Parasites on the Body of Christ by Pat Franklin

 Phony Christian leaders are like parasites on the body of Christ, sucking money away from local churches and missions so that they can live the high life. 

If a so-called Christian lives in a mansion, has children in the ministry living in high priced homes, owns a private jet, runs expensive cars – he or she is a parasite.  Not only do they face a harsh judgement, but so do every one of the gullible crowd who send them money. 

We personally know some Christian leaders like Dr  David Reagan.  He lives in a humble bungalow in a small town in Texas in a street of humble bungalows.  He does not have a bodyguard because he has never cheated anybody, so has no one to fear.

Why do the big name TV preachers have minders and bodyguards?  They would probably say they get death threats for preaching the gospel, but I do not accept that at all.  

We have met many good men who preach the gospel and they need no special protection.  So what have the TV gurus done to make people so angry that they need protection? 

Could it be that they have screwed so much money out of people with their false prosperity teaching (‘give a lot to me and God will give a lot more to you!)  that those people get mad when the promised blessings do not roll in?

 Could it be that foolish women get caught up in the big giving rallies – but later their husbands have a very different reaction?  I can just about hear the explosion of wrath when they get home – ‘You gave WHAT?  HOW MUCH?’  You think we’re made of money?’ 

I have often wished there was a refund desk somewhere where Christians could get their money back once they realize they have been conned by a money preacher, or in our case, talked into helping pay for buildings that were never built or bought, and things that were never done. 

One pastor in Israel demanded that another leader should publish his accounts after various pleas for money to fund projects.  He was instead threatened with a lawsuit!   These people do not want to be held accountable.

Dr McGee said in one of his Through the Bible teachings that we will be held accountable by almighty God for all the money we give, so we cannot expect any reward for funding the jet setting parasites.

How we would love to see all those selfish TV ministries shrivel up to nothing, but that has not happened yet. 

Instead, it is just as the Lord Jesus warned us – many deceivers, many false teachers, false prophets who, as the apostle Peter said, ‘make merchandise of us.’

What a comfort it is to know the truth and not to be on the parasitic gravy train.  I would not change places with one of those hypocrites for all the mansions in America.

So should we stop giving money?  No way!  We are to  be givers, and giving is an actual gift of the Holy Spirit!  It is listed in Romans 12.  But please check out the people you give to!  Make sure your money is being used rightly, not just to enrich certain families. 

It should be helping to spread the gospel message to the world, the precious Word of God, and that does not include buying someone a jet plane or a fast car.

One ministry you could consider giving to is Ariel Ministries, started by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum.  His teaching is world class; the Word of God is always honoured; there have been multiple conversions from the ministry – and Arnold does not own a jet plane.


And lastly, if you have been put off Christianity by the puke-making antics of the miracle men and women on some TV shows, please reconsider.  They will have to answer to God one day, but so will you! 

Forget them.  Think about your own need for a Savior.  The Bible says we have ALL sinned and fallen short, but that each of us can be born anew, washed clean and made into a new  creation!  Dear friends, this is just wondrous, and it is true.

I know because it happened to me, the night about 40 years ago when I begged the Lord Jesus to forgive my sins and make me one of His people.  That is all He is waiting for!  Won’t you do it now?

PS  This is not a  thinly disguised plea for money!  We do not want any donations, but your local pastor might be in need, or a poor family on your street, or a missionary you know of.  Ask the Lord to show you, and do not let yourself be manipulated by the TV money preachers.


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