/     The terrifying toll of the deadly Covid jabs is revealed by the doctors 'magazine    /     Keir Starmer, a traitor to Britain by Pat Franklin    /     The World Health Authority has been halted for now in its bid to take away our freedoms.    /     Fact: our biological sex is not fluid and we must stop schools from teaching this lie.    /     Your freedoms, from choosing your health treatment to your right to travel are under threat right now.    /     How history - especially religious history- is being rewritten for American children    /     Medical authoritieis and vested interests who stopped a proven treatment for Covid 19 with Ivermectin have been exposed at last.    /     News of another potentially harmful vaccine-this time it's Shingles. Opinion by Alan Franklin    /     More facts about the deadly effects of covid jabs/    /     The sinister plan to remove your freedoms-unless we unite to stop it!    /     The evil plan for vaccine passports - time to fight for the truth. By Alan Franklin    /     Billionaire BILL Gates pours money into The Guardian which allegedly holds the powerful to account....    /     Bright ideas for Britain's new towns by Pat Franklin    /     Children of five are being brainwashed about perversion using your taxes via the so-called Arts Council.     /     At last, more vaccine dangers are revealed in a UK newspaper. Beware of taking so-called vaccines    /     The Pandemic Treaty that is far from harmless- it will take control from nations and hand it to the W.H.O    /     Deceptive Slogans in the Propaganda War Against Israel by Dr. David R. Reagan    /     Jerusalem-future capital of the world-by Alan Franklin    /     Italy Becomes First Nation To Ban Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Due To ‘Serious Health Concerns    /     Together we can stop the Net Zero lunacy-it's an assault on our freedoms    /     This report and comment is fromThe Jerusalem Connection, a good source of news and views on Israel    /     World War II: The First Culture War- A great new book by Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group,     /     There is no "climate emergency!"more green claptrap exposed by a British MP    /     Marijuana madness by Pat Franklin    /     Trump and Biden should be heading for care homes, not the White House. Comment by Alan Franklin    /     From strength to slavery by Pat Franklin    /     Our Christian book exposing Cults and Isms that's too hot for some so-called Christian bookshops.    /     The greatest cover-up In world history – media silence on the deadly effects of the Covid “jabs.”Tweeted by Dr. Asseem MalhoyraIt.    /     Don’t believe all the climate claptrap –in the 70s there were dire warnings that we were heading for a new Ice Age.    /     The ‘human wreckage’ of anti-marriage ideology in education    /     So many signs all around us! Are you ready to meet the King of kings? by Pat Franklin    /     The book of Genesis is the most accurate history book in the world.    /     There's no mystery about the purpose of artificial non intelligence....    /     Time to fight for our fast vanishing freedom -here's how to do it.    /     Here comes the crash of cash-The UK Government and Treasury are planning to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the near future.    /     I wish we had someone like the King of Nineveh...by Pat Franklin    /     My King by Pat Franklin    /     Warning: Covid jabs can klill you or wreck your immune system - the evidence is overwhelming    /     Mainstream church organisations whch hate the Word of God    /     If you don’t fight for freedom you will soon lose it-by Alan (banned from youtube but now on Rumble) Franklin    /     Plans for UN backed worldwide perversion have been defeated .    /     The only coronation worth attending by Pat Franklin    /     A great film on the pack of lies that is the so-called climate crisis    /     COVID Jab Gets Permanent Liability Protection as Predicted.by Dr. Mercola.    /     Come With Me! by Pat Franklin    /     Here’s Why Electric Cars Are Useless -by Revd Philip Foster MA    /     Harmed by the so called Covid vaccines? You are far from alone and a new film gets the truth out.    /     Britain starts the next stage in the coming world tyranny - a clampdown on your movements    /     At last a British MP tells of the deadly dangers of the so called Covid "vaccines"    /     The United Kingdom is now led by two Pagans and is increasingly lawless.    /     Disney pays the price for promoting perversion    /     Big Brother digital identities for all could come soon to the UK.    /     The More Shots You Get, the More Likely You’ll Die of COVID    /     The plan to create a so-called Pandemic to reduce the population.     /     You are being re-set -the astounding details are in this article. By Alan Franklin    /     You'll soon be asked to have another so-called vaccine -it has been tested on just eight mice!    /     The“Covid Pass” seems to be the scheme that can never die.    /     The King is coming to save the planet. But it won't be Charles. by Alan Franklin    /     I’ve been banned for speaking the truth-but Rumble stepped in to preserve free speech. By Alan Franklin    /     Are we being injected with micro circuitry? by Pat Franklin    /     Bill Gates called a "Vaccine Criminal" in Italian Parliament    /     No, Prince Charles is not the Antichrist. Nor will the Man of Sin be Islamic -comment by Alan Franklin    /     Another dash of reality for global warming fantasists who control big media and big business.    /     Israel’s Story in Isaiah 33, 34 and 35 By Annie Nissim, MA,Cantab    /     The biblical reasons for judging - by Pat Franklin     /     Here's the truth about Israel's latest battle against Islamic terrorists    /     Alan Franklin reports:The news the so-called media- the harlot media- ignores: Watch "Covid vaccine: Study reveals 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect"    /     Don't just eat insect burgers- eat each other!    /     Alan Franklin, who once wrote a PR handbook for politicians, tells Christians how to make an impact.    /     Yet again, science proves the Bible true - by Pat Franklin    /     One woman’s health disaster after taking one of the health-threatening so-called Covid “vaccines.” This is an urgent warning from a friend of ours.....    /     War in Heaven- and an angel helped me! By Pat Franklin    /     So called vaccines destroy our immune systems -they are deadly.    /     We are boycotting a big UK shopping chain, Holland and Barratt, owned by one of Putin's cronies    /     Ukraine now, soon to be followed by Israel? We know how the story ends.    /     After Biden was too timid to contront Russia over Ukraine Arab commentators now say they have no faith in the US or Europe to protect them against Iran.By MEMRI    /     An organisation fighting worldwide vaccine tyranny-CitizenGO    /     Turn off the TV and open the Bible to find the truth! by Pat Franklin    /     Truckers Are Terrorists according to Canada’s Fascist Government-by Alan Franklin    /     The real reasons for high energy prices and the economy being wrecked. Yes, it's green extremism.     /     More successs in fighting tyranical Covid stupidity    /     Marburg - is this the next pandemic ? by Pat Franklin    /     Covid and me by Pat Franklin    /     At last - a leading Israeli minister wants to stop Covid claptrap ruining the country.    /     Japan now sees sense and scraps much of the Covid nonsense - back to normal at last!    /     Now it's official: The Covid Tests do not work.    /     Nurse whistleblower reveals hundreds of thousands of people are harmed or killed by the deadly so-called "vaccines."    /     Former WHO Adviser Tells Vaccinated to Quarantine Over Winter. It’s the VACCINATED who are a danger to others.    /     EVERYONE will have adverse effects from the "vaccines" claims doctor.    /     “At what point do we say enough is enough?”…    /     The Biased Broadcasting Organisation is number three in the world's most anti-semitic organisations.    /     My friend gave out 150 Gospels of John in three days! -by Pat Franklin    /     Don't fall for the narrative and take a dangerous "clot shot" so-called booster. By Alan Franklin    /     Deluge your MPs and politicians with letters like this - to stop the Scamdemic claptrap.    /     Sportsmen and women worldwide are having heart attacks and other health problems after the "jab."     /     Rapid premature aging - is the vax making people look wrinkly and old?    /     The lakes of blood that are bringing judgement, by Pat Franklin    /     Vaccines Don’t Stop the Virus. So why get vaccinated? by Alan Franklin    /     Israeli Doctor: Pfizer Vaccine Didn’t Stop 4th Corona Wave. Vaccines are not working in the world’s most vaccinated nation!    /     Look behind the propaganda for the real Covid facts - the vaccine damage is far worse than is yet realised.    /     Russia’s leader President Putin slams the destruction of traditional values in the west.    /     The evil Anglican archbishop who specialized in cutting off the ears of Christian pastors, by Pat Franklin    /     The dumb dogs are not barking to warn us - by Pat Franklin    /     My filmed Powerpoint presentations are here- Alan    /     The vaccines the world is being urged to take are deadly experimental drugs and needless - the non vaxxed are the sensible people.By Alan Franklin    /     A Detroit television station that asked for stories of unvaxxed people dying from Covid didn’t get the reply their big media bosses wanted.    /     The whole Covid fiasco has been caused by suppression of the truth that the virus is easily treatable by several proven remedies -by Alan Franklin     /     A New City in the Negev for the Unvaccinated by Annie Nissim M.A. (Cantab)    /     Ever wondered why there's never a critical word about the "jabs" in the media? All is revealed in this article.    /     The last days of the church     /     Israel has gone bonkers - by Pat Franklin    /     What do you say to someone who is dying? by Pat Franklin    /     More facts on the deadly vaccines relentlessly sold as “jabs” as if you just needed a little injection to make your world safe. But they are rushed out and given rapid approval and “jabbed” people are being used as human guinea pigs.    /     Covid cure talk taken off Youtube! - by Pat Franklin    /     Dinosaurs not in the Bible? Of course they are! by Pat Franklin    /     Pfizer's former Chief Science Officer says vaccines are not needed to extinguish the pandemic    /     Find out some facts before you join the queue for "jabs."What exactly are people being "jabbed" with? By Alan Franklin.    /     The Amazing Menorah and why I love it - by Pat Franklin    /     What is the real story behind the so-called Vaccines- some astounding facts. AF    /     A project for you - by Pat Franklin    /     You get an F for history, Mr President: by Pat Franklin    /     G7 leaders descend on St Ives, the little jewel on the tip of England - by Pat Franklin    /     Do the research and pass the Ivermectin! by Pat Franklin    /     $5 de-wormer said to cure advanced cancer - by Pat Franklin    /     Texas doctors expose Covid truth as the state tries to stop vaccine mandate    /     A comment on the lady bishop    /     Israel - guinea pig nation for vaccines. By Anne Nissim, MA, Cantab.    /     Covid misinformation is being used to remove our freedoms. Don't be "Sheeple,"By Alan Franklin    /     Have you lost your love and joy? Get this book! by Pat Franklin    /     Giants - not a fairytale! The truth is in the Bible! by Pat Franklin    /     Steve Avery - a man who did a deal with Satan. By Pat Franklin.    /     Is Bill Gates setting the world agenda? A great article by Robert F. Kennedy Jnr.    /     The war to destroy the Jewish people: commentary from Rupert Murdoch.    /     Bible prophecy reveals the fate of Islam. It's doomed!    /     True Christians will live in a City of Gold - one of the wonders revealed in the Bible, but little taught. By Pat Franklin    /     Exposed:The utterly biased lamestream media. Comment by Alan Franklin, plus top reporters revealing the unbiased truth about...bias.     /     Cults and Isms: True or False? - it's time to find out the facts.    /     Don't burn the Koran - tell the world what's IN it!    /     Let's demolish Darwin! Our beliefs shape how we act: Kick out Creation and you get Stalin and Hitler. A Sunday sermon from Alan.    /     Vera - we'll meet again! I know where, but not when! by Pat Franklin    /     Ancient Aliens? ETs? Here is the Truth by Pat Franklin    /     Battle in Israel for Bible truth - see our son-in-law's banned video!    /     Greetings to our readers from Alan and Pat: In times of great deception we aim to publish the whole truth about End Times events. By Alan Franklin    /     Are altar calls wrong? Are we free to accept Jesus as our Saviour? Or has God marked a lot of us down for Hell? by Pat Franklin    /     A day at Darwin's house, by Pat Franklin    /     The 'god of the glass' revealed     /     Don't miss our Tables of Truth! (More are featured in our latest book.)    /     Global non-warming and the Big Green Lie Machine. By Alan Franklin.    /     The blessed hope is now the only hope - by Pat Franklin    /     What is thefreepressonline.co.uk? An introduction.    /     The UK's West Midlands to get a great new Christian school in 2021    /     Why vaccinate? There are at least three cures! by Pat Franklin    /     The Narrow Way - are you on it? by Pat Franklin    /     The future history of the world as revealed in my filmed talks is available at a click - see below. By Alan Franklin    /     Which way are you on - the broad way to Hell or the narrow way to Heaven? by Pat Franklin    /     Alpha: a course to be avoided. Catholics emerge from it with their false faith reinforced! By Alan Franklin.    /     Still sneering at Mary! by Pat Franklin    /     Worldwide anti-semitism is thinly disguised as “support for the poor Palestinians.” Alan Franklin sets the scene as the world lines up in self righteous indignation against Israel– the only Middle Eastern country with true freedom.    /     Find out the facts about the false faiths! A book for every Christian's bookshelf. Alan Franklin writes..    /     The historical Muhammad was the savage leader of a gang of robbers from Medina. Without scruples they looted, raped and murdered. This is the truth, verified by Islam's own texts.     /     Sex change? Not unless you change every cell in your body! by Pat Franklin    /     The astonishing last words of a man with a day to live: Tony looked to the future with hope! Here is his remarkable summary of the times we live in. The world should read this!    /     Passport offer by Pat Franklin    /     The Lord Jesus is coming back soon and when He does, there will be no time to get ready...    /     Why all these lockdowns? by Pat Franklin    /     A way through all this mess by Pat Franklin    /     Satan's mood music, mixed up genders, mixed up beliefs and mixed up people. There's a reason for all this! By Alan Franklin.    /     America is not in End Times Prophecy so it will soon not be a world force. By Alan Franklin    /     How aliens and UFOs will be used to explain the rapture - the disappearance of tens of millions of born again Christians from earth. By Alan Franklin.    /     Unborn baby seen smiling in the womb at just 17 weeks old. Such children can be murdered up to the age of 24 weeks in Britain.    /     Time to take the knee by Pat Franklin    /     The truth is out there about the Covid self inflicted crisis - read it here and spread the news. By Alan Franklin    /     Nearly time to go - ready or not! by Pat Franklin    /     The truth about Cults and Isms can set the captives free. That's why we wrote it!    /     Coronavirus won’t just kill people - it is killing the world economy. The Bible tells us what happens next. By Alan Franklin.    /     The “Extinction Rebellion” protestors’ biggest donor owns a £630 million stake in Heathrow Airport!- by Alan Franklin    /     UFOs, the supernatural and my time with New Agers, a film clip with Alan Franklin    /     Up to two thirds of those who will die of Coronavirus in the UK would be dead this year anyway!    /     Cults and Isms: True or False? A book for every Christian’s bookshelf. By Alan Franklin.    /     This is the difference between Old Testament saints and Church Age saints – and when we all get our new bodies…..Colin Lyne makes things clear.    /     A quick, cheap cure for Covid - and I think we had it! by Pat Franklin    /     The 'perilous times' warned of in the Bible - are we in those times? by Pat Franklin    /     Dr Edward Blick, scourge of the global warming hoaxers, has gone to his great reward - by Pat Franklin    /     Repenting for the sins of Britain and looking forward to Jesus’ rod of iron    /     The God of All Comfort by Pat Franklin    /     Rioting on the streets, but the Lord of Hosts is still in control! by Pat Franklin    /     Our last chance - by Pat Franklin    /     Is the corona virus God's judgement on us? by Pat Franklin    /     Lockdown Sunday by Pat Franklin    /     Earth is the bull's eye and God's rocks will not miss the target! by Pat Franklin    /     69 old skeletons prove the Bible! by Pat Franklin    /     Time to repent, not to march! by Pat Franklin    /     Defeating diabetes - wonders of oats! by Pat Franklin    /     What should you tell your kids about 'Santa'? Pat Franklin gives a mother's view.    /     Rejoice as the UK rejects the anti-Semitic Labor Party in a Parliamentary election and the victorious Conservatives pledge to get the UK out of The European Union. By Alan Franklin    /     Are you a citizen of the world or a citizen of Heaven? by Pat Franklin    /     The climate clowns setting the world’s agenda. By Alan Franklin.    /     Parasites on the Body of Christ by Pat Franklin    /     Whole lotta shaking going on - but is it really God? by Pat Franklin    /     The Golden City - will you live there? by Pat Franklin    /     Our Lord is unique! He is risen!    /     Time is running out- by Pat Franklin    /     Dear American women: would you enjoy being beaten up tonight in bed? by Pat Franklin    /     Saving babies and changing lives in Israel: the remarkable ministry of Marvin and Orit – by Pat Franklin.    /     Slain in the spirit - but what spirit? by Pat Franklin    /     Why The World Should Be On Red Alert - by Alan Franklin    /     Prime Minister May pushes perversion as normal. Who is she kidding? By Alan Franklin.    /     The Flat Earth theory is flattened – by an astronaut and thousands of Christian writers and scientists. By Alan Franklin.    /     Leprosy of the soul - Jesus has made it so easy for us to be saved! by Pat Franklin    /     Turning to Fables: The Emergent Laodicean Church, by Alan Franklin    /     400,000 errors in the Bible? Critics of God's Word shoot themselves in both feet! by Pat Franklin    /     Holocaust Day in Israel - and even the 5-year-olds are learning what happened - by Pat Franklin    /     Passover in Israel 2017, by Pat Franklin    /     Warning writ large as 100 mammoth tusks are seized, by Pat Franklin    /     Market meltdown, Brexit and the Ides of March. Here comes The Greater Depression. By Alan Franklin.    /     My next speaking dates: The Converging Signs of Bible Prophecy. The world should be on red alert. By Alan Franklin.    /     Israel sets an example of freedom, tolerance - by Reda Mansour    /     Another icy blast at global warming lunacy. The truth IS getting out at last!    /     To buy our books and DVDs, check this out! Buy from us using checks (cheques in Britain)!    /     What was the Star of Bethlehem? By Dr David Reagan of Lamb & Lion Ministries    /     Christmas again...deep sigh. By Pat Franklin.    /     Evolution is just a big fat lie - by Pat Franklin    /     Hey out there - any Christians left in this Lutheran church? by Pat Franklin    /     The European Union has built-in anti Semitism, as revealed by this article.     /     Demonic looking angels open the longest rail tunnel in the world, by Pat Franklin    /     Europe, Islam and Antichrist – my next talk in Tongham, by Alan Franklin    /     Bones of saints: I have a bone to pick over this! by Pat Franklin    /     Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem - and PM Netanyahu makes his usual pertinent points. By Alan Franklin.    /     Passover in Israel, 2016 - by Pat Franklin    /     Jesus, Prince of Peace; Muhammad, man of violence    /     A reader's review of our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain - and why you should get it!    /     Islam is neither normal nor peaceful: Here's why we do NOT all worship the same god.    /     Is the final world financial crash upon us - and how should Christians manage money in these dark days? By Alan Franklin    /     A million white slaves taken to Africa - by Bill Federer.    /     A fun Hebrew song for Sunday School, by Pat Franklin    /     The truth about UFOs and aliens, by Pat Franklin    /     From the EU, future seat of Antichrist, to the Middle East turmoil, Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in the daily newscasts! Alan's DVDs and forthcoming talks explain all.    /     God's great big billboard - the White Cliffs of Dover by Pat Franklin    /     The amazing festivals that tell us the future - by Pat Franklin    /     Druids become an official religion in Britain, a nation in the age of unreason.    /     The true face of Islam, by Pat Franklin    /     The end of the American age? Some thoughts from Alan Franklin.    /     Why do Islamics behead and enslave people? Because of the Koran. They are not "a peaceful religion."     /     Middle East mayhem is leading to the fulfillment of Psalm 83, a huge attack on Israel as more Bible prophecy comes true in the headlines.    /     My church doesn't teach on prophecy- what shall I do? Alan answers a reader's query.    /     Here's the truth about the world's false religions and cults, from the Catholics to the Islamics, not forgetting the likes of Adventists! Our books expose them - and some people even like this! By Alan Franklin    /     False doctrine in your church? Here's Alan's advice to a reader.    /     The Greater Depression will soon arive. The real story is here and it's not what you'll hear on most big media. By Alan Franklin.    /     Church of England sinks to its lowest depths to date. Beyond parody! A news story followed by Alan Franklin’s comment.    /     What happens after you die? Here’s the truth, from Colin Lyne.    /     The unsaved are a heartbeat from Hades. What happens after we die? A sermon from Alan Franklin.    /     We are too tolerant: it's time to stop putting up with evil and allowing our children to be brainwashed. By Alan Franklin.    /     United Kingdom judge rules in favor of perversion - finding against Christian bakers who refused to bake a sodomy-celebrating cake. By Alan Franklin.    /     Election and/or free will - who can be saved? by Pat Franklin    /     Only half a per cent of 300 Million Middle Eastern Arabs are free. They are the ones who live in Israel. Get the facts here!    /     Israel, the world's most attacked nation, should react like this! Some commonsense from an Israeli writer.    /     A Christian church leader from Israel tells the UN: Israel is the only Middle Eastern country where Christians are safe.    /     The truth about the so-called "Palestinians." They don't want "peace" with Israel. They want to expel or kill all Jews, just as Islam teaches.     /     About 200,000 rockets and missiles are pointed at our grandchildren and all who live in Israel. By Alan Franklin.    /     The fate of Gaza - open the Bible to read the end of the story! By Pat Franklin.    /     Facts to use to beat the media bias against Israel. Plus: How Netanyahu turned the tables on British TV interviewers.    /     The Bible in The News: Israel is at the epicentre of world events, just as the Bible prophesied for the End Times. By Alan Franklin.    /     The World On Red Alert! One of my subjects in Hastings this Wednesday. By Alan Franklin    /     Goodbye Great Britain! Here’s a headline I found astounding : Drugs and prostitution add £10bn to UK economy    /     How a Sikh found the Lord Jesus Christ. Now there is joy in his life and he has the answers he was seeking.    /     Why I left the Catholic Church, by Pat Franklin. Reading the Catholic Bible showed me that the RC religion has false, unbiblical doctrine.    /     Is doomsday fast approaching? We are living on borrowed time, by Alan Franklin.    /     The Catholic Church is the world’s largest cult. A Catholic reader says our articles about the RCs contain errors. Here is the response from Alan and Pat Franklin.     /     The Catholic Mass – a mystical, magical re-sacrifice of Christ. By Pat Franklin.    /     The Bible? It is true and we can prove it! by Pat Franklin    /     Six DVDS by Alan are available – from “The World on Red Alert” to “Cults and Isms: True or False?” Plus new, lower prices on our books.    /     Revelation TV needs more revelation on sound doctrine – and Reachout Trust needs to be more discerning when broadcasting. By Alan Franklin.    /     Bohemia Grove: are our leaders really worshipping a giant stone owl in California?    /     Wonders of Islam - 125 million little girls have their genitals cut off    /     Just to remind you: Obama WAS born in Kenya and cannot legally be president. A story of some importance, we feel. Not that big media cares.    /     What happens next - the future history of the world.    /     Global Non-Warming and the Big Green Lie Machine. By Alan Franklin.    /     Near miss asteroids, monster snakes, giant hail, natural disasters - will we ever get on our knees? by Pat Franklin    /     Obama: A corrupt, criminal liar. Time for impeachment. By Chuck Baldwin.    /     Farewell to Lady Thatcher: A great leader, great lady and great inspiration to me. By Alan Franklin.    /     Attention readers: Beware of advertisements advertising “psychics.” Here’s the truth about spiritism, from our latest book. By Alan Franklin.    /     The Last Pope to be appointed? Don’t count on it! Brrm …that’s the sound of the claptrap machine revving up. I feel a book coming on. By Alan Franklin.    /     Is ours the final generation? A look at the signs of the times before the return of the Lord Jesus. By Alan and Pat Franklin.    /     It's time for black US Christians to vote maturely: a vote for Obama just because he is part black is racism. Comment, and more inconvenient facts, by ALAN FRANKLIN.    /     The web: last bastion of free speech – but also full of unverified nonsense. Here’s how to sort out what to believe. By Alan Franklin.     /     Should we tell of unsighted Terry's sight of Heaven? What does the Bible say? Alan answers a reader's question about Terry James.    /     Nations and individuals will be judged by God on the basis of how they treated the Jews. There’s a blessing for those who bless Israel- and a curse for those who don’t. Here’s a document showing why Christians should be careful what they say and support.    /     Do Catholics teach that Mary was conceived without sin? They certainly do! Pat responds to a reader’s query.    /     The global meltdown will lead to a worldwide police state with a one world dictator. But when? Alan Franklin ponders the question.    /     Baal - the pagan idol in your garden. By Pat Franklin    /     Why we don’t give a home to a gnome: the facts behind one of our seemingly far-fetched claims. By Alan and Pat Franklin.    /     The brainwashing of children is part of the Big Green Lie Machine, the propaganda arm of the New World Order. By Alan Franklin.    /     Israel: the country with the most freedom and democracy in the Middle East, yet the nation which is most maligned.    /     Wars, famine, earthquakes, revolution. Here's what happens next - the future history of the world. There's even some good news! By Alan Franklin.    /     Did the chicken or the egg come first? Scientists now confirm what Creationists could have told them.....    /     Victory in Israel over heroin - in the name of Jesus! by Pat Franklin    /
To read any story, click on the headline on the ticker

