“At what point do we say enough is enough?”…

  • Back to the bad old days of 2020…
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  • “At what point do we say enough is enough?”…

These are headlines from a business newsletter I read daily: Daily Reckoning dr@email.dailyreckoning.com

Their writer Jeffrey Tucker points out what should be obvious to those whose brains are awake:

He writes in the DR: “The Omicron strain is loose and panic is taking hold, despite all indications that it is not a serious threat. We’ve learned nothing: give freedom a chance. Do you have some sense that we’ve been in this place before? Another variant, another round of panics, more restrictions, models forecasting mass deaths, experts weighing in on all the things you must do, masks, masks, masks, exhortations from discredited experts demanding that you do things again even though they didn’t work the last time.

The great ghoul this time is: OMICRON!

A tiny handful of deaths in the entire world have been attributed to it at one step removed. Cases of course are through the roof — and that is because there is a well-established and once-understood tradeoff within this family of viruses between their transmissibility and their severity.

More “cases” tend toward fewer deaths.

Yes, health officials around the world have clearly said that it is not serious. It’s not even much of a thing. A cold. It killed no one in the country in which it was discovered. And yet still the whole world is freaking out.

But there is no sense in trying to make sense these days. The weary world seems always ready for another round of panic. Nothing has ever really made sense, but now the complete senselessness is on hyperdrive.

Back to the Bad Old Days of 2020

Universities all over the Northeast have closed and gone back to Zoom classes. New York events are being canceled. Israel is blocking its citizens from traveling to some 10 countries, one of which is the U.S. Lockdowns are being imposed all over Europe along with ever more vicious enforcements of masks and vaccine passports.

And this is with a vaccine that has been widely adopted and accepted in all the countries that are now locking down. The vaccinated seem especially susceptible to the variant, maybe. I say maybe because all of this is contingent on testing.

The vaccinated now are aware that they are not protected against contracting the virus or spreading it. It is no longer a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The virus does not seem to care that much about the vaccination.

AF comments: Well stated Jeffrey! The DR site is full of interesting comments and ideas.





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