There's no mystery about the purpose of artificial non intelligence....

This the censorship message received from youtube

AI is part of the world population reduction plan, now with many  tentacles.

 It was announced in a TED talk featuring two powerful old men, Kissinger and Gates. The banner underneath said :”We must get the world population down to 500 million.” Gates commented that vaccinations could achieve ten to 15 per cent of this.

 This means they aim to thin out the population which is being done rapidly as insurance company actuaries’ figures for early deaths of the vaccinated prove. When preparing for one of my Powerpoint talks on this I tried to get Gates’ exact words. Surprise! The Ted talk has been removed as it is too revealing. Yes, about 7.5 bllion of us need to go.

 When I did a presentation featuring the figures of the hundreds of thousands of deaths earlier than expected YouTube immediately removed it from the web and sent a warning to the website head that two more such strikes and the  site would be taken down.

 As it was most of my talks are now off youtube or on Rumble which still allows free speech.

 Of course none of the suppress has the guts to defy the clampdown on the truth about the vaccine disaster. Sites that tell the truth like Dr Mecola are debanked, together  with his staff, and relatives.

I have been prevented from opening a bank account, presumably because I have views, none of which involve abuse. My online application has been repeatedly rejected by Lloyds over several days despite assistance from their IT team.

I have been promised an inquiry into my complaint, which went to the CEO. My wife’s part of the joint application for our company account  went straight through-she doesn’t speak in public. Robert F Kennedy Jnr had his Covid comments removed after he was interviewed by ABC in America.

 If you follow the money trail of donations from ”a charitable foundation” you can see where the bribes to the media come from. Yes, we have the best media money can buy. I worked as a reporter, Chief Reporter, Editor, Publisher and correspondent for all  major media for decades, with great success.

 We exposed evil rather than helping hide it....


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'Behold, I am coming quickly (suddenly), and My reward is with me to render to every man according to what he has done.'
Revelation 22:12

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