To read any story, click on the headline on the ticker. When you have finished, X it out and return to this website

A peer-reviewed study in Forensic Science International found that 73.9% of post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths were directly caused by or significantly contributed to by the injections The study, initially censored by The Lancet, analyzed 325 autopsy cases and found cardiovascular issues were the most common cause of death, followed by blood and respiratory problems Researchers suggest the spike protein in COVID-19 vaccines may be responsible for side effects, potentially causing inflammation and clotting in various tissues and organs.

In an interview Keir Starmer, Labour Prime Minister of Great Britain, was asked to choose Davos or Westminster and he immediately said 'Davos'. The interviewer was Emily Maitlis in January 2023. Why, she asked. 'Because Westminster is too constrained. And it's...closed and we're not having meaning....Westminster is a tribal shouting place.'

Citizen Go, a campaigning organisation we support, has stalled for now a bid to remove our freedom to travel and choose what medical treatments we permit. Be warned: the fight goes on as the plan is control every citizen of the world and trace them with inserted devices even smaller than a microchip without which we would not be able to buy or sell. I saw Bill Gates explaining this and found that Microsoft';s patent on this tiny device ends in 060606, Yes The Book of Revelation is coming true as all this is predicted. See Revelation, Chapter 13, quoted below...Alan Franklin sets the scene:

To read any story, click on the headline on the ticker. When you have finished, X it out and return to this website

Children have been left distressed after a Church of England primary school in the South East of England allowed a four-year-old boy to attend as a girl, concealing his biological sex from his classmates and parents. Here campaigning organisation CitizenGo shows how ro stand firm against this idiocy. Let rpoliticians feel the heat!

The globalists driving the World Health Organization agenda have hastily convened an emergency session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) in Geneva. Itt is taking place now. An organisation we support, Citizen GO. wants to rally millions who oppose losing their freedoms.Thanks to your actions and millions of other citizens around the world led by CitizenGO to expose the Pandemic Treaty, the globalists are now deadlocked. That’s why they added an extra session to fast-track consensus and ram the treaty towards ratification before the upcoming World Health Assembly on May 27th. Now is the time for you and I to strike a hammer blow to this globalist nightmare. Because if we don't stop it in time: The Globalist elites will decide the vaccines for your kids, NOT YOU! The Globalist elites will decide where you can travel, NOT YOU! The Globalist elites will decide if you can worship in person, NOT Y

What does it mean to teach religion, or to teach “about religion” in public schools? Since the education establishment is totally committed to transformational education (changing the beliefs, attitudes and values of the child), teaching religion, or teaching about religion, in public schools really means shaping the child’s beliefs, attitudes and values about religion. Another reason for home schooling! We reprint this article as it still holds good.

This is from my favourite Israeli news and comment website: The Jerusalem Connection. ….a curation of news overlooked or incomplete by your mainstream media. By Amy Zewe Continuing to inform, educate, and activate Christians in their support for Israel and the Jewish people, please engage in this week’s The Red Alert’s News to YOU:Today marks 179 days since Oct. 7, 2023. This is 6 months—a half a year!!

Ivermectin has been known for years to cure Covid 19 sufferers if prescribed. But vested interests and medical authorities threatened brave doctors who saw Ivermectin working as soon as it was administered have been exposed. Lets hope the culprits who by their actions caused needless deaths and illnesses will now be brought to book.This article is from a website called American Greatness and here is the link for the full story: https://amgreatness.com/2024/03/22/fda-agrees-to-remove-anti-ivermectin-posts-off-the-internet-in-lawsuit-settlement/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=act_eng&seyid=125824

Shingles Vaccine May Increase Risk of Ocular Shingles Recurrence -story from The Epoch Times. We reccommend you take out a subscription to get the full details.

Cases of a blood clot condition called CVST were found to be three times higher than expected among the vaccinated, There are numerous side effect of Covid jabs and the links below reveal the truth you are not told by mainstream (lamestream) /media ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌

Urgent warning:Your freedom and national sovereignty are about to be given away as the sp-called World Health Authority will use its massive ;power to remove your medical freedom-for example forcing all of us to take the deadly killer so-called vaccinations

Forcing us to have vaccine passports is a nightmare scenario which one would have expected in Stalin’s Russia but not in what is supposed to be a democracy – the UK and USA and other nations are now more like medical dictatorships.A vast number of the world’s citizens have given up their freedom, obeyed like sheep when told they cannot meet people, travel, stay indoors hug or see their grandchildren and generally been forced to behave as though we are in a crisis so severe that most of our former rights can be taken away by dictat.

In 2021 the Guardian ran a series of adverts claiming the newspaper was “not funded by billionaires”, and “our readers’ backing gives us the independence to hold the powerful to account”. Not perhaps all the powerful. The Guardian is backed by a number of billionaire philanthropic foundations, including the European Climate Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund. According to the investigative journalist Ben Pile, an additional $12 million grant from the Gates Foundation is equivalent alone to $116 for every reader of the print version.

Britain is to get lots of new towns to cope with an exploding population. Here is a new concept to consider before lumbering the nation with more dull, ugly towns full of identical cramped, inadequate houses that people really do not like. On visits to Israel I have come to know a medium size town which has really impressed me with its beauty, functionality and success in packing lots of people into a relatively small area and yet with no sense of overcrowding at all.

The Arts Council is using taxpayer money to promote transgender ideology but now the situation has escalated further. This information is from CitizenGO which campaigns to stop society lurching into a pit of perversion.

At last some of the truth about vaccine dangers is being published. This is from The Daily Telegraph.t:"As studies report rise ‘attributable to’the Covid jab, The Telegraph spoke to people who developed Guillain-Barré syndrome after vaccinatinatio. Anthony Shingler was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome after having the AstraZeneca vaccine.Scientists have drawn a link between the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and a “spike” in cases of a rare disease that can leave its victims paralysed.Three separate studies reported an increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) shortly after the roll out of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is dangerously close to becoming the global health authority with sweeping powers over our lives. We must act now to protect our individual freedoms and prevent this totalitarian power grab. Join the fight by signing our petition demanding decision-makers reject the proposed amendments that would centralize global health governance.-from citizengo.org.The urgency to act is now, as the next Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting is just a week from now.

Deceptive Slogans in the Propaganda War Against Israel by Dr. David R. Reagan The pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have broken out across our nation are full of signs containing slogans that are either blatantly untrue or completely misleading. Consider the following: 1) “Set Palestine Free From the River to the Sea.” Based on the interviews of people chanting this slogan, it appears that many have no idea what it means. In the first place, Americans who have always been geographically challenged, have expressed no knowledge of what river or sea they are talking about

King David established Jerusalem as Israel’s capital around 1000BC. The word Jerusalem is found 811 times in 764 Bible verses. It is not found once in The Qur’an. This doesn’t stop the Islamics saying Jerusalem is their third holiest city. Jerusalem is in the eye of the storm – which is now breaking.

Now at least one spoke has been put in Gates' wheel. Italy has become the first country to issue a total ban on Gates' synthetic meat products after numerous studies found the lab-grown fake meat products cause turbo cancers in humans.

Net Zero: How Can We Stop The Madness?We have had so many supportive messages for our new No To Net Zero Campaign! Our current leaders are pressing on with a target of “Net Zero” that is simply unattainable without a spectacular collapse in the economies and societies of the world. How can we stop the madness?

Like all of you, for the last two days I have thought of almost nothing other than Israel and the victims of Hamas’s bloody terrorist campaign. Burned in my brain are the images of the women, children, and elderly who Hamas murdered or took hostage Comment and prayer appeal by by Shelley Neese. President, The Jerusalem Connection

ew Book World War II: The First Culture War The global conflict of WWII, the bloodiest yet in human history, was as much a clash of cultures as it was a clash of arms. Different world visions collided as fiercely as the great armies which encountered each other on the battlefields of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The struggle of ideas was as vicious as the battle on, and below the waves as was the fight in the skies above. Indeed, the culture war and national differences drove the conflict and influenced where, when, why, and even how, the war was fought.

At last another prominent British politician, Dame Andrea Jenkyns MP, has brought some facts and sanity to the so-called “Climate Emergency,” a total myth and part of The Big Green Lie machine- the title of a chapter in the book Cults and Isms: True or False? which Pat and I co-wrote and which is for sale in the web shop on this site.

Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapels and one of my favourite Bible teachers, was passionately against marijuana. He tells of one day after church when he saw some boys, only about 10 or 11, smoking the foul stuff. He said: ‘I looked at these little kids and thought how sad, how tragic, on a Sunday afternoon and these boys have nothing better to do than to get a joint and get loaded. What a waste of life!

We are in Israel on a family visit and it happens to be the Feast of Trumpets*, so we can hear one of the ram’s horn trumpets blow about 8am as we have breakfast on the balcony. A Canadian couple have done us the enormous favour of allowing us the use of their beautiful penthouse apartment just across the street from our family - and they did this before we had met them! What a reward must be awaiting them in heaven! I wish I could put a little video on for readers to see the wonderful view and hear the trumpets, but that is beyond our zero tech ability.

At 77, Trump’s brain, like Biden’s, is fading fast as he just commented that Biden, if elected, could start World War Two. Yes, TWO! ( Story from OK magazine) He added that "We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired, in no condition to lead, and is now in charge of dealing with Russia and possible nuclear war," Trump began about Biden.

June 6 is the anniversary of the Normandy landings, when the Allied Forces crossed the English Channel to confront Nazi Germany head on. So many brave men fighting to keep freedom alive in the world! The mightiest force in history defeated the most evil force in history. Since then the West has enjoyed the greatest prosperity for the common people in all of human history. But that was then…

Discerning readers find our book exposing Cults and Isms invaluable, especially as we let the Bible – God’s Word - destroy the false faiths, including Catholicism and Islam. It is available from the web shop on this site. Pat came up with Tables of Truth letting the Bible clearly show what is wrong with the false religions sending hundreds of millions of people to Hell.

It’s a scandal of gargantuan degree. Some are even calling the cover up of deaths and permanent disabilities in those who have taken the mRNA COVID shots to be the biggest story in the world. AF comments: Much of the Lamestream media is well bribed to keep quiet about vaccine dangers

The ‘deathbed epistle’ is how Dr J. Vernon McGee describes the book of 2 Timothy. It is witten by Paul from a Roman prison to the young pastor he has mentored. Dr. McGee says an ominous cloud hangs over the book – the apostasy, a dark cloud on the horizon then which has broken like a tornado on the world today.

An Ice Age is coming! Remember that fearful prediction from the 1970's? Leonard Nimoy was featured in a documentary in the 70's predicting the coming Ice Age. That prediction was wrong, and many others about global warming also failed to come true. For more details watch the entire episode at: https://creation.com/cml9-01b

This article by Dr Tony Rucinskiof The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) features an interview with Peter Williams, the new Director of Family Education Trust, a pivotal organisation fighting for traditional family values within education. We explore the transformation taking place in our education sector and beyond.....it is shocking and damaging to children.

