Fighting idiotic wars, going broke - the truth about America and Britain - by Alan Franklin

America, Britain and much of the west are being destroyed on purpose, by preventable "wars," unchecked immigration and deficit spending. It is no accident that millions of immigrants are flooding in to our countries unchecked. America's feeble "attempts" at border control are risible. As if a government that could put men on the moon could not devise ways of keeping borders secure. It doesn't add up at all and I am afraid Republicans are responsible. We pasted something on our website from Pastor Chuck Baldwin that I think is spot on. He basically says that the Republicans are not worth supporting. Read his column on this site. You may not agree but it is thought provoking. I saw from another website that the President has lost the support of more than half the churchgoing middle American Christian community, in other words, his core support. You cannot have two nations in one border and the Hispanics' real aim is to annexe a huge chunk of the USA back to Mexico. All previous immigrants wanted to become Americans and have done so. A nation divided against itself cannot stand. Turning to overseas follies, I agree with the new British Army Chief. I think the expeditions in Iraq and Afghanistan wrong and a waste of men and money. I am pleased he had the courage to speak out, only saying what is obvious anyway. We must look past politics at the facts. Terrorism was not coming from nor linked to Iraq prior to our invasion. Two countries were an unlikely bastion against Islamo fascism - two unlikely countries. One was Iraq and the other Syria. The fact that both are/were loathsome regimes is immaterial. They were both Baathist states, resolutely set against Islamic control. In fact Saddam did our job of keeping Iran occupied for eight years, in a war which cost a million lives. One million not now available to fight us. There was no link between Iraq and Bin Laden - quite the reverse. They were enemies. The history of the Arabs show that they are their own worst enemies, always feuding and fighting. All that we have achieved, other than bankrupting America (and wasting billions of Britain's taxes) by spending a trillion Dollars on the "war on terror", spent by the most profligate president in history (fact) is to give the Islamics a base and support in Iraq they never had before. Yes, there are now terrorists in Iraq. Entirely due to us. They now have an enemy to focus on. Arabs expect their own rulers to be brutal. They almost always are. But when westerners go in and try and order them around it is an entirely different matter. Read up on the history of the British in both the Middle East and Afghanistan. Unlike Blair, who knows nothing, the general who spoke out knows his military history. We have not the slightest hope of achieving anything in Afghanistan other than getting lots of young men killed and wasting a lot of money. I wish this was not a "right versus left" argument in America. About three years ago I did an interview with NBC Nightly News - filmed in Aldershot - in which I predicted disaster for any western advernture in Iraq. Now, as is well known, I am far from being a leftie. However, I do analyse things and could clearly see we were in a no win situation. I think about 99.99 per cent of the world would agree with that. When Britain ruled Mesapotamia it was decided to roll it into one administrative zone, thus pushing together three groups of people with a history of killing each other. I would have thought it obvious this can never work. Secondly, it never has worked unless the people were brutally supressed, Sadam style. Once he was removed they could resume the business of slaughtering each other. This is the Middle Eastern way, and the idea that we could turn them into democrats is ridiculous. No Moslem country has ever had a true democracy, the only one with some argument for this is Turkey, which is a secular state although with the Moslem religion dominant. Every Islamic country is run Islamic style, as per the seventh century. This is not about to change, not even if we put two million targets, sorry troops, into Iraq. Americans should read some history books, like one about the British in Suez, for example. No, I do not believe for a minute that Saddam had "weapons of mass distruction." No evidence was ever found for this- I think it is a myth. If so, why didn't he use them? He always used everything he had in the past. MI5, the CIA and Israeli intelligence said the same thing by the way- no WMD. Saddam was an unpleasant dictator, but that applies to about half the countries of the world. Are we going to invade them all? Why? For what purpose? Why not tackle Mugabe? He 's even worse. Oil? Less oil is flowing now than before we attacked. We do not have to be buddies with people to trade with them. We trade with the Chinese and they hate the USA at least as much as Saddam did. The Chinese have often said they are prepared to go to war with America yet they are "most favored nation" Why? Why don't we invade Peking???? There are no human rights there either, no democracy and Christians are put in slave camps. Finally, it is nonsense to connect Iraq with 9/11 and Bin Laden. I read an Israeli intelligence report shortly after the invasion which said there was no connection whatsoever. In fact Saddam hated Bin Laden. Remember, he was a Baathist and actually suppressed the mad mullahs. They were not allowed free rein in Iraq, as they are now. As for oil, oil is sold to the highest bidder every day. Iraq would have happily sold oil to us. Now we are creating an Islamic republic there, thanks to our blundering in, so expect that to change in the future. I think I know the reasons America went in, but they are more to do with finance than democracy. It's all about the petro dollar. That's another story. Bush is not protecting America from anything. Bush is destroying America- a) by running unsustainable deficits which mainly benefit the Chinese, who are building a huge bluewater navy on the proceeds, and b) by making enemies all round the world- especially in the Middle East. This will destroy the petro dollar which will finally finish America. Yes, the USA is going bankrupt. The figures, all of which I have, are staggering.c) Bush and his big business buddies are destroying America by deliberately letting in millions of illegals, when they could, very easily, stop them. So it must be a deliberate policy- can't be anything else. There is more to Bush than readers might know. For example, he is a member of the country's most secret society, the occult-based Skull and Bones. He stripped naked, lay in a coffin, told all his sexual secrets to his fellow Bonesmen, then rose in the morning as a "born again Bonesman." He pledged allegience to Skull and Bones. Does that pledge over-ride his Pledge of Allegiance? I wonder. Kerry is also a member- yet only 15 of the elite are admitted every year. What do you think the mathematical probability of that is? Or the likelihood of it being random chance? All this is in our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, which is available from this website. Not, of course, that I think the Democrats are anything other than a disgrace. Yet, while there are good people in the Republicans they are as a whole much too slippery to deserve a vote, I think. They have not curbed abortion or anything elsee they talked about - utterly useless and deceptive. Typical politicians, in fact. Look to their deeds, not their words. When Bush came in I thought it was great, but my opinion has gradually changed when I have seen him praising Islam "religion of peace, blah blah blah" and much else he must know is untrue. Most people I know share this opinion - and there is not a democrat among them! And why didn't "conservative" Fox News report that Rupert Murdoch held a fundraiser for Hilary Clinton- at Fox News HQ in New York? Interesting times, - but look beyond the propaganda. Many readers probably won't agree- but it is worth thinking about the above!


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