Earth is the bull's eye and God's rocks will not miss the target! by Pat Franklin

Earth is the bull’s eye of the universe!  We are the center of the target.   And have you noticed how many big rocks have zipped right past us lately?  It seems like hardly a week goes by without some big ugly asteroid flying by.

Today,  April 29, 2020, Big Ugly was a mile long rock missing us by a few million miles.  So what?  Well actually God is going to lob two big rocks at us, and a whole bunch of smaller ones, and He won’t miss!

What? That’s crazy!  God throwing rocks?  Have I lost my marbles?  Well, no, He has warned us in advance and given  a means of escape for those with ears to hear.

Earth is the target and those two horrible missiles and a shower of smaller ones are probably somewhere out there in space already on the way, with their trajectories meticulously plotted by the One who made the earth in the first place.  It all belongs to Him and He can do with it as He pleases.

We have enjoyed living in the church era of great, unmerited mercy, but God’s patience is about at the end.  Many signs are now screaming out that the time is short, very short, in which to get right with God and put our faith in the Lord Jesus.

Instead of mercy, we are going to get catastrophic judgement.   You can read about the celestial timebombs in chapter 8 of the Book of Revelation.

Of the many millions of angels in heaven, there are seven chosen to initiate terrible judgements by blowing trumpets. 

The first angel sounds his trumpet and hail mixed with fire and blood hits the earth, destroying one third of the trees and all of the grass.

The second angel sounds and something like a great mountain burning with fire hits the sea, and one third of the sea becomes blood. One third of all sea creatures die and one third of ships are destroyed.

When the third angel sounds, a great star (possibly a comet?) hits and one third of the rivers and springs become deadly.  Instead of refreshing people, the water kills them. 

That star has a name – Wormwood. 

Read for yourself, folks, I am not making this up! 

Surely our loving heavenly Father would never allow these terrible events!  Well, yes He will, and He is no less loving.

Why on earth would He allow all this in the time Jesus dubbed  the Great Tribulation?  One overriding reason – we have all sinned and offended God, and we have rejected His plan of salvation through the sacrifice of His holy Son Jesus.

Jesus, who is God, became a man so that He could bear our sins on Himself, suffer and die on the cross of Calvary.  If we put our faith in Him as a substitute for us, the Bible teaches that we will be forgiven of all our sins, washed clean in His holy blood.

If you refuse to accept Jesus’ atonement, you turn your back on God keep your sins on yourself.   It is your decision.

God does not wish any person to be condemned, but by refusing His Son, we  condemn ourselves.

This is so awful and so final, and when we are dead it is too late.  The rich man in Hell  was tormented, but it was too late (gospel of Luke chapter 16) to change his terrible destiny.

But sinners can be forgiven in a heartbeat and guaranteed a place in Heaven if only they put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. The thief on the cross deserved to be there, but in that horrific time he realized his sins and his desperate need of a Savior. 

Somehow he knew that that Lord God of Heaven and earth was suffering undeserved punishment right next to him and was able to say:  ‘Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.’

And our merciful Savior immediately accepted that man and replied:  ‘This day you will be with Me in paradise.’

How that man’s heart must have soared with joy despite the awful pain in his body!  Forgiven!  Destined for eternal life!

And now each one of us has that same chance, that same heavenly prize on offer.

You can snatch that golden  prize right now, dear friend, by putting your faith in Jesus - God become a man, our sacrifice for sin, our Savior.

Jesus said there is more joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99  righteous.  What a paradox this is!  Why should Jesus want sinners and why should holy angels rejoice over us? 

That is the good news, the gospel – that Christ died for sinners.   So amazing!  In a million years I could never begin to thank the Lord Jesus enough for His inexplicable love, His incredible offer of eternal life to sinners like me.  

Ok, let’s get back to those awful meteors that are headed for this planet.  By the time they blast through the atmosphere, you can be long gone, dear friend, as we hope to be.

The Bible contains more amazing information which tells of a moment in time, a split second when the dead in Christ (all those who have died believing in Him in the last 2,000 years) will rise up out of the graves, be given wonderful new bodies, and meet Jesus in the air.

Then we who are alive will follow, get our new bodies, and best of all, meet our Lord and Savior in the air.  All of us!  The entire church, those who already died and those who are alive at the time!  We’re all going up!

That is how we will escape the Great Tribulation.  Read 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15.  I am not making this up; I’m not that clever.  It is all there, in God’s book in black and white.  All you have to do is read and believe. 

Please read.






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