Everybody ready to go? It can’t be long now until the Lord calls us home. So many signs. Listening to Dr McGee’s Through the Bible this week in the Book of Acts chapter 15 he talks about the program of God, the timeline of history. It talks about God calling people out of the Gentiles and says ‘after this I will return’ verse16 and deal with the Jewish people . Wow. There it is again – He’s coming, folks! Be ready!

Alan writes: I am giving two talks full of pictures of dinosaur evidence and plenty of signs that they lived on earth at the same time as man. Here is the link to these presentations- part two is to come, Your children , brainwashed by evolutionists need to watch this: https://yeshuaspeople.com/tonghamcf/sermon/6-8-23-in-the-beginning-god-created-all-things/

AI is part of the world population reduction plan, now with many tentacles.It was announced in a TED talk featuring two powerful old men, Kissinger and Gates. The banner underneath said :”We must get the world population down to 500 million.” Gates commented that vaccinations could achieve ten to 15 per cent of this.

This article is from Together, a group of concerned and informed people who are fighting the massive onslaught on our important freedoms –like being able to travel and have bank accounts. Beware: What’s left of our freedoms, in the UK and round the world, are fast vanishing. Kick out the rotten politicnas responsible, like London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan

The UK Government and Treasury are planning to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the near future.A centrally-controlled digital currency would be revolutionary: it gives ‘elites’ the opportunity to decide how, when and where we spend our money. In the new world social credit system rapidly being constructed, your money could be ‘switched off’ for any reason, be capped, and even have expiry dates on when you can spend it.

England has had its coronation. Why am I thinking of the prophet Jonah* and his message: ‘Forty days and Nineveh will be overthrown ( destroyed)!’ The King of Nineveh put on sackcloth, sat in ashes, and declared a three day fast of eating and drinking and that everyone should cry to God repenting of their wicked ways and violence. Dare I say that is what we should be doing – not having street parties.

As Britain gets ready to celebrate a coronation event, my thoughts turn to my King. Let me introduce you.

Journal Article: Stop COVID Shots for These Women Now After analyzing reports to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of events most relevant to fertility and reproductive physiology, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is urging a halt to COVID shots being given to all women of reproductive age.

The links below tell the sorry story. So-called Christian institutions are more like Satan's brainwashing centres. Methodist college fires lecturer for tweet lamenting homosexuality's 'invasion of the church' and.... 'I Stand By the Language': Bible College Fires Professor for Tweet Against Sexual Sin

It’s time to fight for freedom from those planning to control our every action, starting with control of residents’ movements in cities round the world with the UK at the forefront. Using the ridiculous lie that clamping down on individual freedom of movement will “save the planet,” councils controlled by extremist greenies are popping up all over the place – in the UK and round the world-are trying to stop their residents from moving further than they can walk for 15 minutes. Any trips outside will be logged and what are deemed excess journeys will bring fines.

The plot to promote the worldwide sexualization of children, sexual orientation, gender identity rubbish and the LGBT agenda, have been erased from the Agreed Conclusions of the 67th UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which took place in New York.

For all those grieving as Britain gears up for the coronation, here is a beautiful coronation anthem, but it is not for the man in Buckingham Palace. It begins: ‘As the nations rage, kingdoms rise and fall; There is still one King reigning over all…’ Read on for the rest. It will thrill your soul. We sang it for the first time at the church we attend in England last Sunday, but I could hardly sing at all for the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes.

The climate is the most complex system on Earth. Is it really possible to project with any precision what it will be like 20, 40, or even 100 years from now? Steve Koonin, former Undersecretary for Science in the Obama Administration, challenges the confident assumptions of climate alarmists.

Alan Franklin comments: As predicted, the COVID shots have now received a permanent liability shield against injury and death.Vast numbers of people round the world injected with these vile non-vaccines will find it hard to get compensation for adverse effects like brain fog, heart attacks, serious menstrual problems -even itching all over the body. To save your health refuse the clot shots.

A day is coming, a day like no other in human history, a day known only to God, when, without any warning at all, millions of people who love the Lord Jesus will suddenly disappear from this earth.

Here’s Why Electric Cars Are Useless: TESLA: Range, on the flat, just over 200 miles in summer. In winter lucky to get 100 miles.T,o suggest, as some ignorant people have, that electric cars ‘emit no CO2’ is absurd because the power stations that charge them do.

People who have been harmed by COVID-19 shots have suffered a range of medical issues — everything from death and permanent disability to pericarditis, nerve damage and overwhelming fatigue. While their symptoms vary, they share several common themes. This film tells the truth - unlike big media.

The next step towards the fast approaching worldwide tyranny is being rolled out in some British cities where you will have your movements restricted outside your own small neighbourhood.

We have been warnng people of the deadly side effects of the Covid "clot shots" since these untested concoctions were unleashed on the world under emergency legislation. That's despite the fact that we know they neither stop you getting Covid or passing it on. Like the ridiculious health threateneing blue masks they are dangerous and needless as there is a simpe Covid cure tried and tested round the world for years and used by many doctors- it is Ivermectin. Now an MP has spoken . This is what he said:

In newly elected Rishi Sunak, we have the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who is a Hindu. He has been pictured worshipping a cow and performing a Hindu ceremony before crossing the threshold of Number 10 Downing Street, historic home of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Please note: My talk has been removed from my home computer although saved in three places. This means the rich and powerful hate it- so please circulate before further attacks are made on us. https://rumble.com/v1u5zfo-the-united-kingdom-is-now-led-by-two-pagans-and-is-increasingly-lawless-by-.htm

Disney are in trouble. Their stock has plummeted and CEO Bob Chapek has been fired. Chapek was one of the main crusaders responsible for Disney's woke agenda and the incorporation of LGBTQ+ ideology across their products. Robert Iger has returned to the helm for another 2 years.

The UK Labour Party is thinking of making all residents get a digital identity, making us like robots under total control. Every movement, purchase and action would be known to Big Brother.

Youths Are Dying at Frightening Rates In a video , nurse educator John Campbell, Ph.D., reviews the latest U.K. and U.S. data on excess deaths in the young. The U.K. is now seeing 20 to 30 excess deaths per week in the age group of birth to 24.Excess deaths are also statistically higher in the U.S. than expected. For the age group of birth to 24, cumulative all-cause excess deaths was 16,747 as of week 35. The screenshot below, from USmortality.com,15 illustrates how the cumulative excess deaths among our children, teens and young adults have skyrocketed since June 2020.

Two writers for an American website have done a great demolition job on the so-called Covid crisis.Here are the links to their superb articles: J.W.Bryan: https://newswithviews.com/on-going-plot-to-reduce-the-global-population/ And the excellent and similarly well informed Devvy Kidd: https://newswithviews.com/prosecute-covid-injections-conspirators-now-number-of-dead-staggering/

Civilization is being “reset” and everything from farming to finance is being transformed by those determined to bring in the New World Order. Dictators ride in on the back of economic chaos, which is now being created via organisations like The World Economic Forum, which sets much of the agenda.

How Eight Mice Decided the Fate of Your Next Mandatory Jab. Alan Franklin comments The COVID jabs have been the deadliest medicine in history, but could the reformulated shots now being rolled out round the world be even worse? They've been tested on just eight mice; now parents are going to be encouraged to give it to their babies. What could possibly go wrong?

This information is from an organisation we trust called “Together” which fights for our fast vanishing freedom. They say:“We were assured by politicians it was being "wound down" and only maintained for international travel“But a new Freedom of Information request suggests it is *still* being developed for domestic use.

The Queen was Supreme Head of The Church of England as well as Head of State. The title of Supreme Head of the church was created in 1531 for King Henry 8th when he moved to sever the Church of England from ties with Rome.These are my thoughts which look at her reign and the coming reign of Charles from a Biblical perspective.

I’ve been banned for speaking the truth-but Rumble stepped in to preserve free speech. Now watch the talk via the link below –it is news Lamestream Media and some big tech ban. by Alan Franklin First, here’s a live link that will take you to my talk:”Fast Forward to the Last of the Last Days.” 'https://rumble.com/v1is88n-its-fast-forward-to-the-last-of-the-last-days-by-alan-franklin.html

Have any of you seen the scientists showing slides of what is purported to be in some of the vaccines? The latest I saw was Shimon Yanowitz. He looked at vax straight out of the vial, after 4 days, and incubated 7 days and 14 days. He said that in some of it he saw particles which then seemed to spawn structures, some straight lines, some spheres, some rectangular, and these organized together and more appeared until it looked like micro circuitry in a chip. His talk was titled: ‘Evidences of self-assembling structures in vaccine.’

At last – the truth starts to emerge. I already knew much of this but big media never mentions a word of it in the west although the Indian press knows. The Gates Foundation provides millions of pounds to major news sources but the truth is already out on sites like Dr. Mercola, and much has already appeared on the Robert F Kennedy Jnr website, on the Frontline Doctors site in the USA and so on.

One of my tasks is to refute some of the ridiculous ideas that are swirling round these End Times- a time of great deception.I was recently sent a Twitter article suggesting Charles might be the coming Man of Sin and that he had “trillions” –presumably pounds-at his disposal. I won’t sign in to nonsense like Twitter so wasn’t able to read the whole thing, but got the drift from what I was sent.

Here's another example of independent science which completely demolishes what is left of the Great Global Warming Swindle. Unfortunately the myth that anything man does can change the temperature is accepted worldwide, without any dissent allowed on the mass media. Put back on our website as it is still highly relevant.

The book of the prophet Isaiah is one of the finest, deepest and most stirring books ever to be written by man. God, through the pen of this poetic linguist, has given insights to men that have inspired hearts and stricken us with longing for more than 2.5 millennia. Here our daughter Annie reveals its depth and significance.

1 Cor 2:15 He that is spiritual judges all things. I was in a Christian bookshop recently in Tennessee and the owner introduced himself and asked if I liked his shop. I pointed to a large section labelled ‘The Emerging Church’ and said I did not like that section at all because the teaching there was leading people into Catholic idolatry. The man’s demeanor changed from being friendly to being slightly hostile. He said I should not be judging, or I would be judged. This scripture from Matthew 7 is often used to shut people up and to stop them examining false teaching.

This factual comment is the true story of Israel's latest battle to defend its citizens, Arabs and Jews alike, for all citizens are equal in the only democracy in the Middle East. This is the truth you won't hear on The Biased Broadcasting Corporation and the rest of the Lamestream Media who give out carefully crafted versions of events that relflect their biases.

What passes for the media in the world today is covering up the deadly side effects of the Covid so-called “vaccinations.” The press is now the suppress. It makes me ashamed to have spent all my working life in it- but I always tried to report the whole story. We had an unfashionable word for it – “truth.”

Bill Gates, the man with zero qualifications who has been proclaimed in some media as “the world’s most influential doctor” is one of the mega-rich elite bent on changing the world’s diet so we are being urged to eat weird, unnatural foods like insect burgers instead of real meat. Gates, who is behind much that is happening in the world, was on a business TV channel recently promoting insect burgers and other “beyond meat” products.

A young man asked me how Christians could campaign. There are many ways we can influence society and bring some light to a dark world - the light of the Lord. This is my e-mail response to him, which is worth bringing to a wider audience. His original question is at the end. AF.

Surprise, surprise. Science has once again validated the Bible. DNA from 69 ancient skeletons reveals that 4500 years ago there was ‘massive migration’ into Europe, bringing the Indo European languages – all coming from the East. Well, well, well. Anyone who believes that Genesis is literal history could have told you that!

Our friend was pressured to get vaccinated. This was the terrible result, one story out of hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions and deaths round the world –the ones Lamestream Media hides from you. These are her own, unedited words.

Yikes. War in Heaven! What a subject to wake up to. This morning I was listening to Dr J Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible, and he was on the Book of Revelation, Chap 12. We were introduced to the Woman with the sun, the moon, and 12 stars. Of course this is Israel, not the virgin Mary or the European Union. Then comes the red dragon, Satan, waiting for the Woman to give birth to the Man-child (Jesus Christ). Then comes the war in Heaven -- the Archangel Michael with his angels, fighting with the dragon and his (fallen) angels

The latest official figures from the UK Health Security Agency show that triple vaccinated people aged 30-70 have now lost at least 70% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of unvaccinated people. Their immune systems are deteriorating between 10 and 30% per week on average, with the deterioration much larger and quicker among the younger age groups.

Alan Franklin comments: Every day we are distressed by pictures of Nazi-style Russian war criminals shooting at fleeing Ukrainian families, targeting medical centres and children's hospital wards and kidnapping many thousand of women and children and bussing them to a terrible fate in Russia, where they will be dispersed throughout this vast country. But we can do simple things to help stop this- by boycotts.

Alan Franklin writes: Ukraine now, soon to be followed by Israel? We know how the story ends. Gog (Russia’s leader) meets the power of God and that is the end of him, his army and those of the most powerful Islamic nations . By Alan Franklin. Russia is doomed! Almighty God Himself will destroy their armed forces and much of their nation when they follow their wicked onslaught on Ukraine by leading an attack on Israel, God’s special land on earth.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reflects the severe decline of America’s superpower status, Arab journalists say.In response to the war launched by Russia in Ukraine, Arab journalists slammed the U.S. and Europe for “abandoning this country to its fate” instead of coming to its aid. This conduct, they said, proves that the U.S. and Europe cannot be counted upon to defend their allies with military force in their hour of need.

The so-called vaccines- you know, the dangerous jabs which don't stop you getting or passing on Covid - are giving supposedly democratic governments the green light to turn into tyrannies with some police acting more like The Gestapo as their governments impose huge restrictions on most human life, all brought in by dictat on the excuse that this is "an emergency." Their actions have certainly turned it into one, writes Alan Franklin

‘In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth.’ Genesis 1:1 That is the flat truth. But ‘How the Universe Works’ is back in the TV listings, and I watched a bit of it last night, because I love to find out more about God’s wondrous creation. Of course God was completely left out. It is a godless series. There is no hope in it whatsoever. No wonder some young people turn to suicide. If anyone thinking like that is reading this, please go to www.creation.com and find out the truth about God’s marvelous creation.

So-called Democratic governments around the world, from Canada to Israel to the UK, have grabbed all the levers of power to allegedly cope with the Scamdemic –one of the deadliest hoaxes in history. Here is a link to some of my filmed messages to our local fellowship -they explain in great detail what is happening:: :https://yeshuaspeople.com/tonghamcf/church-sermons/alan_franklin/

If we scrapped all the so-called “green” claptrap and allowed oil and gas companies to get on with what they know best – supplying oil and gas from wells -there would be lower UK price hikes, no shortages and no need for more money to be thrown around, building up our debt pile to dangerous proportions.

Those of us battling to get the truth out about vaccine dangers and government by decree are having success- so be cheered. This article is from a group of freedom lovers called Together. Here are hints on how to campaign.

Sorry, folks, more bad news. Someone sent me a Telegram posting . It shows a man who claims to work at an Irish hospital, talking about the announcement of the next alleged virus, Marburg, and the toxic vaccine which may have already been produced. He claims the new vaccine contains the deadly poison ricin.

In January 2020 we came back from visiting our family in Israel, never suspecting that the world would be locked down and we would not be allowed to see them again for two years and counting. We sat next to a very sick man on the plane home, and a week or so later, we both came down with a miserable illness which hung around for a few weeks. I am pretty sure it was Covid 19.

Israel is the world's most vaccinated ountry and the Prime Minister, Naftala Bennett, has been obnoxious enough to call those with the sense to refuse the deadly clot shots "worse than war criminals." Now his Finance Minister disagrees, saying that he wants to get rid of the restrictions like the Green Pass to get into stores, cafes etc due to the harm being done to society in many ways.

Japan is now one of many countries accepting the utter folly of treating a jumped-up flu as if it were The Black Death.I just saw this in an Australian news review: "Japan Drops All Vaccine Mandates, Places Myocarditis warning on Label..."AF

Bombshell Admission — The COVID Tests Don’t Work Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now admits the PCR test can remain positive for up to 12 weeks after infection. For this reason, they say most people don’t need to retest negative before ending their quarantine The CDC also admits the PCR cannot identify active infection or measure contagiousness.

According to Collette Martin, a practicing nurse who testified before a Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee hearing on December 6, 2021, children are having “terrifying” reactions to the COVID shot, yet her concerns are simply dismissed.Check out this story on Mercola.com: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/01/07/child-mortality-covid-shot.aspx?cid_medium

Professor Christian Perronne, a French infectious disease expert, long-time vaccine policy chief and former vice president of the World Health Organization’s European Advisory Group, issued this warning. “Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants ... It’s been proven in different countries, so vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and should be isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others.

People think that only a minority of people suffer adverse effects from the vaccine. This new research means that everyone will eventually have adverse effects, because the spike proteins released into people's bodies will bind to the ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body. Put simply, the vaccines are damaging the bodies of all who arre unwise enough to trust the propaganda machine urging people to get"jabbed."

Back to the bad old days of 2020… The devil unleashed… “At what point do we say enough is enough?”… These are headlines from a business newsletter I read daily: Daily Reckoning dr@email.dailyreckoning.com

A major global Jewish group has listed the BBC third on its annual “Global Antisemitism Top Ten List,” prompting a flustered response from the publicly-funded British broadcaster. Yes, all of us who watch TV in the UK have to fund this disgusting, utterly biased so-called news and broadcasting organisation. The only groups more biased and hateful were, predictably, Iran and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The good news from gloomy UK – my friend phoned on Christmas Eve to tell me that she had given out 150 copies of John’s gospel in the street in her town in three days!

Symptoms of Omicrom are generally described as those of a mild cold. But you can expect governments and ignorant commentators to dial up the fear and demand that those of us well aware of the devastating side effects of the “jabs” put our lives at risk by taking a clot shot.

