Nearly time to go - ready or not! by Pat Franklin

 Well, aren’t we clever?  Today, Sept 17, 2020, the government of not Great Britain brought in severe restrictions covering the northeast of England.  Otherwise those people up there have a one in 1,000 chance of getting the virus, which, if they did, most would recover from (if they even noticed that they had it).  And if they did get it, there is a 100 percent quick and cheap cure  I just heard of - Ivermectin plus an antibiotic plus zinc.  Or the first discovered cure, chloroquine, or both together.  With no side effects.*  Never mind all this – new regulations and bring on a curfew.

But be fair - there was a spike in infections!  Deep sigh.  Read paragraph one again please.  So glad we live in the southeast! Not that we escape; the whole country is under the rule of six (no groups larger than six and only from two households).

Dear readers, years ago we realized that reason no longer applies; rationality is long gone.  We are in the Age of Unreason (Romans chapter 1).

And this is FOR a reason, because anyone with the most cursory knowledge of Bible prophecy must know by now that we are living in the last days of the present age, the Church Age.

And that means that there is good news - we will not be here much longer.  We are in the departure lounge, waiting and watching the big board - which does not show the time of departure.  But it does say ON TIME. 

Our Savior promised to come back for us and He is never late.  He will be right on time, folks!  We don’t know the day nor the hour, but sure as eggs we know the season, and that season is right now.

We’re waiting; we’re watching; we have no luggage because you can take nothing with you.  It doesn’t worry us, because our Savior has all we need where we’re going. 

Some people might want to take a few gold bars, but why would we want to take paving slabs with us?  His golden streets are already fully paved with better gold than we have on earth.   

Anyway, if we’re smart we will have already laid up some treasure at our destination.  Our Savior warned us to lay up some treasure in heaven.   (Matthew 6)

How in the world is this accomplished?  By obeying Him, by giving to His causes (not to religious conmen), by giving to the poor, by working for Him down here in whatever capacity He placed us, by sharing the good news about Him whenever He gave us an opening, by paying for Bibles and helping missionaries.  Things like that.

And we had to do those things privately, secretly if possible, so that our Father, who sees all things, would see and reward us openly once we get home. 

Our Savior warned us that anything we do for our own glory will be put on a big bonfire. 

So dear reader, are you  ready and watching?  Still time to join us in the departure lounge, but hurry, don’t leave it any longer!  Walk faster!  Run!  Make sure you get there before the door is locked!  (Matthew chapter 25)

How can you get there?  Put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ - His death,  which pays the penalty for all our sin,  His burial, and His resurrection from the dead.  Your faith in all that is your passport to heaven.   Without that faith you will not get in. (John chapter 3 and chapter 6)

Oh but that’s not fair!  What about all the people who never heard of Jesus?  Well that is why we’re supposed to help missionaries, dummy!    The people who raise that objection would never give a missionary the time of day, let alone a single dollar.

If they are so desperately concerned about those uninformed pagans, they would be doing something about it! 

Actually, God is our perfect, righteous Judge.  And He will judge rightly.  The Judge of all the earth will do right. (Genesis 18:25)

What if we really mess up?  Don’t forget, we have the best lawyer in the universe, our wonderful Advocate (1 John 2:1).  He has already paid our fines and taken on Himself the most horrible punishment that we deserve.

Why should He do all this for someone like me?  That is the one thing I can never fathom out.

He did it for you too, dear reader, if you will accept His advocacy, His great sacrifice on your behalf.  I would advise you to accept His free gift of salvation now.

The thief on the cross did.  He saw that he deserved to suffer, but Jesus didn’t.  All he said was, ‘Lord, remember me when you get to your kingdom.’ Luke 23.

My Savior’s answer:  ‘Truly, this day you will be with Me in paradise.’

If the thief on the cross is in heaven, and if I, who do not deserve it at all, am going to heaven, surely dear reader, you will join us!  You will be in very poor company – the thief, me, lots of other sinners who fell to their knees and begged the Lord to forgive their sins.  What a motley crew, yet Jesus, Creator of the universe, died for us! (Romans 3 tells us all have sinned and none is good enough.)

Millions have realized that the Bible is true and Jesus is real and put their trust in Him rather than in their own goodness.  He said He’ll never turn anyone away if they truly believe.  Never.   He died for sinners, some worse than others, but  that includes everybody, according to the Bible.

