Big Brother digital identities for all could come soon to the UK.

The UK Labour Party is thinking of making all residents get a digital identity, making us like robots under total control. Every movement, purchase and action would be known to Big Brother.

Beware, our remaining liberties hang by a thread. This story is from an organisation I support called “Together.”


It's reported that Labour are "examining the idea of forcing everyone to apply for registration" of ID Cards. (AF adds}: Could this be why vaccine fanatic and world population reduction proponent Bill Gates met Labour leader Keir Starmer recently, perhaps preparing the way for the potential next Prime Minister to do Bill’s bidding.....


Mandatory Digital ID (the word “cards” is misnomer, seems to be a solution continually in search of a problem.One day Covid is the reason. The next, Tony Blair is pushing it as the “solution” to illegal immigration.


Watch out for the PR offensive and stay vigilant against mandatory ID. We  challenged vaccine passports and saw them off together but the fight goes on.


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2 Peter 3:3

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