This is a letter sent to our MP by a neighbour of ours to let him know many of us strongly disapprove of his sheeplike agreement with the UK Government's idiotic and nation-destroying lockdowns and restrictions- all utterly useless. Please follow suit to compaign for truth and freedom -Alan Franklin.

One of the sources of good information on the deadly effects of so-called "vaccines" is the Dr. Mercola website.His articles don’t stay up for long but this one, which just came in, is full of the truth about how athletes round the world are having heart attacks and other serious side effects shortly after taking the “vaccine.”

No one seems to mind getting heart trouble from the vax - it doesn't seem to stop most people turning up for their jabs. But have you noticed some vaccinated people looking older when you meet them several months later? This shocking potential side effect was brought to our attention by a friend who works in a large business.

A Christian man in the UK had a vision of Petersfield Lake, a large lake in Petersfield, Hampshire, and it was filled with blood, not water. And out of the lake came little arms with fists clenched, sticking out all over the lake. Then he said he was lifted up and saw lots of other lakes with little arms sticking up with clenched fists, the whole of the UK.

Vaccination does not block anyone from acquiring the Covid virus nor does vaccination stop you from spreading it. So those with the sense to forgo these deadly non vaccines, which fail to work on all levels, are not a greater risk to anyone than the “vaccinated.” Anyway, the recovery rate for people with Covid is around 99.80 per cent

Israeli Doctor: Pfizer Vaccine Didn’t Stop 4th Corona Wave. Vaccines are not working in the world’s most vaccinated nation! And the “Green Passport” is effectively useless for preventing transmission since vaccinated people are being infected. Report from Israel Today, November 1,2021

What is not reported in all the biased reporting about the so-called vaccines is that 70 per cent of Covid 19 deaths are among the vaccinated population and in the USA, UK and EU there have been 40,289 deaths reported from vaccines as well as several million "adverse events."The UK reported figure- far from the whole story- was 1,651 deaths from the vaccines up to September 30.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a speech reported in the” DailyWire.com that PC or ”woke” ideology is causing societal ills throughout the Western world, and is no different to what happened in Russia during the 1917 revolution.

The iron fist of the 17th century Church of England is exposed in William Federer’s article on the Star Chamber. The evil Anglican archbishop William Laud hated the Puritans. He had pastors’ ears cut off, and printers and writers mercilessly flogged, mutilated and imprisoned. Of course this is hidden history. Nice modern Anglicans know nothing of all this! Just as nice modern Catholics know nothing of Rome’s black-hearted history of torture and murder.

As wave after wave of evil washes through our world, most pulpits are silent. Why? The explanation is really very simple. Fear. Our pastors, as our politicians, professors, scientists, journalists, leaders in every field fear for their jobs, their positions, their pensions. Truth is dangerous to them. We are living in the era when evil is called good and good evil – and so many leaders say nothing.

My talks are illustrated with Powerpoint slides and are easy to follow. This is a link to my talks but you could look at all our speakers- links below.

The Covid Scamdemic is one of history's deadliest hoaxes and vaccines are killing millions and wrecking lives. Measures taken ostensibly to conrol a so-called pandemic are destroying businesses, families and children's education, pushing up the suicide and divorce rates and having a destructive effect throughout society. The hard facts of the effects of these experimental drugs are piling up in many nations. This is not revealed by the bought and paid for main media which is more akin to Pravda in the days of Stalin than the free press we once had.We will get the truth out while we still able to, as freedom has now almost vanished.

A Detroit television station that asked for stories of unvaxxed people dying from Covid didn’t get the reply their big media bosses wanted. Instead over 180,000 people responded to tell of those injured and killed by the deadly vaccines. Here’s the link: https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/local-detroit-tv-asks-for-stories-of-unvaxxed-dying-from-covid-gets-over-180k-responses-of-vaccine-injured-and-dead-instead/

So, why is mainstream media not investigating this and the fact that vaccines are causing tens of thousands of deaths in EU countries alone? The figures, not counting the UK, are: until 3rd September 23,252 Deaths and 2,189,537 Injured Following COVID Shots Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions.

Our daughter Annie, living in Galilee, has written this disturbing article about the vicious pressure being put on those with the information and wisdom to refuse the deadly so-called vaccines. She suggests they all be allowed to build a new city in the Negev desert, to escape what amounts to Nazi-style propaganda and restrictions. Alan Franklin- please circulate this article widely round the world. The Scamdemic tyranny is on its way to you next....

If you ever wondered why our so-called “media” never utters a critical word about the carnage being created by the so-called “vaccines” it could just be the fact that Bill Gates and his Foundation sponsor big chunks of it, from the BBC –already The Biased Broadcasting Corporation, and The Guardian even to more right wing outlets.

Are we really in the last days? Here are my (Pat's) notes on a short teaching by Dr. J. Vernon McGee, never more relavant than right now.

Bring on the third jab! That is what Israel is doing. They have declared now that Jab 1 and Jab 2 don’t count any more. A 2 jab person is considered unvaccinated now. Only Jab 3 counts on your Green Passport, the magic mark which allows you to carry on with some kind of life. Our Israeli grandchildren were turned away from the community swimming pool this week because they have no Green Passport, no jab at all. They are also banned from the library and will be homeschooled as of September. Israel’s government has gone mad, declaring that unvaccinated people are like terrorists with machine guns.

What do you say to someone who is dying and does not know the Lord Jesus? A lady asked this as our little Bible study group was just about to break up and go home. The Bibles immediately came out again and here are a few suggestions.

Vaccines are killing many thousands of people and have “adversely affected at least hundreds of thousands of others. These facts, censored by the pathetic and utterly untrustworthy main media and big tech platforms, are commented on by Brian Maher, Managing Editor of The Daily Reckoning, which is basically a business news briefing website which I read daily.

Aug 6, 2021, and this morning I watched a dynamite half hour of Dr Chris Martenson talking about Ivermectin, the Nobel winning anti viral, anti parasitic medicine which has been proven to both prevent and cure Covid. Yes, prevents you getting it and cures you if you do get it. It even cures the so-called long haulers! Later in the day I went to look it up to show Alan. Surprise, surprise, it’s gone!

I could hardly believe my ears. Pat Robertson*, probably the best known Christian in America, popped up on my phone doing a question and answer session and someone had asked about dinosaurs. He smiled and said of course there was no mention of them in the Bible. Whhaat? He doesn't even know that? Dear reader, please open to the two chapters describing dinosaurs in great detail, the book of Job chapters 40 and 41.

Former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, Dr. Mike Yeadon, says:“There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines.”

Mass news media tends to repeat propaganda and avoid unwelcome truths. For example, in some of many talks by Bill Gates that I have watched, he speaks of the need for a world vaccination certificate and also how vaccinations could help reduce the world population....

Do you know what a menorah is? When I mentioned the word, someone had never heard it before, so here we go! It is one of my favorite things – the seven-branched candlestick designed by God Himself, and He even gave two men the skill to make the first menorah.

What is the truth about the so-called vaccines? Are they a means of culling hundreds of millions of people? Click on the linkS below to see well informed comment.

Here is a project for the weekend – make yourself a Passport to Heaven. This little passport, a card folded in half to make 4 pages, is the best witnessing tool I have ever found. I’ve lost track of the number of people in lockdown who have accepted one of these, with many of them thanking me profusely.

President Biden, do they still teach history in America? Here is what he said at the NATO Summit in Brussels on Monday, June 14,2021, broadcast on BBC’s Newsnight: ‘I constantly remind Americans that when America was attacked for the first time in its ( words not discernible, sounded like ‘shore sense’) what happened back uh in the beginning of World War II, NATO stepped up.’ Oh did it? How odd, when it was not formed until five years later, after the war was over.

So the G7 leaders have descended on dear little St Ives in Cornwall. Why pick on this tiny, quaint little fishing/tourist village on the southwest tip of England? Why choose this place with very little parking and some streets just a few feet wide?

On the one hand – Ivermectin, a safe, harmless, cheap cure (and also preventative) for Covid. On the other hand - experimental vaccines containing a protein spike which is said by some experts to be toxic, to collect in breast milk, ovaries, adrenals etc, and even cross the blood/brain barrier to get into your brain. Pass the Ivermectin, please.

Panacur (Fenbendazole) – a de-wormer for dogs and cats – has been found to cure advanced lung cancer, according to a Youtube site called Veterinary Secrets. It costs about $5.

A Texas state senate committee hearing reveals some shocking truths about Covid, the vaccines and simple, safe cures which have been sidelined. Texas Senate Bill 1669 would prohibit vaccines being mandated and people being thrown out of their jobs or schools if they could not prove that they had been vaccinated. Before you take the jab, please read.

A Church of England (Anglican) lady bishop popped up on my (Pat's) phone. Here is a comment for her: ‘A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife…’ 2 Timothy 3:2. Maybe she didn’t get that far in her reading yet.

Guess what, in the midst of an alleged “pandemic”, deaths in Israel in 2020 were about the same as in 2019. Lockdowns were not needed and there are cures for Covid which are being kept from much of the world. The real story is revealed here after detailed research by Annie Nissim, our daughter who lives with her family in Galilee.

A vast number of the world’s citizens have given up their freedom, obeyed like sheep when told they cannot meet people, travel, hug or see their grandchildren and generally been forced to behave as though we are in a crisis so severe that most of our former rights can be taken away by dictat. Rights have to be defended and fought for or governments snatch them away. But we have become “We The Sheeple.”

Are you down in the dumps? If you’re a Christian, do you feel dry and dull, and like you’ve lost your first love ? I did, and I asked the Lord to help me get back, and He has! This is the antidote for depression and it will work for you! Someone at church handed me a book yesterday for junior school kids and I read it when I got home. It re-awakened such a love for Jesus in my heart, more than a hundred sermons could do! The book is ‘The Victor’ by Patricia St. John.

Do modern children know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? It is really quite scary, far too scary for little ears in my opinion. “Fee, fie, foe, fum; I smell the blood of an Englishman; be he alive or be he dead, I’ll break his bones to make my bread!” Yikes! Get me outa here! A cannibalistic giant! Yet, there really were such monstrous creatures on the earth. The Bible tells us of them: “There were giants in the land...” And yes, it is scarier than the fairytale.

This is the story of a man who struck a bargain with Satan, the bargain of his life - and it was nearly the bargain of his death! Steve Avery offered the use of his right arm in return for £25,000. He lived to regret his bargain, but Satan got the use of his arm.

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill. Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. For a man obsessed with monopoly control, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible.02/04/2021 By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The ongoing war against the Jews is a fairly obvious fact of life. Every day, the citizens of the Jewish homeland defend themselves against armies of terrorists whose maps spell out the goal they have in mind: a Middle East without Israel. In Europe, Jewish populations increasingly find themselves targeted by people who share that goal. And I fear that our foreign policy about two state solutions only emboldens these extremists.

Lots of people are scared of Islam. They needn't be. Islam will shortly be removed as a force in the world. How do I know? From Bible prophecy on the fate of the Arab nations around Israel - see Psalm 83 for starters. I gave a talk on this at our church, called "What in the world is going on?" As we move into a new year, watch Iran, Russia and Israel. ALAN FRANKLIN

One of the most inspiring lessons we did at Sunday School was on the New Jerusalem, the golden city. Wow does not begin to describe that city! You will find the golden city in the Book of Revelation chapter 21. I told the kids we would make the golden city, and they were so excited to join in our project.

Expect propaganda from your TV news, not true reporting. The world's main media is so utterly biased that Stalin and Goebbels could not have slanted the agenda more. Alan Franklin, who freelanced for every major newspaper and lots of radio and TV stations in Great Britain, looks at some uncomfortable truths.

Someone who bought our latest book, 'Cults and Isms: True or False?' just told the bookseller it was : "The best book I have read on such a subject." Here's another e-mail comment: "I gave one to the leader of the Calvary Chapel in Portsmouth and a copy to our friends and we have a copy too. We like the way it compares everything across to the word of God. " With threats to free speech looming from many directions, now is a good time to buy our books and spread them around your friends. Political correctness is being used to clamp down on inconvenient facts, so you need to know Biblical truth!

Don’t burn the Koran – just tell the world what is IN IT! Copy out our ‘Table of Truth: Islam versus the Bible’ (on this page top left) and send it to pastors, politicians, educators, judges, anyone you can think of, so that their eyes are opened.

This Sunday message, delivered at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship, aims to show the importance of taking the Word of God seriously - from Genesis to Revelation. If you start leaving out chunks of the Bible you don't accept, the whole narrative rapidly becomes a nonsense. That's why the demolition of Darwinism is vital. This message aims to provide some of the ammunition. ALAN FRANKLIN

“See you later!” These words were spoken by the lady next to me as we filed past a coffin containing the body of Vera Crofts. Vera was not really in that coffin. The lady next to me knew exactly where Vera was, and that there would be a reunion.

‘Ancient aliens’ and ‘extraterrestrials’ (ETs), with their ugly grey faces and goggle eyes, are infesting the TV airwaves lately, and in this article I am going to tell the truth about them – who they are, where they came from, and what they are doing here on earth. I’m sorry to have to say that they really are here. I wish they weren’t, but they’ve been here a long time, and they have a specific goal. They are not what you might think, and it is time we knew the truth. Much of this will sound preposterous, but it is true.

Does God need our permission before He can do anything? And did Jesus tell us to go out and take dominion over the earth? Our son-in-law in Israel, Michael Nissim, pastor of a small Christian fellowship in the Galilee region, has produced a new short film exposing some of these teachings spreading among the Israeli congregations. His film was banned by one site when he tried to upload it, and when he tried to post a comment, that too was banned. But you can watch his film now on Youtube. Hopefully it will not suddenly disappear! Here is the link: https://youtu.be/HHDtLJJKtiM

Greetings to all our readers round the world! We especially welcome the growing number of readers in China, the world’s most populous nation. Pat and I will always try to give you accurate information about events of interest in these End Times - times of great prophetic significance. We have one advantage: we are no longer employed by major media groups and are free to say whatever we think is true and relevant. Therefore, our only “agenda” is to tell the truth, a wonderful freedom for us.

There is a teaching going around that it is bad to give an altar call and that it is wrong, and even evil, to ask people to make a decision to accept the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. I put this to Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, the Jewish Bible teacher. He responded with scripture, saying: “Choose this day whom you will serve!” Indeed. (Here we also look again at the hideous heritage of the monster called Calvin- AF)

We had a day out, visiting Charles Darwin's house in Kent, nestled deep in the English countryside and reached via miles of narrow, winding lanes. I found myself wishing the lanes had evolved a bit more, particularly the ones just wide enough for one car, but carrying traffic in both directions. Scary!

We are putting this astonishing, frightening testimony on our website today, hoping that many people will read it, copy and print it out, show it to their families, friends, pastors – anyone who is willing to take the time to read it. It is the story of an ordinary English couple, John and Carol Cockerill, and they have given us permission to use it. Just like Alan and myself (Pat), the Cockerills were fascinated by the Ouija “game”. The horror that engulfed their lives nearly destroyed them, but there was a way out… We have a chapter on psychics and spiritism in our book, Cults and Isms: True or False?

Hello dear friends! We (Alan and Pat Franklin) want to call your attention to our Table of Truth feature on the top left of this website. Table of Truth II features Islam versus the Bible, and we encourage you to print copies out to give away so that people will have the facts. Feel free to copy and email it, as long as this website is mentioned. We also have an improved ‘Print’ feature so that you when you print off our articles they will now fill the whole page of the paper. All our Tables of Truth appear in Cults And Isms; True Or False? which you can buy from our webshop.

I have seen idiot ideas come and go, like the conviction that something called "The Millennial Bug" was going to crash the world's computers. I wrote a newspaper editorial on the eve of 2000 saying the only bugs were in our garden... But the ridiculous nonsense of "Global Warming" - now renamed "Climate Change" which covers all bases - grows ever more menacing, especially to freedom as governments roll out ever more restrictive legislation. We write about it in our book, Cults and Isms, True or False? For greenism is the new religion, or part of it.

Here we are at 2021 and the blessed hope, the hope of rescue from this troubled world, is looming larger now. The blessed hope revealed in the Bible is the promise of the Lord Jesus returning in the air to snatch believers up to Himself, to meet the Lord in the air and to be forever with Him. In fact that hope is now the only hope, dear friends, as the four dreadful horsemen of the Book of Revelation get ready to ride.

"thefreepressonline.co.uk" the web newspaper of journalists Alan and Pat Franklin, has its home base in Hampshire, England. I (Alan) am a British newspaperman who for 21 years edited a paper in England. My American wife Pat worked as a writer and sub-editor. Our collaborative books are full of timely warnings why the world is heading for financial, moral and spiritual meltdown. Our latest book is "Cults and Isms: True or False," which exposes the false faiths.

A new Christian school is opening in the Dudley area of The West Midlands, in Gornal, in September of 2021. The King Alfred School represents the re-birth of classical Christian education in Great Britain. This great news comes from Mark Koscak, Development Director for Providence Academy, a classical Christian school in Johnson City, Tennessee. Mark is also very active as a mentor and a consultant.

Why on earth do we need a vaccine when Covid has at least three quick cures? The first I heard of was revealed by doctors in Dallas – asthma medicine delivered via nebulizer plus an antibiotic. The next cure was chloroquine plus an antibiotic plus zinc (New York , Dr Zev Zelenko). The third cheap, quick cure comes from Dr Borody in Australia – Ivermectin plus an antibiotic plus zinc. Please click on the links and send them to your contacts and especially to any politician.

Dear friends, I am getting my next Sunday School lesson ready and it is from the heart of the Lord Jesus. It is ‘The Narrow Way’. It is a hard way; it involves pain and rejection. If you have believed the prosperity preachers, you are probably not on that narrow way. Please read on.

