The real reasons for high energy prices and the economy being wrecked. Yes, it's green extremism.

More of our money is being thrown at a problem entirely caused by the Government. The plan is to hand out billions to people who can't afford high energy prices.

If we scrapped all the so-called “green” claptrap and allowed oil and gas companies to get on with what they know best – supplying oil and gas from wells -there would be lower UK  price hikes ,no shortages and no need for more money to be thrown around, building up our debt pile to dangerous proportions.

Shell recently pulled out of participating in a large new North Sea oil and gas development that would in time have avoided all shortages in the UK.

Experts say that if we got on with drilling in and around our nation, including fracking which is now a safe activity due to much experience of  doing  this in the U.S, we would be self sufficient in oil and gas, without which the nation and factories grind to a halt. That will be the case for long into the future by the way.

As for carbon, well all man-made activities on the planet account for only four percent of these emissions which are actually needed to make crops grow.

Volcanic activity is increasing which could lead to a new Ice Age according to some experts. That was all the rage in the 70s by the way and people believed all that propaganda then…..

All the mantras of “green” enthusiasts fail on close examination. New homes will be banned from having gas central heating from 2025 yet the problems of making Hydrogen safe to transport through the pipeline network and used in boilers is far from solved.

As for electric vehicles, EVs have a half ton non-recyclable battery in them and once the tiny amounts of rare earth are removed there will be a big disposal problem.

Incidentally, I tried several times to put this comment on The Telegraph website and each time it was stopped from appearing.


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