Greetings to our readers from Alan and Pat: In times of great deception we aim to publish the whole truth about End Times events. By Alan Franklin

Greetings to all our readers round the world! We especially welcome the growing number of readers in China, the world’s most populous nation. Pat and I will always try to give you accurate information about events of interest in these End Times - times of great prophetic significance.

We have one advantage: we are no longer employed by major media groups and are free to say whatever we think is true and relevant. Therefore, our only “agenda” is to tell the truth, a wonderful freedom for us.

Our combined journalistic experience adds up to over 90 years, including long periods as editors and publishers. So we know how to sift the facts.  We are unpaid and make no profits which again is very liberating. We don’t have to be “commercial”.

The world needs accurate information: never was there a better opportunity to find things out, yet seldom was there greater ignorance among supposedly educated people. Much of it is wilful ignorance.

When I spoke at a Dallas conference  I said that America, Britain and many other nations are sedated by sport and soap operas, two things people like to talk about. Yet behind the scenes, major events are happening which will affect all our lives. 

Society is fast changing, mostly for the worse. The big changes will come about as the result of financial folly: credit bubbles which puff up asset prices but, ultimately, lead to the downfall of nations.

One slide I show when I give Powerpoint presentations is of a boy in Zimbabwe holding up a 50 Billion Dollar bill he found on a rubbish tip. It was worth less than the tin cans that it lay amongst. Anyone who thinks you can solve the problems of too much easy credit and reckless borrowing by creating money out of thin air should visit Zimbabwe. But take your own food supply.

New readers should know that over the years we have put hundreds of articles on this website, all of which are archived. To access articles on any subject, use the search engine, top right on this page.

I spoke recently in Eastbourne on The Revived Roman Empire, from which the Roman Antichrist will soon emerge. This subject, covered in great detail in our DVD The European Union: Final World Empire and available from this website, shows there is no Biblical truth in fantasies about an Islamic Antichrist. In these troubled times Satan’s main weapon, deception, is rife. We set out to shine the light of Biblical truth on all kinds ofcurrent error.

If any church or organisation wants to book me for a talk or series of talks, particularly in America or the UK, contact me at   This year is busy, however, as hope to be off to Israel for up to five weeks and I am also sceduled to speak at a Dallas conference in July. Meanwhile you can read the results of thousands of hours of our research in our books currently available in our web shop, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms: True or False?



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'Peace (shalom) I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world give do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.'
John 14:27

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