A dozen of my carefully researched Powerpoint presentations on what in the world is going on – and the reasons why - are available on our home church website. Here is the link: https://yeshuaspeople.com/tonghamcf/church-sermons/alan_franklin/ No, we are never going back to what we liked to think was “normal.” The world has changed and further changes are fast coming.

One week when it was my turn to do Sunday School, the Lord gave me the idea to do The Narrow Way (Matthew 7) with the children. I hope some of you might find this worth doing with your kids! My artistic talent is somewhere in the zero minus range, but oddly enough, the Lord always gives me some art or craft stuff to do, and the children really get stuck in. So here it is, The Narrow Way.

It is amazing how gullible Christians wax lyrical over something called The Alpha Course, the Christianity-lite, judgment-less parody of Scripture. Alpha fails in every respect, from its claims to be teaching thousands about Jesus Christ to the idea that somehow it has revitalized the moldering carcass that is the Anglican so-called "church" a Laodicean mess if ever there was one. The biggest, most disgusting failure lies in its warm embrace of the Catholic whore church, which has a whole team of false teachers promoting Alpha.

The virgin Mary, that sweet Jewish girl in that miserable dirty village, did not hesitate to accept the honour of being the mother of the Son of God. Two thousand years later, men are still sneering at her! The latest jibe was in the London Times, a paper I happened to pick up and read for the first time in years this week. Here is my letter to the Editor and to the writer.

The Bible tells us that as we move into the end times the whole world will move against Israel in a bid to wrest Jerusalem from the Jews. What you are seeing right now is Bible prophecy coming true in the news headlines. There is no rational reason to hate Jews: it is entirely supernatural in origin, as Satan is vain enough to think that by persuading the gullible to kill all Jews - as Islam demands – he can prevent the second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ, a key element of scripture almost totally neglected in today’s churches.

Do many Mormons really wear magic underwear? Why do most Jehovah’s Witnesses never take communion? Why do Seventh Day Adventists think that Sunday worship is the Mark of the Beast? Why does Islam teach that the only sure way to Heaven is to kill Jews and Christians? Why do Catholics never learn that Jesus clearly forbade the worship of His mother? Why do freemasons think they will be at the Great White Throne, when it is the judgement of the damned? You will learn the truth about all this and much, much more in our book, 'Cults and Isms: True or False?' This is a cults book with a difference, with eight color pages of pictures and our personal experiences of New Age/psychic activities - and why you should avoid them like the plague!

Ali Sina is an Iranian ex-Muslim. In his latest book he posits that Muhammad was a narcissist, a paedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter. Sina has offered 50,000 dollars for the one who can prove otherwise. Nobody has claimed the reward as yet. And no wonder, as the description is based on the Islamic texts themselves, such as the hadiths, the descriptions of Muhammad’s life from testimonies of contemporaries.

As a mother I have discovered something few people seem to know today. My baby boy grew up to be a man and my baby girl grew up to be a woman. When I looked into the science behind this, I found that every baby boy is born with an XY gene and it is the Y that makes him male. Every baby girl is born with an XX gene and this makes her female. Oh. That’s not too hard, is it? Those genes happen to be in virtually every cell of their bodies! Through and through, from the hair on their heads to the toes on their feet, they are either XY boy or XX girl.

Here's a snippet of Tony's last written words:“And so my time to depart draws near, as the doctors have informed me that the cancers invading my body are inoperable and incurable, unless my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ decides otherwise! Looking back over my life, I cringe with embarrassment." So how could this remarkable man be so at peace as he waited for death in a hospice? Because he knew where he was going, unlike most people who sadly die in a state of fear and worry.

Getting a passport is the great goal of many people, whether American, British, Israeli etc. It changes people’s lives; they can relax at last, and know they have a homeland, a safe haven. They belong, and will not be kicked out. There is a much better passport on offer today and it is completely free to anyone who applies. This passport makes you a citizen of Heaven even while you’re alive, and an ambassador for Jesus on the earth! The only snag is the time limit on the offer. Don’t miss the deadline!

There is so much pseudo spiritual trash on religious TV and in churches generally, but at the church we attend in England we usually have a spiritual feast. Here is one, a teaching on the return of the Lord Jesus. The guest preacher was Don Hender from Bournemouth.

Why is God, the Father of our Lord Jesus, allowing believers to still be* here, going through one lockdown after another?

As everything good is crumbling around us, there is a way through all this. Not many will find it, because the way in is narrow, tight, but there is still time to squeeze in.

Pat and I have been journalists and authors for about 50 years, and started reporting when the world was relatively sane, but already on the dizzying descent to today's shambles. This was in the 60s, when the spiritual mood changed. We usually only watch old films, as the modern ones are often vile, loaded with sexual content, blasphemy and the occult. You can tell from the soundtrack music that around 1962 the tone changed. The mood music was different, the content coarser. Now this music has risen to a crescendo.

The disaster of the American election, which puts a squad of anti-Israel, anti freedom, pro globalist Democrats into office, could well mean the end of the USA as the world’s leading nation. This appalling outcome was brought about in large measure by the voters being constantly misinformed by the media, from TV news to the big tech companies: Jeff Bezos of Amazon owns The Washington Post and sent fulsome praise to Biden on his “win.”

ALAN writes: Many years ago, when I was a New Ager, living and working with people trying to usher in the Age of Aquarius, they were very attracted to UFOs. Some thought that aliens would come to earth to give us their secret knowledge and save us from destruction. Later, as a reporter, I spent years investigating alien spacecraft reports, some credible, some ridiculous. Now, as we approach the time of the rapture, occultists and other enemies of Jesus will soon be faced with having to explain the disappearance of millions of born again Christians. What better explanation than alien abduction?

Images of a smiling 17-week-old unborn baby have been captured in its mother’s womb in Britain, by the same doctor who pioneered 4D imaging scanning technology. In Great Britain, babies can be killed before birth up to the age of 24 weeks.

Do you take the knee? I most certainly do. Since I hardly ever watch television news, and never watch sport, I didn’t know what ‘take the knee’ meant, and asked Alan . Oh, I see. Well, some groups may try to hijack this gesture, but I am not going to stop taking the knee for Jesus. And the day is coming when EVERY knee will genuflect to Him.

Today I read that the UK Government is planning yet another series of panic reactions to the alleged Covid crisis. This is because our leaders worldwide are not being given the full facts. A number of doctors including a professor say there are already simple, proven cures for CV with existing medicines which also work as a a preventative. Gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody says Ivermectin used in conjunction with two other drugs is making it look like “corona is very simple to kill”.

Well, aren’t we clever? Today, Sept 17, 2020, the government of not Great Britain brought in severe restrictions covering the northeast of England. So caring and careful! Otherwise those people up there have a one in 1,000 chance of getting the virus, which, if they did, most would recover from (if they even noticed that they had it). And if they did get it, there is a 100 percent quick and cheap cure I just heard of - Ivermectin plus an antibiotic plus zinc. Or the first discovered cure, chloroquine, or both together. With no side effects.* Never mind all this – new regulations and bring on a curfew.

Why did Pat and I spend months researching and writing our latest book on Cults and Isms? Here’s why: in response to readers’ requests, like this one from a street evangelist: The reason I'm contacting you is to say how helpful the tables of truth are and to see if you can produce a couple more. I do a lot of street evangelism and constantly come into contact with Muslims and Catholics, but also Jehovas Witnesses and Mormons. My question is, can you produce tables of truth for the latter two? I know it is cheeky and maybe I should do it myself but I think you would do a better job!

For decades I have been expecting the final breakdown of the nations, a world crisis and the creation of a New World Order, with one government and one leader, the man who will become Antichrist. Could the Mark of The Beast of Revelation chapter 13, without which no one can buy or sell, in fact be a virus vaccine which is also a tracking device and more?

Here’s an interesting fact for the deluded folk who think “climate change” is anything to do with man. The biggest donor to the absurdly named “Extinction Rebellion” is a billionaire who has a £630 million stake in Heathrow Airport, among other airport interests..

A magazine I worked for when I was in my 20s sent me to interview a so-called "healer" and spiritual guru. This is a link to a brief film clip I recorded with my son-in-law Michael.

The scientist whose past predictions have proved wide of the mark is said to have prompted the current shutdown of the UK . He once said up to 150,000 people could die from BSE- Mad Cow Disease. The number of deaths to date has been fewer than 200.

Pat and I wrote our book exposing the cults and false faiths deceiving the world because we couldn’t find a good cults expose book to recommend. As young Christians we found J. Oswald Chambers’ 1969 book on the subject invaluable, but it became difficult to find and in need of updating. So we started from the beginning, did our own research – and that’s how our Cults and Isms book came into being. It was not a labor of love, but we felt it was necessary.

A reader who read our friend Colin’s article on what happens after we die thought we had tied ourselves in knots about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, which we think is the true Scriptural position. No, not so. To clear up any confusion, here is the reader’s question and Colin’s reply.

Have you seen the interview with Dr Richard Bartlett? He seems to have found a cheap, readily available cure for the Covid virus. Yay! It is asthma medication delivered in a nebulizer, and recovery seems to be very quick, with no lingering weakness or lung damage. The interesting thing is that I think both Alan and I may have had the virus after a flight in early January, and the medicine Dr Bartlett is recommending sounds like the very medication which helped me.

The perilous times at the end of the age was the subject and the speaker for our telephone lockdown service of Tongham Christian Fellowship*, July 5, 2020, was Colin Le Noury, head of the Prophetic Witness Movement International based in England.

One of the greatest men in America has died, Dr Edward Blick. I have only just found out because, going through some old notebooks, I came across notes of a talk given by Dr Blick at a conference in Oklahoma City years ago. When I googled his name, I found out that on April 9, 2020, he went to his no doubt enormous reward, and I know this is true because he loved the Lord Jesus and was a faithful witness to the truth all of his adult life.

Our telephone lockdown service on June 28, 2020, concentrated on prayers of repentance for the monumental sins of the British nation and focused on the ‘rod of iron’ which the Lord Jesus will apply when He returns to earth to rule the planet for 1,000 years.

In this awful time, the subject of our telephone lockdown service this week was the comfort of God which He abundantly supplies for us in every situation. (Tongham Christian Fellowship, Tongham, Surrey, England, lockdown service June 21, 2020)

As wild, reckless people protested on streets round the world, our small church, 45 miles from London, got on the phones as usual to remember the Lord Jesus on Sunday morning. How lovely and peaceful it was to spend an hour praying, looking at scripture and learning and getting closer to God while elsewhere the world was going mad. (Tongham Christian Fellowship, Tongham, Surrey, England, lockdown service, Sunday, June14, 2020)

The sins of this nation loomed large in our telephone lockdown service today, Pentecost 2020, and several speakers ticked those sins off, one by one – abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, pornography, on and on - and stated that this is our last chance to repent and turn to God, accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

Meet Patrick Woods. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will certainly meet Patrick one day, for he went to be with the Lord a few years ago.

Is Covid 19 God’s judgement on the world? Our church's lockdown telephone service for May 17, 2020, started with this question.

President Trump featured in our lockdown Sunday church service today in England.

Earth is the bull’s eye of the universe! We are the center of the target. And have you noticed how many big rocks have zipped right past us lately? It seems like hardly a week goes by without some big ugly asteroid flying by. Today, April 29, 2020, Big Ugly was a mile long rock missing us by a few million miles. So what? Well actually God is going to lob two big rocks at us, and a whole bunch of smaller ones, and He won’t miss!

Surprise, surprise. Science has once again validated the Bible. DNA from 69 ancient skeletons reveals that 4500 years ago there was ‘massive migration’ into Europe from the East, bringing the Indo European languages – all coming from the East. Well, well, well. Anyone who believes that Genesis is literal history could have told you that!

I feel sick. Last night I watched the news showing millions of the most privileged women in all of human history out on the streets marching. Had they seen the light and were they now demanding that we stop killing unborn babies? No, the pro-life women were not welcome in the marches. Were they demanding that degrading pornography be outlawed? No. They want more rights! What was going on in the homes they left behind? I wonder. I used to hate it when my mother was away from the house for even a few hours.

I don't want to give anyone false hope, but Alan has gone from pre-diabetic to completely clear, which he attributes partly to a change of diet. His doctors say he is one of only two people they know who have managed to reverse diabetes. So here is how it was done...It's a timely article as dieting will be on many minds at present..

What should you tell your kids about 'Santa'? I told our daughter Annie the truth when she was about four years old and she seems to have survived the experience. Take heart, dear parents, and start being honest with your kids! It's not going to kill them, and God will honour it. We are making fools of ourselves and duping our children, causing them to believe a lie. It's time we all grew up. Please read on and see what happened when Annie asked me if 'Santa' was real.

It was a momentous victory for the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom’s General Election. The party has promised to honor the people’s vote in a referendum to leave the European Union - The Prison House of Nations.Meanwhile, praying Christians were delighted that the anti-Semitic Labor Party, the nation’s second largest, had its worst election result since the 1930s.The Conservatives won by a landslide, with 365 seats to Labor’s 203, and have a majority of 80 over all opposition parties combined.

Are you ecumenical? Be worried. Be very worried. I learned today what it really means in Greek – to be a registered citizen of this world system, and in the Bible, that is not a good thing to be. This nugget of truth came from Dr. Alec Passmore, the beloved British prophecy preacher, who was teaching on the Book of Revelation at the church we attend in England. The Greek word oikoumene, from which we get ecumenical, occurs ten times, and it is not good. In fact it is the opposite of being a Christian, whose citizenship is actually in Heaven according to Philippians 3:20.

When you see so-called “environmental protestors” making life as difficult as possible for those, seemingly unlike them, who have work to do you, you wonder why they believe one of history’s greatest hoaxes. Man-made climate change.

Trying to keep fit, I went to a pool today, forgetting it is school holidays and the kids are there sharing the space usually occupied by us oldies. That’s OK, they don’t bother me usually, but today one did. Just as I got down to the deep end on the first lap, a large girl jumped in and came up loudly saying the name of God – twice! Does this grate your gears? It grates God’s gears.

Attempting to re-finish our coffee table, I started to think of the Lord Jesus working with wood in ancient Israel. I have heard that he would have been a stone mason as well, which reminds me of my Dad, a master bricklayer who was also an excellent carpenter. What necessary skills, and what low value is placed on the workmen who have them. Not by me! After all, what would exist in our world without these men?

Phony Christian leaders are like parasites on the body of Christ, sucking money away from local churches and missions so that they can live the high life. If a so-called Christian lives in a mansion, has children in the ministry living in high priced homes, owns a private jet, runs expensive cars – he or she is a parasite. Not only do they face a harsh judgement, but so do every one of the gullible crowd who send them money.

Dear people, some of you are being conned by religious ‘leaders’ whose idea of a move of God is to get up on a platform in front of an audience and shake like leaves in a wind, to fall down and writhe around on the floor, to have a convulsive fit on the stage etc. And they claim this is a move of the Holy Spirit! Baloney! One woman leader gyrated so much that her shoes flew off her feet! Are we really so stupid to think that these humiliating, degrading shenanigans are of God? Please, people, wake up! And you so-called leaders, get on your knees and beg God to forgive you for misleading His people!

One of the most inspiring lessons we did in Sunday School was on the New Jerusalem, the spectacular golden city. "Wow" does not begin to describe that city! You will find the golden city in the Book of Revelation chapter 21. I told the kids we would make the golden city, and they were so excited to join in our project.

Our Lord's resurrection is the most outstanding event in world history, and also the most authenticated. Over 500 eye witnesses, as well as the apostles, met with the risen Jesus after His crucifixion. Even the religious leaders of His day, who caused Him to be put to death, could not deny the fact of the empty tomb.

‘There is a time we know not when, a line we know not where; that marks the destiny of men ‘twixt sorrow and despair. There is a line though by men unseen, once it has been crossed, even God Himself in all of His love, has sworn that all is lost.’ Time to get serious, dear friends!

Fact: Islam condones beating women. The Koran advises husbands: ‘…when you go to bed, hit them.’ This is in the ‘holy book of the muslim people’, Sura (chapter) 4:34. The Koran is supposedly a divine revelation to Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in the 7th century A.D. I wonder if the American women marching in protest would enjoy being beaten by their husbands in bed?

Marvin Kramer, a Jewish lawyer in Israel, answered the phone and a man’s voice said: ‘You don’t know me, but you knew my mother 20 years ago.’ This would have sent a shiver of fear to many men.

A reader has asked us: “Tell me as you don't like people falling over in the power of the Spirit what you make of 2 Chronicles 5:14 and 1 Kings 8:11 - ESV translation?”

When we watch news of natural disasters, political turmoil, an ever more dangerous society, the near total apostasy of the nominally Christian church and the mass acceptance and promotion of perversion, we wonder: “What in the world is going on?”

Our Prime Minister’s appalling lack of judgment, discernment or even a smidge of Biblical knowledge or commonsense - exactly what I would expect from a Vicar’s daughter - is nowhere more obvious than in her disgusting promotion of perversion.

As a journalist all my working life I have heard and seen just about everything. Encounters with alien spacecraft allegedly parked by a local canal...a man I met while crime reporting who had “cut here” tattooed across his throat – and much more, from the ridiculous to the sublime.But the new found trend among the lunatic fringe to think the earth is flat, despite all evidence to the contrary, surpasses it all.

“Leprosy of the Soul” was the message preached by Maxim, a young man in Israel at the weekend (December 2017). It was the sort of message which used to be preached throughout Britain and America when the pulpits rang out fearlessly with truth. While so much of the church in the USA and Britain have forgotten or denied the gospel, one small church in the Galilee area heard the pure truth in Israel.

Do you have a Jewish menorah in your church? We do. And I was surprised to hear Pastor Chuck Smith say that his Calvary Chapel had one instead of a cross (I don't know if this is still the case). Personally although I love the menorah, and am glad we have one in the church we attend, I would like a cross as well, and if I had to choose only one, it would have to be the cross of Christ. Read on to hear Chuck's reasoning and learn the delightful truths behind the lampstand, this beautiful symbol of God's grace and love.

