn, over a period of about four years. If that is so, this one has a long, long way to go down. Too many houses are still over-valued and bought with too much borrowed money. These comments are taken from my favorite financial newsletter, The Daily Reckoning.

The European Parliament looks set to have the first far-right grouping within its corridors by mid-January, with MEPs from new member states Bulgaria and Romania helping to make the formation possible. The "puppet parliament," which has little real power but is just an expensive waffle shop, has various left of centre and extreme left wing groups already. Groups get allocated speaking time so it is best to be in one.

London's usually well-informed Sunday Times newspaper, part of the Murdoch stable, says Israel has plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment plants - essential in the production of nuclear weapons. Israel has already denied the story, but we have reported for some time that Israeli generals and others had vowed that Iran would never be allowed to go nuclear, especially as it has threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

Some Democrat and Republican lawmakers are joining forces to rewrite immigration-reform legislation that was passed by the Senate last year. The idea this time around is to provide illegal aliens with an easier path to citizenship - comment from The Patriot Post.

The Times of London opinion piece is headlined: "You're attacking the wrong nation, Mr. Blair." At last a major newspaper has woken up the fact that it is Saudi Arabia that is funding extremism in thousands of new and heavily subsided mosques all over the world. It is the idle, useless but wealthy (since we found and extracted their oil for them) Saudis that won't allow western soldiers to carry Bibles on their wretched bit of desert, land on which no Jew may tread.

Congressman Ron Paul, one of America's few first rate politicians, explains in this article why big government doesn't protect us - it threatens our freedom.

The United States is heading into its worst mortgage foreclosure crisis in modern history, with more than two million predominantly minority and low-income Americans with subprime mortgages expected to lose well over $100 billion in homeownership wealth. Translated, this means lots of black and poor people, and many who are both black and poor, are going to default on their home loans as their finances are stretched in 07. We write about this in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this site.

The cease-fire that has been established in the south of Israel, which is being honored in the breach by the terrorists, resembles closely the cease-fire in the north. Hezbollah is rearming and preparing for the next round, and the terrorists in the Gaza Strip are rearming and preparing for the next round. Will Israel be prepared when it comes? by Moshe Arens of

The Associated Press reports that "Lucy" aka Australopithecus afarensis will be making a six-year, multi-city tour beginning September 2007. The Museum of Natural Science in Houston, which has been negotiating the international exhibition of the alleged 3.2 million-year-old skeleton, will be the first stop in the United States. Don't let them make a monkey out of you, readers! There is no evidence for either great age or evolution.

The Dollar could become very shaky in 2007, says this report from The Fed may have to raise interest rates to save it. Does stagflation loom?

Dr Richard North who writes this knows more about it than probably anyone else in Britain . He sailed with fishermen and visited other countries doing his research. With Owen Paterson MP he wrote the Conservative Party’s Fishing Policy for Michael Howard which was welcomed by the whole fishing industry and ditched by David Cameron.

BRUSSELS - The European Commission is set to boost the powers of the EU police office - EUROPOL - suggesting that the criminal intelligence body becomes a proper EU institution, financed by the union and partially [????] controlled by MEPs. Here comes the EU police force.

The U.S. government is massively in debt--to the tune of $337 billion--and simply plugs it by issuing major IOUs to the rest of the world. Spending on Medicare and Medicaid, housing, social security, and the war on terrorism is at record levels, coming at taxpayers' expense. It's the perfect financial storm, as this comment from makes clear.

MEPs have reacted furiously to a UK parliament report which questions the right of the European Parliament to make laws on criminal and police matters due to the fact that most of its members are non-British.

Will someone please tell me how expunging the free speech of the American people is going to make the United States safer? And, pray tell, why are our brave troops fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, ostensibly to "promote democracy," if the same political leaders who sent them to the Middle East are working to shrink democracy here at home?

This report from Britain's Daily Express shows how Moslems have no intention of being passive citizens of countries they move to. They want control. This means Islamic Sharia law, which features thieves getting their hands chopped off, "honor" killings and much else that is evil. Read - and be warned.

Much of America, like Britain and the rest of Europe, is so flooded with recent immigrants that its character has changed. In Los Angeles fender stickers proclaim "this is Mexico" - and ruder slogans. Here Rep. Tom Tancredo, a leading advocate of strong action against illegal immigration, said the heavily Hispanic city of Miami is a "Third World” country.

Shortly before he died, former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, who had defected to Britain, travelled to Israel with secret documents regarding a Russian oil company taken over by the government, according to London's Sunday Times newspaper.