It is not a matter of God weighing up our good deeds and bad deeds, like the Koran teaches.  It  is a matter of whether or not we have accepted God’s Son and acknowledged that His death paid the price for all our sins.

We have it so easy!  Jesus did it all for us!  He could not have made it any easier! 

 And yet, He said most people would reject Him and His sacrifice. (Matthew 7)   Heartbreaking!  How can we reject the Son of God who loved us so much?  Yet I did, for years.  I even knew I was going to hell !

I had never heard the true gospel explained, since I was raised Catholic and that involved lifelong going to Mass, confession, etc, and  at that time even eating a burger on Friday was a mortal sin which sent you to hell !  We always had tuna fish on Fridays.

Thankfully,  I left all that behind at university, but if I ever met a real Christian, they never explained the way of salvation.

So it was a long time, years, until a beloved church in England started praying for me because our son was in their playgroup.  I knew nothing about their prayers at the time, but God answered  them.

Actually none of the people  there told me the gospel.  They just prayed in private.  And a few months later through a whole series of strange events which included starting to read the Bible, I was alone in a room on my knees crying and begging God to forgive me and make me one of His people.  That was 1981, my favorite year.

What faith those people must have had!  Forty years later I have not achieved that kind of faith.  I cannot stop myself telling the gospel and often it would be better if I kept my mouth shut and just prayed.

And so now I am sharing the gospel again in this article, hoping someone somewhere in the world will read it and begin to read the Bible and see that it is all true, every word.  It is God’s book and He loves you and wants you to know Him as your Father.

For that to happen you have to come to  the Father through faith in Jesus.  Jesus told us He is the way.  No one comes to the Father except through faith in Him. (John 14)

There is not all that much time left, but you can start tonight.  You probably have a Bible on a shelf.  Get it down.  It probably smells musty.  Never mind.  Open to one of the four gospels and start reading. 

I started with Matthew and as soon as I read the first line, I knew it was true.  It is the geneology of Jesus on Joseph’s side and oddly enough I didn’t know any of the people, not Abraham, not King David.   But somehow I knew it was all true and I had to keep reading and I had to find out about those people.

Over the years I learned about some of them, and I especially love Abraham and David.  Abraham – I am adopted into his family line now!  And King David, the greatest poet who ever lived, the sweet psalmist of Israel, the man after God's own heart!  One day he will be ruling with the Lord Jesus in Jerusalem!

This very morning I opened to King David’s words in Psalm 103 – that the Lord ‘forgives all our sins, heals all our diseases…’ and on and on.   The beautiful words of the shepherd king.  They have been singing in my heart all day.

And one day soon our Great Shepherd , the Lord Jesus, will call us all out to come up and join Him in the air (1 Thes 4 and 1 Cor 15).  His sheep will hear His voice.  I know I am the least deserving of His sheep, but I know I will hear His voice and go up to meet Him in the air if I am still alive when He comes.

These things are clearly stated in the Bible, but so few people, especially here in England, seem to know.  Or care.

Dear reader, if you don’t know, come on!  Get with the program!  Don’t miss out!  Get a Bible.  If you can’t get one, read on line.  After all, if you are reading this, you can access a free Bible on line from Olive Tree Ministries or Blue Letter Bible or some other site. 

Ask Jesus to forgive you.  Give him the rest of your life.  Be ready and waiting when that call comes and we all go up.  Come with us; don't be left behind!   I hope this link works.  If not, look for Prof Thomas Borody  in Sydney, Australia, talking about how Ivermectin (a safe anti-parasite drug sometimes given for head lice) can cure the virus in a day or two and has had a 100 percent success rate in other countries.  It is also very cheap and readily available, so drug companies would not make much money from it.  And for some reason, the authorities and the media seem to want to ignore it or rubbish it.  And it seems like the governments of the west would rather get a tracking vaccine than a cheap cure.  Why?  Where are the journalists and thinkers who should be demanding answers?

* This link is to Dr Zelenko in New York talking about how he discovered that chloroquine plus certain antibiotics plus zinc worked as a cure for Covid 19.  He gives God glory for leading him to this information.  And he says he soon had two big enemies - the liberal left and big pharmeceutical companies.  The drug companies charge $3200 for their treatment.  Chloroquine cost 20 cents a pill - about two pills a day for a week.  He mentions Ivermectin as well.  Please send these links round to all your contacts.







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