There are over 450,000 churches in America[1] and over 50,000 in the UK. Many other nations are littered with buildings people call “churches.” Yet the western world is in a moral and spiritual mess, spiraling to destruction. So most churches are clearly not giving clear moral guidance, not making a difference in society – not being salt and light to a sin-sick world.

Some academics are claiming that there are 400,000 textual differences in early copies of the gospels, thereby throwing doubt on the authenticity of the Bible. So are there 400,000 mistakes in the four gospels? Can we trust our Bible? Yes, my friend, 400,000 times yes – we can totally trust in the Word of God! I was so glad to hear two New Testament professors from Dallas absolutely wipe this smirch from the covers of our Bibles by explaining the truth of this matter.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel. At midmorning a siren will sound and for two minutes everything will stop – cars, buses, people in the streets – while the nation bows its collective head and remembers the victims of Germany’s monstrous crimes. Our grandchildren came out of kindergarten and school talking of the Holocaust and a man named Hitler. They each had been given a gift, a small candle, each printed with the name of a man, woman or child who had been murdered because they were Jewish. The children are taught the truth.

Once again we are in Israel for Passover. Are we 'going Jewish' like the Hebrew roots people? Heavens, no! We are visiting our daughter and her Israeli husband, who co-pastors a small fellowship in the north. Last year I wrote about Passover, which is celebrated by their whole church together and is very much geared to the children, passing on the early history of the Jewish people. God commanded the Jews to keep Passover so that the next generation would always know of their great deliverance, and this year the celebration was much the same, but there were lots more children at the party.

Well, well. Some naughty people have been caught smuggling more than a ton of mammoth tusks from Russia into China. The 100 mammoth tusks and also 37 woolly rhino horns have all been seized by Chinese customs. But never mind, there are lots more in the Russian permafrost where those came from – just more evidence of Noah’s Flood, for those with eyes to see and brains to think.

March 15 is an interesting date. It marked the allegedly prophesied assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC It could also herald the coming financial earthquake I have been expecting for years.

If you want to know what’s happening in this muddled, mixed up and often mystifying world, you need to know the future! The future is foretold by God - it’s not a mystery to Bible-believing Christians. Tomorrow, Sunday February 5, I will be giving a Powerpoint presentation at the morning service at Tongham Christian Fellowship, Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey- just outside Aldershot on the Surrey/Hampshire border. The theme is The Converging signs of Bible Prophecy. Details of my latest speaking dates, from London to Buckinghamshire, are next....:

Here's a true story from Israel - the Middle East's most maligned nation - but the only pinpoint of freedom in the whole Middle East....AF A small Druze town had remained virtually the same for hundreds of years under Ottoman and later British rule. When Israel was established in 1948, rapid development ensued, and for the first time, the homes had electricity and running water and every child received a quality, free education. A young non Jewish Israeli (a Druze) tells how good it is to live in Israel.

Another blow at global non-warming! We bring this back to the top of our website as the climate change liars are wasting trillions of Pounds/Dollars of our money on a myth! Factories and mines have been needlessly closed, useless windmills are disfiguring the landscape, uselessly and at vast cost - to us. All because of a pack of misinformation!

We use PayPal to process orders for books and DVDs via this website, but not everyone likes sending money electronically. So we are also offering a check (cheque!) payment facility.

The star of Bethlehem has always intrigued people. What was it? Could it have been a comet or a meteor or a super-nova? What about a special alignment of planets? Here one of America's top prophecy teachers considers the Christmas star. Lamb and Lion Ministries is highly recommended by us and we have a link to it on this site - see links. This is just a taster for Dr Reagan's work. His satellite TV program Christ in Prophecy is on Daystar and other networks and is well worth recording.

December. Here we are again. You just can't escape it. A woman in a shop once turned to me and said: 'I hate Christmas. I have to buy TWENTY presents!'

Evolution or Creation? Which is it? Are you struggling to find the truth? Are you trying to make the Bible fit in with millions of years of evolution? Read our chapter on evolution, reprinted here, and we hope it will help readers get their thoughts straight on what really happened and how we came to be here. The chapter is from our latest book, 'Cults and Isms - True or False', which is available from our webshop.

Are there any Christians left in this Lutheran denomination in America? I very much doubt it after learning that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) met in New Orleans for their assembly and approved a proposal aimed against Israel.

As a shocked world reacted to The United Kingdom's unexpected proposed exit from the European Union, Palestinian President Abbas delivered a speech to the European Parliament. This story from The Jerusalem Connection tells you all you need to know about the EU's disgusting hostility to Israel - the Middle East's only democracy.

The longest high speed rail tunnel in the world, built under the Swiss Alps, was officially opened on June 1 with a very strange ceremony. The 35 mile long Gotthard Tunnel links northern and southern Europe and to mark the occasion world leaders watched a long show that would strike most Americans and Brits as just plain weird. To Christian eyes, it is clearly demonic.

Sorry for the short notice but if any of you in the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire border areas are near to the Aldershot area this Sunday, June 12, I will be giving a Powerpoint presentation on the origin of Antichrist and the EU – the final world empire. Highly topical as it explains the true spiritual nature of the superstate - just in time for you to vote against it!

A bone fragment said to be from the elbow of “Saint” Thomas Becket was brought to England from Hungary at the weekend and put on display, first at the Catholic Westminster Cathedral in London, and later at the Church of England’s Canterbury Cathedral. Much pomp and ceremony and marching about by important people in expensive clerical garments. This is what passes for Christianity in England today.

If you want to see where anti-Semitism leads, go to Israel's extraordinary Holocaust Museum where a a moving memorial shows in great detail how the Germans destroyed six million people whose crime was their Jewishness. Israel's leader Benjamin Netanyahu was there this week when all of us in Israel stood in silence for two minutes in memory of the dead- and he made some telling comments.

We celebrated Passover last night in Israel and for those who do not know what this is, I will tell you. We sang songs, we had nice food, the children had a wonderful time, and it was all to remember one night in the history of the world when God gave freedom to a nation of slaves.

In the following article Bill Federer, American historian and author, examines the reasons behind muslim violence. The answers are found in the 'holy books' of Islam, which reveal the bloody history of this religion and the clear commands of Muhammad to fight and kill those who do not accept Islam. Bill has written a book called:"What Every American Needs to Know about the Quran: A History of Islam and the United States."

This is what reader Martin Horan of Perth wrote of our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain: "This book's unique in this genre because it's written by scrupulously objective journalists. The facts are there in abundance. You couldn't squeeze a fag paper through the logic. I hate this word but "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain" really is - sensational! It shouldn't be but it is sensational solely because we no longer have journalists of this calibre - men and women who know and understand history and its relation to the present times.

In the face of continuing Islamic atrociities around the world, from Europe to Africa, the Middle East to the USA, it is time for our leaders to admit that Islam is a rogue religion, not fit for purpose in the modern world, a religion that must be exposed for what it is: a religion of intolerance, hatred and violence. Not all Muslims are terrorists - but virtually all terrorists are Islamic!

This week a former Bank of England governor, Mervyn King, joined those of us giving urgent warnings about the coming ultimate financial crash. He said this, in The Sunday Telegraph: "The world is on the cusp of another crash because regulators have failed in their attempts to reform the financial system in the wake of the last crisis. Another crisis is certain, and the failure…to tackle the disequilibrium in the world economy makes it likely that it will come sooner rather than later.” Quite. So what should Christians do to prepare financially and spiritually?

Pilgrim William Bradford wrote of a ship returning to England in 1625 with beaver skins to trade for supplies: "They...were well within the England channel, almost in sight of Plymouth. But...there she was unhapply taken by a Turkish man-of-war and carried off to Morocco where the captain and crew were made slaves." Islamic pirates carried over a million Europeans off to slavery in Africa- a little known fact of history.

We learned a Jewish Passover song in Hebrew at Sunday School this week, and it was so much fun! There were only two in the class, brothers aged 9 and 10, and they caught on right away and just loved it. And at coffee time, several people gathered round and also wanted to learn this wonderful song. I heard it last year in Israel at Passover, and it thrilled my heart to the point where I could hardly stop singing it for the rest of the year!

UFOs – Alan always said investigating this subject was like trying to nail jelly. Well, now someone has succeeded in nailing the jelly! If you want the whole truth on flying saucers and aliens, you will find it in Gary Bates’ fascinating book, "Alien Intrusion."

Jerusalem is at the heart of Israel. It is also the spiritual world center where the Lord Jesus Christ will soon return to rule and reign. Interestingly, it is also in an area which is roughly the geographical center of the world. So when the world focuses on this city, and everything that happens in the Middle East lines up with Bible prophecy, it's time to wake up and take note!

God has erected a great big billboard on the southern flank of England, and the message on the billboard is this: ‘The Bible is true. The Flood of Noah really happened. Here is the evidence.’ God’s big billboard is known as the White Cliffs of Dover.

We know the holiday season so well, but how many know about the amazing holiday system God set up in the Bible? It is set out in the Old Testament, an annual cycle of seven feasts. This meant nothing much to me until I realized that those seven holidays were prophetic – in other words, that the feasts themselves were prophecies of future events. The exciting thing is that the first four feasts have already been fulfilled in history, and the last three are still to be fulfilled, possibly in the near future. The last three feasts tell us what is coming down the pike, and wow, now, right now, today, is the time to get ready, for when the next feast is fulfilled, the fifth one, there will be no time at all to do anything. Please read on and find out about the stupendous event which will suddenly be upon us, a defining moment in the history of the world. (More of Pat's insights are found in our two latest books.)

ALAN writes: Pat often says that, now we have ceased to be a society whose values are Bible-based we are in “the age of unreason.” News item after news item confirms this, with lunacy replacing commonsense in most aspects of British life. For example, Druids have been recognized as a religion in (Once) Great Britain and are to get charitable status. And if anyone wonders why many of our police are basically useless, it could have something to do with the fact that 500 of them are officially pagans, with the right to take days off to perform rituals, such as leaving food out for the dead, dressing up as ghosts and casting spells.

The world is at last seeing the true face of Islam. And still our leaders pretend that it is a ‘peaceful religion.’ Yes, most muslims are not bloodthirsty monsters, but it is their religion itself that is at the bottom of the recent atrocities. Islam itself, the Koran itself, supports what the monsters are doing, despite what the imams say. Mohammed and the Koran command that infidels (Jews and Christians) be fought and destroyed. They are obeying the dictates of Islam.

America is not in Bible prophecy. Many people twist and turn to find it but in my opinion it is not there. Therefore, it has been removed or downgraded to such an extent it ceases to matter on the world stage. I write this as a friend of the USA and an observer of its fast decline since my first visit in 1974, near the end of its golden age. As Christianity has been removed as a major influence on the young and society at large, so the troubles have mounted.

There's a media myth that there are "Islamic extremists" and "moderate Islamics." The only reason most Muslims don't run around attacking infidels is that they don't bother to read the words of Mohammed - or they don't take them seriously. Those that do set out to impose their brutal rule on the world. This summary is from The Berean Call.

Alan Franklin adapted this story from The Jerusalem Connection. The turmoil across the Middle East is ultimately going to lead to the fulfillment of Psalm 83, in which a named group of nations immediately around Israel join together – for the first time in history – to eradicate the Jewish state. They fail. God wins. Allah loses, showing yet again that the Islamic god is false.

The majority of what are deemed "churches" are really either empty shells, utterly wrong theologically or following New Age trends, "success orientated" preaching and much else that is wrong. Another big problem is that even well-meaning pastors are not taught prophecy in their theological colleges, so are unable to understand it themselves, despite the fact that nearly a third of the Bible was prophetic when it was written. Alan suggest some solutions if you are in such a church.

Being critical and “judgmental” is sometimes necessary but not in the spirit of the age. Especially when you criticize a powerful if evil institution like the Roman Catholic (false) Church, which we do at every opportunity. So when we get an e-mail like the one that follows it is encouraging - and shows that what we do may not be popular, but it is necessary. It is from an Anglican worship leader who recognizes the folly of linking with the RCs, whose Queen of Heaven deity is straight out of Babylon - and the pits of hell.

We like getting readers' e-mails and they often tell of church problems. What do you do when you have to leave a church because of false teaching? It's quite common: we have parted company from several churches. Here's my response.

Have you seen how world stock markets are wildly gyrating? One day is a day of disaster, with the screens all flashing red and dealers sell, sell, sell! Then a nation like the USA or China pumps some more "liquidity" into the system and suddely blue skies are here again and all is well. The screens turn green. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. We are heading for the Greater Depression I have been predicting since 2006.

The Berean Call, which provides news items to our Christian news spot, has reported on the latest abomination to come from what passes for “The Church of England.” It’s not so much a church as a national disgrace as there is now a proposition before the General Synod – the ruling body of the church – to rebaptise those who are foolish enough to think you can “change sex” – a biological impossibility. Baptism is also for true believers who have repented, of course - so that rules out "transgenders."

The truth is not what most people want to hear, of course. They often think that when they die, if they have been “a good person,” they go to Heaven, where they will meet their old buddies.

What happens after we die should be a question we all want answered. After all, one in one of us dies..... do we go to Heaven, Hades, oblivion or have a "soul sleep" under that nice churchyard tree?The place to look for answers is The Bible and here is an outline of a sermon I preached at Tongham Christian Fellowship. It dovetails well with Colin's article above.

The Irish Republic voted for "same sex marriage," whatever that really means, by a large majority. Was I surprised? No. Do I think the worldwide situation is fast getting worse? Yes, the choice was always "Christ or chaos." We have chosen chaos so had better enjoy the rotten fruits we see all around us!

Christian bakers in Northern Ireland, who refused to make a cake promoting "homosexual marriage," have been found guilty of "discrimination." Judge Brownlie said that the Ashers Baking Company's owners, the McArthur family, "broke political and sexual orientation laws."

I just love Dr J Vernon McGee, who is now with the Lord, and often listen to his Through the Bible teachings on an MP3 (little Walkman device). His whole five year Bible study is on the web and can be downloaded free. Today he got to John 6, a WOW chapter if there ever was one! My favourite verse is 47, but wait a minute. Dr McGee looks at verse 37 here. Election or free will? Can we really choose to come to the Lord Jesus and be saved? God chooses us, but can we choose Him? Read on for Dr McGee's take on verse 37.

This superb summary of the Middle East mess is by Ron Prosor, Israel's UN Ambassador. Here is one key paragraph: Mr. President, Our conflict was never about the establishment of a Palestinian state. It has always been about the existence of the Jewish state. Sixty seven years ago, on November 29, 1947, the United Nations voted to partition the land into Jewish state and Arab states. Simple. The Jews said yes. The Arabs said no. But they didn’t just say no. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon launched a war of annihilation against our newborn state.

Israel is the most attacked, beleaguered nation in the world with constant efforts made to kill its citizens and even wipe it off the face of the earth. Israel is too nice. It puts up with all kinds of nonsense that its enemies wouldn't tolerate for a minute. For example, mosques are built all over Israel. Muslim nations tolerate not only no synagogues but also no Jews, in almost all cases! This article sets out what the Jewish nation SHOULD do. AF.

Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East where Christians are safe and their numbers increasing. Elsewhere they face everything from abuse to death. Now a Greek Orthodox priest has told the United Nations this fact. This story is from Jerusalem Connection: info@tjci.org

The truth about Israel is seldom told in the media. Here "Carlos" tells some of the real story....The so-called "Palestinians" who have been firing rockets from Gaza have never said they will stop if Israel withdraws from the West Bank. They have vowed to continue until they have obliterated the "Zionist entity" and have "reclaimed their land," by which they mean every acre from the river to the sea. This is what they say, even in their children’s TV programs, and I believe them.

I am putting this article, written in November 2013, back near the top of our website. It gives some perspective on daily life in Israel where, as I write now (August 25, 2014) rockets have been fired into northern Israel from both Syria and Lebanon. This is what our family and many thousands of other Israeli families have to constantly put up with. Because they are Jews. Islam instructs its followers to kill Jews. FACT! Time to wake up, world. Mohammed was a blood-soaked mass murderer and his true followers have this as their example. He also married a six year old girl so you can see how Islamics regard woman of all ages......No, we do NOT all follow the same god. See our book Cults and Isms, True or False? available from our web shop.

God's book, the Bible, tells us exactly what will be the ultimate fate of the Gaza strip. Please read and discover what is going to happen to Gaza....

Big media is both biased and ignorant, particularly about Israel. Here are all the facts you need to back Israel in any debate. Get blogging with the facts that the world doesn't know, like these: Israel became a nation in 1312 BC, two thousand (2000) years before the rise of Islam. Arab refugees in Israel only began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. Until then references to "Palestinians" meant Jews.

Israel, one of the world’s smallest nations, is never far from the eye of the storm. When that storm rages round the Middle East, Israel is usually at its epicentre. Ancient predictions about attacks on Israel by surrounding nations are fast becoming imminent events. These are the Bible's prophecies unfolding in today's headlines, for those with eyes to see.

There is a mood of deep disillusion with all existing political leaders. They have failed and people sense this. The financial situation is worse than it was in 2008, when the great crash we had been predicting for years arrived. Central bankers created money out of thin air to pump up the system - for a time. The time may be short. The world should be on red alert. This is the title of one of my talks in Hastings on Wednesday.

When a nation forsakes God, it slithers downhill fast. The headline above was in The Financial Times on May 29, 2014.The story said: “Prostitutes and drug dealers are set to give Britain a £10bn boost as the country revamps the way it measures its economy.” Is this now “normal,” just like men marrying other men is now classed as “normal” by the deluded, witless men running our country? AF

This is Amrik’s story. He found no peace or satisfaction in his Sikh religion but alternatives seemed to offer no solace either. Then, by one of those “accidents” that sometimes happen when you are searching, he came face to face with the word of God. I met him when I spoke in Halesowen, a town in England’s West Midlands. Amrik came to hear a talk on Bible prophecy as, like many converts, he is eager to learn. I wish more Christians had that zeal! Here is Amrik’s testimony, in his own words. AF.

