War in Heaven- and an angel helped me! By Pat Franklin

Yikes.  War in Heaven!  What a subject to wake up to.  This morning I was listening to Dr J Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible, and he was on the Book of Revelation, Chap 12.    We were introduced to the Woman with the sun, the moon, and 12 stars.  Of course this is Israel, not the virgin Mary or the European Union.  Then comes the red dragon, Satan, waiting for the Woman to give birth to the Man-child (Jesus Christ).  Then comes the war in Heaven --  the Archangel Michael with his angels, fighting with the dragon and his (fallen) angels.

Is this all symbolic?  Of course the picture of the Woman is a symbol of Israel, from Genesis 37, the dream of Joseph.  And the Man-child who will rule the nations with a rod of iron could be no one other than the Lord Jesus, from the tribe of Judah, in the line of David, fulfilling every prophecy of the Messiah in the Old Testament to the letter, including the place and time of His coming.

And the dragon?  You don’t want to mess with him.  He’s real and he’s real bad.  You want to keep the Lord Jesus between you and him always.  Any attack you have from Satan, run to Jesus, call on His name, ask for His help.  You can’t fight the dragon, but the Lord Jesus already has and He won!

And the war?  Thank the Lord we have the Bible to tell us what is coming!  This is not symbolic.  There will be real war in heaven which reaches its crescendo when Satan and his angels are defeated and thrown out of Heaven and down to the earth.

Thank the Lord we will be out of here by then!  But unbelieving Israel will face that terrible time until they call upon their Messiah Jesus to return and save them – which He will!  And multitudes in the Great Tribulation time will be saved by faith in the Lord.

They will overcome the dragon Satan as Christians have down through the ages:  ‘by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives even unto death.’  Rev 12:11

So that’s all before breakfast today.  So exciting, so inspiring. 

A few hours later, with angels on my mind, a little domestic problem.  For weeks I have been searching the house for a certain children’s book for a certain small boy, book 7a of the Peter and Jane learn-to-read books.  I knew it was here somewhere, but where?  So frustrating! 

He was getting through 6a and then 6b books, and 7a was nowhere to be found.

So I knelt down and covered my head in respect and said something like,    ‘Dear Father, you know I need that book and it’s here somewhere and I just can’t find it.  If you can spare one of your angels, can you please send one to help me find the book?  Thank you, in Jesus’ holy name.’

I got up and went to where I keep a lot of Sunday School stuff, which I had already searched through numerous times.  I just thought for a moment, went to a box of oddments, moved a few items, and there it was, 7a, ‘Happy Holiday’ with Peter and Jane.

They can’t have been as happy as I was!  How can our Father be so good and kind?   He is just unbelievably wonderful.  I have been thanking Him all morning, and thanking my Lord Jesus, and one day will maybe even be able to thank the angel!

I hear of angelic intervention in Ukraine, and can well believe it.  It happens a lot in Israel.  But to have it happen right here, over such an insignificant thing, in my own house – it just floors me.

  • ·        You can get all Dr McGee’s teaching, verse by verse through the Bible, from www.ttb.org   I put it on an MP 3 which is an enormous blessing in my life.


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