Six imams removed from a US Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix are calling on Muslims to boycott the airline. If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether.

This is recirculated from a Jewish blog listed in the article. Israel is often criticised - for almost everything it does. Yet it treats its terrorist prisoners well, releases information about them and generally behaves in a civilised manner. Its enemies are a different story. Read on....

In the Old Testament times, God said he would send hornets to drive out the enemies of Israel.* Now Israel is using nanotechnology to try to create a robot no bigger than a hornet that would be able to chase, photograph and kill its targets, an Israeli newspaper reported on Friday.

He challenges the largest superpower on earth, threatens a regional superpower with annihilation, and mocks international efforts to keep tabs on his nuclear program. Where does the unswerving confidence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad come from?

Births to unmarried mothers in the United States have climbed to an all-time high, accounting for nearly four in 10 babies born last year, according to government health officials.

Amnesty International is working to free Chinese journalist Shi Tao — a “prisoner of conscience” who is serving a 10-year sentence for simply sending an e-mail. This is the tip of the iceberg - the giant prison camp that is China bans websites it doesn't like, regularly imprisons and tortures Christians and has millions working in slave factory conditions - think of this next time you are tempted to buy a bargain from China. AF

If you've been following the news lately concerning the Middle East, the situation is becoming more dire by the second. Something tells us the end times are here.....

For those of you who thought we were set for a “soft-landing” in the housing market, there is some bad news. It comes from a feature article in Fortune magazine — in an article titled “Can the Economy Survive the Housing Bust?"

Criticise US policy? You could be declared an "unlawful enemy combatant," be locked up and the key thrown away. Even if you are a US citizen! This amazing news article is taken from my favorite financial newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. The same thing can be done in Europe, of course - criticising the EU is a criminal offence. Enjoy free information like this while it still lasts - we aren't going to be free to criticise much longer. Alan Franklin.

It was Muslims voting mostly Democrat who swung the US elections. If they had not voted, control of the Senate would not have changed. The Muslims also elected their first US Congressman. We eagerly await the first Christian to be elected in any Islamic parliament....

by Neil Cooper Over a hundred retired and reserve IDF officers are calling for Gaza to be retaken in a massive operation. The only way to stop the massive influx of armaments and the building up of a massive network of tunnels, underground bunkers, and training facilities is for Israel to take back virtually all the ground that was given up in the "Disengagement".

The elections of last Tuesday surprised no one. Most people saw the handwriting on the wall for a Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives. As for the Senate, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans, so who controls the gavel is of little consequence.

AMID mounting fears that Iran is planning to obliterate their country, wealthy Israelis are shelling out on underground nuclear shelters in the gardens of their luxury homes.

Dear Christian friend, try something radical this November: vote for the most principled constitutionalist you can find, no matter his or her party affiliation, and trust God with the outcome of your vote. As far as the abortion debate is concerned, the GOP has absolutely no right to call itself the "party of life," because it is not.

It's a technology that's already being used on millions of pets in Europe and America. Now, microchips are being implanted in human beings as well and this week in Las Vegas, the procedure is being performed on dozens of people attending a medical convention.

Fresh back from his Moscow trip, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert has said Israeli troops are already training to meet the threat from Iran - a country which will not be allowed to go nuclear.

Here is a poem emailed to us. We don't know the author, but we would be proud to meet him or her! It is entitled 'Why I'm Proud to be a Jew'. I'm proud to be a Jew because Jews don't kidnap. I'm proud to be a Jew because Jewish education does not consist of teaching martyrdom and hatred.

By Pat Franklin The persecution of Christians in Europe has begun. Baptists who home school their children are being persecuted by the European Union. In Germany a Christian mother of twelve has been arrested and held under a law brought in by Nazis in 1938. The law makes it illegal to home school your own children.

Respected pastor Chuck Baldwin explains why Republicans deserve to lose the next elections. They have allowed the murder of unborn babies to continue and left America's borders unprotected, while pushing a Big Brother agenda that deprives citizens of their rights. Bush is promoting the New World Order, not America, as we reveal in our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this site. Alan Franklin.

Traditional or "mainstream" media outlets continue to wither away in the face of never ending charges of liberal bias and attempts to indoctrinate America with the agenda of the left. Today people are turning to websites like this to find out what's really going on. We carry the GOPUSA news on our ticker above, but for those who missed this opinion item, here it is - it is fascinating. In Britain you can't get unbiased information from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation but you CAN still find out the facts!

Five hundred Russian military engineers are rebuilding bridges in Lebanon - protected by Muslim led army units. The Jerusalem Post has also revealed details of how Russia supported the terrorists against Israeli forces- and is increasing its anti-Israel stance.