This is the story of how I left the Catholic Church after reading the Catholic Jerusalem Bible and finding out the truth about many things. Please feel free to copy this article and give it to your Catholic friends. More information is in both our books - Cults and Isms: True or False? and Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. Be armed with the facts!

Readers will know that I have been warning of the coming great crash – the crash of cash – for over eight years, since we wrote Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, in 2006. I was in America watching the predicted stock market disaster unfold in 2008 and thought “this is it.” I was wrong. My thesis was right, but I didn’t bargain for the creation of trillions of Dollars and Pounds out of thin air - funny money. This has since kept the rest of the world’s economy afloat. The book is still relevant and available from our web shop: http://www.thefreepressonline.co.uk/shop.

Most Catholics would hardly know one end of the Bible from another. They do not read it, although a dusty copy may be on their bookshelves, sometimes used for recording births. When they are confronted with actual scriptures, they have two choices. They can accept what the Bible says and leave the false church, which sends millions to hell every year, or they can ignore what scripture says and just carry on.

A reader asked about our article on the Catholic Mass, saying: “Where did the idea that Jesus is re-crucified in the Mass come from? I recently read on Catholicanswers.com a statement from Vatican II that says Mass is not a re crucifixion/sacrifice.” Pat, a cradle Catholic until she gave her life to the Lord in 1981, answers in detail……

‘The Bible! Why, that old book, nobody can prove it.’ Alan and I were standing in line at B&Q, which is a huge DIY store in England. We had been chatting to the elderly couple behind us and we had mentioned the word ‘Bible’. The man immediately jumped on it, and practically spat the word from his mouth. ‘Actually we CAN prove it,’ Alan said.

Six DVD recordings by Alan are now available, at £4 ($7) per talk, plus £1 ($3) per disc postage and packing. The DVD titles cover everything from the world seen through the lens of prophecy to a talk on why God sometimes says ”no” to our prayer requests. Jerusalem, Future Capital of The World; my latest talk on the cults, Israel in The Eye of The Storm and other Bible-based talks are now available. We are also cutting our book prices to £6 ($10 for the Goodbye America book only in the USA), plus postage. Time may well be short and we want to get this information out as fast as possible!

Alan comments: I have put this article back near the top of our front page as I get constant queries about whether Chrstians should now watch Revelation TV. Pat and I do not, but those who do tell me there are many now broadcasting who should not be going out on a Christian channel run by people with discernment. I was saved while watching Christian TV, while living in America, so have a keen interest in Christian broadcasting. What a shame it is not used better.

We would never have believed it. World leaders secretly gathering for two weeks in July every year in the redwood forest of northern California? Presidents and business leaders worshipping a giant stone owl and the sacrifice of what looks like a human body on an altar in front of the owl?

Unicef reveals today that 125 million little girls have had their genitals cut off in the barbarous practice of female genital mutilation. It is the equivalent of slicing off the end of a boy's penis. Thank the Lord that is never done, but female mutilation is done and in Egypt and Somalia the practice is almost universal. These countries are of course Islamic, but that word is never mentioned. Might offend the muslims. Can't have that.

I am reprising this article, with added comments, as it is still highly pertinent. Here's what we said in October, 2008: "Will the world's dozy "big media" - big in the business sense if not in ability - please WAKE UP and follow up this story (Follows below) Big media has since ignored a filmed interview with the Kenyan ambassador to the USA when he repeated three times that Obama's Kenyan birthplace could become a tourist attraction! They have ignored numerous other Obama oddities, like the fact that he spent over $1 million fighting lawsuits requiring him to produce his birth certificate when anyone else would have produced it on the spot. If they had nothing to hide.....ALAN FRANKLIN

ALAN writes: As the world wonders what happens next, those of us who study Bible prophecy know only too well. The present system is tottering and cracking. Central banks are pumping out money, all kinds of schemes are being used to prop up failed banks, but it is all to no avail. Paper money is doomed, an electronic trading system will come in, together with a one-world government. Then everyone in the world will have to trade with a microchip on their foreheads or right hands. The Bible calls it "the mark of the beast."

Obama, who has yet to say anything wise or even sensible in his evil misrule of America, is predictably gung-ho for the myth of global warming. This has the effect of putting America at a needless disadvantage, as while coal burning is cut back in the USA, China gladly uses all it can get its hands on. So if America, Britain and every western nation closed all mines and installed hundreds of thousands of windmills it would make zero difference to carbon output. Carbon output, by the way, is a good thing. It’s what plants eat. That’s a really inconvenient truth for global warmists.

God has thrown some MORE rocks at the earth, and STILL no one takes any notice of Him! What does God have to do to get our attention? A whole group of asteroids passed close by the earth last night. We have had monster tsunamis, unprecedented tornadoes, floods ‘of biblical proportions’, horrific earthquakes … and still not one nation has got on its knees to repent of our wicked ways. America this month, June, formerly the month for beautiful brides, celebrates Gay Pride at the behest of our homosexual president (a Newsweek cover said he was). What does God have to do to get our attention? The Bible tells us, and it is not going to be fun…not gay at all…

Had the media and congressional leaders objectively and thoroughly examined Obama’s birth certificate, it would have been easily proven that the documents were forged and that he was totally unqualified to be President of the United States. But setting that aside, the scandals of this White House certainly rise to the level of the US Constitution’s grounds for impeachment, which are “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Lady Thatcher, who died in London this week, was not just a great lady. She was the leader who saved Great Britain. Mrs Thatcher, as she then was, took an apathetic, socialist society and gave it belief, freedom and values. With her firm friend Ronald Reagan – the other post war western leader of stature– she faced down our Communist enemies and helped usher in freedom across half of Europe. That freedom has now been eroded, which is what I will be talking about in America this summer.

A feature on our website is the live traffic feed, which gives details of where our visitors come from and what they are reading. We find the information useful: we see the nations from which readers arrive; in one month there were 93 including 13 Islamic countries. However, we have no control over the advertisements at the bottom of the front page visitor list. Today I noticed “psychic” readings being advertised. This is deception from the pits of hell and you should avoid it. If this kind of rubbish starts to crop up we will reluctantly have to drop this feature.

Now that the present Pope is to quit, attention is focused on his successor, especially in the light of the alleged prophecies of a man known as “Saint” Malachy, which tells you all you need to know. Be wary lest you be sucked in by this claptrap. I put as much value on it as on the alleged “Mayan Prophecies.” When I first heard those my comment was: “Who cares what they predicted? They knew so much about the future that they are extinct…” The same goes for all those who claim to be seers. I have lived among such people, heard their philosophy, attended séances and so on. The one thing you can be certain of is: they do NOT know the future.

As our world teeters on the brink of financial disaster, famine and wars, and The Greater Depression I have been predicting for years comes closer, even secular people realise that something big is happening. Every day brings headlines using the word "crisis." The Bible tells us exactly what the sequence of events is. Most churches fail to teach the importance of Bible prophecy. Ours - Tongham Christian Fellowship in Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey, is an exception. This is some of what I teach there.

One thing that saddens me is that most black Christians voted for the viciously anti-Christian Obama, the man who thinks it is fine for a man to marry another man, the President who declared every June to be “pervert pride” month and wears a tie and handkerchief in the rainbow hues favored by the perverted. This is, in fact, racism: voting because of race instead of merit, for Obama clearly has none. By the way, Obama is descended from Arab slave traders, which is why he has an Arabic name! He is only one sixteenth black African and thus cannot be called "the first black president."

I enjoy using the web, and was telling people about Google in the early 2000s when most people hadn’t heard of the new company, founded in 1998 - source: http://www.google.com/about/company/history/

We often advise people to question what speakers and writers say, especially if it looks odd or outlandish. The first example of a glimpse into heaven that comes to my mind is Stephen, the first Christian martyr. So Terry James' account of a vision of heaven is in line with Scripture. Here Alan answers a reader called Harry who questioned this. The query is at the end.

Israel is in the eye of the storm – it’s the grit in the world’s eye. As prophecy after prophecy is being fulfilled leading to the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, worldwide hatred of the Jewish people is rapidly rising. Sadly, many in the anti-Semitic movement are so-called “Christian leaders,” men who seem to forget that Jesus was a Jew who will return to rule and reign from Jerusalem. To counter “pro Palestinian” propaganda propounded by the world media, a church in Britain has published a detailed rebuttal of the lies told at a recent conference in Bethlehem, called “Christ at The Checkpoint.” Their response is called “The Church at Christ’s Checkpoint” and we have some details of how you can get a copy. AF

Here Pat, "a cradle Catholic" taught by priests and nuns for 12 years, answers a reader's query about Mary and her alleged sinless conception. This is one of numerous errors taught by this false church, some of which you can see by downloading from this site's Tables of Truth - and there is much more in our books.

What’s coming fast down the pike? A world-wide police state! Our friend and mentor Barry Smith from New Zealand spotted this over 40 years ago and travelled the world warning about the looming New World Order. Barry died, on a preaching tour of Britain in 2002, but were he with us today he would jump up excitedly, clap his hands and exclaim: “Cash is about to crash!”

Do you have a cute little gnome or pixie in your yard? Many do. You might be surprised to find that it is not so cute after all, and is in fact a modern representation of the ‘great and terrible god Baal’ of the Canaanites. Ridiculous? I am afraid not. On a visit to Israel I saw many heads of Baal in the museum at Dor, just south of Haifa in the north. They look just like the garden gnomes so popular in England. And they are virtually identical to the Seven Dwarves in the Snow White story. This story, first on the website in October 2008, has been brought back to the fore by reader interest.

Are Pat and I going over the top when we condemn garden gnomes, whose true inspiration Pat exposed in this article: Baal - the pagan idol in your garden, http://thefreepressonline.co.uk/news/1/880.htm Readers can rest assured that as lifelong journalists, editors and authors, we believe almost nothing unless backed up by facts, research and, preferably, first-hand experience. So when a long term reader who we respect challenged us on this, we explained why we wouldn’t give a gnome a home. Go smash their heads off!

Children are being brainwashed. They are taught that the greatest threat to the world is “global warming” when in fact this is an easily disproved fantasy – one kept going because many scientists prefer government grants to telling the truth. I will reveal two examples which, in a small way, illustrate what is happening on a worldwide scale. Al Gormless-style eco-fanaticism is one of the tools being used to construct the New World Order.

Israel is the subject, not just of irrational worldwide hatred, but of a campaign of mass misinformation of which Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels would have been proud. Thus the one truly free state in the Middle East is labeled “an apartheid state.” The fact that university students in Edinburgh believe this, together with students throughout the world, is a sad commentary on the pitiful state of the British education “system”, in which students are seemingly no longer able to analyze and think objectively. Here a distinguished writer and former Edinburgh student, Dr. Denis MacEoin, sets the record straight. The world needs to know these facts! ALAN FRANKLIN.

Hungry people are desperate people. Hungry people take risks. Those with little to lose start revolutions. What has happened in Tunisia, is happening in Egypt and may well happen in countries like Jordan and Libya and perhaps even Saudi Arabia is all part of the end times scenario which Pat and I elaborate on in our books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, and Cults and Isms: True or False?

Only the Genesis account of creation makes any sense: the evolution myth makes none. Now British scientists have worked out that the chicken must have come before the egg- as eggs can only be formed inside birds. God is the master designer - as (presumably) non-believing scientists are now discovering.

by Daniel Franklin - SKODA didn’t use to be a name people associated with well-built, roomy, competent, performance saloons.

Click here to read more news from the archive.

Click here to read more news from the archive.
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I give regular Powerpoint presentations which clearly explain what the Bible tsll us is happening in the world. Here are just a few of them listed below, with links.

Light cannot unite with darkness and true Christians should not be "ecumenical," uniting with those who for centuries killed and persecuted the true church throughout Europe. We cannot compromise on the literal truth of the Biblel, even the bits people today do not want to hear - like the need for male leadership in churches, where women are forbidden to speak.(I Corinthians 14 verses 34/5 etc). AF

Are you going to Heaven? It’s a real place, you know, a wonderful place, but modern ‘thinkers’ rubbish this and would have you believe that there is no such place. No God, no Heaven, no Hell. How convenient for them, as they can then do anything they like. The Bible has some very bad news for them. There is a God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit; there is a place called Heaven; and, worst of all for them, there is most definitely a place called Hell.

Regardless of when Christ returns, He gave us clear instructions to "Occupy till I come." To use the coming of Christ as an excuse to passively allow today's neocons, liberals, and globalists to undermine and destroy our country's heritage and future is inexcusable.

William Brewster's position as a leader of the Pilgrim church in England led to his capture and imprisonment as, like the Catholic church throughout its history, the Church of England persecuted real Christians. Fleeing to Holland, Brewster later sailed with the Pilgrims to America, signed the Mayflower Compact and was elected an elder. Those who welcome the Pope and other leaders of false religions to America should remember religious history.

What would it take to reach the vision of a revived world reclaimed by Christian culture — a culture of worship of Jesus Christ alone, where the Bible is the foundation of morality and law, and where people love others more than themselves?

Doomsters tell us the world is over populated. This thought is pushed in various ways, along with the idea that the world population must be drastically reduced. We have to recognise these concepts for what they are - lies. The propaganda about population is so persuasive that even many Christians believe it.

The Bible teaches that in the end times, right before the return of Jesus, the greatest political leader in the history of Mankind will emerge from Europe. After taking over that area by diplomatic cunning and deceit, he will launch a military campaign that will result in his acquiring "authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation" (Revelation 13:7).

The spirit of God is the spirit of prophecy - notes for a sermon by Alan. After giving a talk on the end times the other day, I was challenged by a man who said the message was doom and gloom, too depressing. He wanted something to cheer him up – a positive message. Perhaps he had come from one of the churches which teach that a church triumphant will somehow Christianise the world and present it gift wrapped, so our Lord can come back and rule.

The United States is sadly on the brink of bankruptcy and a second Great Depression. With the loss of income comes the loss of political and military power. Because of that and depending on the outcome of the nextpresidential election, Israel would lose the United States as an ally and protector. Israel will be on its own. (A great article from Nathan Jones, webmaster and co-presenter of Lamb and Lion Ministries of Texas. )

Evolution is biologically and mathematically impossible for many scientific reasons. Evolution is a fairy story for adults and the earth is only about 6,000 years old.

"I never knew you!" These terrible words of the Lord Jesus will ring out as some famous preachers are cast into hell. It's time to get serious, and get some serious knowledge so that you can recognise those whom Dr McGee calls the 'religious rascals' - the "miracle men" who are out to fleece you.

Since feminism took root in our society, hardly one in a hundred women wears a hat or scarf when they attend church or when they pray at home. Is this right? What does the Bible say? What does God want? In this article our daughter, Anne Nissim, examines the scriptures.

In some areas there are churches on almost every corner. Some are large, others quite small. Some churches feature a variety of activities and experiences—musical productions, whole-life programs, pastoral counseling, and so on. All claim to be “the right church for you and your family.” But how does one choose which church is really the right one?

The book of the prophet Isaiah is one of the finest, deepest and most stirring books ever to be written by man. God, through the pen of this poetic linguist, has given insights to men that have inspired hearts and stricken us with longing for more than 2.5 millennia

People often send me their latest, slightly odd, ideas on who antichrist will be. I think the Man of Sin is alive on earth today, waiting in the wings for things to fall further apart and the New World Order can be created. The Bible clearly tells how we can identify him, so read this brilliant exposition by Dr David Reagan and visit his website at Lamblion.com ALAN FRANKLIN.

"Saint" Francis said "Preach the Gospel at all times. Where necessary, use words." That statement upset me beyond words, because it was a philosophy that I knew sounded deeply spiritual . . . to those who were spiritually shallow. It made as much sense as "Feed starving children. Where necessary, use food."

The Bible tells us: "Man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward" (Job 5:7). The older you get, the more it hits home to you: No one gets to dodge trouble and hardship in life. In fact, when you have a conflict-free day where there is no crisis large or small, that is a very good day.

To apply the spices to our Lord's body, the caretakers must have removed the bloody linen covering Christ at the cross. We have no reason to assume that they reused this single cloth. Instead, we would expect them to follow Jewish customs of cleanliness. Also, no Gospel author mentions a second single-cloth linen around Jesus's body -only a small cloth wrapped around Jesus' face and several other linen strips around the rest of his body (John 20:7).

More of Alan Franklin's answers to questions: Second Peter chapter three, verses 15 and 16. This is the chapter that resonates today, when there are many "scoffers" who dare to doubt the word of God. Verse 15 validates the words and written teachings of Paul, which were given with divine authority - they were not his own bright ideas. He spoke "according to the wisdom given him." This is a good verse to use to refute those who say that "Paul didn't like women," "Paul was speaking just for his own time" and other fallacies.

The Berean Call states:' We have previously noted that when it comes to Islam, the courage of satirists and other 'iconoclasts' fails. Their lack of courage also opens up society to further incursions by Muslims who have repeatedly stated that their sole goal is worldwide domination and the submission of all.'

One of the biggest problems in the Church is that some Christians are way too trusting. Jesus warned, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening olves." (Mat 7:15). Far too many of the sheep do not heed our Lord's words. Even when believers are cautioned about certain false teachers, they blow off the warning and blindly follow these wolves. ALAN adds: This article repeats what Pat and I are always saying - We should judge what "preachers" like Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland say in the light of what the Bible clearly teaches. Our books, available from our webshop, have much more on this theme.

by Pat Franklin, M.B. (Mother of the Bride) ‘I’ve met the man I want to marry.’ Our daughter Annie, then 21 and just home from a language course at Haifa University in Israel, pronounced those words as she tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

We were told that some readers snorted with derision at the gospel content of 'The Free Press,' a newspaper Pat and I formerly ran.When we started the newspaper we resolved to print the gospel in every issue and now that we are on the web, we will do the same. We also intend to be as politically incorrect as possible. That, we guarantee. Now read Pat's comments: ALAN FRANKLIN.

