The brainwashing of children is part of the Big Green Lie Machine, the propaganda arm of the New World Order. By Alan Franklin.

Children are being brainwashed. They are taught, in schools across the world but especially in the west, that the greatest threat to the world is “global warming” when in fact this is an easily disproved fantasy – one kept going because many scientists prefer government grants to telling the truth. I will reveal two examples which, in a small way, illustrate what is happening on a worldwide scale.


Al Gormless-style eco-fanaticism is one of the tools being used to construct the New World Order. If we are otherwise “doomed,” which is what people are brainwashed to believe, we’d better go green and obey big brother. Our book Cults and Isms: True or False? contains a chapter on “Global non-warming” while our other book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, looks at the Greenies’ Mother Earth gospel and much other misinformation that the world at large is fed - and mostly believes.


For example, how many people know that 90 per cent of the land surface of Britain – little Britain – is farmland, forest and empty countryside, not cities and roads? Or that in America 96 per cent of the land surface is not buildings or roads? This comes as a great surprise to those who watch too much TV and see America pictured as a vast series of cities. It just isn’t so. Recycling is almost certainly just another fantastic boondoggle, something which makes people feel virtuous, as this is the new religion.


How much, I wonder, is it economically viable? Just as no windmill would turn without a mega subsidy from those who depend on coal-power to keep the lights on, the employment of vast fleets of expensive trucks and a huge workforce to collect, carry and dispose of heaps of damp cardboard and old cans is, almost certainly,  a waste of time and money.


Much of the material lovingly sorted and placed in the right bins by householders with better things to do is just dumped into landfill. This has been repeatedly proven by reporters who have followed the trash trucks. But still the kiddies are brainwashed – and told to inform on all those who don’t worship the god of greenism. 


Here’s a reader’s story:
Subject: Children as "Climate Change Informers" and more.

A neighbor has a seven year old grandson who goes to the village
primary school. On a recent visit to his grandfather, he started to look in the brown rubbish bin

"Why are you doing that?" he asked the lad.

"The teacher says we must check up to see that people are recycling", he said.

"And what if they aren't?" asked granddad.

"Then we must tell the teacher" said the lad.

"Why?" asked granddad

"Because if people don't recycle it will spoil the planet" said the lad.

My neighbor is a man whom I know and trust. He also told me he had
taken the lad to an aeronautical  museum near Coventry, England. Looking at
various exhibits, he could see the lad wince every so often.

"Why did you look like that?" he asked the lad

"Because it said about the war"
"What's wrong with that?"

"We mustn't talk about the war because it upsets people in other
countries" the lad replied.

Grandfather said "But it happened. People came here to try to kill us
and we stopped them".

"But we mustn't talk about it" said the lad.

I guess that the lad has been put right on these matters by now but
perhaps parents should start to check up on their children's teachers as the teachers think it is right to check up on them.

Derbyshire County Council, England, is recruiting and training volunteer "eco
warriors" to do "help" people with recycling and to save energy.


Once trained, it is hoped that each "eco warrior" will recruit another
seven or eight. Presumably they will go round like war time air raid
wardens, saying "Put that light out!" Then someone will have to explain to the grandson why the older people are laughing.(In the Second World War, which children are not taught about as it offends our European "partners," wardens in Britain used to walk the streets yelling at people who showed chinks of light in their windows to "put that light out".)


You start to see why wise people home school. It helps deflect some of the propaganda from the minds of children.


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