Governor Schwarzenegger's veto of a bill aimed at protecting California citizens from surreptitious Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking should come as no shock if you understand his penchant for paternalistic power, say "Spychips" authors Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre. ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Katherine was a co-speaker with me at the recent East Coast Prophecy Conference in Lancaster, PA - and her book is full of information on the advance of the "chips with everything" culture. This report from

Israel is taking the lead in the effort to attain energy alternatives to oil. A new research initiative was launched at Israel’s Weizmann Institute and new cooperation with the US is in the works - from Arutz-7.

This is from the Daily Telegraph, whose economics editor Edmund Conway has written a perceptive article about the chain effect of a US house price crash. Even "helicopter" Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chief, now says a hard landing is likely in the US homes market. Make that a crash landing, Ben! If the world's leading economy suddenly stops spending - as it will have to do - the trouble will ripple round the world. We are heading into turbulent waters and interesting times! Alan Franklin.

The New World Order of powerful bankers and the political elite seeks to control every aspect of our lives, reducing as to mere consumer serfs, as in Medieval England - not that there was much to consume there! Here internationally known writer Joan Veon, who has attended UN meetings for many years, tracking the growth of the one world government, tells how we - the people - can thwart some of the NWO plans - by not being such good little consumers.

This is to draw readers' attention to a great new letter about the secret sell-out of America, being bound into a North American Union in the same way Britain is emeshed in the EU superstate. Take a look in readers' letters and read why the only place you can read the truth is right here- on this site and a very few others. The main media stays silent as countries' sovereignty is given away by stealth. Why? Find out in this letter - and also find out in our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, which among other things, is about the loss of soverignty. It's available from this site.

It is Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010. President Hillary Clinton, being in office for one year, announces the completed formation of the North American Community. "We now have complete open borders with Mexico and Canada."

A secular survey in America asks: "Are We Living In The Biblical Last Days?": 42% Say "Yes" - By HELEN T. GRAY - The Kansas City Star. The crises in the Middle East have some saying the end times are near. "Israel cannot allow Iran to be nuclear, and America cannot allow Iran to be nuclear," is another popular opinion. For what is really happening, see our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from this site. It cuts through the swirl of current events to reveal exactly what happens next, as predicted by Biblical prophets.

For the first time in 11 years, no longer is the rate of growth in housing prices merely house prices are actually going down! The USA Today headlined the story "After 11 years, home prices fall."

Out goes intellectual study, in comes a "degree" in female cheerleading, "study" of a tawdry TV show, gender politics and other such drivel - it's all yours at the Oregon State University.Comment from No wonder Americans, Brits and others are often incapable of rational thought but make do with slogans and cliches when they actually have an opinion on anything. Just what the end times deceivers want - an ignorant population - and that includes most Christians.

Tony B.Liar's atrocious government is about to sell even more of the country down the river - by giving Europe control of our justice system and home affairs. What does this mean? Only the end of trial by jury, the end of an independent judiciary and the presumption of innocence. In would come the French system - you are guilty until proven innocent. The Bliar hopes to slip this through without even a debate in Parliament. If the British people let him get away with this latest sellout we will deserve our fate in the superstate of Europe - just an offshore island with no control of our own affairs. Wake up, Britain!

On September 16, 1620, 102 Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth, England, on the Mayflower.The 66-day journey of 2,750 miles encountered storms so rough the beam supporting the main mast cracked and was propped back in place with an iron screw from a printing press.

Home foreclosures rocketed by 53 per cent in America in August - the harbinger of much more bad news to come. It's all in our new book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain , where we have a chapter called The Coming Foreclosure Tragedy. Each home foreclosed is a tragedy for a family, deceived by ARMs and low rates of interest into buying what they cannot afford. Now get the facts in our story.....

Interest rates are going up, unemployment is going up, so too are taxes and domestic fuel bills. Little wonder that Britain's feel-good factor is down in the basement. I reprint this brilliant article as we are no longer using the Telegraph news ticker on this site due to technical troubles - Alan Franklin.

Despite their religion calliing America "The Great Satan", Moslems are voting with their feet for living in a free society - and are flocking to settle in America. This is a story from GOPUSA, which provides some great material for our national and international news ticker. We plucked it out to highlight it - and to encourage you to click on the ticker to get more great news stories from the non liberal press.....

So who really organises terror? According to many in Moslem and far right circles, it is all a Jewish conspiracy. Alan Franklin writes that even in Christian circles there are many deluded folk who think Jewish people are plotting to take over