Dorothy is a beloved member of the small church we attend in England. She was only nine when her mother died. It was a Sunday and Dorothy was all ready to run to Sunday School. Her mother had been sick for a long time, and as Dorothy was about to run out of the door, her father said: ‘Don’t forget to say goodbye to your mother.’

All the talks by all our speakers are filmed at our home church, Tongham Christian Fellowship. My talks are all illustrated with Powerpoint slides and are easy to follow. This is a link to my talks but you could look at all our speakers- links below.

This is taken from The Berean Call, a ministry we regard highly. When I (Alan Franklin) flew to Israel last year I was fascinated to see, on the trip map on screen in front of me, that we flew over the historical site of Sodom.This was on a secular flight run by British Airways, so no hint of Biblical influence there, one assumes. Yet there it was, just as San Francisco stands today, world capital of homosexuality. When we went there on a speaking tour, I was struck by the fact that a huge geological fault runs right through the city. As I say in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, "Sell real estate in San Francisco would be my advice....."

Sir Isaac Newton, who died on MARCH 20, 1727, discovered calculus, the laws of gravity and built the first reflecting telescope. Using a prism, he demonstrated that a beam of light contained all the colors of the rainbow. In A Short Scheme of the True Religion, Sir Isaac Newton wrote: "Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors."

How many stars are there? At one time people thought they could count them, but now we know the truth. The stars are so many that they cannot ever be counted. Our calculators do not have enough zeroes to number the stars in even one slice of the universe.

It is more than interesting to observe how professing Christians will use their own understanding of doctrine to either justify themselves or blame others. However, the truth is, regardless of one's personal view of eschatology, there is absolutely no room for fatalism or apathy.

I believe the reason the U.S. is not mentioned in end time prophecy is because we will suddenly cease to be a world power and will therefore play no significant role in end time events.The destruction of American power is most likely to occur in two stages. The first looks to be an economic catastrophe that will result from our out of control debt situation. Our god is the dollar, and the Lord is going to destroy that god when the weight of our debt collapses our economy.- Dr Reagan founded Lamb and Lion Ministries and theTV series Christ in Prophecy airs all over the world.

Many people argue about when the rapture will occur- or even if it is a Biblical concept. In my view Scripture is clear about this: the rapture - the taking out of the saints from earth to meet the Lord in the air -could happen at any time and is clearly prior to the Great Tribulation, the worst seven years in the world's history. Here is an extract from an e-mail I wrote to a reader on the subject. AF

Have you kept the Ten Commandments? I did not.

Today, the largest and most influential churches are pastored by fluff-daisies such as Joel Osteen, Bill Hybels, and Rick Warren: men who preach entertainment evangelism, political correctness, and feel-goodism. Today's largest churches share absolutely nothing in common with America's historic revival-style churches. How can Christians be so gullible to fall for these snake oil salesmen? We put this column back on our website as it is still so relevant.

During a prayer rally at a State Republican Convention, Astronaut Charles Duke stated: "I used to say I could live ten thousand years and never have an experience as thrilling as walking on the moon. But the excitement and satisfaction of that walk doesn't begin to compare with my walk with Jesus, a walk that lasts forever."

Although Fatah and Hamas leaders and members of the security forces were the primary targets, many civilians were caught in the crossfire and relatives of Fatah and Hamas operatives were deliberately killed in mutual assassination attempts. One would reasonably expect those who routinely complain about Israeli military actions to condemn Hamas with equal fervor.

From the point of view of Israel's national ownership, it is the Jews - with their forefathers' history of founding the nation of Israel 4000 years ago, and who have never repudiated or relinquished their claim to any of the land despite twice being exiled from it, once for 70 years, and most recently for 1813 years - who have the sole claim. A fact the world would do well to understand, for God Himself will enforce this in due course.

Prayer changes things... How God protected the early Americans. On August 25, 1814, as the British burned the White House, Capitol and public buildings, dark clouds began to roll in. A tornado sent debris flying, blew off roofs and knocked chimneys over on top of British troops. Two cannons were lifted off the ground and dropped yards away.

"A secret Academy of which Voltaire was the president ... Fabrication of books of all kinds against Christianity ... books imputed as posthumous to deceased writers of reputation ..." – Yale President Timothy Dwight, July 4, 1798.

My comment on the Church of England (Anglican) lady bishop who popped up on my phone: ‘A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife…’ 2 Timothy 3:2. Maybe she didn’t get that far in her reading yet.

Let me then put it to you: If the President of Iran doesn’t admit that there was a Holocaust of the Jews during the Second World War, he certainly desires to bring about a Holocaust of the Jews in the future.

Here I was, a professor of science at a leading university, and I had never heard these criticisms, let alone how to answer them. I became angry because I had been led to believe in the Darwinian theory, not because the evidence was compelling, but because that's what I was expected to believe......

ALAN writes: When I read odd theories about a so-called Islamic antichrist, I wonder why the writers do not do a proper study of Bible prophecy before putting forth confusing, false ideas. For God is not a God of confusion, but of sound mind. Here Dr David Reagan, a great Bible scholar and host of the Christ in Prophecy TV program - one of the few things worth watching on "CHristian TV" - gets to the roots of this weird doctrine, which is unbiblical and leading too many people astray today.

This is chapter 18 from our book Cults and Isms: True or False? We show why the Bible is special, a unique book and quite unlike the so-called holy books of other religions. We show what the Bible says about Jesus being God, how God has not finished with Israel (no tribes were ever "lost"), Mary and - most importantly - why you should judge in a Biblical manner. This is vital information in times of great deception!

An interesting article on how paper money will soon be obsolete. The crash of cash is fast approaching. Alan Franklin comments: this was written many years ago but its topic is hot today and I speak about it regularly where invited. Many such talks are filmed and available free here: https://yeshuaspeople.com/tonghamcf/church-sermons/alan_franklin/

Rapture" is a biblical term and it is a biblical concept. People who say it is not just simply do not understand what's going on in the text.

The King Alfred Classical Christian School will be opening in in the Dudley area of The West midlands, at Gornal, in September of 2021. The King Alfred School represents the re-birth of classical Christian education in Great Britain. This great news comes from Mark Koscak, Development Director for Providence Academy, a classical Christian school in Johnson City, Tennessee. Mark is also very active as a mentor and a consultant.

Puzzled by the tremendous changes happening in this fateful year? When we returned from Israel in January 2020 the world seemd normal. Then the events that the Bible's prophets said would happen at the end of The Church Age started to unfold at ever increasing speed. You've seen nothing yet as the world quickly gets darker. We are in what The Bible calls The Beginning of Sorrows. My filmed talks tell the story and are freely available.Read on.

Tony looks at the threat we face from Islam, with Israel on the front line. He reports from what Melanie Phillips calls "Londonistan." Unless all Christians get the facts and wake up, our freedom to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ will be taken away.

People today are searching for happiness as never before. The pursuit of happiness is universal, but I think somehow in the United States, we are even more obsessed with it. It's even mentioned in our Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

The Middle East is in turmoil. War has erupted across the border of Israel and Lebanon while the killing in Iraq brings in a daily toll of victims. As the region supplies most of the world’s oil, what happens there is of vital importance to the rest of the world.

Virus crisis - is there a book that will help us? Today I heard a TV host ask how to get through the current crisis emotionally. ‘Is there any book we can get to help us?’ she asked.

"Secularism is a euphemism for a set of beliefs that are the antithesis of faith. Boiled down to its basic elements, secularism is man's subordination of morality to his own earthly judgments, scientific and otherwise. ...

Britain's virulently anti-Christian Channel Four TV hates Christmas, of course, so thinks it a hoot to have a "Christmas message" spoken by a veiled Muslim woman who, of course, knows nothing about the birth of Jesus. Meanwhile, in the real Muslim world, Christians in Pakistan continue to be persecuted for their faith. Many have been forced to work in brick kilns practically serving as slave labor. The following story of Azra Bibi a young Christian girl in Pakistan is both tragic and inspiring.

Does the Bible teach that women should cover their heads at certain times? Our daughter Annie Nissim, now living in Israel, believes strongly that this is the clear teaching of scripture, and that it is for today. We invite readers to consider the arguments.

by Pat Franklin I would like to share something we did in Sunday School today. It was my turn to teach the small group of children aged 3 to 10 and about a week earlier, I asked the Lord what He wanted.

In the age of The Laodicean Church it is heartening when one comes across a denomination with some backbone. Here we outline how Baptists in California refused to bow to the pervert-friendly agenda of Obama and co - the most homosexual-friendly administration in history. AF.

The truth about tithing - it is not for the church! - by Colin Lyne

Welcome to the new London. Bowler-hat London no longer exists. Nor does the London of Shakespeare, of Charles Dickens or even the 20th-century London of the Beatles. Sure, millions of tourists still visit the great sites of the old city. They still ride the double-decker red buses and flock to watch the queen and the changing of the guard. But London is no longer really an English city; it is a world city....

Is the Easter story true history? Here's an odd thing - it was predicted in minute detail over a period of many centuries by Jewish prophets. One man, the Jewish Messiah, had to precisely fulfill every prophecy to the letter.

Meditation, crystal therapy, self-help books - think they're making you happier? Think again. A Brisbane academic has found a strong link between new-age spirituality and poor mental health in young people. ALAN FRANKLIN adds: I can vouch for the truth of this from my time in the New Age Movement, which is full of the weirdest, saddest, unhappiest, know-nothing misfits. In their little crystal balls they see - a great big mess.

Have you ever gone astray? I certainly did. In ancient Israel the prophet Isaiah wrote these words under divine inspiration: 'All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.' Isa 53:6 My sins were washed away in a moment the night I knelt down...

In these end times, God is calling us to take a stand for righteousness in the midst of a society that has become so evil that it has forgotten how to blush (Jeremiah 6:15). This article is by Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, which has a link on this website. We encourage readers to watch Dr. Reagan's broadcasts - we get them on Daystar on the Sky network in Britain - and get his materials if you can.

Judgment Day Approaching - Dave Hunt - www.thebereancall.org This book is the definitive book on the history of Israel and we recommend that every Christian buys a copy from Dave's website- above. This is an extract. Israel is the major topic of the Bible. The word "Israel" occurs 2,565 times in 2,293 verses. More than enough prophecies have already been fulfilled in Israel's unique history to prove that "the God of Israel" (203 times) is the true God.

It is now nearly 500 years since October 31, 1517. We need a new Reformation-this time more biblical and thorough. We are drowning in "political correctness." We bring back this great article to the website as it stands the test of time. Dave is in his 80s now but still discerning the truth in a "Christian" world which so often favors deception.

Take Heed That No Man Deceive You. Why Non-Futurist Views of Bible Prophecy are a Pretext to False Teaching- By James Abney

‘God wants you rich!’ Some of today’s money preachers have grown rich on donations and sales of their books and they deceive their followers into thinking that they too will get rich. Now the economy is crashing, how many will remain faithful? If everything we have is removed, will we be as true to God as Job? What does the Bible say about money?

The latest End Times deception is some spiritual junk called "The Emerging Church." Roger Oakland has exposed it for what it is - a mish mash of mysticism and Catholicism in one unholy brew. Here's a take on it from The Berean Call. The emerging church is fundamentally mystical as can easily be seen by the leaders who feed the emerging movement a steady diet of contemplative spirituality. Leonard Sweet, one of the emerging church movement's most prolific leaders explains the role of mysticism in the emerging church:

The mission of the Church is to sound the alarm and to warn a lost and dying world that there IS hope, that Jesus is real, the Bible is true, salvation is attainable and time is running short.

Churches Together? People who believe in nothing much, know even less and are a disgrace to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Light cannot link with darkness nor can Bible believing Christians link with the whore church of Rome, which has persecuted believers down the ages and put tens of millions to an agonising death, or the homosexual-blessing Anglicans who put John Bunyan in jail for preaching the truth. Read this no-nonsense comment.

In fewer than 50 years, Britain has changed from being a society with an acknowledged Christian basis to one which is increasingly described by politicians and the media as "multifaith". One reason for this is the arrival of large numbers of people of other faiths to these shores. Their arrival has coincided with the end of the Empire which brought about a widespread questioning of Britain's role.

The church is the Bride of Christ. God intends that she join her Bridegroom for a great wedding feast and after that share with Him in ruling the nations. Allowing His bride to suffer through the tribulation is inconsistent with the specific purposes for which He has called out the church from the world, why He has rescued her "from the coming wrath." (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

One of the world's great Bible prophecy teachers is Dr David Reagan. You can watch his program, Christ in Prophecy, on the Daystar and other networks. We have a link to his Lamb and Lion ministry and we invite you to take a look. Here is an example of his top quality Bible teaching - a refutation of the absurd idea that the church will pass through the seven year Tribulation. That's not what the Bible teaches!

When the roll was called in Sunday School, the daughter of a drunkard was not there.

I am intrigued to see how many discoveries point to the Bible being true history. For example, geneticist Spencer Wells has found DNA evidence of one man who has passed a specific gene marker to every man alive today. In a National Geographic Special he called this man "scientific Adam" and said he probably lived in Africa’s Rift Valley about 60,000 years ago. The Bible calls him plain old Adam, and it was about 6,000 years ago, not 60,000.

You’ve heard of the white cliffs of Dover? These are the multi-colored cliffs of Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight (pronounced ‘white’) just off the south coast of England.

Those who misunderstand Bible prophecy often try and paint New York as Babylon, the end times city that will be destroyed because of its crimes against Israel. Other confusion centers on the 200 million army mentioned in Revelation 9. Are they real? Are they Chinese? God is not a God of confusion, but of sound mind. Let's look at Scripture. AF.

In the great majority of our books what a dislike there is of sound doctrine! The writers seem to fancy that truth is of no more value than error; that as for the doctrines we preach, it cannot matter what they are; still holding that 'He can't be wrong whose life is in the right.' So Spurgeon put it. His words of truth echo down the years.

Most of us fail to grasp the depths of depravity into which the United States—and the world––are rapidly sinking, provoking a merciful and patient God to judgment. The evidence is overwhelming.

Dear Believer, are you feeling down today because you know you are not really fit for heaven? I was and then came across these notes in an old notebook...

T.A. McMahon, of The Berean Call, details why prophecy is so important in these end times leading up to our Lord's return. Incidentally, the Berean Call's Dave Hunt has published a brilliant book on Israel, called Judgement Day - available from www.thebereancall.org Every Christian should have the information in Dave's book.

Pilgrim's Progress was published FEBRUARY 18, 1678. An allegory of a pilgrim's journey to the Celestial City, it was written by John Bunyan, born in Bedford, England. Pilgrim's Progress has always been regarded as the greatest Christian book after the Bible. It was written after the Church of England- as useless then as it is now- had thrown Bunyan into jail for 14 years for preaching the true gospel! The Church of England - Episcopalians in America - did so as Bunyan didn't have a licence to preach.

At a weekly Bible study I attend a man from the Brethren Assemblies read out the most beautiful poem I have ever heard (except for those in the Bible). It is only eight lines and it will just bless your socks off! I have been emailing it all over the place.

Historically, the religious standing of Jerusalem for Muslims waxed and waned with political circumstances; in a consistent and predictable cycle repeated six times through fourteen centuries, Muslims focused on the city when it served their needs and ignored it when it did not.

Sceptics doubt that Noah could have caught all the animals and got them into the ark. Well, he didn't have to. They went to him, and were made to by God in a way we cannot understand. But nowhere in the Genesis account does it say that Noah and his sons had to catch them. Incidentally, their average size was probably around that of a sheep. These were young animals.And Noah's Ark was huge- the largest and most seaworthy ship ever. The Bible lists all the measurements.

According to Darwinian theory, women were less evolved than men, and because of their smaller brains, they were "eternally primitive," childlike, less spiritual, more materialistic, and "a real danger to contemporary civilization." The truth about the hero of evolutionists....

Here is an insightful article from Roy Krauss, our dear late friend who lived in a small town in Missouri. Roy loved the Lord Jesus, and at one time put up a picture of Him in his bedroom. He eventually tore it out of the frame and destroyed it. We completely agree with his logic on this. Read for yourself and judge, for 'he who is spiritual judges all things...' 1 Corinthians 2:15.

In August a Saudi man cut out the tongue of his own daughter and burned her to death after he learned that she had converted from Islam to Christianity. Fatima al-Mutairi’s father worked for the mutawaa, the Saudi religious police, which enforces Islamic religious purity.

Revivals, end times deception, the state of the church and examples of how God has His hand on those who love Him are the subjects of this e-mail I sent today in reply to questions from a Christian.

"Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors." Sir Isaac Newton - the world's greatest scientist.

Once the Bible goes out the window, so does much else. Everyone has values - but only one set of values is right. See what America believes, or rather, doesn't believe....

Prophecy lovers are searching the Bible for connections to ongoing Mid East conflict as it relates to the Bible. While significant events are predicted in the Bible that relate to such wars, be careful with unbalanced speculation.

There is a need for Christian children to get a Christian education. We’ve seen such an increase lately in books, literature, DVDs; all sorts of independently produced materials promoting Christian education. It reminds me of the days of Luther and the Reformation.

Beginning APRIL 25, 1789, every session of the U.S. Senate has opened with prayer.

Jesus told us that when we pray we should go into our room, shut the door and pray to our Father in private. But ecumenical church leaders are calling Christians instead to attend mega meetings on what they call the Global Day of Prayer on June 4. Well-meaning Christians will fall for this, but the discernment ministries are warning that there is a hidden agenda behind it.

Have you heard of the K-T Boundary? I was riveted to the TV in Britain as Horizon, the BBC’s science program, told of this amazing phenomenon – a layer of sediment found all over the earth. Just listen to this. The K-T Boundary is a layer laid down during an ‘extinction event’. Below this layer are bones of dinosaurs and many other plant and animal species which no longer exist. Above the layer – no dinosaurs.

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