The World On Red Alert! One of my subjects in Hastings this Wednesday. By Alan Franklin

Goodbye to the nation state: current affairs related to Bible prophecy.

There is a mood of deep disillusion with all existing political leaders. They have failed and people sense this. The financial situation is worse than it was in 2008, when the great crash we had been predicting for years arrived. Central bankers created money out of thin air to pump up the system - for a time. The time may be short. The world should be on red alert. This is the title of one of my talks in Hastings this week.

On Wednesday (June 11) I speak at a Prophetic Witness Movement International meeting. The venue is: The Tabernacle Evangelical Church, Cambridge Road, TN34 1AA. and talks start at 4.30 & 6.30 pm. My subjects are: "The World on Red Alert - Building the New World Order" and ...."The Rise of Israel and The Decline of Britain."

If you can't make it to Hastings, or to our home fellowship in Tongham, Surrey, where I speak regularly, get copies of our books and DVDs and spread them around your church and friends. People need to get the truth out while there is yet time. As I keep saying: darkness is coming when political correctness will stifle all such comment. Be warned, be watchmen on the wall! The books and DVDs are available from our web shop on this site and at all our meetings. We also provide boxes of 48 books, delivered to any church door to door, for £150 plus £12 for transport.

The Bible tells of the final world empire being the EU, out of which will come a great dictator. The Bible calls him Antichrist. We detail the steps towards the coming world government, the spiritual and moral breakdown of society and much else in our book: Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, available from our web shop on this site, together with its companion title: Cults and Isms, True or False?

I read hundreds of comments in newspapers, mostly favorable, about the massive blow the voters of the United Kingdom dealt at the recent polls to the political pygmies who currently “lead” the United Kingdom. As things get worse and the second and probably final stage of the worldwide financial crash unfolds, the people of Europe will again start looking for a "strong leader." They will ultimately get one rather stronger than they wanted....This is not just yet and the Man of Sin is not at present visible to me, although I often assess potential candidates. But leadership vacuums are always filled, eventually. America is in deeper debt than it was in 2008 and the economy is not really improving, despite the carefully selected government statistics. I don't see America in end times prophecy.....

You thought the economy was getting better? Don't count on it. The crash that should have reshaped the world's finances wasn't allowed to run its course in 2008. Mega money creation has staved off the fateful day when the world wakes up and discovers it is broke, its credit cards needing to be cut up. Remember, history tells us that dictators almost always arise out of economic turmoil, when desperate people take desperate measures. A credit bubble created by central banks, with money spun out of thin air, is giving the illusion of a degree of normality. The shops are still full of goodies. This will not and cannot last, as it is all based on things being available without the boring need to work and save for them.

Despite being a former Conservative who thought Maggie Thatcher did a terrific job in transforming formerly moribund, strike-racked Britain into a modern, property owning, confident nation, I told the Conservative canvasser on our doorstep recently that my wife and  I would never vote Tory again.The insipid but glib Cameron seems to have no basic political philosophy whatsoever and certainly nothing remotely resembling traditional Conservatism. Britain, like most nations, is still spending wildly above its collective income. Dickens' Mr Micawber pointed out that this results in misery.

The British Conservatives will never be back in power with the pathetic, out of touch, “gay friendly” liberal leadership they presently have. Sure, UKIP is far from perfect. However, they seized the main point: this nation must get back control of its borders and much else. “We didn’t fight two World Wars in order to be ruled by Germany!” was one comment.

Now the reality check. Bible prophecy, which I talk about in our books, makes it clear that the final world empire will be based in Europe, the Revived Roman Empire. So Europe WILL merge into a superstate, despite the wishes of many of us. Sure, we may be able to delay things but one day we will be ruled by a European dictatorship.

Should we despair?  Not at all! Here’s part of my preface to Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain: “The media have done such a rotten job that people’s ignorance of world events is appalling and few know how precisely events line up with Bible prophecy. Few people realize that the sinister trends affecting our lives today are predicted in the Bible. So many people know of Nostradamus, an obscure medieval occultist whose work is of such little value that I call him “Nostra-nonsense.” Yet hardly anyone knows that the Bible contains hundreds of prophecies, every one of which has either already been fulfilled literally or will be, perhaps in the near future.

“We relate some of the main ones in this book, particularly the predictions concerning a one-world government, a one-world money system; a one-world church and a leader who will emerge to preside over the most fearsome tyranny the world has ever seen. We chronicle the trends leading up to the unification of great power blocks which will coalesce into the one world government. Informed patriots can at least be aware of this and warn others that time is short.

"Students of Bible prophecy down through the centuries have looked for two great events to signal that history is winding down to a conclusion. Those two events, both predicted thousands of years ago, are: the revival of the old Roman Empire and the restoration of the state of Israel.

“Many see the EU, begun with the Treaty of Rome, as being the fulfillment of prophecy and the power block from which the one-world leader will come. I believe that we are living in the time of which we have been warned by God’s prophets when a foul tide of evil is unleashed to engulf the globe. Read on, be warned - and ready.

"People should be concerned.  Their jobs, their homes, even their countries are all at risk, as readers of this book will discover. But as fear drives us to accept big brother surveillance and governments use the threat of terrorism to justify the removal of age old freedoms, formerly Christian nations are turning to eastern religion, mysticism and mumbo jumbo for solace. 

“They find none.  So will evil triumph?  Are our lives pointless and purposeless?  What hope have we? The answer is, every hope. The Blessed Hope. Thanks to the Bible’s prophets, we know exactly what is going to happen as mankind moves towards the tumultuous end of history, the end times, the times just before the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. Maranatha - come, Lord Jesus!

  • I am available to speak at venues in the UK, America and Canada, but need reasonable notice, please. I am in the States this summer/fall and have dates available. I can be reached at
  • Next year I will also be touring North America so the time  to book is now before too many dates are taken!




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